maybe oneday

april 2021
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Oliver McCarthy (24 years), Isaiah Gavigan

narrated by: Oliver

Since graduating from Eastborough, there has been an adjustment for me and Meg. She’s busy now with her finals, graduating herself next month. But most of this time has been spent with her wanting to spend time with me, and not understanding that I’m swamped with grading papers. That doesn’t even count when I add things to the curriculum to fine tune it for my specific students.

I do my best to get out to campus to visit her at least bi-weekly. She usually wants to hang out at Duffy’s Bar, which was never my favorite place to be. It’s alright, and I do it to please her, but I’m more inclined to quieter evenings, and romantic dinners. She grinds, and dances wildly on the floor, that I just feel plain old awkward the entire time.

I tend to drag my roommate, Isaiah with me. He doesn’t mind telling the ladies he’s a college graduate, it seems to win him some points. I happened to see him toasting this upperclass girl that Meg knew. She swears that Maeve is crazy.

I felt the warning signs for cray-cray from across the room, and when I saw her blow him a kiss, I knew Isaiah was in way over his head.

The only highlight to the evening is that Meg is determined to graduate with high marks, so she doesn’t stay out too late. Unfortunately this time, I kissed Meg good-bye before she headed to her dorm, and I still had Isaiah deep in conversation with Maeve. Most of the time, as soon as Meg leaves, we high tail it back to South Port to play some video games.

I ended up getting approached by Paige‘s little sister Brooklyn, she was always a few years younger than me that I never paid any attention to her. She’s a freshman now, and happened to remember when Paige had tutored me back in high school, Paige was a grade older and helped younger kids for extra credit.

She seemed to think I was friends with Paige, which I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. Meg had been dormmates with her and Paige had just been rather ugly to her in the name of cleanliness and order. Brooklyn filled me in that Paige was renting the duplex that my sister Grace had lived in when she first got married.

When she finally moved off the subject of her sister though, the night wasn’t that terrible. Isaiah and Maeve were leaning in to one another, murmoring voices, and wine-tinged cheeks, I knew I’d be here for sometime longer. I don’t remember how it came up, but I told Brooklyn some of my troubles, things I hadn’t told Meg even. She was an avid listener, not inclined to pull me onto the dance floor and make obnoxious public displays.

I had been offered to go overseas to teach in an orphanage, mostly to train the volunteers that live there some new ways to reach the children. My boss Lucy had brought it up to me, and it really was an amazing opportunity. But I knew instantly that Meg would not want me to go, she would worry about communicable diseases, but at the heart of the issue, she would miss me too much.

It felt stifling. I had told Principal Lucy no originally, and she refused to listen until I’d taken some time to really think it through. The school was funding my trip, and providing school supplies. I was the best candidate, fresh out of college and the new ideas, but also the only one at the Grammar school that wasn’t married with kids at home.

Brooklyn laughed at me, told me I was being absurd to not take this chance of a lifetime. She was less than nice about Meg, and I don’t know if I just painted the picture of Meg wrong. I felt bad, because I hadn’t actually given Meg the opportunity to reject the idea. But Brooklyn said that if she didn’t support it, then it was best to cut the ties now.

She required payment for all her stellar advice with one dance. She enjoys the party dances though, and I know the smustle well enough to fake it. I didn’t feel embarrassed to dance with her, and I began to wonder if I was listening to Brooklyn, because I found her quite attractive.

It was a sobering thought, and I forced Isaiah to get Maeve’s number, and to leave immediately after the dance.

I went home the next day, happy that it was a Sunday and no one was working. I even called my big sister Grace to meet me there. I needed help from someone that knew me, not just a girl at a bar.

Mom was thrilled about the teaching opportunity, and insisted I go. When I mentioned possibly calling things off with Meg, she was nearly just as excited with that idea.

Apparently Mom has been putting on an act that she liked her. I know that Mom was always a big fan of Paloma though, so I don’t think she’s fair to Meg, nor that I can trust her judgement on the situation. She attempted to impersonate Meg by slouching her shoulders and talking about horror movies, it was all surprising to see Mom behave in a mocking tone.

I dismissed her from the topic, but she lurked feeding the dog, and watering plants, and I asked Grace for help. She actually likes Meg, but told me it wasn’t about that. It was about feelings but especially actions. If Meg wasn’t in support of even just spending an evening indoors, then she didn’t think she would be onboard with my going overseas for a summer. She talked about some trials in marriage, and how these would be warning signs to her if I was looking for a partner for life.

I’m not doing that yet. But it made this relationship feel like I was wasting my time, and Meg had never been quiet that she would love to one day settle down together.

I invited Meg to my apartment on my drive back to the city, and we happened to meet each other in the parking lot. I didn’t want to just dump her outside like I had Paloma, so I invited her up. I planned to tell her in the living room by the front door, but Isaiah and Maeve were going through the bases.

