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planting summer kisses

august 2021
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(Grimsley Household Profile)
Charlie Grimsley (36 years), Cara (31 years), Rachael Darling (15 years), Lulu (11 years), Jake (8 years)

narrated by: Rachael

School starts at the end of the month, and Caitlyn is too busy with her boyfriend Lewis to hang out very much, she’s even quit the cheerleading squad. I wanted to quit but my Mom made me stick with it, despite my busy schedule with ice skating and ballet, it is the only school activity that I do, and Mom thinks its important to continue.

So by default, I am the captain since Caitlyn quit and I’m the oldest in the squad. Perla Martinez almost joined, but I’m glad she didn’t, I can’t stand that new girl. She has all the guys going crazy for her at school, it’s just not fair. She would have been captain too since she’s a junior year this and older than me, and that wouldn’t have been right since she has no experience.

My cousin Willa joined, and she’s rather hostile. She is fine with me and Lulu since we are related, but she’s really rough on Scarlett.

I ended up forcing my sister Lulu to join, and it’s not really her thing. I am the only one in the family with any type of athletic ability. She does alright with it, I wouldn’t say Scarlett is very dexterous ether.

I’m trying to be positive, and showing them some moves to work towards, but they are all just so incompetent. I think Willa has the most potential, her and her brother Holden are both good with sports.

I asked Mom how to build a better team, because school hasn’t even started yet, and our practices now aren’t mandatory. She suggested pizza and a movie at our house, just to get us all hanging out instead of competing with moves.

It seemed to be going okay, the conversation of boys came up, and while we don’t all agree on who is cute, we could agree that there were some cute boys at our school.

Willa still was abrasive though, even towards Lulu, kept saying that Scarlett and Lulu didn’t understand because they were only sixth graders. Willa is in seventh grade, not exactly upperclass herself. Lulu always stands up for Scarlett, they’ve been best friends since kindergarten, so Willa is outnumbered.

I hope that by the time school starts and we get our first games under our belt, that the girls will feel more like a team.

Since we are still on summer break, me and Lulu usually sleep in, especially since our parents leave for work at eight. She’s really nervous about starting sixth grade in a few weeks, but I know she’ll be fine, going into it with a best friend makes it all the better.

I just hope her and Scarlett don’t fall for the same boy, and then Scarlett wins him, and she’s stuck being the lurker. Since Lewis and Caitlyn started dating more heavily outside of sneaked kisses, I barely see any of them. I spent all of last summer at her apartment, and none this year. I am really excited to have the possibility to sit with Lulu at lunch if Caitlyn is too occupied.

Jake has been trying to get better at sports, and asked me to help him out. I told him to ask Dad, because he’s the one who taught me all the ball sports, he still works with me on basketball. He’s constantly pushing me to be better, try harder, and never quit. I appreciate having him coach me, keeps me from getting lazy.

Jake is just not naturally good at it though, out of all the ball tossing we did, he only caught it once. Mom isn’t athletic, she told me she was out of shape and overweight before she joined the military, I don’t remember her like that though because she’s been in the military since I was a preschooler.

Jakes a good kid though, him and his friend Monroe are always wanting to do daring things. They usually spin in the toddler toy until one of them gets sick, which is almost always Jake.

Monroe gets really, really excited over this activity. I guess that Jake is the master of spinning quickly. I can’t pretend to understand.

The sicker Jake is, the more thrilled Monroe becomes. I’m glad that I only have one brother, I can only imagine the trouble two little brothers would be.

He begs me to spin him around to get a better handle on his stomach, and I don’t mind. I used to love when Dad would spin me when I was younger.

One day, Elias happened to walk by. I hadn’t seen him all summer, last year he wanted to be my boyfriend, but I said no. My parents said I was too young, and busy with my extracurriculars to have a relationship.

Then I wanted to date him, but he was suddenly under Perla’s charm, even though she was a giant witch to him. So I wondered why he was coming by my house at all, and was annoyingly excited that he wanted to hang out.

While I have liked Lewis for sometime, I do like Elias too, they aren’t the same type of person ether. Of course he came by on a weekend, and Mom and Dad were outside weeding our yard, it is never-ending. I was embarrassed when Mom came by to talk, Dad already met him, and Elias nearly peed himself seeing Dad with his police gun.

Mom has rifles that are military issued, and I think more intimidating than Dad’s puny pistol. Elias didn’t seem intimidated by her though, and Mom started talking about kissing and intimate things, and I wanted to die on the spot. We weren’t even dating, and she was telling him to wrap things up.

I tried getting Dad to stop her, but he approved of the message. Elias asked if we could go rollerskating downtown, and Dad said sure, as long as Lulu tagged along. So apparently my ability to date now relies on my eleven year old sister’s willingness to babysit me.

She agreed, because she’s the best sister, but she really sucks at roller skating, so I felt really bad over it. I could only half concentrate on Elias with my sister falling on her butt all over the rink.

