what matters

july 2022
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(London Household Profile)
Myra London (80 years), Cole (59 years), Lucy (57 years), Itzel (14 years), Milo (12 years)

narrated by: Itzel

Recently Dad had, what he thought, was a brilliant idea. He was no longer mayor, and pushing retirement age himself, and he thought that his Mom should move in with us. She’s been out in Millwood all alone for years now. This isn’t the first time that Dad has wanted to move her in, but Grandma has never heard of it before.

I think Mom was expecting a vacation, she was pretty taken by surprise. Most of us thought that Grandma would just live on her own until the end, she’s rather stubborn. But Dad insisted that eighty was too old to be without family.

Mom kept protesting that Grandma has so many cats, as if that was deterrent enough. We are a one dog kind of family, but Dad didn’t seem to think that a couple of cats were enough to leave his Mom alone in another town.

Of course Mom caved. Probably because Dad hadn’t even brought it up to Grandma yet.

She really didn’t like the idea of it ether. She wasn’t as concerned about her cats as Mom, but more that she would be in our way. I also think that we will be in her way, living alone for all these years doesn’t make it easy to suddenly have a bunch of roommates.

Dad lawyered her though until she agreed. She’s already sold her Farmer’s Market in this last year, and didn’t have anything but her house to hold her to Millwood.

Suddenly Mom feels like she has a toddler in the house again, because Grandma keeps distracting the butler from his duties. I think they might have a crush on each other, but that disturbs both my parents so I don’t mention it.

Mom swears that the butler gets less done now than when we were little and making giant messes.

Whenever Mom gets home, she finds Grandma down on the beach, acting all nonchalant as if she didn’t spend the entire afternoon gabbing the butler’s ear off. Mom is beside herself with how to reprimand a grown woman. Milo suggested they set her up for speed dating, but I was the only one who laughed.

Alice came home from Eastborough this summer, but only for two weeks. She started college planning to be an actress, much to our parents shock, but has settled on something more respectable, a counselor. So she’s been taking classes through the summer to get caught up with her new major.

I feel like we never got to be super close, when I was finally a teenager, she was on her way out the door to university. I’m always leaps behind her, but me and Milo are getting a long better then we ever have. I joined an Astronomy Club this summer, and he is cool enough to go with me, though he has about zero interest in stars outside of the big dipper.

It was down at Makah Beach, and it was creepy walking through the forest to reach the shore. But Milo was there, and seemed nonplussed so I had to keep up my big sister appearance.

There were quite a few of us science lovers in the group, and the whole thing was led by my best friend’s step-dad, Gideon. He’s a scientist, doing some experiments at Eastborough University.

I actually saw a shooting star, which is uncommon in July. Gideon told us that August is the month for shooting stars, and then went into the fact that they weren’t stars at all actually.

Afterwards, a Millwood kid named Simon was trying to talk with me about it all. I guess he’s really into astronomy, more than I am.

He knew all about me, he’s been in Milo’s class since kindergarten, but I don’t think he ever came over to play at our house. He was always quiet in grade school that he never made it on my radar, but then again, I’m dreadfully quiet at school too.

I’m hoping that Gideon does more with our Astronomy Club, even though I don’t plan to go to college to be a scientist, it was a lot of fun hearing stories under the stars and meeting people with common interests.

Since Alice is home, it seems that everything lately is about careers and education. Dad and Milo are constantly talking about him being a lawyer one day. Sure it’s swell that he wants to continue the family business, but he’s twelve. He might change his mind, or flunk out of school, or get some girl pregnant. No one knows the future, and I’m tired of planning for it.

Both of my biological parents died, and I don’t think that was in their plan book. So I wish that everyone would just relax a bit, and enjoy the now. I can’t say that I don’t worry about my own longevity, it’s nice for Milo to have a Grandma in her eighties who is still going strong, but I don’t have any living relative, seems like a bad sign.

It’s not like teen pregnancy isn’t on Mom’s mind though. With Alice, came her friend Julia, and all Mom could do was beat around the bush. She didn’t want to outright ask about how things were with Nolan. I could tell she really wanted to know how a Mom could leave her kid to go to school, but simultaneously was applauding her for doing just that.

If I were Julia, I’d just want to run away. It seems like everyone around here knows her story, and is too curious about her personal business. I never want a limelight, let alone that particular one.

I didn’t tell Mom that me and Caleb Gray kissed. Alice was forbidden to date in high school, so I already know the drill. Besides it’s summer vacation now, and with dating being forbidden, it isn’t like I’m seeing Caleb at all anyway. For all I know he’s found someone else to call his girl this summer.

