Goss Family, Krouse

happily together

may 2021
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(Krouse Household Profile)
Marshal Krouse (32 years), Lorelei (28 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

Marshal tried being subtle, by encouraging me to visit Erin often, just so I could spend more time with baby Mallory. I wasn’t fooled on what he was trying to do, but I was happy to oblige, I do like spending time with my friend. But lately he has started asking when I might want to start a family, he gets big puppy eyes, and pouty lips. It’s all quite dear, for now. I imagine if he keeps it up for years, I might grow weary of it.

It’s not that I’m absolutely opposed to a singular kid, it’s just that I am enjoying my own career for now. I finally own The Red Mill, and business is booming. I have such a great time getting back out on the floor and serving customers, as well as doing all the behind the scenes.

My crew is competent too, which is a huge relief. When I was training new servers, there were many discounts given along with profuse apologies. This is the finest dining establishment in the whole county, and to retain that reputation, people can’t be having their lobster land on their lap.

Jessica has long been a source of drama, she has worked here since I was a mere hostess before I went to college. Back then her husband Matthew was cheating on her, but she was blinded by fear. Then she got divorced rather recently, and now she’s dating a man named Warren. He seems to treat her right, his sister is Miriam the Kindergarten teacher, so I might be inclined to think he is a gentle-spirit. But it is Jessica dating him, and I don’t know that she has good judgement.

Her boys are teens now, and I guess get in more trouble than they did in their younger days. They’ve never been to the restaurant on any regular basis, but now they are here every single day after school. I don’t know what she will do this summer when they are on break; I hope she doesn’t think they could wait for her at work. I would hope she wouldn’t, but I find the after school time already unprofessional.

It’s always obvious that Flint is the trouble maker, he scowls at customers the entire time. The only thing that has made me more lenient in this, is that there are very few customers from 3-5 o’clock.

My newer hostess has been working out well, unfortunately she announced that she’s pregnant. I haven’t had to deal with maternity leave since I took over, and it puts me in a bind. I will have to hire a temporary replacement, which seems unfair to the new hire. I’m not entirely cold-hearted though, I do want her to enjoy her time with the new baby, just wish that it wasn’t going to leave my hostess podium empty.

All in all, these things keep me on my toes, and it’s what I love about owning a business the most. It’s unpredictable, and the calm times are enjoyable. My brother Zeke came in to see if I would babysit the twins. He rarely asks me to watch them anymore, not since I got engaged, but I suppose now things have settled for me. It was hectic planning the wedding, everything had to be perfect, and I know I drove my Mom insane.

Marshal came home to find Vivienne and Cicely over, and he was thrilled. He absolutely loves kids, and getting to have them stay over is always a highlight for him. When we first started dating, it wasn’t that important to me how great of an uncle he would be as opposed to how great he kissed. But now that I’ve settled some in my hormones, I fall more in love with him when he plays with my nieces.

Cicely confessed to me that she’s worried about having too much homework in high school, it took effort to not smile. I assured her that she has plenty of time before she gets to that point, she’s only in the first grade! Moments like these, I do think that kids are pretty darn cute, but then again, I’ve always loved being an aunt.

I made the girls’ favorite pie, cherry. Marshal shares their same taste, so was just as giddy as them. I’ve always been more of a sundae girl, which I get from my Dad. Growing up, we’d always sneak some ice cream after Mom went to bed. It was the perk of having a writer for a Dad, he never had to go into the office early the next day.

Cicely went straight to bed, and I was grateful. A day of working, and doing bookwork, plus watching the twins, it did be in.

Vivienne was not nearly as easy, she was beyond tired, but scared to sleep in our bedroom upstairs. She just wanted to go home, and started crying for her Mom. I thought for sure I’d failed at babysitting the girls, but Marshal stepped in and calmed her right down. He told her a story, and promised to stay in the room with her until she fell asleep. I half expected him to get a blanket and sleep on the floor, but Vivienne was settled with him just staying until she slept.

Maybe if we could jump straight to kids, then I wouldn’t mind. But I’m not blind to the woes of pregnancy, infant hood, and then terrible twos. That is years of my life that I’m terrified of losing to sleepless nights. Once Vivienne was asleep, I asked Marshal if he wanted to do some traveling, before we were trapped to our house every free minute with a one-day baby.

He’s not well-traveled, he’s never left the continental USA, and doesn’t see the big allure. I’m not the most obsessed with travel, so it generally suits me just fine. Just feels like if we aren’t going to have a family right away, that I should give him something like vacations to look forward to.

