Longfellow Elementary

wheels on the bus

october 2021
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Principal: Lucy London, 1st-2nd grade teacher: Oliver McCarthy, Pre-K-Kindergarten teacher: Miriam Dwyer

narrated by: Lucy London

We finally got the addition added to the school, now there is plenty of room for the current students or any influx in the future. We are able to offer smaller class sizes now, and it’s been a relief for all the teachers and parents included. I’m going to plead for a larger playground with more equipment though in the future, because it’s not able to handle all the students.

It’s always exciting in the fall when the students start filing in for their classes. I’m usually over it by the time Christmas break rolls around, but I enjoy it while it lasts.

We’ve been able to just focus on teaching, which has been trying for me this year in regards to one student. I’ve gotten Ella into my class, and she struggles with the simplest of tasks.

Oliver invested more time with Ella than I am willing to, with my own family at home, and an entire school to run. I’m going to suggest that she gets a tutor to help bring her grades and comprehension up to standards. In the past I would have gone through her social worker, but she’s being weaned out of the system as she settles into her new home-life. So instead, I’m encouraged to contact both her Dad, Matt and Cesar instead, which has been a trial getting the communication kinks worked out.

The rest of the class is all doing well though with the curriculum, with the Woodfolk kids being only a little behind. There main problem is that they enjoy goofing off more than listening. I’m not worried about them though, I think age will help them outgrow that. I am also hopeful that with a tutor and some time, that Ella will adjust well, and hopefully be better prepared for the sixth grade in a few years.

Oliver is much more relaxed than I am. When he leaves his classroom, all the students get out of their seats and start wrecking havoc. His room is right beneath mine, and can get very loud.

Gemma Paceli often sneaks out of seat, and heads back to the game center. I told him having a game corner would only be a distraction for the kids, but he stands by it, saying it’s great for early arrivals, or rainy days, which are often out here in Washington.

He’s gotten rid of Ella, but gained Vivienne and Cicely Russo-Traver, and I hope he can break them of their lazy habits before they join my grade next year. They suffer from the same lack of attention that the Woodfolk kids do, but they are much more vocal about whining over work.

Their Mom is very active in their school life though, that anything below a B is not acceptable. So the work gets done, it just includes a lot of fussing before it’s accomplished.

All of us are pleased with the cafeteria expansion, it’s made it possible for teachers to even join the students. I don’t do the lunch shift these days, usually eating in my office down the hall, and getting paperwork finished.

Oliver loves sitting with the kids, the little ones really enjoy him as well. I still feel grateful that he picked to join the elementary school instead of the high school like he intended, he has a knack for it. And I know with experience he will get a better handle on the students when he leaves the room.

Despite all of the changes, Lizzie is still unsatisfied with our lunch offerings. It seems we can’t quite win when it comes to pleasing everyone.

We are down to one recess a day, right after lunch for all the students. We used to separate Miriam’s class from the older kids, but stopped doing that this year, and it seems to be working out well. Siblings like to pair off, but some of the older kids are good mentors to the younger ones too.

Ainsley and Isla usually wander off to play silly games together. Their Mom mentioned they had a trying summer with the girls not getting along, but they seem to be past it, because we can’t keep them apart.

The Russo-Traver girls usually call dibs on the swings now that the older girls have moved on like Scarlett who loved the swings, and only the swings.

There is almost always a giant line for the monkey bars with the boys. It’s one reason why I want to add on to the playground, to accommodate them better. We offer footballs and baseballs, but it seems they only want the one thing with a huge line.

Sweet Elodie has a difficult time with recess, she is very shy, and overwhelmed easily. It’s been an adjustment for her in the classroom, but not as much as free time has been for her. Rebecca is aware of the issue, but nothing has really helped push her past this hurdle. She gets along with Ainsley well, but with Isla in the same classroom, it’s made it difficult for Elodie to sneak into their group.

Miriam’s class always seems the most fun, if chaos equals enjoyment. I’m not one for the littlest of kids, she has a lot on her plate to get the kids ready for Oliver, and all the seat work involved with higher levels. She does a good job with the kids though.