That left only the bedroom. First I told her about the orphanage opportunity, she wasn’t happy with the news, and it solidified my gut feeling.

I’ve only done this one time before, and this time is less horrible as it was the first. I cared for Paloma differently, as a friend first. But it didn’t make this any easier. She had to sense the moment was coming, I kept stuttering, and sighing as I tried to formulate the words.

When I finally spit it out that I wanted to break up, that I wanted to focus on myself and do some traveling, she stilled, that I couldn’t even hear ether of us breath, just the imagined breaking of her heart.

She wanted to know if I had cheated on her, or if there was someone else. She seemed to accept the news a good deal better when she learned that neither of those things had occurred.

In the end, she said she wanted to remain friends, that South Port was too small to avoid each other. She laughed, and said she would be ready to bump into me when I got back at the end of August, but not before. That sounded good to me.

There was no lack of theatrics though with Meg out of the picture. Maeve had asked Isaiah to be her boyfriend after only knowing each other for two days. Isaiah shouted his response that I could hear it in the kitchen as I buttered my toast. I thought they might break up, if you could even call it that, but she just steeled herself to making it happen one day and soon.

She came over and started cooking dinner every weeknight, and forced me to eat in my room or the living room, while she played house with Isaiah. I was just grateful to eat a homecooked meal that wasn’t from a box, although it wasn’t as good as Mom’s cooking.

She had never seen video games before and quickly grew enamored with them, which meant that I could still have some bro time with my roomie. Plus Maeve didn’t mind my presence, which meant that I could tag along without putting her out.

School keeps me busy during the days though and most of the nights as well. Teaching 3rd through 4th graders has been more fun than I had originally anticipated. It has its struggles though. My youngest sister Lily-Mae doesn’t like to listen to me, and is constantly out of her seat, as if she’s above the rules.

Then I have Ella who struggles with her lessons. She has to maintain a C average, it’s part of the stipulation by her social worker. I try hard to make sure she understands the course work, not because I think her homelife is the best place for her, but I know an education can help her rise above her upbringing.

The boys can be trouble, but it’s not as complicated as the girls in my class. As long as we get out of the classroom a few times a week, they do much better. Computer Science is their favorite class outside of Physical Education.

I came home from work one day to find that Isaiah had picked up a young German Shepard. I tried getting upset about it, I’m not a dog-hater by any stretch, but our apartment is not big enough for a large breed dog with lots of energy. It felt unfair to the dog, but Isaiah was not to be deterred. He said that he required a roommate, and Carl was better than him putting out an ad and liking the new guy better.

I definitely didn’t want to return from overseas to find that I had no home to live in, so I made my peace with Carl. Besides all that, he’s really popular with the ladies in the apartment complex. They just eat him up, it is almost like we are two men with a baby.

I’m not in the market for a girlfriend anytime soon, wanting to spend the summer not worried about anyone else and what they want from me, just enjoy the new setting and give it my best. I do wonder if crazy Maeve will still be around when I come back, and if Isaiah’s little brother Isaac will have finally fessed up about Nolan being his kid. Everyone seems to know it, even their Mom is beginning to believe. I hope that it all hits the fan while I am far away, and settled when I return; I’d like that.

Notes: Oliver is leaving the country, for the summer anyway. I have zero vacation hoods in my game, in fact at the writing of this (November), my 1 year old computer is broken. So I don’t know if we will see anything of his journey. The entire idea came from my rl friend that is going overseas to teach Obstetrics. I thought that was pretty great, and now Oliver gets to make his own good impression on the world.

Isaiah wanted a dog, and as I don’t know if him and Maeve are in it for the long haul, I decided he needed the company while Oliver is traveling. Named Carl after another friend’s dog, it always humored me when they called him, and made better by The Walking Dead. πŸ˜‰

Oliver and Meg weren’t intended to get married, he still needs to make out with one more girl to complete his biggest want. Sort of forgot about it, all caught up in the new romance. Oliver started rolling wants for other sims as well, so he was on his way out, seemed liked a good time. *sigh* Plus Meg, imo is quite beautiful, and their children look just like Oliver, but with black hair… no thanks. I can be shallow when I want to be. I don’t have anyone planned for Meg or Oliver to marry though, so it is fun for me that they are both back on the market. I also like that Oliver rolls random romantic wants for other sims, he is an odd Family sim.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “maybe oneday

    1. I am really hoping to get a new video card (and have it solve all my issues), and get a vacation hood added so I can actually play the experience! If I get to, then I will definitely do some sort of update for him, probably in someone else’s update. Paloma would love it if your wish came true, without a doubt. But I can say that Oliver doesn’t roll any wants for her at this time.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  1. Oliver clearly has a good eye for crazy! That Maeve is a bit of a worry!

