renewed for life

september 2022
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(Holmes Household Profile)
Chris Holmes (34 years), Emma (31 years), Chaz (7 years)

narrated by: Chris

Things have been going extremely well for us, even Emma has higher spirits, which I never thought I’d witness. Once we decided to save for my own mechanic shop, and a house for us, she seemed renewed for life.

We didn’t plan for Chaz, but it’s all gone so well with him. We aren’t traditional parents, but we don’t want to raise a boring, regular kid ether. He’s got smarts, and attitude, but still kind to strangers. And while strangers aren’t always nice towards us, we aren’t too concerned about that.

Our only issue with Chaz, is that he hates school and homework. He’s skating through school right now with a D- and the teacher keeps threatening to alert DHS about our parenting skills. It’d be laughable if she weren’t serious. I’m sure if a well-to-do citizen had a failing kid that they wouldn’t resort to threats, but I’m used to the judgement, and Emma just expects it.

We only ever planned to have Chaz, but Emma started feeling under the weather, and it got us both wondering if it could be.

She had her sister, Grace come over, bringing a pregnancy test with her. I knew Grace would be thrilled for Emma to have another one, if anything it is another playmate for her kids at family gatherings. Chaz and Tillie are already thick as thieves together. Though I’m not sure it’s a good thing, they both seem to have a spirit for trouble.

It was positive but I didn’t get to find out until later. She did tell me that Grace started cleaning the apartment for her, and made her relax on the sofa.

I didn’t find out until that night after working at my very own mechanic shop. She was throwing up when I came in, and she blamed it on my “spawn.”

I didn’t even know she could test already, so I was floored, as much as I was thrilled. Chaz is such a cool kid, I don’t see how another one wouldn’t be, especially with us as their parents.

It was probably the grossest and sweetest kiss we shared, and we’ve had gross ones with all the drinking we used to do back at our old apartment. It was our drunk phase that got us engaged to begin with, so I never shy from disgusting moments, they seem to be the best ones for me.

Chaz was thrilled to hear he would be a big brother.

And Emma’s Mom, Nicole wasn’t as thrilled as she was instructive. She started nagging, as Emma put it, about what she could and couldn’t do, and places she shouldn’t go any longer.

I felt bad, because I’d made Emma call her. I thought Nicole would appreciate it, but they have such a rough relationship, always taking hurt when none was intended.

Unfortunately having a baby meant we needed to push our house buying experience up by two years. We could have saved much more if we’d been able to wait, but our apartment is barely large enough for the three of us. It was very bittersweet leaving the apartment behind.

And house hunting wasn’t the most thrilling experience I’ve been through, but we finally found the one, and it’s right next to my shop, so commute is easy.

It has three bedrooms, and we were started talking about the new baby and it’s bedroom. It has horrible wallpaper in it, and wood floors that need finished. I’m handy with a car, not so much with repairs, but I’ll get there. Problem is we can’t agree on anything. We have a boy name and that is it.

All of her ideas for paint colors and wallpaper replacements are ugly too, I just want to wait until the baby is born and decorate then. There isn’t anything wrong having a baby in our bedroom for a few months. But she’s certain we will not have the time to refinish floors and tear down wallpaper with a newborn, and that we need to do gender neutral.

We’ve tabled it for now, and our first visitors were her grandparents George and Mandy. They helped us get our last apartment, and they were proud of us for buying a house all on our own.

Even Chaz warmed up to the new house, and was happy to be the tour guide. George is most excited that we are going camping this fall, though Emma is deadset we skip it, because she is pregnant and it’s too harsh to camp in her condition. I know that if we don’t go, that we never will, not with a baby due in June.

We ordered pizza to celebrate our new home, and because we had zero groceries. I threw everything out in the move, figuring we’d hit the grocery store, but there just wasn’t time.

I’ve been a Dad for seven years now, and it wasn’t until we were eating in our kitchen that I really felt like an adult. I’d been dreaming of my own business for years, to the point that Emma lost faith in my dream, and it just seemed impossible. Now I sit with everything I ever wanted.

Even Emma doesn’t care that I cook fried chicken in the house anymore, and she’s pregnant, which was when it really became a problem to begin with. I do try to cook it when she’s working at the salon though, during my lunch break.