I do like to talk about it with my best friend, Linnea, but Milo has gotten it into his head that he loves her too. So he’s getting hard to escape when Linnea comes around. I begged him to just stay in his room when she came over, but he wasn’t interested in that.

As soon as she arrived, he went surfing. He kept begging us to join him, but I’m sure he liked Linnea watching him better.

He was disappointed when he saw we went inside, so naturally he followed us up to my room. He’s a cool brother, but there are times when girls want to have girl talk. Plus him kissing my best friend would be sick.

It’s because of this, that me and Linnea volunteered to take care of her little sister Dahlia while her parents work.

Milo has no way to get out to Millwood, and Dahlia is a pretty cool two year old. I really like the entire community, there was a lemonade stand by Molly Welsh. If I did a lemonade stand in my neighborhood, there would be zero buys. There are only a few houses right on the ocean, and none with kids.

We saw Elias with his sister Lily-Mae there too. It just seems like a community that is more friendly. Our parks are on the North side, and all are in disrepair. Dad tried changing things when he was the Mayor, but Mom was adamant that he fix the schools instead.

Dahlia is beyond easy going, she gets on that rider toy, and she’s happy to stay all afternoon long.

Leaving us with plenty of time to talk about Caleb, and if Linnea has heard if he’s dating anyone else this summer. At this point, I don’t know if the kiss meant anything, maybe he just wanted to get that first kiss out of the way. She also lost her Dad before she was born, so we can talk about dead parents, and she’s the only one that I know that really gets that loss.

I care about Caleb and what is happening or not between us, but I also don’t care. My biological parents were high school sweethearts, but they were best friends first, and dated later. And I don’t think Caleb Gray is my destiny, especially with my parents strict rules on dating. Though they may loosen up, maybe Grandma will talk them into it. After all, Mom now loves the cats.

And if Mom can change her mind on cats, I’m sure she can change her mind on dating. I don’t see how they will keep both me and Milo from it once we set our minds to it.

Notes: Alice fits well for teacher or counselor, so she’s changing to the counselor career, only because I have others that fit well for teacher too, and while I need one, I’ve been dying for a counselor. Itzel would fit counselor well too if she wasn’t detrimentally shy, I just don’t see her chasing down something that would make her uncomfortable on a daily basis, her other match was librarian, and I think that is perfect for her! I love when the criteria’s make so much sense.

Caleb and Itzel kissing was done autonomously in the school update, but she isn’t rolling wants for him, I nearly forgot they kissed because of her lack of care. Milo obviously has the hots for Linnea, he has lots of wants for her, but Linnea has zero interest in romance.

I just love the last photo of Lucy playing with the cat in the bathroom while Cole is busy. She really did learn to love the cats. Poor Myra though, she has tons of gardening wants and there is no where to plant a garden on their property. I wish you could do a planter garden on the deck and that it would count.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “what matters

  1. Maisie, great update about Myra moving in with her children, distracting the butler, teens in summer, and getting to know Itzel’s point of view better. The beach side home is absolutely amazing looking–at least the walkway and Milo’s bedroom!

    I feel bad for Myra that there is no place to garden! You may already know about this, but there is a mod by Richi3Frog at Mod the Sims 2 to make the hydroponic career reward develop gardening badges and nature enthusiasm. It also makes weeding and trimming do the same thing. It is at this link: http://modthesims.info/d/308955

    Yay for Alice becoming a counselor (speaking as a counselor) 🙂

    The astronomy club was really cool, with the walk through the dark woods, the night sky, and teens around the campfire.

    It is really interesting how Itzel sees things since she lost her parents—wanting to focus on the here and now and realizing you can’t control what happens in the future. Itzel is a very private person, isn’t she? and that she doesn’t want to get into speculating about other people. I wonder if Itzel is going to want to move to Millwood when she grows up…she seemed really impressed with it.

    After all Lucy went through to have Milo, it is no wonder she is so curious about how Julia could leave Nolan and go to school.

    1. Thank you for that link! That will really help Myra not fall into depression, she’s constantly rolling gardening wants. Might also free up the butler to get his work done. 😉 I really adore their house, its’ from MTS, and I had to do a heavy makeover, I basically loved the bones, and updated the rest to fit rich people.

      Itzel is very private, beyond shy, and took quite a while to even bond with these guys after they adopted her. I think that Itzel would love the quiet life of Millwood, she doesn’t get out that way often, and she really enjoyed herself. Her parents live in my fancy neighborhood which is on an island, and far from everyone, just some beach lots on the opposite side of the beach, and three neighbors (all empty currently).

