just keeps rolling

august 2022
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
George McCarthy (78 years), Mandy (76 years)

narrated by: George

This summer has brought many visitors, the house never seems to be quiet, and neither of us are complaining. We relish the time with our children and grandkids, though it seems the grandkids are more happy to see us. A few years back Elias helped Mandy set up her garden, and has recently shared his desire to be a farmer.

He’s been coming over for tutelage from Mandy in regards to crops, soil, and planning. His Mom is a good gardener, but it hasn’t been her passion, as much as a necessity in feeding her large family.

Mandy loves talking, and passing down wisdom. She’s very excited for Elias to start towards his dream, she believes that running, and planting are the two best ways to spend one’s time outside of family. She thinks it will keep him grounded, and remember what is important in life.

I’m more inclined to spend my time with Sydney, as dirt hasn’t been a passion of mine nor does bending down make my knees happy. She’s a good dog, helps to keep us both active, as she never tires of energy until we are heading to bed. Between the grandkids and her, I feel pretty young considering our ages.

We recently got a phone call from Emma asking if they could borrow our camping gear, and if perhaps we could teach Chris how to use it. Apparently he’s gotten the idea that camping is something he needs to accomplish this fall, despite Emma’s lack of enthusiasm.

I think they will have a good time once they get out there, experiencing nature without the noise of the city. Chaz will probably have the most fun, seems kids usually do. I applaud Chris for wanting his son to experience the outdoors.

With all the visitors, it’s been hard getting my exercise in. I’ve been told my cholesterol and blood pressure are too high, so I’ve been put on a strict diet, and mindless hours cycling in Finn’s old bedroom, now the grandkid room. Sydney prefers I run with her, but it’s been hard on my knees this past year, and I accomplish more mileage cycling than walking.

Mandy is always concerned over me, but I told her I have a lot more in me. I don’t really think doctors know much anyways, too addicted to their beliefs in medicine. It isn’t something we can ignore though with our advancing age, and I don’t know who I want to go first, both are so negative that I try to just enjoy the moment instead of fretting over things out of my control.

We both worry about our youngest Violet-Adele though. She’s 32 years now, and still no long term relationship. I would say Mandy worries more than me, or at least for a longer period of time. She is impossible to speak with on that topic as well, which makes it harder.

Perhaps if she told us that she intended to one day settle down and get married, then we wouldn’t be so worried. But we don’t want to leave any of our kids behind without a spouse to spend their time with. I am the only one who is slightly allowed to discuss it, Vi thinks that my concerns are sweet.

But she still doesn’t tell me anything really, other than that I shouldn’t worry, it will all work out. She’s always very short with Mandy, and it breaks her heart that Vi isn’t as open with her as Hazel is. Out of our three children, she only has Hazel that is close with her, and it upsets her greatly.

But she does have Hazel and all her great children. We’ve seen her a lot this summer with Jude away on an album tour, she gets lonely in the house alone, and the kids are out of school for the season.

Mandy tries to get advice on how to talk with Violet-Adele, but her only advice is for Mandy to just back off, and let Vi lead her own life. It isn’t what ether of us want to do, being parents, it’s hard to back off, but I’m sure her method is worth a try.

We had a good time down at Makah Beach though, I built a sandcastle with Monroe.

Roman is in love with Sydney and playing catch on the beach.

We enjoy having the grandkids over, but taking them to a beach is much nicer than cramming into our small house. We’d never moved to a larger one, we raised our family there, seems silly to leave it now. But it does make things crowded, especially with these rambunctious grandkids. So the beach is a great place for all of us to enjoy ourselves, and the kids to be fancy free, while the great outdoors absorbs their noise.

When we have a morning to ourselves, we like to sit outside and watch the birds eat from the feeders. I’d be happy to sip my coffee in silence, but Mandy usually has something on her mind. She’s wanting me to speak with Violet-Adele, to impress on her that we are only wanting the best for her.

I just don’t think that she will understand, never having children of her own. Which Mandy lighted up over, and said I should tell her that she also needs to have a baby, at least one, to enjoy the true miracle of family.

I won’t be telling her any of these things. I’ve decided to keep my distance and enjoy the moment, in both my life, and in my children. We were concerned about Emma after she dropped out of college, but she’s married now, and is going camping. That makes me a firm believer that anything is possible, especially our beautiful daughter getting married one day, when she is ready.

Notes: Violet-Adele is always giving Mandy glares, they aren’t very close, despite Mandy’s wishes. I think it makes sense that they would want her to get married, so they don’t have to be worried about her being alone when they do eventually pass. But I can see why Violet-Adele would be annoyed by that too! And after vacation, Violet-Adele rolls zero wants toward Etienne or anyone else for that matter, I swear only Reed got on her bar! I did lock the engagement want for Etienne, but I want a bit more than a vacation want before I propel her towards him.

I really adore Mandy and George, they really shine as grandparents, better in this role than they were as parents of younger kids. And I will be sad when one of them dies, but it’s not this round! I believe my first scheduled deaths aren’t for two more rounds, that’s like more than a year away (real life, crazy), unless any of my new age ups score super poorly on their death rolls.

Thanks for reading!

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15 thoughts on “just keeps rolling

  1. LOL, I like the takeaway from this: If Emma can get married, anyone can! lol!

    Oh, they are sweet to worry about Vi though. And well, we know she’s worried about it herself too, but she seems to be aware of that at least. I’m glad they’re going to try to give her space to sort it out herself.

