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may 2022
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Principal: Bekah Grimsley
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narrated by: Bekah Grimsley

At the beginning of May, we held a Spring Formal. It was only for the high school students, and that was plenty for me. They were all very well behaved, but these types of activities make me sick with anxiety ever since Julia Millett got pregnant at our Halloween Festival.

Caitlyn and Lewis were the only two to sneak off, and I immediately chased them down.

Once they knew I was serious, they settled for dancing.

This past year, many of the students have paired off romantically. Last year there was barely a single one, but that’s not the case any longer.

There doesn’t seem to be any drama going on these days, and most seem rather settled with their respective romantic interests. I enjoy the break of hurt feelings and broken friendships, though that doesn’t mean they concentrate any harder in class.

I hired a past student, Meg to be the photographer, she’s working at a Model Agency taking photos for catalogues while she works on another screenplay. I always enjoy catching up with them, though it makes me feel old.

She did a fantastic job, and now they all have momentos to recall their high school romances.

All in all the event went well, and I am prepared to host the dance more regularly, as long as the good behavior continues.

Back at school, we held soccer try outs, we did it co-ed, though the actual teams will not be.

I was surprised to see Rachael try out, it seems too rough of a sport when a broken leg could ruin her chances of an ice skating career. But she likes to keep active, and test her limits. She does everything with style and great dexterity, and definitely made the cut.

The girls won their first game of the season, and I think we are in for a chance to win state.

The boys’ game plan didn’t quite pan out, and they are losing so far this season. Maybe next year, once they’ve all had more experience, they will be able to pull a few more wins.

I’m still teaching Consumer Science, which I’m completely over. I asked my daughter Lainey if there were any up and coming teachers with her at university, but she didn’t know any off the cuff. I really need to get new blood in here, and am hoping to hire a local.

The middle school kids are very hormonal, I can count on Flint Picaso to make derogatory remarks about females in the kitchen, and he thinks he’s flirting when he says it.

My own daughter, Willa is guilty of this hormonal flirting. She’s much more subtle than Flint, and Milo doesn’t really seem interested. His sister Itzel tends to get stuck with the cooking, and wears her annoyance plainly.

The best group is Jett, Dean, and Lulu, they work as a team and take turns. They also haven’t started a fire or burnt anything.

It seems pretty obvious that Milo is crushing hard for Linnea, and he isn’t very subtle over it. He’s often just gawking at her in the halls, or staring her down during lunch.

I was surprised to see Itzel kiss Caleb Gray out by the fountain. Her and Linnea are both such shy girls, that I expected them to take sometime to mature in that area.

All in all, it was a good school year, no one is graduating so it looks like we will be back to it in the Fall, with only one new student.

Everyone is ready for summer break, the final bell rings, and they are already out of their seats.

And I was right behind them, though I knew it meant a summer with my wild children.

Notes: Itzel and Caleb kissed on their own, and Milo definitely has the hots for Linnea, which conveniently is his sister’s best friend. Though he is two years younger, and she’s not shown a lick of interest, she doesn’t like anyone that way actually.

There are so many couples, and I love it! This is the first time that I had a large group of students of a relatively same age. Poor Lorelei was the *only* student in high school when she went! She didn’t get to date until college. The hood has come a long way since then!

I had pink flashing… and I about died. Turned out it was caused by AVG. Geez. It was so sudden, that I knew that it had to be something easy, I hadn’t added anything new to the game at the time. I have to remember I can’t use my video card with that stupid thing turned on.

Thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “school life”

  1. Ooh, a school update – my favorite!! I loved the spring dance. It’s so cute to see the high school students pairing off. I’m preparing for my hoods “prom” and hope to see some similar things happen 🙂

    It looks like the students are ready for a break. I hope we get to see some summer romances over the summer!

    1. The pairing off is my favorite thing about high school, I’ve been waiting so long! Hope that your prom has some new romances! As for summer romances, there is a few mentions, it’s actually a pretty heavy teen summer now that I think of it! Thanks for commenting!

    1. Yes at the festival! I was totally shocked, they hadn’t done anything before that, it was literally one time, and bam, Baby Nolan. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Ok, I am so stealing. I’ll have four seniors graduating and having a prom will be a good idea for the Spring 3005 update. Considering the drama I’ve been having at the high school lately, that update ought to be really entertaining.

    1. Totally have a formal, it was a lot of fun! Especially one with a lot of drama. Mine is a lot calmer currently with Julia and Lauren graduated, and all their baby daddy drama. Thanks for commenting!

  3. you scared me with that pink flashing! It almost seemed like it was contagious or something, but I’m glad you got ti fixed to fast! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but it’s been some time since I saw it in my own game 🙂

    I loved the formal! The venue looks really nice.
    Now I want to hold one myself, lol, but I think it’s going to be something for later, when all the kids from the babyboom are attending high school, I don’t think it would be that fun with the 15 students I have at the moment.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing some of these blooming romances develop over time, see who lasts and who really just has a fling before moving on!

    1. The pink flashing was scary, glad that it hasn’t come back to bother you anymore. Thank you on the formal, I’ve been waiting forever to have a formal with a group of teens, where there were actual couples! 15 students is more than I had attend, mine was only for 9-12th grade, I think I had 10-12 kids without looking. I am looking forward to seeing who makes it and doesn’t. I don think Julius and Perla will make it, haha, but that’s about it for my guesses.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I swear, I have some sort of trauma from that pink flashing! Seeing that picture about gave me a heart attack. I’m glad it was an easy solve in your case!

    Anyway, poor Milo! I was trying to remember if Linnea was older. Seeing she is, her lack of interest makes sense. Oh well. When she’s 21 and he’s 19, it won’t seem like such a big deal, if they both should find themselves single and interested in the future!

    Yes, I love having a high school packed full of couples, so this was fun for me to read. The most boring kids for me to play through high school were Ethan Novak and co. I think he was the only boy for a few years. Yawn! LOL at poor Bekah trying to keep all those couples in line at the formal though. Gotta keep your eyes on those teens!

    And looking at that function hall makes me want to redo Starry Nights, lol! I love the balcony at the top, the fence around the dance floor and basically everything about it!

    1. I do love that hall, I downloaded it from TSR back when I started blogging, only changed a few things. It has a huge round roof, so it causes lag when it’s in the background of other households, but is too pretty to change.

      I agree about singles and small classes being boring. Lorelei was the worst, cause she was the only student for a bit. Milo checking out Linnea was all game play, I just moved him back towards the locker more, he is such a cute kid. And so true about adults and ages not mattering as much. I’m excited to see who marries who! My first generation that won’t have to rely heavily on townies.

      The pink flashing is traumatizing to me after you and Tanjas fiasco. I had to force myself to breath calmly, and tackle it logically, because I was freaking out at first.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. That was a nice formal you had, and good thing no extra drama happened at the time. I can’t wait till I have enough students to have sports teams and the like.

    1. I love where I’m at with my students, finally! Waiting so long to get here. I have such a steady stream of kids now, it should just continue. And sports teams, yes! I wish that they were more able to play competitively for basketball, but I’m glad that I have enough for a team now. Thanks for commenting Fini!

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