under the flower

october 2022
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Delaney Schehl (59 years), Jared (58 years), Lizzie (7 years)

narrated by: Jared

Delaney’s sixtieth birthday is next year, and she says she’s ready to retire. Unfortunately, we can’t quite afford to, we still have Lizzie to put through college, not to mention Lauren who is currently attending Eastborough. We have been on opposite shifts for our entire marriage, and we are both over it, but I don’t see an end in sight.

Dinner’s are usually spent after Lizzie is in bed, with Delaney’s eyes closed.

Cuisine is her passion, and journalism is mine, and neither of us want to give it up as long as we need the income. I’ve been working my way up in the paper slowly, the younger talent are excelling faster than me these days.

They have a great tenacity for life, and procrastination than I recall ever having. Usually it’s at my partner’s desk, and it’s distracting, but when I say anything, they call me old man, and tease.

I’m teamed up with Phillipa often, and as much as she teases, I notice her checking out my bum. For an ‘old man’ I still seem to have it. She’s tried flirting a few times, but I have no interest in ruining my family life.

I get home just in time for Lizzie to get off the bus, it’s been me raising our children all these years. I protested and complained a lot when we lived in Audubon Shore, but now it’s just Lizzie, and we can afford our home much better out in Millwood. Not to mention that Lizzie is a blessing to raise. Delaney had always wanted one of our children to love cuisine as she does, dreams of opening a family restaurant were never far off in her mind, but it never happened. Lizzie is my child, through and through.

We set up a train table out in the garage, and she’s absolutely in love with it. Delaney doesn’t get how we can spend hours out there painting, setting up, then just watching the train go through our fake towns.

But then, none of us get her passion for cooking. She volunteered to head the ‘Dinner-To-Go’ Fundraiser. The school needed more playground equipment, and to raise money, they are selling ready-made dinners.

She invested a lot of money and time into, but insisted that she’d earn more for the meals than if she just donated. It was a success too.

The kids were the most enthusiastic, they all wanted to buy dinner and go through the check out without their parents, including Lizzie.

At the end of the night, Ella’s Dad came in to find that most of the dinner’s had been sold. Everyone knows of the tragedy of Ella’s Mom, but our daughters aren’t in the same grade, so we’ve never spoken to him.

Delaney helped set him up with a few dinners, and she was happy that she could help him out. She couldn’t imagine having three kids to feed on top of being a single parent, but then again, she did work through most of our kids’ childhoods, so she missed me doing exactly the same thing.

She tried taking some of the leftover meals to Meg, but she wouldn’t have it. She’s determined to learn to cook in her own time, and own way.

Delaney really wanted the twins to move back home after graduation, but they barely stayed a night before setting up their own apartments in South Port. At some point, we will probably downsize further, maybe get our own place in the city to be near to the kids. We just don’t need this much space with only Lizzie at home.

I don’t blame the twins for not moving back home, Delaney can be opinionated. Meg enjoys her Mom’s unexpected visits, but grows weary of her inspections. She wishes she’d just hang out with her instead.

She’s always happy when her Mom heads out, usually to Peter’s place.

She doesn’t gripe to Peter as much as she does to Meg, with him, she’s making his bed, and wiping down his counters. I told her she can’t baby him or he will be incompetent, but she won’t hear it.

He invited us over for dinner, and I found myself fixing his rust-bucket television, just knowing that Delaney will click her tongue over it later. But I enjoy tinkering, and Peter doesn’t, much to my disappointment. Not that his art isn’t great, but I can’t relate to it.

Elise is a nice girl, much nicer than that Paige Lange girl he dated twice, and dumped him, twice. She’s got a low-end marketing job, but she’s really got tenacity, and I imagine she will be a good breadwinner soon. Unlike Peter, who is still planning to make horror comics with Meg.

He mentioned to me when the girls were talking that he was thinking of proposing.

He’s twenty-three, there is no need to rush into marriage. Not to mention that he doesn’t have a real job, just sells art at the craft show, and Planet Java. I wish he’d see that art is not a kind career, his cousin Luca hasn’t made anything of himself, and he’s been trying for nearly a decade now.

I really don’t think he’s ready to take on the responsibility of Elise, or be the burden to her, as she’s destined to make more money than him. I don’t have an issue with that, as Delaney has always made more than me, but I’d still like to contribute more than I do.

Then there is the small fact that Delaney is not on Elise’s fan-train. Elise is in sports marketing, and Delaney doesn’t know much on the subject, but she likes to pretend she does, and Elise doesn’t mind telling someone they are wrong. They just don’t have anything to talk about, and it always seems to turn bad even with the best of intentions.

At the end of the night, I just had to hope that Peter would wait until he at least had a steady paycheck. Me and Delaney were married at thirty-two, and didn’t have Meg and Peter until we were thirty-six. Plenty of time.

For Halloween, Lauren came home to stay for the weekend. She seemed distracted, like she had a decision to make and not sure what to do.

I had her help me rake, hoping we could discuss what was on her mind, but she wouldn’t open up.