He is really sweet though, it felt surreal that we were skating together, and he was holding my hand. When we finished spinning, he held my hand a bit longer than he had to, and I got a million butterflies.

He even kissed me, I’ve never been kissed before, and Lulu watched the entire thing so I felt self-conscious having an audience.

He asked me if I’d be his girlfriend then, and I said yes without a second thought. I had regretted saying no to him last summer, and would not make that mistake twice. After that we started hanging out at his farm just outside of town limits. Lulu of course was required to come with, but she was accommodating, and told me she expects the same when she has a boy one day.

She even lets us kiss without telling Mom or Dad, I’m not sure they’d think she was such a good sitter if they knew that she let kisses slide.

His Mom, Nicole is really relaxed too, I guess she’s used to her sons and their girlfriends, because she wasn’t intimidating at all. I felt like she wanted to be my friend, and she did invite me to dinner including Lulu too which was nice of her.

I declined though, maybe after we’ve dated a bit more, because Elias has a huge family and they intimidate me.

Mom doesn’t let me see Elias as much as I’d like though, forcing me to keep up with my obligations and to spread my time out. I sometimes hate it, but I do wish that Caitlyn’s Dad would force her to spend time without Lewis.

My Mom’s brother Colin came by, and I got to watch his kids while they talked. He even brought Mallory over, and I got to play with her. I haven’t seen her since he split up with Erin.

I can’t believe that my Mom was my age when she got pregnant with me, and having me when she was only sixteen. I couldn’t imagine having the responsibility of taking care of someone like Mallory on my own.

Mallory is a blast to play with though so I hope that Colin brings her around more often. He always comes to my Mom for advice, which I think I’d like to be that for my kid brother one day. It’s nice that he trusts her like that.

Lulu is terrified of Mallory, so she keeps Logan occupied. He starts preschool in the fall, with his birthday next month. We all miss Erin though, I know my Mom does too, and she she isn’t exactly affectionate towards anyone.

But she never shares that with Colin, she thinks that people need to have the freedom to decide on their own. I think that is wise, but I do hope that Colin realizes that Erin was great.

All in all it was a good summer, and I can’t wait to start school with a boyfriend on my side. Maybe lunch won’t be so bad. But I’ve already told Lulu that she’s welcome to sit at our table anytime, because I plan to never blow off my friends or family for some boy.

It’s going to be a great school year, I can tell.

Notes: So Elias and Rachael are dating, he really was gaga for Perla, and they are enemies now. Perla has ALL the boys rolling wants for her, and she rejects them all.

So Cara did walk over to meet Elias, and did start talking ‘woohoo’ with him. She seems like a straight shooter to me, so I kept it. Colin did stop by, and he had TONS of wants for Mallory! Almost entirely filled with her, so I brought both kids and let them play with their cousins. I was very proud of Colin, and Mallory just had her birthday and his wants continued, almost like a traditional Dad! He didn’t roll like this for Logan. ❤

I adore Lulu as a teen, and loved this picture of her watching TV with her Dad. Lulu isn’t so much a cheerleader, but both girls are incredibly nice, Rachael’s nice is maxed out.

Cara on the other hand isn’t nice or affectionate, her and Colin are friends, but neither will accept hugs from one another, they both reject it.

Thanks for reading!! 😀

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13 thoughts on “planting summer kisses”

  1. I enjoyed reading this update! I love rachael’s positive attitude. I think she will make a great captain this year. Also, Mallory is adorable!! It’s nice to see Colin wanting to spend time with her.

    1. I just aged Mallory up recently, she looks so much like her Dad! I’d say she was a cuter infant, but she turns out pretty as a teen (I had to peek!). It was great that Colin was rolling wants for both of his kids, I took it as such a good sign.

      Rachael is like a super sweet, active, sunshine girl. She will do great as a captain, and it keeps her focus off of Lewis and Caitlyn’s relationship.

      Thanks for commenting Ashland!

    1. Thanks Starr, I really enjoyed having these two sisters as teens, they are such buddies, and both so low-maintenance. Totally adorable! Thank you for commenting Starr!

  2. Wow, Colin rolling wants for Mallory! I’m impressed and really happy about that. I hope it continues. Having a mum and a dad who love her and care for her is going to give her a good start in life!

    I loved reading about Rachael and Lulu. It’s really nice to see sisters who get along and are truly watching out for each other. Made me smile how Lulu promised to keep her mouth shut about whatever Elias and Rachael get up to, in exchange for Rachael returning the favour a few years down the track!

    And aw, Elias and Rachael! They’re cute together and I’m really excited for Elias, that he finally got the girl. 😉 That’s going to make Lewis and Caitlyn’s relationship a little easier to deal with, now that Rachael has her own boy to focus on. Feeling like the third wheel really sucks, especially if one of the other wheels is someone you have/had a crush on!