Next time I feel that though I’m going to just send him to Erin’s new house. I always thought she could do better than Colin, but the reality of a broken family just breaks my heart. Plus she needs more help since she doesn’t have a partner. Her sister, Bethany is of some help, but she’s not sticking around to be a nanny.

Erin is still on her maternity leave, so she doesn’t require a babysitter yet. Except when she needs groceries, then she needs a hand. It is usually me that gives it too. I have the most flexible schedule out of all our friends, and I don’t mind helping her. But it always seems that Mallory and Logan lose control at the same time.

I’m not a Mom, I don’t have the swinging thing down, I don’t know the signs of hunger or when a child is tired, until they’ve crashed on the floor. I do know if they’d dirtied their diaper, but that’s because it’s repulsive smelling.

I’m always relieved beyond measure when I can hear Erin’s keys in the front door. She actually lives catty corner behind me, so I can just walk over, which saves gas and time. Another reason why I’m happy to help.

I invited Erin out with the group on Saturday night, but she declined. Apparently Colin doesn’t take Mallory when he comes for Logan, so she always has at least one of the kids. She begged me to invite Bethany to go out with us though, said that she needed some friends.

I don’t dislike Bethany. I just blame her for being so hard on Erin’s life, that things just blew up. In time, I figured that Erin and Colin would make good compromises, get a house, get married. Colin is younger than Erin, and from a broken family, I know, he’s my cousin. But he’s not a bad guy, just a rough one to love. If Bethany had kept her opinion to herself, Erin wouldn’t have wound herself up so much to confront Colin in such a harsh way. It just wasn’t like her.

I did ask her, even though Erin charged me with keeping an eye on her. The last thing I wanted to do when going out was babysit Erin’s baby sister. Bethany seemed mildly flattered that I asked, but I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or genuine.

When we all went out, I tried to include Bethany with our group, but she didn’t know how to do any of the dances.

It’s not like we were forcing her too. Emma and Chris always do their own thing. Bethany seemed to grow bored though, and found a random guy to make out with on the floor.

I just thought it was so classless, that it wound me up just looking at her. I tried to just focus on Marshal’s kind face, but I could still see her from my peripheral, and hear her complaining loudly above the music.

When it came time to do the smustle, I was livid and was only able to do it grudgingly. Marshal thought I was ‘adorable’ and decided to pick on me by pointing and laughing.

Nadia was in a pissy mood too, which usually dampens mine, but I was glad to not be alone. Though her mood had more to do with the management at Shortstack Pancake house, then with Bethany.

I ended up asking her to go to the bar with me to get some drinks, and get away from Bethany. It wasn’t necessary though, because as I ordered I saw her slipping out the side door. I was glad that she drove with us to the club, and that I didn’t have her cell phone, because when it came time to leave, it sure was going to be a piece of cake tracking her down.

I told Marshal I was never going out with her again, she’d likely be hit by a semi in the parking lot, and then Erin would blame me. Marshal just laughed, and though he didn’t say anything negative about Bethany, I can just tell that he prefers sensible Erin too.

I have half a mind to go chew out Colin for not taking his daughter with him for visitation, but instead I decided I’ll just tell my Mom, because I know that she’ll put him straight. Being a social worker, she especially hates dead beat Dads, and she wouldn’t allow Colin to just become one without some choice words first.

Notes: Marshal immediately rolled the want for a baby, but Lorelei has IFS at one, and I just can’t see her jumping straight to it, especially with just buying The Red Mill. She is allowed birth control too, so unless it fails, I’ll be waiting until she ether tells me she wants one or is in her thirties. Plus they’d have to move, and I love their house.

I had the group go out, but Nadia and Lorelei refused to dance. They’d make those faces, do one dance move, then stand straight up, like “I’m done with that crap.” I don’t know what their deal was, and Marshal autonomously went and picked on her, and she stormed off the floor.

Bethany is a romance sim, she likes the guys, and it’s her primary motive for sticking around town. She’s spoiled, pampered by her parents, and doted on by men, she’s not the easiest to handle. Lorelei and her have many negative conversations, not that Lorelei isn’t a princess in her own right, being the only daughter in her family.

And how cute are the twins, goodness, Marshal will be an excellent Daddy too. He immediately jumped in to hanging out with them, and reading them stories. Very sweet guy!

