fall birthdays 2021

september 2021

Colin and Erin‘s son Logan celebrates his fourth birthday, looking remarkably even more like his Mother than before.

And his little sister Mallory has her first birthday this fall, and definitely takes after her Father.

Ethan Traver is now eligible for senior discounts, though he’s in shock over the whole aging bit. He feels too old to have teenagers still at home, and he never knew he’d start his elder years without a spouse, but he is still seeing Cynthia Collins, so maybe there is potential to remedy that singleness.

Grace and Benjamin are expecting their fourth addition due in April 2022. They are both relieved that there is only one healthy baby, because they weren’t really on board for a fourth child yet, let alone twins.

Rebecca is entering her third trimester, she’s ready to hang up the fat ankles, labored breathing, and restless nights. She’s due in December.

Ginny and Enzo Pacelli gave birth to their second child, a little boy. They named him Domenico, and Gemma is very glad to not have a baby sister stealing her limelight.

Isabella Martinez from the Red Mill is four months pregnant with her third, and due in February 2022. Her two children are both teenagers, Perla and Rafael, and are pretty surprised that there will be a new addition to their family.

Notes: I never had high expectations for Erin and Colin’s kids, I haven’t peeked yet for Logan at an older age, I haven’t been alarmed by his appearance, but I did peek at Mallory as a teen and she turns out rather cute really, she definitely has the more asian aspect of her parentage, but her eyes turned out better than Colin’s.

So I didn’t set IFS or birth control for Grace, wanted them to try for a fourth girl, but they never did. But at Grace’s parents house, they got pregnant with risky woohoo, so there ya go, fourth baby on the way. I win. 😉 I have no boy names so they really need to give me a girl here, and thus far my game has been very cooperative.

I have to say that I was very much looking forward to rolling Ethan’s death age. A bit cruel and morbid, but I had SO much fun doing it. He’s the entire reason I came up with this… and partially Carla’s Lake… because I heart him, and he needed to have benefit for being healthy, he’s what got the positives rolling in my brain, and Ethan with his poverty, poor choices, and relationship stress, got me thinking of the negatives.

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2021

  1. I like Logan, I think he has the best features of both his parents. I can see why you peeked at Mallory though. But sometimes sims just have to ‘grow in to their faces’ and I’m sure Mallory will turn out all right! I can’t wait to see her grow up!

    I’m looking forward to Grace and Benjamin’s new baby. I’m really hoping it’s another girl so you’ll have your all girl family. I can totally see Benjamin as a dad of 4 girls!

    Welcome little Domenico! And I’m looking forward to all those new babies!

    1. I like Logan too, and totally agree he has his parents best features, that’s why I haven’t peeked at him. Mallory will have a flatter cheekbone and eye socket, which is why it’s all skewed now. Linnea turned out lovely, similar feature with the cheeks/eyes, and she’s lovely. Though I know Mallory won’t be quite the same degree.

      I really hope Grace has a girl too, Benjamin would be so cute with four girls! I don’t know where to put this kid though, it’s a three bedroom house, and the third is nursery sized.

      I’m looking forward to Rebecca’s baby too, though I have zilch for names. Sorta hoping for a boy with them, Wyatt is a cutie and would love a brother.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  2. Birthdays! Logan is really cute and I’m very curious how Mallory will turn out as she gets older. I’ve never seen those razor-sharp cheekbones last past childhood, so I definitely believe she could end up a really cute teen!

    I’m so hoping Grace has a girl! If my game won’t give me my long-awaited family of four girls, your game has to give you one! Do you have a preference for Rebecca’s baby?

    Also, if you’re morbid, so am I, because I really love rolling death ages! Even if they sometimes make me sad at the same time!

  3. I agree that Logan is cute, he’s got such a boy look to him. Those cheeks are razor, that’s a great description. I’m really curious how she will be as a child too, I didn’t peek at that, just teen years to be sure she’d be okay.

    I really hope Grace has a girl too! I want Rebecca to have a boy, two girls, two boys, seems perfect, and each set are closest in age, so Wyatt would have a little brother to grow up with. Scarlett is a doll though, so I won’t complain if I get another girl.

    I knew you’d share my morbid love! I know I have a kindred sister with you in regards to genetics and deaths! ❤ Thanks for commenting Carla!!

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