summer birthdays 2021

june 2021

Grace and Benjamin’s middle daughter, Isla celebrates her fourth birthday. She’s been exhaustively impossible her entire life, and they are really hoping that her childhood years are less trying. She’s already decided though that she is not going to preschool in the fall; they can only hope it grows on her, as she has a long career in education ahead of her.

Lulu Grimsley has her eleventh birthday, and is excited to join her big sister Rachael at the high school. She looks more like her Mom with each birthday, except with her Dad’s coloring.

Simon Millett, the youngest child of Leah and Grant turns eleven this summer as well. He’s looking forward to the freedom of his teenage years, he can work on his bug collection, and escape to the library without his family worrying about his location.

The Millet’s middle daughter, Julia graduates high school with a C+ average, she’d held a 4.0 GPA before getting pregnant with Nolan. Now everyone is just relieved she got her diploma. She scored a 42 on the SAT, and earned two scholarships, Dannon Local Business Award and Quigley’s Visual Art for her work on the violin.

She’s decided to go for a Political Science degree with hopes of being a Journalist one day with no plans of ever living in small town Millwood again.

Meg Schehl graduates Eastborough with a 3.9 GPA, she’s hoping to make it in the screenwriting business. In the mean time, she is living in a small apartment in South Port and working as a photographer at the modeling agency.

Meg’s twin brother Peter graduated Eastborough with an Art major and a 3.7 GPA. He hopes to draw his own comic book, like his sister he’s fascinated with horror, and plans to merge the two. He is even allowing his sister to write the screenplay, if his graphic novels take off. In the mean time, he is finding an apartment to live with his girlfriend, Elise in South Port.

Rebecca and Quint are expecting their fourth, another December baby. Rebecca still hadn’t lost all her weight from Wyatt, and is finding herself with a huge sugar craving this time around, she’s concerned she’ll be the size of a boat when it’s all said and done. They would be happy with just a healthy baby, but would love for Wyatt to have a baby brother to play with, two of each would be an extra slice of perfection.

Owner of Planet Java, Ginny Pacelli is six months pregnant, and getting to the final stretch. They are hoping for a son, to not steal any limelight from their daughter Gemma, and to experience the variety of raising one of each. She’s taken her maternity leave early, being unable to control her stress at work, finding herself struggling at the task of managing her crew.

Notes: I was surprised to see how much Lulu looks like her Mom, even more so than her sister Rachael. Both of Cara girl’s are quite pretty, which surprised me because I never found Cara to be particularly pretty. All in all, really happy with Cara’s genetics! 🙂

I got DNA strings finished for everyone, Meg and Peter ended up with glasses, they were the only ones in their immediate family to get them now. I was pretty excited over it, being that they are twins, it just gives them another layer of similarities.

Julia used to have the LTW of top journalist, I don’t do LTW’s anymore generally, because they keep getting reset. But she also matches for the journalism career, so she is going to continue with that path. She’s had zero interest in school since Nolan, so I don’t know if she will be inspired to do college work.

I adore Simon! He ended up requiring freckles with the DNA string, making him even cuter. He looks so much like Leah. Both of their daughters look just like Grant’s Mom Norma (down to her red hair even), so I was surprised to have this little Leah offspring. He’s totally perfect for the family, and Leah, who has always had a difficult time with Norma and her meddling. He’s just a sweet, geeky guy.

Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2021”

  1. Such interesting sims you have here! And how interesting it will be to read about them when you play next!
    Isla already was a handfull, but I doubt she’ll calm donw now that she’s a child.
    Simon and Lulu are really pretty! But I adore those freckles! 🙂
    I wonder how Julia’s going to do when she’s at college, I really hope she actually studies at least a little bit but seeing she didn’t show any interest for high school, I fear she’ll be the same in college.
    Meg and Peter are pretty cute as well, it’s nice that they found a way to work together.
    Don’t you just love those DNA-strings? I haven’t done them for all my sims just yet, but I just love it! I have some twins where they both have the same DNA-string, but I also have others where both have a totally different DNA-string, which will be interesting to see 🙂
    I’m looking forward to both babies! I think it will be nice if both families have boys like they both seem to want.

    1. Thanks Tanja, I hope they are interesting! I am excited to play Meg as an adult, when I do my next round, I’ll have new college kids to play, and households.

      Isla has not calmed down, I just played their household recently, and she was very naughty to her big sister Ainsley. I adore Simon in freckles too, and Lulu is very pretty I agree.

      I hope that Julia does well in college too, I understand your fear because I share it as well. I haven’t decided on her dorm yet, so I can’t check her wants to see if they started yet. And I definitely do love the DNA strings! And I was relieved everytime someone didn’t need glasses, but I have a lot that will as elders, so I need to get some more. TS3 has so many cute ones, but I haven’t been able to find them converted. I hope they get boys for babies too! Will find out Ginny’s soon. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  2. Isla is going to keep her parents’ hands full, I’m sure. Very cute though! Lulu is stunning! Her eyes are so striking too.

    Can’t believe it’s time for Simon to age up! I love him. That chin really works for him.

    And yay for Julia – so glad she’s going to college! Meg looks awesome with the glasses – such a perfect look for a young screenwriter. Or aspiring screenwriter! I love the idea of tying her dream into Peter’s as well. That could be such a fun idea to sim out one day.

    I really tried to remember to pay attention to my DNA strings this round (it’s not second nature yet) and Ruby was actually supposed to get glasses too. I don’t have any funky ones for her yet though, so she’ll have to stumble along blindly for a little longer. I’m liking the changes this is bringing to my sims’ appearances though and I’m glad you’re having fun with it as well.

    BTW, do you know where you got that chair Ginny is sitting in? I had it in Sullivan 1.0, in a different colour but I haven’t been able to find it or any other recolours again!

    1. Oh my goodness, Isla is a riot! As soon as she aged up, she beat the tar out of Ainsley, was fiercely angry with her sister, and rejected any of Ainsley’s nice actions. I was really surprised! I was surprised on Simon too, he seemed too young still, I had to double check, especially with Julia growing up at the same time for college. I love those glasses on Meg!

      I can totally understand forgetting the dna strings, I just made mine so I haven’t gotten there, but there are plenty of things I do! I need more cute glasses too, if you find some, mind posting about it? Most of mine are just recolors of the same glasses. Looking forward to seeing Ruby in glasses, totally fits her.

      And the chair is from ohbehave. And I’m not sure on the recolor, because it’s not in that post.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. That’s just like Isla, but for Grace and Ben’s sakes I hope they don’t have to drag her to preschool kicking and screaming. I’m excited to see what Rebecca has. Crossnig my fingers for another boy!

    1. Isla would totally have to be dragged to preschool, their update will come up in a few weeks, and she was a total brat, LOVED every minute of it! She’s such a character! I can’t wait for Rebecca to have her baby too.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

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