McCarthy Family

sunset in an orchard

march 2022
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
Finn (49 years), Nicole (49 years), Julius (16 years), Elias (16 years), Zilla (16 years), Lily-Mae (10 years)

narrated by: Elias

Dad was discredited back in 2016, I was ten, and it was all over my head. The basic gist was that Dad could never go back into his Natural Science field at the university, so he’s been babysitting Grace’s daughters ever since. It was supposed to be temporary, so I don’t know why he didn’t try to find a job, but we’ve all grown used to having him and the girls’ around the house.

Lily-Mae plays better with Tillie, mostly because she doesn’t have any say. Lily-Mae is the youngest, and is the typical, spoiled, limelight hogging sister that I’d expect to have. Ainsley and Isla have a mind of their own, and often run off to do their own thing.

Grace is due next month, so sometimes she drops the kids off here just so she can go home and nap. Emma has been covering a few of her shifts at the Salon. On those days she usually hangs out with Mom in the greenhouse. She’s concerned that four kids will be too much for Dad to watch, but it’s really only two, since Ainsley and Isla go to school now.

She asked Dad about how he felt over it, and he didn’t hesitate. He really enjoys having the girls over here, and there’s plenty of outdoor space for them to play. We already have a mad house, whats a few extra?

Mom’s bridal boutique, Zoe-Gen has been doing really well. It’s been easier for her to focus on it now that we are all in school, and Dad is here to take care of the house. It’s funny how they’ve switched roles, and both seem happier than before. Mom even had to hire a second person to help with the floor, her and Marta had been the only ones since Oliver lived at home, but business is really picking up.

She ended up hiring Bethany Louie, a new girl to town. Mom said that she sounded good on paper, with a college degree, well-traveled, but what it all boiled down to was a girl without any real life experience.

Mom can’t find anywhere to put her, because she’s so lousy at all of it. I think Mom wishes that me and Julius would help her out like Oliver did, but I promise her that we would suck just as bad.

Once Bethany knows how to do her job though, she anticipates a more stream-lined experience for customers, and more free time for family. Until then, she’s been going in six days a week, even on Sunday mornings when they are closed. She’s teaching Bethany how to do inventory, and restocking, while Marta teaches her how to use the register.

Dad doesn’t mind having all of these kids at home, even though all of us teens have boyfriends and girlfriends, the most surprising was Zilla, landing Peter Steinman. She eats him alive, and he apparently enjoys it. It creeps the crap out of me and Julius though. When it’s nice out, we almost always stick to the outdoors.

And Julius bagged Perla Martinez. I fell for her when she was the new student, and she humiliated me; it made me pretty much hate her. I don’t get why she is with him, sure they can be sort of rude together, but still.

On a basic level, they seem fine, but anything deeper than a teaspoon, and they are fighting.

I found out one afternoon what her great draw to my brother was, and it was me. I’m not being egocentric over it, she flat out told me that I was the better twin, and that she wanted to date me.

I rejected her, I’m happier with Rachael then I thought possible, we don’t fight ever. But I didn’t tell Julius about it; I didn’t think he’d believe me, and he’d just keep dating her anyway. But it didn’t meant that Perla made it any easier.

Mom had all of us work on the orchard to prepare it for this growing season, and we all had our special someone’s come and help. Perla spent the entire time making out with Julius, and was really vocal over it all, as if I might regret my decision to turn her down. I guess she doesn’t take no for an answer.

Peter was a light weight, and totally passed out. We are experiencing a very early, warm spring with a heatwave that is barely seen in the summertime.

Dad was in fine spirits, and made fun of Peter. I tried joining in, but Zilla gave me her evil eye, and I left her to him. She may be my sister, but she can be wicked tough.

Mom and Dad love Rachael, I think they’d adopt her if she was available. Even Lily-Mae loves her, but no one feels that way towards Perla. No one dislikes Zilla’s Peter, but no one necessarily loves him.