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “happily together”

  1. I could’ve sworn they already had a discussion about that when Erin had Colin, or maybe it was just Lorelei saying it to herself. I feel the same way; no need to immediately put yourself in mommy mode, especially when you’ve got debt over your head. I think Lorelei will eventually want a kid, but it won’t be till at least 30. When ever they do, Marshal will just be the best. So sweet!
    Colin won’t take Mallory? Now that’s just mean. The kid had no choice in her gender.

    1. Colin pretty much ignored Logan as an infant too, so it’s not just about her gender in that part. I had him take Logan to the park and things of that nature, and he wouldn’t have been able to handle a baby on top of it. With his Aunt Kenzie working on him, and Mallory’s birthday in the fall, I think he will interact with her more.

      I am excited for when Lorelei does have a baby, but enjoying their house, has forced me to keep myself in check! Otherwise I’d be breeding these two asap, afterall Marshal wants one. 😉 Thanks for commenting Fini!

  2. If Lorelei is firm about wanting only one, I can definitely see waiting. She’s only 28, so there’s plenty of time to slot ONE baby in. If Marshal convinces her to have more though…maybe she’ll need to start earlier. What’s Marshal’s IFS? I can’t see his as one, for some reason!

    I melted at seeing Marshal with Vivienne and Cecily. Guys who are good with kids are the best kind! I think even if you’re not planning on kids in the near future, those kinds of men usually have other qualities that make them really attractive too. Marshal’s a sweetheart. He’ll be such an awesome dad.

    Poor Erin – she has to deal with Bethany and she never gets a break from the kids. I’m feeling really bad for Mallory, even though she’s too young to realise what her dad is like at the moment. 😦

    1. Ah I forgot to respond to this, sorry about that. I had wanted to answer your question on Marshal’s IFS, and hadn’t been near the computer at the time. So Marshal IFS is 3, and Lorelei is 1. I wouldn’t mind them only having one kid, because that hasn’t happened in a long time, but I don’t think I’d throw a fit if they compromise and have two. I’m already planning on Violet-Adele having one, that is her IFS as well.

      Marshal is adorable with the twins, ahhh. I just want him to have a baby now, because he will be a totally sexy Dad. ❤ I think he'll be a great Dad too.

      I feel bad for Erin, but I just know that things will get better for her from here, even if she ended back up with Colin years down the line, she will be much stronger in herself, and I'm excited that she's standing up for her self and the kids, even if she didn't mean to get herself into this situation. And Bethany is a blast, she's totally footloose and young at heart.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. It makes sense for her to want to wait, most definitely. She’s not in a hurry, though I am of course curious to see how stinkin’ cute their kid(s) will be. 🙂 Love the house, too, it looks eclectic and trendy and urban.

    1. I know, I really want to see their kids too, I haven’t cheated ether. I have a throw away hood right now, that I haven’t gotten around to throwing away. Since I had to restart my hood, the throw away one is full of all the corrupted sims, and I’ve bred a few to play around with potential match ups. But I have held firm to not cheat on these two, so I’m very anxious! Thanks on the house compliments, I really like how it came out too, it had to be great for me to ditch her apartment, which I also really liked. It makes waiting for their baby easier to handle too, because I don’t think they’d put a newborn in the basement.

      Thanks for commenting River!

  4. Man, I can really relate to Lorelei! Especially on the “skipping right to kids” thing. I’m amazing with babies/toddlers/kids… but I really don’t care for babies. Everyone thinks they’re cute, etc and I’m just like… it poops, and drools, and that’s not very cute. Love toddlers and kids, though! Adorable. Babies… ehhh, can’t I just give birth to kittens instead? LOL!

    Oh man. Bethany went out with them! I do not blame Lorelei at all for never wanting to go out with her again, haha. So funny that she’s sending her mum after Colin. That should be interesting indeed. No deadbeat dads on Kenzie’s watch! 😉

    1. So funny Mao, I can totally see you not being gaga for newborns. I only really care for MY newborns, so maybe yours will warm you up. it poops and drools, so true. But when they finally recognize you, and all your freaking devotion you put into them, ahhh melts ya right there. Plus there is something to be said for seeing your spouse in your baby, especially with our son, he’s totally a mini version of my man. ❤

      Lorelei will be a good Mom, but I know she'll enjoy the kid portion way better, she's a fantastic aunt, always rolling wants for the kids. Kenzie would not allow her relative to be a dead beat, especially Colin, who she could boss around some. She never had much luck with her brother Ethan though, they actually stopped being friendly for several years, because he sucked as a Dad. But hey, Ethan is a good Dad these days, maybe not perfect, but he's invested with Caitlyn and Aidan, and I think he does well raising them. So I have hope for Colin, they are just late bloomers.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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