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march 2021
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(Siew Household Profile)
Quint Siew (31 years), Rebecca (31 years), Scarlett (11 years), Elodie (4 1/2 years), Wyatt (1 year)

narrated by: Rebecca

Scarlett just had her birthday, and Elodie started preschool in the fall, it’s been a rough year for me. Feels like the kids are all growing at exponential speeds. It would have been easier if Elodie didn’t struggle to make friends. I’ve arranged for playdates at our house, at the encouragement of her teacher, Ms. Miriam. And they are always a disaster. Kids can be so mean!

Elodie is absolutely broken over this development, which makes it even harder on me. If she loved school and was happy to skip to the bus stop everyday, then I wouldn’t be so heartbroken for her to be in preschool already. It just feels like I haven’t had enough time with her, and I wish we had adopted her sooner.

Scarlett has really taken to the big sister role, she volunteers to take Elodie down to the park on afternoons that Wyatt is napping late. She’s trying to help Elodie make friends there as well.

She did seem to hit it off with Ainsley, a local Millwood girl, at the encouragement of Scarlett. They are both in the same class at school too, so I’m hoping this helps them form a friendship.

Wyatt has me constantly on my toes, he’s much more active than the girls ever were. He seeks out messes like an ant to a picnic. I can’t turn my back for one minute, and if there isn’t a mess, he makes one of his own.

He adores Gulliver though, and when the dog tolerates him, he can spend fifteen minutes playing with him. Which is longer than he spends on any other one thing.

I’m grateful that the girls are getting along so well, I worried when Scarlett’s birthday was coming up. I’d heard horror stories of rotten teens, and was apprehensive that my sweet daughter might morph. She hasn’t though, and is now a great help.

We are all adjusting to her having a young lady figure, and Quint is rather in shock over it all. I don’t think it will get any easier for him, he has a hard time wrapping his mind around it. Eventually there will be boys, so I’m hoping he enjoys this quiet phase before it’s gone.

Quint is still working long hours in housing construction, when his days off roll around, he is only interested in vegging. He stays in his pajamas, watches television, and sleeps in late. I understand that he’s tired, but the rest of us are all rather bored with it.

Some days Quint and I are working at the same time, and Elodie comes to spend the afternoon with me at Hazel’s Diner. I remember when it was Scarlett kicking the counter with her short legs.

She loves coming down, she cracks out of her shy shell and dances to the jukebox as long as there are no other customers in the building.

I couldn’t force out the feeling that there was more to life than this daily grind though, and that I was missing our children’s childhood. So I broached the subject of me quitting the diner one night before bed.

Quint wasn’t really interested in the idea, he was tired from a long day at work, and wanted to get some shut eye. I pressed him though to have the conversation, because there was never a good time.

He didn’t like the idea at all. He was certain we would have no money, and wouldn’t be able to afford our lifestyle if I wasn’t bringing in decent money. It is true that for the amount of time I work, I do bring in good money. But I still didn’t feel that it had more value than being with the kids.

It didn’t end the way I had hoped, but he told me he’d think it over, and look at our finances on his next day off. He threw in how I had been planning to quit years ago, and make my own pottery shop. He didn’t have to remind me, I do love pottery, I just don’t have the time to pursue it as a hobby, let alone a business right now.

I decided to take an extra day off at the diner, and take Wyatt to a parent-toddler class at the Mini Sprout. If I couldn’t be a stay at home Mom, I could still partake in a few of the activities.

Wyatt jumped right in, I hope that this means he will be a social butterfly like Scarlett and not shy to the point of being traumatized like poor Elodie. I felt horribly guilty that I never socialized Elodie all that often, and wonder if it’s something I could have helped if only I had. I did learn that Wyatt is not a hugger though, which didn’t surprise me. He is way too active for smoochy love.

The Moms were all nice, only one was actually a stay at home Mom, so I brought up the topic of Mom-guilt. They all had it. I didn’t know if it made me feel better though, I really wanted a solution not a pack of comrades in the same ship.

They were all quite nice though, and I learned who Ainsley’s Mom was to arrange a future play date with our daughters. When Leah asked if I would miss work and those relationships, I didn’t really have an answer. The more I thought about it though, the more I felt that I would miss it, but that I would be gaining something far richer in return.

I felt great when we left, and Wyatt napped all afternoon, completely tuckered out by the adventure. I had planned to get some spring cleaning done, when I felt unwell. I thought back to what I had eaten that day, and then I started counting days.

It was when I was putting my head to the porcelain that I realized that I was late.

Despite having a miscarriage in the past, I felt incredibly anxious to share the news with the family. I didn’t feel confident that I could do it alone, and I wanted their expected excitement to rub off on Quint. I just felt that he would not be pleased, with his constant worries over money lately.