I enjoy tending the garden and orchard, I didn’t really give it much thought until I helped Grandma Mandy set up her garden a few years back. Mom started it to save money, and the orchard was just there when we moved in, no one took care of it when Lily-Mae was a baby.

I mentioned to Mom that I might enjoy taking over the place, expanding it to be an actual farm, maybe set up a roadside market to go with it. She didn’t say much in response, she likes to process things before she commits herself to an idea, but I think she liked the sound of it.

That night after we had finished up all the yardwork, I told Rachael about my ideas. I don’t think she expected her sixteen year old boyfriend to say he wanted to grow up and be a Farmer, but she took it well enough.

She’s more ambitious than me, wanting to be a professional ice skater, she could choose between that or ballet if she wanted, and the road is open for her. But she’d never say anything condescending about my dream, she’s too sweet and kind.

As much as my parents love her, I think I love her more. I’m not foolish enough to think that someone like her would settle down, and become a farmer’s wife, at least I’m not foolish enough to say it out loud.

Mom talked to Dad about my thoughts, we could overhear them from the orchard. It sounded like Dad was on board faster than Mom was, she thinks farming is risky, and she wants me to have more stability.

Dad was thrilled with the idea. He wants to start on it immediately, started talking about purchasing some of the land that surrounds us, and bringing in income while he watches his granddaughters. Mom was hesitant over it, especially the loan for more property, but when he mentioned expanding the house, and me living here one day with a wife and kids, well she was sold.

She loves babies, which is obvious, seeing that she has seven kids, but still wants more. Dad knew how to sell it to her, the idea of babies in her house even longer, really sealed the deal. The expansion was great too, she’s been complaining about our living room for years, it’s not large enough to house the whole family for holidays, and only two have married and had kids yet. We are going to need a museum sized living room to house all of us with spouses and kids when that happens, of course by the time Lily-Mae settles down, it’ll be about the time that Ainsley does too.

Dad got started immediately on researching, and Mom started planning expansions. She’s already got it in her mind that I’ll get married, and have a large family like her. It’s not technically false ether, unlike my sister Emma who seems to have hated our family life growing up, I’ve really enjoyed living on the farm, and always having someone to hang out with.

When Zilla and Julius found out, they thought I was crazy. Julius isn’t necessarily against having kids one day in the distant future, but he’s a million times against living at home for the rest of his life.

He’s always been my built in best friend, but this past year we’ve grown more apart. He started getting more secretive, and skipping basketball practice. I don’t know where he goes when he does that, he won’t tell me, and I don’t like to skip practice. He also started bringing home nice electronics, our room is full of the latest and greatest.

I asked Zilla what she thought about it all, and she thinks we need to spy on Julius. Our parents are buying that Julius is doing odd lawn jobs around Millwood to pay for it, but that is not happening. We made plans to keep our schedules open, and follow Julius next time he ducks out with a flimsy excuse.

Two days later, and Julius was heading to Perla’s house late at night. He took the bus, and Zilla got to take Mom’s mini van, not exactly sleuth material, but it worked. He got off at a seedy looking liquor store and we hung back, parking in an overfilled lot where we wouldn’t be conspicuous.

An angry looking guy came up to him, and Julius started counting out mad amounts of money, while the guy waited greedily for his share. We don’t know what he has gotten himself into, but it’s definitely bad. We just don’t know if we should tell Mom and Dad yet, before we really know what is happening.

Afterwards he got on the bus back to Millwood, and we figured we’d approach him at home, but the bus took so long that we fell asleep before he came in. We woke up later that night to Dad shouting from the downstairs for Mom to call the police, that we were being robbed.

Dad wasn’t exactly quiet over it, and the robber stole Mom’s mini van as a getaway.

I confronted Julius about it all as soon as the police left. Naturally he tried to deny it all until I told him what me and Zilla had seen.

He was pretty freaked over the entire robbery, said he paid the guy back most of what he owed, and arranged to pay the rest in a week.