Emma is still a horrible cook, I thought she made chocolate pancakes for breakfast, turned out they were just horribly burnt. My Mom was never an accomplished cook, so I’m used to the charred aftertaste.

When we were expecting Chaz, I rebuilt a car but in the end had to sell it. Our last apartment didn’t have a parking lot, and street parking was just too pricey. So I sold the car, but now we have a garage and driveway, and I picked up a new fixer upper.

We’ve come such a long way since then, we used to fight constantly, and Emma was half-dead most of the time. I’m glad that we worked through it, even if we didn’t realize we were at the time.

Luca comes to help me with the car rebuild, usually bringing his girlfriend Nadia and her son Kai.

The boys are good friends, and the only time we have to reprimand them, is when they are running around the car and the tools. My childhood was filled with running, and my Dad working on his car, it feels good to offer these memories to my own son.

We don’t see Colin as much since he broke up with Erin, nor do we see Erin, so Emma has become closer with Nadia. We all have a good time together, don’t live too far apart, just a few blocks. Nadia is in a nicer neighborhood, a bit farther from the tracks, but we have more space.

We also found out that Nadia is pregnant too, also due in June. Both girls are pretty excited about having their babies at the same time, Nadia is already joking that if they are opposite sex they might get married. Emma wasn’t really thrilled with that idea, even though she likes being married to me, she isn’t gushy about that stuff.

At the end of the month, it was time for our camping trip. Late September is a great time to get out there, it’s not very hot, and therefore less miserable to be without air conditioning. Emma thought anytime outdoors was equal to torture, but she came along anyways.

Swimming at sunset was amazing, even Emma enjoyed herself with that. Such pretty colors watching the sunset across the ocean.

The favorite part for me and Chaz was the marshmallows, but Emma wouldn’t touch them, morning sickness is strong with this baby, much stronger than with Chaz.

We sat on the beach, watching the ferry work it’s way back and forth from the island to the main land of South Port, and thought it might be nice to live out here, in the quiet. Well, I thought it, Emma was resigned that it was an enjoyable time, but she was looking forward to a real toilet to puke in instead of a portapotty, and a bed with a mattress not air to sleep on.

I think I could have convinced to go camping again sometime soon, that is, if it hadn’t thunderstormed when we went to bed. We woke to the entire tent shaking, Emma feeling nauseous from the movement, and Chaz really having to pee.

Of course I took the kid to the bathroom, which wasn’t close to our tent, but Emma was still disturbed by how wet we were when we got back inside, not to mention the giant sandy, wet mess we had to clean up when heading back home the next day. I’d like to keep camping, but I think next time I’ll set Emma up a slumber party with her sister or Nadia, and just take the boys out for the weekend.

Notes: I absolutely love that photo of Chaz having to pee, in a thunderstorm! I have been there buddy! But I just drive my car to the bathroom in those cases. Chris got the ROS to go camping, and he really had a good time with it. I can see him, Chaz, Luca, and Kai making a trip of it sometime!

And now for the pregnancies! Emma and Chris tried for a baby! I could not believe it! Then Nadia and Luca got pregnant in Chris’ new car. They are on birth control, but it doesn’t seem to work in the car, so they are having a baby also in June. I’m very excited about some more babies, I have no one else pregnant at the moment, and birthday posts have been too small!

I put their house tour up on tumblr.

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “renewed for life

  1. Oh man, I just love how cheerful Chris is about everything in this update. The gross kissing and the big changes and whatnot. 🙂 He’s such a great match for Emma. Also yay for babies! It’s so classy to get pregnant in a car, so go, go Nadia and Luca, heh. 😀

    1. I think Chris is a great match for Emma too, I’m so happy it worked out for them. I really thought that she’d move on for a while, I never even intended for them to hook up. He was just Benjamin’s friend. Car pregnancies, so teenage! 😉 Thanks for commenting!

  2. This was such a great update (and there are so many things I feel compelled to comment on!) I love hearing Chris’ voice (and Emma’s through him,) like when she referred to their unborn child as “spawn,” the description of their disgusting moments, and Chris’ observation that if a well-to-do family had a kid having a hard time with grades, DHS probably wouldn’t be threatening them, is definitely a genuine concern/complaint of struggling families.