Delaney tried after her run, Lauren just yawned obnoxiously, and had an attitude.

I think Lauren regretted being rude to her Mom. When she’s ready to graduate college, I don’t think Delaney will be on the phone begging her to move back home.

She did volunteer to get Lizzie ready for trick or treating. She wanted to be a mermaid, but Lauren did her own thing with the face paint.

Lizzie did not like it, she said it didn’t look like a seashell, though we all thought it did.

Without her siblings living at home, Lizzie is much like an only child. She plays well alone, she sits where she wants at the table, doesn’t have to worry about someone drinking her grape juice, or stealing her candybar. So when one of the older three come to visit, she usually has some type of tantrum, just because she doesn’t know how to handle sharing things, especially with big siblings that do what they want.

I was able to calm her down when we finally hit the pavement for some trick or treating. She’s only seven, lots of time to learn how to handle situations, and herself.

I will miss taking her trick or treating in a few years, when she wants to go with friends only. There’s something nice about having her so late in life, neither of us are worried about raising her right, they seem to just grow up to be themselves irregardless of our opinion. We can enjoy Lizzie’s stages in a way that we couldn’t before with so many strong personalities, and trying to do the ‘right thing’ that society pressured on us.

The only complaint, is that there is no end in sight to working long hours, to pay for her college that won’t be here for another eleven years. Winning the lottery would be awfully nice, but instead I might need to work on a promotion, and put more effort into my career.

Notes: Jared is still a horoscope writer, he has not had a promotion in ages, while Delaney is the top of the cuisine career since Meg and Peter were young teens. They have been on opposite shifts forever pretty much, and Jared has raised all the kids, while Delaney was off being “Top Chef” at work.

I had wanted Delaney to open a restaurant, but she’s about to be sixty, and has no one to pass it down to. I think she will roll a retirement want quickly after her birthday. All four of their kids have different hobbies: art, film, sports, and tinkering, and none were decided or changed by me. Jared is a tinkerer too, so him and Lizzie literally spend hours on the train, and reading the hobby magazine. If Delaney had a kid with cuisine, then I might have done a family restaurant.

The school’s Dinner Sale earned $3283 which I used to add in more playground equipment. Now there shouldn’t be such long lines to play. Will hear a bit more about Lauren in the next update, though it won’t be her point of view, she’ll be there.

Peter did roll the want to marry Elise, and she is pretty cute (she was a townie), but I literally just decorated his apartment, and she already has one too… and Peter doesn’t have a job. I’m thinking I’ll put him in an Illustrator career.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “under the flower

  1. I absolutely love the fact you called Cesar, Ella’s dad. I actually squealed lol! Much better than her sperm donor father.

    Elisa is cute! All I could think was how her and Peter’s kids would look like. But that’s me, always trying to pair off sims and make them breed lol.

    1. I struggled for what Delaney would call Cesar, I didn’t think she’d know his name, and she wouldn’t even know about Ella’s paternity, so I thought that worked. I’m often called the mom of my kids, haha. Elise is pretty, I like her eyes, they remind me of a friend in our last state we lived in, and Peter isn’t too terrible, he was such an ugly swan as a teen, pimply, overweight, and awkward. And I totally think about babies and genetic looks too! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Maisie, I could identify with Jared about the “younger talent.” (being able to excel quickly). It is disappointing that none of the children share Delaney’s cooking enthusiasm, it would have been fun to have a family restaurant. I hope she’s able to retire soon.

    The dinner to go event looks like it was a fair amount of work for Delaney and for you, setting it up; it was a really neat idea and I’m glad they’ll have money for new playground equipment.
    I love the look Delaney was giving Elise about sports marketing.

    Now I am wondering if Peter is going to be able to make it as a comics writer, and if his parents will come around to his chosen line of work. I see what you mean about Meg’s interest in film not being something her parents would approve of her pursuing, like Bea’s parents do.

    Millwood does look so beautiful in the fall, it looks like it was a beautiful evening for trick-or-treat, and I’m glad Jared was able to help Lizzie calm down. They seem to understand each other well. This is such a cool family, with a journalist, a top chef, and the grown children are really fascinating people too.

    1. Jared is a great Dad, though he could have used a stronger parenting technique on Lauren, this is my only household that had all three kids throwing tantrums nonstop, before Lizzie came along. The problem for Peter is that I don’t have a career for him, I ether need to find one, or make one. I think I will make an Illustration career, cause that could include comics as well, and Meg is going to be my screenwriter, with the comic on the side. I don’t think his parents mid what he does, as long as he does something. And they don’t think he should get married while still unemployed.

      I was totally shocked that Delaney and Elise were so negative with each other! I think Delaney really babies Peter, and maybe she partially doesn’t want another woman in his life. But they raised all their kids to do what they want, sometimes to their child’s detriment in the case of Lauren, so I don’t think Peter will let his parents opinion deter him from Elise and his goals.