He didn’t divulge the details, said it wouldn’t be safe for me and Zilla to know, but that he was working to get himself out of this situation. I just don’t know if he can get out of it without some adult assistance, we were robbed for pity sake, and our only vehicle was stolen. We can’t even leave Millwood now unless we take a bus, and our entire family getting on the bus is a bit absurd, not to mention Mom needs to get to Zoe-Gen to open the store regularly.

Notes: Apparently this spring was a heatwave! First a snow-free winter, and now heatstroke in March!

They had the robbery ROS, and I decided that it would be Julius’ fault, that he’d get involved with some shady people and owe some money back.

Super excited about Elias being a farmer! It matches his personality 100%! I need a new Farmer’s Market now that Myra is retiring. I adore him with Rachael, they are too cute, that’s why they are my new banner. But I don’t know that she’d make a good farmer’s wife unfortunately.

Julius and Perla kept doing the “crazy” sign, nonstop! Anyone know what causes them to do that? And she came after Elias with ACR, and the good guy rejected her. Which made her angry, naturally. She’s a little crazy.

I don’t know what to do with Zilla, plastic surgery maybe… she doesn’t need it to have okay kids (as long as she marries a beige guy), nobody with striking looks, because she has enough “strike” going for her. Otherwise if I don’t do plastic surgery, she will be a PNPC.

Thanks for reading!
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14 thoughts on “sunset in an orchard”

  1. Oh boy, Julius has gotten himself into trouble! I hope he’s able to sort it all out before anything else happens to his family.

    I love Elias and Rachel! I think he will make a great farmer. I can’t wait to see the expansion. Do you think Elias will be like his parents and have lots of children? That would be so perfect for his farm! He will need extra hands to help him on the farm 🙂

    1. Elias has 6 kids as his IFS! So if he has any say, he’d like a large family. I don’t think I’d go larger than 4 though, because that is a good size. I’m excited to renovate their farm though and get it all started!

      You are right on Julius, I don’t have any big plans, the ROS just started the whole thing, so I don’t know yet where or how it will end.

      Thanks for commenting!!

    1. The crazy girlfriend was very random, I didn’t expect her to go after Elias while with Julius. She doesn’t really get along with Julius well, I don’t know why she accepted to date him, but not Elias. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Ha, poor Nicole, having to deal with Bethany! But maybe once she’s more confident in her role, she’ll calm down a bit and be more bearable to work with. Fingers crossed, anyway!

    Oh, Elias is a good boy! I’m glad he turned Perla down. Not all teenage boys would, especially if it was a girl they previously had a crush on. Rachael has a great guy in Elias.

    So is this the family you were thinking of turning into farmers? I think I remember you talking about it. I love that idea, actually! As long as Elias is sure it’s what he wants, I think he could be the type to really make it work. I can’t wait to see what you do with this idea.

    Sounds like Julius has got himself into some serious trouble. I’m not at all confident that he can get himself out of it on his own either. And they know where he lives? That’s dangerous. :\

    And LOL, I know Zilla is the bane of your existence and everything but I think she’s looking pretty cute these days!

    I’ve only ever seen sims do that “crazy” thing if one of them is in aspiration failure. Weird that Perla and Julius do it so often! I’m assuming you’d know if they were in aspiration failure!

    1. I am hopeful that when Bethany gets some actual skills, she won’t be so unbearable, but she rubs people the wrong way all the time. I was so proud of Elias! It was a crazy household with Grace’s kids, and then all the romantic interests, it was hard to keep track of them all, and I was so relieved to see that he was rejecting her when I found him.

      I’m super excited about the farm! Myra is retiring from her Farmer’s Market, it actually blew up and died on me, the lot was corrupted beyond repair. So Elias and Finn can fill the void eventually. I’m looking forward to playing Julius storyline as well, they are such opposite twins, and are both getting to the ages that they will start branching into their own lives, so it should be fun to see.

      Zilla… oh boy. That girl has really sharp features. Her cheeks are mountain peaks, her forehead protrudes that most hairs cut into it. She’s very unrealistic looking. But you know that old GOS challenge, breeding snootles?? I think that’s the name. Well I think of Zilla in that regard, that she may have some good looking kids. I did a test with her and another sim, and one was born with HUGE alien eyes, and they were noticeable as a newborn, so I will just not save if that happens in the future.

