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finding things out

june 2022
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(Traver Household Profile)
Ethan Traver (61 years), Caitlyn (16 years), Aidan (16 years)

narrated by: Aidan

This past year, me and Caitlyn both got jobs, and we weren’t too happy about it. Dad sort of forced it upon us, thinks its important to be bossed around by someone other than him. I’m working at Trout Pointe Lake, I wanted to work at LexCorp Comics, but the owner of the center wouldn’t allow it. Instead, I get to help people buy tickets with their debit/credit cards.

Lewis usually comes down to play games on the weekends, bringing my sister naturally, and usually Rachael too. I’m extremely jealous of this leisure time they get to enjoy.

Caitlyn likes to bother Cynthia, Dad’s ex-girlfriend. After she found out our Mom moved on without us, and moved a new guy in, she sort of got clingy with Cynthia. Then Dad and her broke up, and Caitlyn kept up visiting her. She keeps inviting her to go shopping for summer clothes, and Cynthia keeps declining.

It’s starting to make Caitlyn really upset, but I don’t know what else Cynthia can do, she’s the one who broke up with Dad. It’s shocking, but true. I don’t think Dad’s latest birthday worked well for her.

All my money goes right back into the complex, Lewis and I are constantly buying the latest comic books, I prefer more gore, and he’s into aliens. Combined we have quite a collection.

Caitlyn hoards her money like a dragon with gold, the only exception she made was to buy a cellphone. She wanted to be able to text Lewis, since his step Mom won’t allow him to talk on the phone often.

She makes loads more than I do, and I hate that she’s always hanging around here. She teases me, and ruffles up my hair, mostly because she knows I hate it so much.

She works the evenings at Pacelli Macaroni as a server. She gets paid plus tips, which she always seems to pull in large amounts. It’s really a drag.

Especially when it’s family members. They always go easy on her.

Then tip big. Aunt Kenzie is guilty as charged of this.

Caitlyn says it is because she’s saving for college, and I’m not. Aunt Kenzie knows it will be put away to save for education, and that is a worthy investment. I’m just not sure I’m college material. I also think that Kenzie is bias towards her, because Caitlyn announced that she wants to be a social worker, just like our Aunt.

I’ve been thinking of joining the military. Caitlyn is opposed to the idea. She doesn’t want me stationed somewhere else, or be sent overseas to an unsafe area. It’s that or just sit here, loafing around with Dad, and teaching people how to use a ticket machine. Naturally, she doesn’t like the idea of that ether.

I just finished my sophomore year, I still have time to figure things out. I’m just focusing on the now, and this summer is what is happening. We both can drive now, but Dad doesn’t even have a car, let alone one for us to drive. So we hoof it, or take the bus if it’s too far. We started going down to the Pier to hang out.

Our group recently grew, once Rachael started dating Elias he was suddenly everywhere, and then her little sister Lulu. They’re both our half-nieces but it never feels like that.

Basically it means that me and Lulu are the two stags, sitting awkwardly around the fire while everyone else cuddles up. There just isn’t anyone at the high school that I like. I did dance with Jill Popper at the Spring Formal, but that was out of necessity.

When we can’t handle the kissing noises any longer, we usually go up to the pier. Lulu sometimes asks if there is anyone I like, and I’ve always said no, but decided that I did want to get it off my chest.

She was surprised when I told her it was Erin. Even though she’s not dating my brother Colin anymore, he’d still kill me if I even voiced my feelings to him.

Lulu was shocked, she thought I’d say it was Perla Martinez. She pointed out that Erin was thirteen years older than me, as if I needed a math lesson, as if that was the only reason why I couldn’t make a go of it.

She suggested I’d find someone in college, and I didn’t bother telling her that I didn’t intend to go. I didn’t think it was likely I’d find someone in the military ether, unless I went for a foreign, that did seem rather common practice.