      Millwood for trick or treating always makes me miss fall, it almost happened this time, but we just had snow again, so I am not ready for no freaking cold weather or snow.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. All their kids are so unique. I have to second that comment about Peter; he was was rather dumpy and awkward as a teen, but he’s cleaned up nicely. I’m glad he seems to be in a much better relationship too, but I agree that a spouse is not what you need when unemployed. Delaney isn’t helping either; Elise doesn’t look like the type to baby him the way she is.

    I’ve been thinking about the selling dinner thing, kind of like Boston Market (unless that’s just an east coast US thing) as a business for my Nate. Was it hard?

    LIzzie will be ok, once she realizes that life is all about not always getting your way. She looks like she’ll be the most even tempered of them all, though Meg is doing well too (but that girl really needs more friends).

    1. Peter really did clean up nicely, I didn’t know what I was going to do with him! But now I’m excited to play him. I don’t see Elise babying him, you are right. She isn’t worried about money though ether, she makes a decent amount, and probably assumes that Peter will land on his feet soon.

      Oh Boston Market! We used to have one when I was in high school, it went out of business, but it was tasty the few times we ate there. That would be a great shop! Meg is doing well, and she was a tantrum throwing teen, but she’s rather shy, so she doesn’t get into too many difficult situations. I think Lizzie will be even tempered too, with her tinkering and mechanical mind, I imagine her taking things with a logic approach.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  4. Jared reminds me of Owen, career-wise! I forget what he was stuck at in the Law career for so long but it was whatever is below Personal Injury Attorney. I couldn’t believe it when he rolled the want to earn a skill point, after all that lack of interest!

    Lizzie is a cutie! I can see her becoming a little spoiled, being a sort-of-only-child who is used to getting her way. I actually see that a bit with only kids at work, especially the ones with older parents, for some reason.

    The dinner sale fundraiser was such a great idea! I haven’t started doing taxes and funding and stuff again for my hood (waiting until next round, when every family will finally be moved in) but I’m going to have to keep it mind to raise money for smaller sorts of projects.

    Have we heard what’s on Lauren’s mind yet? I feel so behind with all my blogs and I’m not sure if I missed it or not, if so.

    It’s a shame Elise and Delaney don’t get along so well, if Peter is really considering marriage! He is very young but then again, plenty of people have married younger and made it work. So I’m not sure what I think of Peter wanting to get married just yet. No harm in waiting though, right?

    1. Owen! Yes! I remember you having a sim that didn’t roll for skills, and was stagnant in their career, I couldn’t remember who. I thought it was crazy that Jared’s just settled, but he had so much on his plate with raising all the kids, that he probably just wanted to roll for things like nanny, and early-bedtime if possible.

      Yes, only children do get spoiled, or in Lizzie’s situation too, and totally agree on the older parents too. My middle daughter makes friends with only children ALL the time!

      Lauren and her decision are in the Julia’s university update that is live now. She had some wants that I imagined she’d be mulling over.

      Peter is such a silly guy, he just wants to marry these blond girls he dates, as soon as they date. If Paige were still around in his life, he’d probably want to marry her too. I don’t mind some getting married young though, I just don’t want him to have any kids, because I really like his one bedroom apartment, and he’s running out of money to afford his place while he waits for a job, so he can’t afford a wedding.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  5. I always love seeing other’s halloweenpictures! It always seems like so much fun. I never do them though, because I wasn’t raised with it myself, it’s only came here the last couple of years, and even though I like seeing simpictures of it, I’m not a big halloween-fan myself 🙂

    I kind of like it that this family had Lizzie so late in life. She’s going to be a little bit spoiled I guess, but that’s ok. She a cute kid, I bet she’s going to break many hearts when she’s older.

    I loved the fund raiser! It’s such a great idea! Reading Carla’s comment, made me realise I haven’t done taxes for quite some time now, wonder how come… anyway it’s a great idea for smaller projects, I might steal this from you.

    1. When I was a kid, I thought Halloween was celebrated everywhere, its still surprising to me to see that it’s still spreading, and that adults frown on it. It’s such a part of autumn to me, and one of my favorite holidays, heck I love holidays, but I couldn’t imagine not having it!

      I like that Lizzie came late in life too. It will be weird for me to have elder parents with a child! But I’m still, crazily excited about it at the same time. I just see so many older parents in the cities we live in, most are really career oriented cities, that couples waited until their forties and up to have families.

      I haven’t done taxes ether, which is why we needed a fundraiser. I am going to do them soon, just wanted to play each household before I took from them.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  6. I love the trick or treating shots! Your hood looks so nice.
    I’ve got sims like that, who stay on the same career level forever because they have no interest in skilling. I guess it’s kind of realistic, plenty of people just want a job and are not ambitious.
    The dinner sale fundraiser is a great idea!

    1. It is realistic, most people I know in life don’t amount to much career wise, so you are very right. Jared was probably just too exhausted raising all these emotional girls while his wife worked second shift, to even care about getting a creative skill. Trick or treating was fun to stage pictures of, it’s my favorite time of year, so I like to set it up in Millwood.

      Thanks for commenting Jane!

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