    Chaz is having a hard time keeping up his grades? The phrase “thick as thieves” is one my mother-in-law used to use, and I’ve always loved it. I can just picture Chaz getting into mischief with his cousin.

    I’m so happy for Chris, sitting in his own kitchen, eating pizza, and feeling like an adult, finally. And having his own shop!!

    It is funny about their friends’ baby being conceived in the car. And I can identify with Chaz…my least favorite thing about camping in a tent is waking up early and having to go really bad, especially when its raining!

    Shots of the seashore camping area were beautiful and the background of the downtown made the story feel so real and full!

    1. It was fun writing from Chris’ point of view, I’m glad you enjoyed it. He’s older than Emma, and I always felt that he had a stronger hold of who he was, and what he wanted in life. I am having a hard time getting Chaz to get his grades up, he did his homework, but he’s hovering at the D-. Chaz and Isla are not the best influence on each other, I wish that they could get into more mischief within the game.

      Things have really come together for Chris, with the house, and his shop. Most of it thanks to Grace and the Salon Sisters, they got a hefty amount of tax return (OFB bonus), and she split it with Emma, since they co-own.

      Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  3. Awww, I’ve always liked Emma and it’s great to see that things are getting better for her and that’s she’s slowly but surely settling into life and getting what she wants out of it 🙂 And yay! Babies! That’ll be wonderful! I’d like to see them with a girl for some reason, but a boy would be fun too!

    As for woohoo and cars… I have done enough “testing” with my sims to have discovered that it’s the absolutely most likely place for my sims to get pregnant. Birth control doesn’t seem to work at all. So I’m always wary having cars around sims that have no business getting themselves pregnant because of that.

    But Chaz is adorable and hopefully he’ll get better with the homework thing, if only enough to keep the DHS off the family’s back and perhaps as he gets older he’ll get more of a motivation for doing it. I do sympathize with the camping trip and needing to pee though. It’s why I’m really not fond of camping, I love cabins, tents? Not so much. Give me a cabin without running water and electricity any day, that I know how to cope with. Ants, mosquito, rain, water inside the tent, mud, uneven ground that makes people roll on top of you, rocks that poke you in the back because you didn’t spot them when putting the tent up… Yeah, not a big fan of camping, clearly 😛

    1. I finally have a boy and girl name, so I’m okay with ether. I am really curious what a girl would like from them, but also love the idea of a little brother for Chaz.

      Your description of camping totally made me laugh, all so true! I don’t know why we are going camping this summer, but we are! It’s fun enough if the weather cooperates, I just personally like the fire at night. I thought it was perfect that it thunderstormed for Emma’s first camping trip, bad luck.

      So true on cars being easy for getting pregnant, I’ve had a few that have in the past too.

      Thanks for commenting Val!

  4. It’s strange, but I never wondered if this couple would have any more childen, I always thought they were done with it, and that Chaz would be an only child. But now they are having another one, and (as ussual) I’m very excited about this baby, as I’m of Luca and Nadia’s as well. It’s very exciting that their babies will be the exact same age, and maybe, who knows, their kids might get married in the future 🙂

    I’m glad Emma finally seems to have found peace with who she is and how her life is, they aren’t traditional, they are Emma and Chris, and that’s all they should be 🙂 She seems really happy at the moment, and I hope this continues for her!

    I loved the camping trip, and again I loved the view we got from the scenery! I’m so jealous of that, it looks amazing!
    Poor Chaz having to pee in the middle of the night in the pouring rain. I never went camping, but that’s one of the things why I don’t think it will ever happen 🙂

    1. I thought they were done too, they have an IFS of 1 each. So they shouldn’t have tried for more, but it wouldn’t be the first time. I rolled for them to get permanent measures, and Chris rolled to get it at 35 (he’s 34 now!). I rolled for it, because most people delay getting permanent measures done. I couldn’t believe that they tried!

