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april birthdays 2022

april 2022

The third trimester wait wasn’t exactly new for Grace, she knew that babies came when they were ready. She had plenty to keep her busy in the meantime, all three girls had their birthdays in May and June, and she wanted to test out a new cake recipe while the new baby wasn’t demanding attention and energy.

Naturally the baby didn’t approve of this plan, and her water broke before she’d finished baking the cake. Grace’s parents came to watch the girls, while Benjamin took her to the hospital. The labor and delivery went smoothly, and Grace insisted on being sent home the next day. This was her fourth time, and she didn’t want to sit in the hospital for three days.

Neither were surprised when the newest addition turned out to be another girl. Benjamin teased that he wouldn’t know what to do with a son.

At home, Grace called all her family and friends, while Benjamin cuddled with his newest daughter, Hatty Andersen.

The McCarthy clan thought that Hatty’s arrival made the perfect excuse for a family reunion. Mandy booked the Promenade, the same park that they used to welcome Chaz and Roman.

Everyone came, and the rain held off. It was a beautiful day at the park, even the kids got along well, which isn’t always a guarantee with such a variety of personalities.

Everyone was thrilled to meet Miss Hatty, and welcome her to the giant, crazy family.

So far she’s a gem, nothing like Isla was as a baby, and both Benjamin and Grace are thanking their lucky stars.

Notes: Ahh FOUR girls! I’m SO happy!! I’ve been on a huge boy streak and was terrified it’d be a boy. I snuck a peek at her and she looks a bit more diverse then her bigger sisters too which is just icing. Humors me that their girls’ eyes are brown, blue, brown, blue. Two have red recessive too from Grandma Nicole. I adore the picture with Mandy, four generations (that little green house in the background is the duplex that Grace and Benjamin rented as newlyweds). ❤

Their house is not big enough for all these girls, but seeing as their best friend is Quint (who works construction), and her Aunt is Violet-Adele (architect), I think it’s easy to see them adding a bedroom onto the house. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “april birthdays 2022”

  1. Yay, another girl! I am both ecstatic for you (and for Grace and Benjamin!) and dying of jealousy! I’m desperate to get a family of four girls…or four boys, actually. You have me really curious about what Hatty will look like when she’s older, so I’m already excited to see that.

    1. Don’t get too excited about Hatty’s looks, she does look different than her sisters, but still VERY much like them. I was just happy for a bit more diversity. Crazy how strong the McCarthy genes are, blows my mind. Four boys would be awesome, I really thought that might be Erin for me… she wants quite a few, but then Mallory came second, so yeah, killed that dream quickly. The Gavigans have three boys, but I’m not letting them have another.

      You can be envious of my four girls, and I’ll sit here being envious of all your beautiful red head kids. Lewis is my last one! Gosh, its been SOOO long! And my red head carriers keep marrying dark haired, dominant spouses, killing my dreams for red hair.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. I noticed the house in the background after, but it’s such a perfect circle, with the four generations, and their first duplex they rented together. I’m excited to see how Hatty ages up too, and her personality. Thanks for commenting Jane!

    1. Thanks River! I’m excited about all these girls too, going to be a ton of fun I think. Though I hate that their house is too small… I really didn’t expect them to have more than 2, which is Grace’s IFS, but they went for it and got a surprise for #4.

      Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Wow, All four girls! I think Grace and Benjamin will have their hands full once they all reach teenage years! The family reunion looks like a blast. I’m glad everyone got along! I can’t wait to see how Hatty turns out!

    1. Teen years will be crazy, I think you are totally right, and I can’t wait to see it! Their personalities are really diverse from one another eachother, Ainsley is very shy, and Isla is very outgoing, and that’s just the first two. Curious how they will get along and if they will clash. Thanks for commenting!

  3. What a cute baby. I’m happy to hear that this family had it’s 4 girl. Could there be another one in the future, you think?

    I adore your neighborhood. It looks so realistic and so inviting.

    1. I definitely hope there are no more babies for these guys! I think four girls is plenty, especially since her siblings all want kids too, my McCarthy clan will be huge after this generation of kids grow up, or even when Grace’s siblings start their own families.

      Thank you so much Serin for the comment and lovely compliments. 🙂

  4. I’m so happy they had the girl you wanted!! I don’t think I ever had a family with 4 girls or 4 boys, and now I want that as well! I’m even thinking about letting Anna and Bai have another one, just to see if this one will be a boy as well, even though I said they were through with kids, lol!

    Can’t wait to see little Hatty when she’s older 🙂

    1. Anna and Bai should totally try for a fourth, I could see them with four boys running around, it’d be totally fun! I’m very excited to see how the girls all interact with each other, and how they grow up. I can’t wait for her birthday ether, I’m glad that first birthdays come so quickly. I checked her as a teen, so I don’t know what toddler Hatty looks like.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

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