    1. I was super excited over Colin rolling wants too! He’s a pleasure primary, and in general they aren’t big on kids, so I’m even more stoked. Rachael and Lulu are best friends, and interacting with each other all the time, which I think is really sweet. I found them both upstairs dancing in their bedroom and had to snap the pic. I look forward to seeing who Lulu ends up liking! A few of the younger kids are starting to get some crushes, and I love that stage!

      Elias and Rachael are really sweet together, and it definitely will make lunch less awkward. I felt bad for Rachael in the last high school update, and back then Elias had actually rejected her offer of going steady, because he was liking Perla. I’d say that this year is already looking up for Rachael. I really think it was adorable though that Rachael ended up liking Lewis, being that they’ve been friends since childhood, when they were neighbors in a townhome, and they’ve both lost a parent. I would have been happy for them to hook up, but he started his relationship with Caitlyn himself with ACR.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. I really enjoyed reading about Rachael’s summer, with her busy social life and now a boyfriend. She’s like now I have cheer-leading, ballet, ice-skating, and a boyfriend to juggle. She reminds me of so many teen girls with their activities and a boyfriend.

    I think it’s cute how Lulu has to tag along –I’m sure this is something the girls will probably laugh about when they’re older. Lulu seems like a cool sister, since she doesn’t seem likely to snitch on Rachael. I don’t know how many younger sisters would be cool with keeping quiet without a little blackmailing 🙂

    Its interesting viewing how lenient Elias’s mother is compared to Rachael’s. Do you think its because he’s a boy or possibly because Rachael’s mom was a teen mother? Rachael seems like a level-headed girl; I can’t really see her becoming a teen mom, at least not intentionally.

    1. You are so right about her juggling all those activities, it is like many teens. She seems to enjoy having a full schedule. I can imagine Lulu and Rachael laughing about it like you said when they are older. Rachael has maxed out nice, and Lulu is like one or two shy of maxed nice, so it’s not really in their bones to be mean to one another, or blackmail. If it was my Millett sisters, then yes! Hadley would blackmail the tar out of Julia, though Julia is also very nice herself.

      Nicole has three grown children with Grace, Emma, and Oliver, so boyfriends/girlfriends is not a new territory for her. She was more stressed out when Grace was a teen. Oliver dated Paloma for years, and they were childhood besties, so it’s all old hat to her. Cara being a teen mom would definitely have something to do with her thoughts on it all too, and Charlie with being a police officer, he’s a bit more skeptical of people as well. When Lulu starts dating and especially Jake, I imagine at least, that they will be less stressed over teen dating, unless something goes wrong of course!

      Thanks for commenting apples!

  4. He’s rolling wants for Mallory! Yes! Colin has hope after all.

    I’m glad to see Cara has such a close and loving family, after the family she was raised in. I just adore Rachael, she’s so sweet, and I’m glad she didn’t turn down Elias’s offer. They’re cute together, and Lulu’s a good sister. As long as they keep it to kissing, what the parents don’t know won’t hurt them, though I understand why the two of them especially are leery of their girls with boys.

    1. I was so excited for Colin rolling wants too! This changes so many things, and all for the positive!

      Cara does have a good family, I think getting kicked out by her Mom when she got pregnant with Rachael really helped her to rely only on herself. And Charlie softened her up, because she’s rather tough on the exterior. I love that she rejects hugs from people she loves, she’s definitely not a touchy-feely person.

      I was so glad too that Rachael accepted his offer, because she rejected it before, and for no good reason if you ask me! They are a cute couple, and Lulu is a doll. And yes, I do hope they keep it to kissing and hand holding only. I really don’t want any teen pregnancies! This group of teens is getting older too, that it is always a possibility, but that sort of thing always hits me by surprise like Julia.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  5. I really love the relationship that Rachael and Lulu have! They are such good sisters, I hope it continues into their later years… though the tumultuous teens can be a bit hard to navigate when emotions run high. Hopefully they make it through unscathed.

    I’m a little surprised at how quickly Rachael accepted Elias renewed interest in her. Perla shooting everyone down just seems like her prerogative to get ALL the boys–they all want what they can’t have, lol! Perla is such a good name for someone all the boys want, too. It’s just fitting that it be obscure and “exotic.”

    Colin rolling wants?! It’s about damn time, man! I’m so happy. He’s finally stepping into his role as a father.

    1. I hope that Rachael and Lulu keep their strong friendship too, thankfully they don’t like the same boys, so that should really help with that sort of drama.

      Rachael wanted Elias almost as soon as she said no, the school update she was rolling wants for him, and he rejected her! But Perla rejected Elias so much that they are “enemies” now, I deleted the anger cause that was just stupid. I did not expect Perla to be so sought after, and you are right she has a great name for it. I added her family to have some more diversity in my pnpc families now that my Gonzales family (Cesar) has joined the playables.

      I’m super happy about Colin too, wondering if him and Erin will reconcile or not. Excited to finish this round so I can check in with them both.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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