The kids love the free time to play, even Isla who hated school, has warmed up under the care of Miriam.

The room is full of fun ways to explore, and the pet gerbil for the kids to learn responsibility.

Her kids always walk the halls in a straight line, and are a better example at this than the bigger kids.

Their tiny amount of seat work always involves great theatrics, when Miriam shares the stories I can’t help but chuckle. She does it in low dosages, but it makes me grateful to teach much later, when they’ve been doing years of seat work.

I’m really pleased with the progress of our school, even the preschoolers and kindergartners can do art class now. In the past they were stuck in their one room for all of their studies.

Even the boys enjoy this form of creative expression.

Although Logan and Kai still prefer to be boisterous, and can only handle so much concentration on one task. If you ask them, physical education is their favorite class.

After school we offer music class for any interested students, so far it’s just Monroe and Ella. Monroe has his Dad’s musical talents, but Ella has begun to better her singing abilities, so it’s not as painful being in the room with them.

I’m hoping we can interest more kids in the music program so we can have events for parents. In the mean time though, I’m very happy with the school, students, and teachers involved in the success of it all.

Notes: I got the school additions finished, though I realize I do need to make the playground larger, because the kids just stand around waiting for their turn to play. I shared a tour at N99 here, and on tumblr as well. I also put up pictures of each teacher with their students here.

So I realized that the more grumpy a teacher is, the better the students stay in their seats. It also relies on the teacher’s personality, as well as their relationship with the student, so Lucy’s kids really do listen better. But Oliver is friends with most of the kids, and is much more playful, so his students are constantly out of their seats!

It was fun playing all the kids, I started to do a show on the new stage, but then got sidetracked, and forgot about it, only getting a few photos of the set up. I’ve redone my terrain, again, so my mind has been full of all that nonsense.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “wheels on the bus”

  1. Loved the school update! The school looks great!! I love the picture of the little kids walking down the hall in a line, how adorable is that? Your school updates have been my inspiration to use a playable school!I I am almost finished decorating both of my schools and hopefully will be able to update soon 🙂

    Lucy seems like a tough teacher! They way she talked about Ella made me sad 😦 The poor girl just lost her mom, give her a break! It’s funny how the classes all act differently depending on their teacher’s personality. I wouldn’t have thought it would make such a big deal. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I love that picture of the little kids walking in a line too, way cute! I’m so honored that my school updates inspire you. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your school and updates of them!

      Lucy doesn’t mean bad by Ella, she just doesn’t have the time to invest more, which is why she wants her to be tutored. She wants her to excel, she just knows her limitations. Oliver has less responsibility, and he’s newer, so he’s fired up to take the education world by storm. I always wondered why the students behaved different for each teacher, then I found a post that included things Inge had shared on her forum.

      Inge wrote on her forum:
      “…I admit I made the school a bit hard. I started from the basis that no child will sit and work if they don’t feel they have to. The serious and quiet ones will be somewhat easier to convince than the playful outgoing ones, and of course if they really do have a desperate need that will definitely distract any child.

      “Apart from that, it relies on them being a bit scared of the teacher. A playful teacher, in a good mood, who has a good relationship with them will not have much luck in keeping them at their work. And if the teacher leaves the room they will definitely all be up and playing! Yup, they even respond to the teacher’s mood. The teacher’s mood will worsen the more she has to call children back to work, that’s why they end up doing some. Do NOT use mood enhancing hacks if you want your teachers to subdue the kids.

      “At the other end of the spectrum, a shy child, with a bad tempered teacher who hates her, will stay working until she pees her pants.”
      courtesy of: http://www.freewebs.com/thelegacyvillage/simlogicalschooltute.htm

      1. I’m glad Lucy wants Ella to do well. I guess I interpreted her wrong :/

        Thanks for that post – I’m really excited to see how the dynamics work in my school! Aww the poor sad, hated children! I hope there aren’t many of those!