So I dropped the bombshell at dinner that night. Quint couldn’t believe it, I could tell he was upset that I hadn’t told him in private. I was being a chicken, I didn’t want him to think it was part of a master plan for me to be a stay at home Mom.

Elodie was not excited the way I had imagined her to be. She just sort of looked at me with a funny expression. I hope that she warms up to the idea.

I’m already hoping it is another boy, because the girls don’t have room for another bed in their room. They enjoy sharing the room as it is, but adding another would make it too cramped. I really don’t want to move, because I love our home.

Scarlett started cooking dinner which I appreciated. Nearly as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I found myself very nauseous. Just the way I had been when it was the girls.

Quint surprised me by taking me to Mini Sprout to look at cribs, since Wyatt is still using his. It was a sweet gesture. He knew that I was worried about losing the baby, and I appreciated him celebrating this moment with me now.

I don’t feel ready to be pregnant again, I’m still trying to lose weight from Wyatt. I’m positive I’ll be ginormous when it’s all said and done. Thankfully Quint said he wouldn’t mind. I don’t know how entirely true it is, but it makes a pregnant girl feel a lot better anyway.

Hopefully the pregnancy goes without any hiccups, and then next December we will have another new baby. Wyatt and the new baby will be exactly two years apart, apparently I enjoy having babies as my Christmas present.

Notes: Did they TFB this time? I honestly don’t remember. I completely forgot that she was even pregnant until I went to write this up. All my notes I lost on this update, so I’m pegging it that it was an accidental pregnancy. Neither are allowed birth control, so it seems just as likely. I didn’t expect these guys to have more than two, and soon they will have four. And that is it! 😉 I’m drawing the line in the sand now.

Elodie really had a rough time making friends, she met some kids online, and I invited them over for a playdate, and they were all disasters. She just rubs the other kids wrong. Though Ainsley is quite shy herself, and they did hit it off at the park.

Wyatt constantly got in the toilet and made a big mess, then splashed in it. He is very much a boy. Love it!

So baby Siew due December 2021. And hopefully I don’t forget she’s pregnant again!

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “sparkle, shimmer”

  1. Oh boy, do I detect the smallest hint of tension between Quint and Rebecca? I’m hoping it tapers off when the baby arrives. I would hate for this young family to end up broken. 😦 Poor Rebecca. It probably really does seem like she’s just trying to weasel her way into staying home, even if she isn’t.

    Poor Elodie, too! I really hope she becomes friends with Ainsley and I’m so happy that Scarlett is being an AMAZING older sister and trying to help her out. Also, aren’t little boys freaking endearing? I have a weakness and it is young male children. I’m not biased. Not really. Maybe a little. 😛

  2. Awwww. All the guilt poor Rebecca is carrying. I’m not a mum so I can’t relate but I hope she can gain a little peace during maternity leave. Their kiddies are so cute. I can’t wait to see the new addition….built in little friend for Elodie.

  3. I hope this pregnancy goes well. I’m glad that he is being supportive of his wife, which hopefully will reassure her that he doesn’t think she is trying to weasel her way home and that he is a good willed man who only wants the best for his family.

  4. Before I comment on the update, can I just say that the household profile is genius? I’ve often toyed with the idea of doing a story summary and household pages (like, for years now! LOL) but never thought to combine the two. Would you mind if I “borrowed” your idea? If not, I will just admire yours, because it really is great!

    Aw, poor Elodie! Seeing her struggles to make friends just about broke my heart too. I’m glad she has Scarlett to watch out for her, at least. Poor kid.

    Another baby – wow! Rebecca and Quint were the last couple I expected to have a surprise baby. Well, it’ll put that “work or stay at home” debate to rest for another year or so at least, maybe? I’m glad Quint seems to be warming up to the idea, taking Rebecca out to look at cribs and everything. Hopefully, the baby’s arrival will bring joy and not stress. Sounds like it’s going to be a tight squeeze in that house!

  5. Aww, I love this little family. Hopefully, for their sakes, it’s a boy. Poor Rebecca does look like she’s resorting to manipulation tactics to get to quit work. I hope Elodie makes more friends; she’s such a sweet little girl. And Scarlett is the best big sister or her to have.
    I noticed the household profile; I used to do those a long time ago, but in my older years I’ve become super-lazy and can barely keep up with my wedding planning and still geting out an update every week. My excuse is my very young blog; all my families have barely begun.

  6. I really like the idea of having a family profile page, with a small family history. I did something similar (without the history) when I started blogging years ago, but found it hard to keep up. Since I’ve put up my playable npc page, with their small histories, I’ve been thinking about doing something simillar again 🙂

    I really wasn’t expecting them to have another baby! And seeing they had worries about money, I don’t think either of them were expecting this either. But it still is exciting news. It’s nice that Quint took Rebecca to Little Sprout, it seems like he’s warming up to the idea.
    I hope Rebecca can stay home with the kids one day, but with another one on they way, I think they might need the money …

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