      You know one of the romantic interests might have been in aspiration failure, I didn’t pay much attention to them, which is why Peter about died from the heat. Probably was him actually, he’s my daughter’s sim and they aren’t often fulfilled with their aspiration.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. I love seeing the kids with their girlfriends. Elias is just the sweetest. And I could totally see him being a farmer. One of my favorite sims was a farmer. And I am so proud of him turning down Perla. The sneak.

    I hope Julius can get out of his little situation. Sounds like a very dangerous loan shark, or the mafia. He might’ve been lucky just getting robbed, instead of losing some extremities.

    1. I love kids with romantic interests too!! I’m seriously beyond giddy that I have actual couples amongst playables with my teen crowd! I’ve been waiting forever to have so many options for them to date! Perla is a total sneak, love that word for her!

      I haven’t decided fully what will happen with Julius, and who exactly he is dealing with, just bits and pieces. I need to do some research, because I’m not much of a criminal myself!

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  4. I was thinking the same thing – Julius was lucky it was only a burglary!

    Its a pity the other market lot became corrupted, but it also opened up some great opportunities. I love it when the story comes together in a way that you can see where things will go in the future like it has with your farmer’s market – I felt the same when I realised who will take over the bookshop when Kyle eventually retires.

    1. Yeah, the other market corrupting was a bummer. But I am excited to do a barn farmer’s market. It should be fun, though it won’t be too quickly. I might start next round with the additions. Ooh I wonder who is taking over the bookshop? I do love when things come together in unexpected ways, it’s one of my favorite parts of blogging/playing, is being surprised, and seeing how it unfolds. A big one for me was the death of Annie, so unplanned, but so believable, and then everything changed, all the things I thought might happen, were completely thrown in the air. Julius getting the burglary is going to change some things for him too I imagine!

      Thanks for commenting!!

  5. I really like how you explained the robbery and it seems to fit Julius too. Aw, Elias wants to be a farmer, I find that adorable – I’m going to let Doris Siew become one in my hood, too, as you might remember so I’m thrilled to see how things go for Elias. 🙂

    LOL, Zilla is special, for sure.

    1. Doris would be an adorable farmer! I am super excited about it, I originally wanted them to farm the land, that’s why they are out in the country, but no one wanted to. And for it to be someone in their family makes it even more perfect. Julius does seem the type to get himself into trouble, and think he can handle it.

      Yes, Zilla is a special one… I’m leaning towards making her a PNPC, I’ll probably want to play with her kid(s). Her future is starting to pan out in my mind, I was getting anxious because she graduates soon!

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. I’m definitely glad Zilla will be sticking around, even if she’s just a PNPC. As Aperture Valley expands, I’m definitely leaning more and more towards incorporating the idea that you guys have on PNPCs. I like it. Some sims just aren’t great to play full-time, lol!

    I love that Elias wants to be a farmer! I’m excited for him. It would be a shame if that separated him and Rachael, though. I know they’re young, but they’re just such a sweet couple. I’m rooting for them to make it. 😉

    Oh boy at Julius getting into some shady business! That certainly isn’t going to end well…

    1. I’m curious who you are considering the PNPC title for! I’ve always been entertained with your sims. But yes, it is handy for those that you don’t want to play through a ton, or don’t have much happening.

      I’m super geeked over farmer Elias! I think they are totally a sweet couple too, I just don’t know if her settling to be a farmer’s wife would be the most satisfying to her, I think it’d be a sacrifice. I sort of hate when women are the ones to sacrifice themselves for their counterpart, but I would allow it if that’s what they wanted. And they were a totally unexpected couple, which I do love about them too.

      Julius seems to be a magnet for ROS lately, and it’s really interesting to play, but I’ve never done crime… so I feel out of my zone. I think he’s one guy that will force me to research before I do his updates.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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