Later that night, Caitlyn pressed me to tell her what I’d told Lulu. She could tell that it was a serious conversation, and like a bratty twin, she instantly knew it was about a girl. I hate when she just gets me.

I did tell her, and she thinks I’m crazy.

I want to run away now. Too many people know, I don’t know what I expected to happen after confessing, but I don’t feel any better, now I just feel paranoid.

Caitlyn promised she’d never tell, she doesn’t want Colin to kill me anymore than I want that.

She does go over to babysit Logan and Mallory, she loves taking care of them. She’s pretty rough and tumble, except for her obsession with those kids, she’s crazy about them like only girls can be.

Logan isn’t so bad now that he’s in school, but I don’t even know what you are supposed to do with toddlers. They are all full of drool, and gibberish.

She told me that Logan is having a rough go of his parent’s separation.

I feel for him, we are both in grade school when our parents divorced. I don’t know if it’s final for Erin and Colin though, Colin has been more involved this past year, so maybe they’ll try again.

Caitlyn does well with kids, and getting them to feel better. I think she’ll make a good social worker when the time comes.

Though she came home and told me the worst news, that Erin had been out on a date with her boss at the restaurant. I wanted to call up Colin instantly and tell him the news, but Caitlyn wouldn’t allow it. She promised it wouldn’t bring Erin into my arms, and probably not Colin’s ether.

I hate knowing these things, I don’t know why she’d even tell me. If I can’t have Erin, then I definitely want her back with my brother, otherwise I’ll never get to see her. She won’t come to holidays, and I don’t babysit. My future happiness depends on it. But I won’t tell Colin, because Caitlyn will kill me just as bad, and I have to live with her.

Notes: Not a lot of Ethan this time, he played video games, Cynthia broke up with him (She was romance and had other people on her mind), and he napped a lot on the sofa. He did roll the want to kiss his ex-wife Meredith. That’s not a healthy want! And she’s moved on, as she was the one to call for the divorce.

I don’t know when this happened, but Aidan is head over heels for Erin, and she is completely uninterested. All his wants involve her, his dreams, his conversations… He is one love sick kid.

And Erin went on a date with one of the Pacelli brother’s, she met him through Bethany, who brought him home. I think she just met him on the sidewalk, she’s always socializing. There is so much coming Erin and Colin’s way, that I don’t know if they will try again, or if it’s indefinitely over. We will see!

Trout Pointe Lake Tour: here and here, here at tumblr. And Pacelli Restaurant tour here.

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “finding things out”

  1. Maisie, Millwood is such a fascinating whole big world! I looked at your posts for Trout Pointe Lake on tumblr; (and Pacelli Restaurant) and am just really amazed by all the detail and intricacy.

    As for this post, it seems like Ethan is a bit of a lump on the log compared to his ex-wife, hmm? (He sounds a little like me sometimes at home, minus napping on the couch, always playing sims or tinkering with it). Anyway, I can see why a romance sim might not stay interested indefinitely. Ethan & Caitlyn’s dad’s declaration that they need someone besides him bossing them around really rings a bell with me, now that I have a 15 year old again, ha. And Caitlyn’s look at Ethan, like “really??” about Erin, is so funny.

    1. Thank you Shannon! I’m so glad that it is an interesting world, I really want it to be! And Trout Pointe Lake is one of my favorite lots I’ve ever built, so thank you! Ethan is a bit of a lump, so true. But he’s come such a long way from who he used to be, which was a big, gaming lump. He’s actually a pretty decent Dad for these last two, which can’t be said for his role in Luca and Colin’s life, his oldest twins. I did think Aidan falling for Erin was too cute, and funny, and Caitlyn’s reaction was great too. She’s less emotional when it comes to affairs of the heart I believe. She likes her boyfriend, but isn’t heartsick like Aidan is currently.

      Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. Oh, I feel really bad for Caitlyn. 😦 She’s obviously crying out for a maternal figure and her mother is such a failure in that regard and now Cynthia’s not going to be around either. Poor girl.