        1. No worries!! I can totally see why you would think of it that way, especially being newer to my hood, plus I am always interested in other people’s opinions and insights, so don’t apologize!! I am very excited to see your school at play, I think the social dynamics of it all is really entertaining.

  2. “Her kids always walk the halls in a straight line, and are a better example at this than the bigger kids.”

    Ha, yeah, they usually are! The bigger kids are too busy shoving each other, yelling to their friends in other classes and generally making nuisances of themselves! So funny when the game mirrors real life so well!

    Loved catching up with all of your kids and seeing the school in action! I’m so happy to see the school is behind Ella, when she’s at such a vulnerable time. I think the singing lessons will be a wonderful distraction for her too. I can totally see Monroe following in his dad’s footsteps one day too.

    It’s a grumpy teacher thing then, getting the kids to stay in their seats? I’d heard it was a serious teacher thing, which didn’t make any sense to me, because I have to force the kids to sit still for Finn (who is very serious but very nice) and don’t have the issue with Veronica (very playful but not very nice). Once I get a school up and running – and your update made me miss having a school something bad! – I’ll have to take note.

    1. You know that is super true, I know when I was little, I was really focused on being a good student and standing in line, and then I stopped caring. I wish kids could shove each other in sims, nothing too violent, but a few more options would be nice.

      I think the singing lessons will be great, she’s always been a music lover, and while she’s not as good as Monroe (who gets lots of fangirl attention), she has improved. I hope she sticks with it, something I wouldn’t have thought possible with Annie, but I can see Cesar encouraging her hobbies.

      I posted the things Inge shared on her forum in the above comment, and the link I got it from. I was having a sudden issue with my school working and couldn’t figure out why, and found that in my search. I did some testing, and it was super true, the more Lucy flipped out, grabbing her head, and spazzing, the harder those students worked, they all got above 100%, which does not always happen at all! It really opened my eyes in how the school system works, and I was pleased that if they were friends, they were less afraid. Oliver is such a friendly guy, all the kids, not even just his students, love him.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. You have a lot of students, I hope Ella can catch up especially with how things are going now. It’s great to read behind the scenes the mechanics of your school. I don’t use Inge’s mods but it’s nice to know more details about how they work.

    1. Yeah Inge’s mods are fun, my primary reason for using them is to keep students in the actual classroom, so I don’t have to wander around looking for them. And second, it’s SUPER easy to teleport all students to the lot, I just hit start school, and they all teleport in, all selectable, and I’m ready to go. I really hope I can get Ella’s grades up, whatever skill she needs more of, she’s not rolling the want for it, and with the harder grade hack in, she’s just doing terrible. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  4. The school looks great. It’s great that everyone can fit and that there’s so many activities. Hopefully some of the shyer students find their niche and make some more friends. Poor Elodie. I want her to feel better about being around more students, even if she’s only with a friend or two.

    1. I think shy sims are my favorite, and Elodie and Ainsley are equally shy, but Ainsley has a sister to share the burden of school with. And both girls really do get along well, but Isla is Ainsley’s crutch for now. Next year though Ainsley and Elodie will be Oliver’s class, so I am hopeful they will have more time for a relationship to bud, and I can see Rebecca arranging playdates too, the next time I play her; she is very proactive with her kids. And it really is nice that all the kids can eat lunch now! Last round, I sent a kid home because they were sick, and that meant kids could fit then.

      Thanks for commenting Choco!

  5. Awww, I really loved seeing all the kids and their interactions. 😀 Nailing down a child’s personality can be a trial, especially with sims, but these updates always just seem to flesh them out so well. I really love how good Oliver is with the kids, too. Shame that it didn’t work out with Paloma…

    1. Agreed that these updates really help to show the kids’ personalities, especially without the parents around to keep them in line, plus it really helps them form friendships. Oliver is so good with the kids, stupid ROS (and his stupid want to be with three girls!), which he hasn’t even finished yet, cause he is such a good guy! I always thought they might get back together later on, but they’ve both seemed to move on. He will make a great Dad though and I can’t wait until he’s teacher of one of his kids like Carla’s Finn was with his own.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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