      Thank you for the compliments and comment Shannon!

  2. Finally caught up. I love Linnea and Itzel’s being able to relate to each other’s parental situation. I do wish Milo would understand that he’s hovering and to give his sister and Linnea some space. Being lovestruck will do that to you I guess.

    1. It really worked out that they hit it off, Linnea and Itzel are both rather shy and reserved, and then the loss of parent(s) too. Milo is so young, he has no clue, just twelve, and I can see him thinking, “hey, someone’s here, lets hang out” without even realizing he’s being intrusive. I thought it was cute that he started crushing on her during the high school update, then continued with it. He didn’t act on it at all, and Linnea has zero romantic wants for anyone, maybe one day.

      Thanks for commenting Choco!

  3. Its funny how Milo constantly bothers Itzel and Linnea because of his little crush. It was cute when he tried impressing her with his surfing skills! It doesn’t look like the guy has a chance, though!

    I really like how you pick careers based on the sim – I really need to do that! And get more custom careers!! You are always an inspiration for my game!

    1. Milo has no chance for as long as Linnea isn’t interested in romance at all. If they dated, Milo would be on cloud nine, but Itzel would lose her friend sort of, in that teens tend to be infatuated and single minded. So I know Itzel hopes Linnea doesn’t change her mind.

      Aww, so happy to inspire! I get so much from you, and others in the community, that I always feel honored to add some back into the pool. I spent way too much time deciding careers for these two girls, and had to email myself what I decided, because I kept forgetting!

      Thank you for commenting!!

    1. One day, someone will get their crush! Now if they would just crush on people withing their reach! Aidan could never have Erin! But Milo might one day impress Linnea, time will tell. Itzel is sweet, it’s nice to finally be able to write from her point of view, Alice hogged it in the past being the oldest.

      Thank you for commenting!

  4. Aw, Myra and the butler are kind of cute! Maybe Itzel can do some matchmaking and get her out of the house again. 😉

    Alice is giving up on acting? I’m sure she’ll make a great counsellor too, though I could kind of imagine her as an actress as well. Itzel would be such an awesome librarian too. I haven’t had a sim suit librarian since Lia but I’m looking forward to my next one.

    The astronomy club was awesome! Makes me want to have some school clubs for my teens too. I’ll have to think about that, after I sort out my hobbies.

    Realistic that Itzel is a bit nonchalant about Caleb. She doesn’t have to get serious with anyone at 14, so I’m glad she’s sensible about it.

    1. I thought they were cute too! I wonder if he has real clothes at all, I’ve never done much with the butler, they are the only family to use him. Alice matches with the acting, and I thought she might do more of plays than movies, but she also matches counselor well, and I really want one of those. And I think (eek) that Bea might be more successful… so I’m putting my acting career on her. Poor Alice. 😉

      The astronomy was fun! Now that we live in the mountains, there are TONS of nature clubs, and activities out here, astronomy, wildlife ones, history stories, plant life. Most I’m not necessarily interested in, but since I don’t have too many science kids I thought it’d be fun to incorporate. That’s literally all the kids with science, excluding Milo.

      Itzel didn’t have any wants for Caleb, but she did talk about him with Linnea, so I figure she’s pretty blasé over it.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  5. I loved the outing of the astronomy club. I really like the look of the forest in the background. It really was great to see.

    I don’t remeber where I saw them, but I think I have them in my game, I’ll have to check, but there are some gardeningplots you don’t have to put on the ground, but can also place in pots and such, maybe that’s something for Myra. I’ll check my game wednesday, and try to track them down.
    I kind of like the little thing going on between the butler and Myra. It’s sweet 🙂

    I have to say that I can see why Itzel loves Millwood so much! It looks great! I always love getting a look of the hood when sims are on lot, and I just love seeing Millwood that way! It really looks great!!

    1. I absolutely love that lot they are on for the astronomy club, it’s inspired by a forest/beach in Washington that we visited a few years ago.

      Let me know if you find those gardening plots that don’t have to go on the ground, that would be awesome for Myra. I’d love to fill their deck with potted plants, it’d totally occupy her, and fill some of her wants. I thought Myra flirting with the butler was adorable too, he was just eating it up. And they kept it all sweet to a few flirts only.

      Aww thanks on Millwood, I love it out there too. I think Itzel would be happy out in Millwood, and I have Mandy’s first house that would fit Itzel perfectly. Just need to get a library out there for her, otherwise she has to commute to South Port or Eastborough.

      Thank you for commenting Tanja!

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