    I’m glad Oliver and Meg could break up amicably. Seems healthy all round. That’s an awesome opportunity Oliver has and even without that, they were clearly wanting to live different lifestyles. A homebody dating with a party animal who doesn’t want to compromise sometimes isn’t destined for the altar, unfortunately!

    Oliver hasn’t got secondary Romance, does he (the link to Oliver’s profile isn’t working, btw)? I’ve never seen a Family sim roll romantic wants for anyone other than their partner unless they’ve had Romance secondary.

    I really hope you can sort out these computer problems soon too! I didn’t realise your PC was so new. That’s newer than mine and it definitely shouldn’t already be breaking down!

    1. Maeve is crazy, she actually reminds me a bit of Rebecca in college, she wanted marriage instantly, babies right away, and Quint was really taken aback, but in the end settled with the crazy. Maeve is very determined for what she wants in her life, and was very outgoing with Isaiah. He does seem to enjoy her, though he’s not quite on the same train of long-term.

      Meg and Oliver were different, she’s wanted him since before Paloma staked her claims, you may recall she went to ask him out and he rejected her. So dating him was sort of a wish come true, but I think Meg would be happier with a more fun-loving guy.

      Oliver is knowledge/family, which is why his romantic wants really surprise me. I don’t usually get any romantic wants for knowledge sims. He is rolling new romance rolls that are specific though, so I’m pretty excited to see if it unfolds after his summer trip.

      Getting new video card this week I hope, and hope that it solves it all. Thanks for the good wishes, and for commenting Carla.

  2. Uugh! I really hope your PC issues get fixed soon. 😦 It just sucks that it’s such a new PC and this happened.

    LOL at Oliver not being “pretty enough” for Meg. I won’t lie. Sometimes I do the same thing and ESPECIALLY so in my legacies and whatnot. It’s pretty bad! Shame that Oliver doesn’t seem like he’s going to settle down any time soon. I wonder who the final makeout will be with??

    As for the dog named Carl, all I can hear in my head now is “GET IN THE HOUSE, CARL!!” LOL!

    1. Me too on Carl! Ahh, makes me want to watch the first season all over again, I did the first episode and was totally back to not thinking Rick was sexy, I just need some hair on my guy I guess.

      I am so glad to know that you do the same thing for looks and breeding, especially in a legacy, I totally would shamelessly do it non-stop! I’d be swapping aspirations and everything if my major purpose was to breed through the generations. I’ve had fun breeding couples in my throw away hood, I actually found that Zilla (the alien monster) can breed alright if she’s with a very plain sim. Sort of like those GOS alien breeding challenges.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

  3. I’m excited for Oliver to be getting out there. And the whole time they were together, I knew it wasn’t going to last. Is that bad? I’ll admit that like Starr, I’m still holding a candle that he and Paloma will work their issues out.

    For a Knowledge/Family sim, he is an odd duck. Since he’s a family secondary, I’m not surprised that he’s not immediately rolling up wants to get married and be buried in babies, but they usually aren’t rolling romantic wants for random people at least.

    LOL at Isaiah! He must see something in Maeve to keep her around, crazy or not.

    1. No it’s not bad Fini that you knew it wouldn’t last. I didn’t think it would ether, I was surprised that Oliver went for her, and then they sort of made it work which surprised me too. Paloma would love it if they got back together, but Oliver hasn’t rolled wants for her in a while, so I don’t know how probable that would be.

      He is an odd duck with his rolls, I expected more baby wants or more logic related ones, which he does get a decent amount of. I partially wonder if he was given the wrong aspirations, when he aged to teen I did aspirations differently than I do now. I might check into it and see how his personality aligns with it.

      Isaiah and Maeve were rather fun to play, she’s very, very affectionate, and clingy, and Isaiah will reject her half the time, and she blows up, then she tries again, and he accepts. They were cracking me up, and yeah he must like it, because he rolls some wants for her himself, though more simple like talking, and maybe a simple flirt. She’s planning babies, evenings in bed, weddings, and engagements, and she’s a college sim, and I don’t think mine tend to roll that many crazy wants.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  4. I totally hear you on the shallow breeding aspects of the game, LOL. Some genes are just too strong/ugly to hang around generation after generation. πŸ™‚

    It will be great for Oliver to get out there and have some experiences, I think. He definitely did the right thing breaking up with Meg and I’m interested to see what the future has in store for them.

    1. Well I’ll never breed out the McCarthy’s, but I don’t have to force him to be with a prettier girl that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰ I’m excited for Oliver to get out there and live, he surprises me, and has grown a lot since high school. I do think Meg would be happier with someone more daring, and who shares in her interests of horror, though I only have her brother right now, so she’ll have to convert someone.

      Thanks for commenting River!

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