winter birthdays 2021

december 2021

Cesar and the late Annie’s twins celebrated their fourth birthday; Cesar’s parents came to celebrate the birthday event.

Marisol is the more outgoing twin, she isn’t shy to put herself out there, and tends to speak for her brother Manny. Of the three Carver children, she enjoys attention, but like Ella, she is not interested in girly things.

Manuel is quiet and withdrawn much like his big sister Ella and Mom. He prefers to not be the center of attention, and is happy when Mari takes the lead.

Grace is five months pregnant, and Benjamin is enjoying the baby bump. They aren’t planning to have anymore beyond this, and are both enjoying it while it lasts.

Isabella and Matias Martinez are seven months pregnant, and due with their third in February. This is also their last pregnancy with their other two, Perla and Rafael in high school. They aren’t sure they remember how to raise babies anymore.

Rebecca and Quint head into the hospital for the birth of their fourth child. The labor is taking time, so Scarlett takes Elodie and Wyatt down to the cafeteria to get them out of the way.

Quint is very excited about this new baby, even though originally he felt bamboozled over it all. If Rebecca weren’t in pain, she’d likely give him a smack to the head.

Later in the afternoon, they welcome a second son, Tyson Siew, perfectly completing their family with two of each.

Notes: I’m so happy with Rebecca having a second son, all three of their biological kids have in-between skintones. I hope that one of their kids will have a red haired kiddo, since they all carry the gene. Quint was making the funniest faces! I just put him in a sitting position so I could see him for the photo, and he was SO excited!

Marisol and Manuel instantly rolled wants to resurrect Annie, and they both aged up with frowns. And don’t they look nearly identical?!? As in, I can only see that their eyebrows are different (which you can’t see in Manny’s photo). They have opposite personalities though, and I like that Mari is the outgoing one, and Manny is reserved.

I would like to hope that Grace’s next baby has Benjamin’s nose, he has a nice nose, but I can’t even begin to hope that because Nicole/Finn’s genetics are strong, and other than varying skin tones and eye colors, the girls all look really similar.

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4 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2021”

  1. Marisol and Manuel are very cute kids! I like it that their personalities are so different, and that Marisol is the more outgoing.
    I hope they won’t suffer too much from their mother’s death, but they seem to have a very different start in life than their older sister.

    I’m very much looking forward to the new babies in your hood, and I’m pretty excited about the new baby boy for the Siew family! Welcome to the world little Tyson!

    1. I agree that Marisol and Manuel are adorable! I had originally wished that they’d had their Dad’s coloring, but now that Annie is gone, it’s nice to see little pieces of her in the kids. It was sad that they instantly grew up with the want to resurrect her, I hadn’t expected that. I’m not worried about them long term though.

      I love little Tyson! I was so glad that they had a boy to complete their family, and think Tyson and Wyatt will be really cute together once he hits his toddler years.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  2. Aw, the twins turned out so cute! Especially Manuel – such a perfect little face! I didn’t notice they were so alike until you posted the picture at the end. Different hairstyles can do a lot, I guess! I’m only sorry Annie couldn’t be there with them.

    And yay for Rebecca and Quint and little Tyson! Those baby hair and clothes mods just make such a difference. He is even cuter than he would be otherwise. 😉

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for Girl #4 for Grace! One of us has to get that four girl family, lol!

    1. I totally agree, I love that they are born with hair or no hair, it really makes them adorable! I’m so excited they had a boy! I’m one play session away from doing Grace’s delivery in the game, I hope it is a girl. I have no name for the baby irregardless yet, just might wing it.

      Manuel does have an adorable face, I adore him, especially with his quieter personality! I am really excited to play them again, and this round is nearly over. Annie and Cesar made cute kids, Annie in general did,cause Ella is cute too. Looking forward to Cesar settling down one day and having another kid.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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