    I know you posted the thing with Aidan and Erin on Tumblr but I completely forgot about it until this update! That’s a really awkward, impossible crush to have but it’s not an unusual kind of crush at this age either. I think Caitlyn is sincere in promising not to tell anybody; I hope he swore Lulu to secrecy as well. And Aidan definitely needs to stay well out of Colin and Erin’s business (and Erin and whoever she might choose to date!) That way lies madness.

    I am so blown away by Trout Pointe Lake, which I think I told you when you posted the tour at N99! It’s such an awesome lot!

    1. I feel sad for Caitlyn too, when she kept rolling wants for Cynthia… poor girl. I don’t see her ever having a maternal figure, Ethan had zero interest in dating this round, and Meredith recently had her birthday (upcoming) and still had no interests for her family. I really thought turning elder might warm her heart, but she’s got nothing.

      I agree that it’s not an unusual crush, that’s why I love it all the more, especially since it’s Colin’s girl that we are talking about. When Colin sees Erin dating, I think he might lose a gasket, might have to arrange it to see. 😉 Thank you about Trout Pointe Lake, it’s one of my favorites! I could spend all day down there with the teens playing, such a fun hang out.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Trout Pointe Lake looks amazing! I love the lot when I saw it on N99 (I lurk around there these days, without commenting :/) And it looks great when played as well.

    I feel bad for Caitlyn. She’s so desperate to get some attention, poor girl 😦

    I like that you wrote Aidan’s crush in, instead of ignoring it. Those things happen quite a lot in real life as well.

    1. Aww why aren’t you commenting at N99? Miss your posts! And thank you on the lot tour, it’s one of my favs, and totally fun to play. I feel sad for Caitlyn too, I was really hoping that Cynthia would be a good stand in Mom, she’s romance sim, so a big raw and edgy, and I thought that would be a good parent for this type of family, but it wasn’t meant to be. And I spent all that time bringing her over to my new, cleaned hood too! So ungrateful that girl!

      I couldn’t ignore the crush, the kid seems pretty heartsick over her, and I thought it was too sweet to ignore!

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  4. The comment about a job made me laugh. I feel for Caitlyn, she’s really missing having a mom in her life, and there’s not really anyone around. The crush was surprising and adorable. But he’ll find someone, I’m sure.

    1. When I had her get hired, she was totally put out over it, frowned and had a total attitude! Totally cracked me up, she’s very lazy (the Traver’s mostly are), and it fit what I thought of her so perfectly! I do feel sad for Caitlyn having no Mom figure, I really thought that Cynthia might work out, otherwise I wouldn’t have brought her to my clean hood! And the crush with Aidan was totally surprising. I tend to check who my teens like when I load their household, just to see if crushes were formed while I wasn’t actively playing them, and I could not believe Aidan! Then I had to bring Erin over, and check his memories to see if anything inappropriate occurred, and none had, and she did not feel the same. Totally a one-sided, Mrs. Robinson type crush. Too sweet.
      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  5. LOL! Is it like a teenage boy’s rite of passage to fall for an older woman or what? I’m still chuckling over that revelation. Too funny! Although, I wonder if Erin and Colin really ARE done now. Yikes.

    Poor Caitlyn. She is really desperate for any kind of maternal figure in her life. It’s such a shame about their mother. I just hope it doesn’t negatively impact her in the future and instead helps her council kids/etc in her future career! Only time will tell…

    1. I really thought that Erin and Colin were on a hiatus, but after the newest update, I really am not sure. Aidan would be heartsick to think of not seeing Erin anymore, and I totally love that he somehow fell for him! How sweet is that!?

      Caitlyn keeps rolling all these wants for the women in her life, and I was surprised that she was bothering Ethan’s ex, she really didn’t care for her originally. I really hope that she stays on the track she is now, I’m really impressed with her, a steady boyfriend, good grades, a job, and a savings account… I hope she keeps it up!

      Thanks Mao!

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