wishing you glad tidings ~ download ~

Marisol and Manuel want to wish you a …

Okay, not Manuel so much, he’s horribly camera shy, and rather moody, but Marisol has enough cheer for all.

If there is one true thing about me, I am absolutely smitten with toddler pajamas both in the sims and in real life. My youngest is receiving four pairs of pajamas this Christmas, because I have no willpower when it comes to cute, warm, little things. In fact, the pink bunny ones that Dahlia is modeling, are wrapped under my tree right this minute.

Aren’t these just cute as heck?!

There are six pajamas total, two Christmas, three animals, and one monster.

Little Nolan sneaked away from the group photo without me realizing, but I happened to have this one of him in the skiing Polar Bear jammies.

These are all labeled as unisex, and require no mesh. The non-Christmas pajamas are inspired from ones at Children Place, and the others from Spoonflower. I believe they are clearly labeled as well to pick and choose from.

Download 6 Toddler Jammies


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