      Emma really does seem happy, she even has a good reputation on the start, and is pretty smiley! I love the scenery too, it’s one of my favorite aspects of the neighborhood and that particular lot. So funny you’ve never camped, I grew up doing it, and it’s a lot more work now as adult than a kid, so you really should have gone back then, lol. It is fun though, as long as the weather isn’t horrible, but it’s not really a vacation.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  5. The whole update was just so sweet. I used to go camping all the time when I was a kid. Fun times. It really makes you one with the great outdoors, the good and the bad.
    I’m so proud of Chris and Emma. They’ve got their own house, Chris has his own business, Chaz is a great kid and now they’re expecting another. One would not have guessed that would happen even a few years ago (their time). They’ve both grown up and as Chris said, Chaz has been great, so they won’t mess up another kid.

    1. They really have grown up, I had such a fun time with this update, building their house, and seeing how happy they were with it. They’ve really come along way from where I thought they were headed. I’m glad you enjoyed the update. And camping as a kid is the best, some of my fondest memories!

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  6. Aw, one might be tempted to call Chris a big old softie! I love how thrilled he is about the new baby! and he’s adorable with Chaz as well. I can’t believe he’s 7 though! My gosh, when did that happen?

    Emma is becoming a little more domestic too! Who’d have thought she’d ever care about wallpaper in a nursery? Not her, I’m guessing! Still can’t cook (laughed at the “chocolate pancakes”) but we can’t have everything. I have a whole family full of Family sims where none of the women can cook, lol.

    I’m totally with Emma on camping. I would be SO DONE if there was a thunderstorm, assuming anyone got me out there in the first place. I am…not outdoorsy, lol. Poor Chaz! What a perfect moment though. Just the kind of “disaster” that might crop up with a young family out camping.

    I thought for sure you’d say this was a BC failure for Emma and Chris (are they even allowed BC? Not sure what criteria you use for it). I can’t believe they actually tried for this baby! That’s pretty awesome though. And did Nadia and Luca autonomously woohoo in the car or did you direct them? If you direct them to do it via clicking on the car, that’s outside of ACR’s purview, so the BC doesn’t work. If you use the ACR interaction, the BC should work though.

    1. Chris as a softie, I could see that in regards to his immediate family. He really is smitten with Emma, and such a good Dad to Chaz. I can’t believe Chaz is seven ether! It’s taken them a long time to get on their feet! I think Emma would have left the nursery the way it was, if it wasn’t hideous. But it’s not her taste at all, and if she’s going to do the time, she wants something she likes.

      Thunderstorm camping is the worse, we did it on the beach of Lake Michigan as a kid, and the entire tent was filled with wet sand. I learned then that sand is NOT romantic!

      Emma and Chris aren’t allowed birth control, but their IFS was 1, and I thought Chris would be inclined to get permanent measures done. So I rolled for that (as people often delay), and he got 35 years old (he’s 34 now). So them trying with their IFS fulfilled was surprising to me. Nadia and Luca were on their own ACR accord, only one of them is allowed birth control, and I think it might be Luca, and it always seems the male version fails more often.

      I’m super excited for their baby though, because Nadia has a freckle skintone, and I really hope she passes it on again! I also did a test of them having a baby in my throw-away hood, and she had strong genetics too, hopefully it stays that way.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  7. Not even gonna lie, I am SUPER excited that these two are expecting! Yes!! I figured they were done and would never bother. Can’t wait to see what it is–boy or girl. 😉

    The camping trip was so true to life, especially the having to go in a thunderstorm. Tent camping is REAL, yo. I did that for YEARS before my grandparents got a small camper, then an RV, and finally, a palace on wheels that had to be PARKED. Ahhh… camping in luxury, lol. But I did my tent camping days and I can’t say I miss leaky tents and horrible sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag!

    1. I thought they were done too! I couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait to see what they have ether, and coming up with girl names is rough for these guys. Boy names are abundantly easier for them.

      The thunderstorm was so perfect, I was laughing, and just imagining Emma gritting her teeth at Chris.. fun, fun you said!!! Murder in her eyes. Sounds like your camping is top of the line now! We are still tent campers because we go once every few years, hoping to try it in the mountains this year, but it’s not working out in our work schedules. We always said if we moved out toward the mountains we’d get an RV, because we really hate the sleeping part of tent camping, especially in rain.. but so far we haven’t gone once.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!!

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