    1. Well George might give her space but Mandy has agreed to no such thing, her wants panel and chat icons are *very* insistent. She has ten grandkids, and five great grandkids, and she is not satisfied! She wants more! Plus they are getting up there in age, and I know my Grandma (much younger) was very concerned for her youngest son who didn’t get married until his early thirties. So I can see Mandy’s concern growing, but really just because George and Mandy are old, doesn’t mean Vi is past her prime at all! Plenty of time!

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

  2. I can understand their POV about worrying about Violet-Adele but I can understand her being annoyed about being bombarded with questions about it all the time. It may just not be in the cards for Vi. She’s got a big enough family, so I would like to believe that would be at least a bit satisfactory in Mandy’s mind.

    1. Oh yeah I’d be annoyed, and I do love that she is annoyed by it, and gives her Mom those glares. She does have a big family, but most of the family is Finn’s (with seven kids of his own), and she doesn’t really connect with any of them but Hazel and her kids. Still plenty! And I think Vi has plenty of time, she’s quite career oriented.

      Thanks for commenting Choco!

  3. I really liked this update and I’ve probably said that many times before, but it’s true. I just adore this family. They have their quirks, their issues, but their lives are so genuine, they remind me so much of my aunt & uncle and their children lol.

    1. Aw thanks Serin, I adore this family too, there is such a wide range of personalities and personal choices, that it feels realistic to me. So true on them having their issues too. I’m glad that you adore them! Your Aunt and Uncle sound like a great family, I’d love it if my own family resembled the McCarthy’s, we have a few that mirror some, but there is no George and Mandy in my family, though I wish there were!

      Thank you for commenting serin!

  4. Maisie, what a nice update on these empty-nesters. Mandy teaching Elias in the garden was really neat, and Chris and Emma coming over to borrow the tent! That will be funny seeing them in the woods. I sympathize with George about the monotony of the cycling trainer. He has such a great attitude, though. And I’m sure Violet-Adele will appreciate his decision NOT to continue harping on her about finding someone and starting a family.

    1. The camping trip is next Saturday, and it did not disappoint me, hopefully you enjoy it! There is one picture of Chaz that makes me smile just remembering it! Vi would definitely appreciate George stepping back, though Mandy hasn’t promised. Her chat icons and wants panel are full of these wants, and to go running. She’s very determined! If she dropped her running wants, I’d be afraid she’d fall into a depression.

      Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  5. Aw, I think Mandy and Violet-Adele are just so different and it was always going to be a struggle for them to see eye to eye over anything. I can’t blame Mandy though – Vi can be frustrating. I was hoping that vacation with Etienne would have sparked something up again and it’s a shame it hasn’t.

    I loved seeing Elias getting some advice from Mandy. I can’t remember if you’ve planned on him going to college as well. To study agriculture? I don’t know if I’m imagining having read that!

    Mind if I ask WCIF Hazel’s swimsuit? So cute! Actually, the kids’ swimsuits as well? Above everything else, I’m having trouble finding nice swimsuits this time around.

    1. I was so excited about Vi’s vacation with Etienne, I was squealing and practically jumping. And so I have been very disappointed that nothing has really come of it. He doesn’t even roll wants for her, and that’s all he used to have. True that they are quite different, Violet-Adele’s bio Mom was actually very career oriented, she had a baby, because I thought she had good genes, and I wanted to add the baby to my pool of babies. She never did have a child willingly.

      I haven’t decided if I’ll send Elias to college. If he rolls the wants then I would, but so far he hasn’t.

      I hear ya on the swimsuit issues, and the workout clothes too. I saw you comment on a set that I was hoping to get back in my game too, so sad that they are gone, I believe it was pinketamine’s workout clothes. I am just booting my game, so I’ll look to see what I can find.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

      ETA: Bea’s swimsuit, Monroe and Roman’s (she has tons of swimsuits at her site), and Hazel’s.

  6. This was a nice update about a couple of empty nesters. It makes me hopeful that my elders won’t be boring. They might want to take it easy. The more they push Vi, the more she’ll push back.

    1. Glad they weren’t boring! I do struggle with empty nesters, but not as much with Mandy and George. I dropped off updating for Regina and John Russo (Morgan’s parents), because it was so hard to write about. Mandy is kind of persistent with her talks and wants, George has always been the mellow one. Thanks for commenting Fini!

  7. I think it’s sad for Mandy that she and Violet-Adele don’t get along so well. All she wants is the best for her daughter, like every mother really wants.
    I do get where Mandy is comming from. Violet-Adele doesn’t seem like she wants to settle down, and with both Mandy and George getting older, Mandy just wants to be sure that her kids are in a good place when she and George won’t be around anymore.

    I think it’s sweet they got so many visits from their grandkids this summer. I’m sure it feels like the house is full like this.
    And I’m very much looking forward to Chris and Emma’s campingtrip šŸ™‚

    1. I think it’s sad too, and Mandy and George are getting up there in years, the older you get, the more you think about the future or lack thereof. So I can see why Mandy wants Violet-Adele settled, and I’m sure even Vi would like her Dad to walk her down the aisle, but she doesn’t have all the time in the world. I honestly am afraid she won’t get married until after he’s passed. That would be sad, especially if she married Etienne in the end!

      Their house is always full, the grandkids are always walking over, and calling all the time. And when they aren’t, they are rolling wants for them. I’d let them adopt me!

      Thanks for commenting Tanja.

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