spring birthdays 2021

march 2021

Grace and Benjamin‘s youngest daughter Tillie turns one this spring. She’s a messy tornado, but very sweet and snuggly, a welcome relief from the terrors of Isla.

Scarlett Siew turns eleven, and is a great help to her family. She loves children, and doesn’t know much about her future other than that she definitely wants kids.

The only London boy, Milo also turned eleven this spring. There is pressure for him to do well these next few years, his family is counting on him to be the third generation lawyer. He barely had his birthday, and misses the carefree days of childhood.

Ginny Pacelli, new owner of Planet Java is three months pregnant with her second child. She is due in September, and it feels like ages away at this point. It’s difficult running the coffee shop in this state.

Lastly, Reed and Caroline Welsh’s youngest, Toby had his birthday this past winter, but had been forgotten. Third time is the charm though, and they seem to have had a good looking boy this time around.

Notes: Tillie is pretty adorable, I got a photo of all three girls together, Isla has her birthday in the summer, which is crazy to me! Grace just seems so perfect with this tiny young family, and soon she will have two children, and only one toddler. They look similar but are not identical which I appreciate (because McCarthy genes are strong, strong I tell you!!) They all have a different skintone too, which is pretty fun, and Isla has the only blue eyes.

Scarlett looks like such a young teen to me, that I absolutely adore her. She is a good mix of both her parents, and is very hands on in helping out with Elodie and Wyatt.

Milo is pressured to continue in the family law business, but I don’t think he will mind. He actually was fit with fortune, so all in all he wants some cash. He also takes after his Mom Lucy the most, Cole had very little influence in his kids’ genetic makeup. (maybe the lips, maybe!)

Poor Toby I forgot to put him in the last update, but he turned out cute! He doesn’t have his Dad’s horrid nose nor his Mom’s recessed chin. I like him! Way cuter than Alex and even Molly.

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3 thoughts on “spring birthdays 2021”

  1. Aw, Toby is definitely the cutest Welsh! Though I don’t think Molly or Alex are too bad either – they’re adorable. I think you posted a pic of teen Scarlett at N99 and I still can’t believe she’s so old. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that she was a baby!

    Milo has such a baby face – I bet the girls will go nuts for him!

    Another baby for Ginny? Ha, is she the one who has that bratty kid that annoys all of her co-workers, lol? That’ll be fun for them.

    1. I don’t mind Alex or Molly, but they aren’t as cute as Toby is turning out to be.

      I did share Scarlett’s cause I knew it’d be so long and I was quite pleased with her teen face. I really didn’t think they’d have very adorable kids but her and Wyatt are both pretty cute.

      Milo does have a baby face!! I totally thought the same thing. I don’t see him being into scruff ether, so he may always have that feature. Personality wise he is a lot like his Dad, more serious, neat, and interested in money.

      This is Ginny’s last baby, I like pnpc to have two. She’s Paloma’s new boss and they do not get a long one bit, and yes Gemma is a little spoiled for sure. Not sure if new baby will change that or not.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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