fall birthdays 2022

september 2022

Meredith Traver celebrates her sixtieth birthday. She celebrated with her live-in boyfriend Vince, quietly in their own home. She can’t afford to quit from the executive world, so she will continue the 9-5 stint for the time being. None of her five children contacted her, nor did she reach out to them.

Bea Woodfolk also celebrates her birthday this fall, turning eleven, and ready to start the sixth grade. She still loves nature, but has found a new fascination for cinema and as of now, intends to be a great actress one day. Unlike other families that may frown on such an idea, hers is entirely in support of her dream, and whatever she decides to pursue.

Notes: Bea matched for romance and popularity, and I went with the latter, I think it fits her personality and upbringing more. Especially since she desires to be an actress, I think she’d like the limelight of friends too. I might make romance her secondary though as she grows up, depending if it fits. But I think Bea aged up beautifully! I’ve really adored her at every stage she’s been in, and worried about her advancing to the next, and there really is no need! She has great genes!

As for Meredith, I thought turning elder might warm her heart towards her FIVE kids, but nothing. So she continues being a recluse, living it up with fancy schmancy Vince, and pretending like she doesn’t have a past.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2022

  1. Bea turned out beautiful! She looks like a budding little starlet!

    LOL at Meredith! How odd and sad and different! I miss the very unique kind of wants (or lack thereof) you’d get in TS2. In TS3 they all want the exact same thing all the time — learn a new skill, learn a new recipe, pillow fight with some random Sim they’ve only barely met, lol!

    1. She does, doesn’t she? She’s got her Dad’s bright eyes that I think adds to it. I do like the wants panel in TS2, when I do play TS3, I forget all about wants because they barely have anything original or worth noting. My TS3 sims are almost all asexual and could live their life alone, in solitaire, learning mechanical skills or something else equally mundane. I hope TS4 fixes that!

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

  2. Wow, Maisie, I could only see the part about Meredith on my phone earlier and I felt so sad for her . But then the part of her living it up softens that pity…

    Bea is beautiful!! I’m glad her family supports her and hope it works out for her.

    Like Laura said, those distinct wants are something I really appreciate and enjoy about Sims 2.

    1. Meredith used to be a playable, but she divorced Ethan Traver, and I moved her to pnpc status. She was never an affectionate mother, she’s rather mean, and self-centered. Colin grew up hating both Ethan and Meredith, but has since made amends with Ethan. When Meredith threw Ethan out for a divorce, Ethan moved in with Colin and Luca, and they were forced to get over their issues. Meredith is very hands off, I think she would have been better never having kids, but it didn’t work out that way. Colin’s storyline is one that I really enjoy, and is still evolving.

      I adore Bea! I appreciate the wants too, it adds so much to the gameplay, that it keeps me on my toes and surprised as well.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon.

  3. Bea is really pretty!! I’ll be interested to see if an acting career is in her future. She’s lucky to have support from her family in her acting dreams. I can see her as a popularity sim for sure but also maybe as a romance as she gets older. Sometimes it feels weird to pick romance for sims who are still preteens so I have a hard time going that way. Usually I like to see how they act as teens in regards to romantic relationships before deciding if they are fit for the romance category.

    Wow, no birthday wishes from her own children! Meredith seems not to care which is so sad! Maybe as she gets older she will want to reconnect with her children? I would hope so!

    1. I really hope she can do the acting career, I’ve been crazy excited to have someone do it, for such a long time! And even more so now with all the TS3 conversions! So she better go for it. πŸ˜‰ I could see her adding the romance secondary when she gets older, possibly, otherwise family, because she’s crazy about her family.

      It does feel weird to pick romance for a teen, I literally just did it for the first time ever with Willa Grimsley. (as primary), and I’ve really loved it thus far, because she isn’t rolling crazy wants, just more boy crazy, than kissy/woohoo crazy. So I’m not as afraid to give it to others.

      Meredith seems like a lost cause, I always thought Ethan was too, but he’s pulled around, but Meredith just hasn’t at all. I feel bad for her kids. Thanks for commenting!!

  4. I’m just as amazed that Bea is a teen, as I was when Nolag aged to a child! I didn’t think she was there yet πŸ™‚
    She looks stunning though! I can see her as an actress, and it’s nice that her family supports her, even though it’s not the easiest career. But with her dad in the music-industry, which isn’t easy either, I wouldn’t have thought otherwise from her family.

    Meredith looks good as an elder. I do think it’s sad she didn’t get anything from her kids, but on the other hand she kind of brought it on her own.
    Maybe she’ll change a bit now that she’s older, who knows πŸ™‚

    1. I’m still sad that Nolan isn’t a child. A toddler would be easy to take to college, and transport around, but not a child who is in school and needs more stability. It worked out that Julia wasn’t rolling wants for Nolan, so he got to stay behind. But Nolan’s age up was more shocking to my system then Bea, I’ve been so excited to see hers though, it’s made it seem like ages!

      I figure with a rockstar Dad, she can get a good break into the acting world, if Liv Tyler can do it, why can’t Bea?

      Meredith did bring it on her own, I really wanted her to step up for Caitlyn. Her family cracks me up though, because Meredith, Cara, and Colin always reject hugs even if they have friend status, and when I force them to give one, they throw a fit. I peg them for a very anti-affection family. Not Luca, he’s very affectionate, and Caitlyn is in the middle, but Cara and Colin don’t even initiate much with ACR, they are not touchy-feely.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  5. Bea is gorgeous! She looks so much like Jude to me. There is Hazel in her as well but she’s mostly her dad.

    Pleasure sims aren’t fantastic with family to begin with but Meredith really does seem like a special case. Her poor kids. Feeling for Caitlyn especially at the moment, seeing she’s so obviously in need of someone maternal in her life.

    1. She is a total mini-Jude. I can barely tell that Hazel had any part in making her, and I think that’s why I love her more, it’s nice having a mini-parent, and she has that with Monroe, who is total McCarthy.

      Zeke has pleasure aspiration, and does really well, but Meredith it just a cold-cow. Her IFS is 2, so she had three too many; she never rolled wants to have babies, I think she would have been fine having none. I feel sad for Caitlyn too, I’m just glad that she isn’t taking this loss and sleeping around, she really likes her friend group and Lewis, and in that way, seems well-adjusted. But things like wedding day, and first kid, will be hard for her without a Mom for guidance and support.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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