Round 8 Summary; Round 9 ROS

Round 8 Summary

Round 8 Story Index Here.

Births: 3 (Mallory Traver, Tyson Siew, and Hatty Andersen) – plus 2 pnpc babies – Domenico Pacelli, & Diego Martinez

Deaths: 1 (Annie Carver)

Engagements: 0

Marriages: 1 (Marshal and Lorelei Krouse)

Break-ups: 3 (Oliver and Meg, Erin and Colin, and Hadley and Chad)

High School Graduations: 1 (Julia Millett)

College Graduations: 2 (Meg and Peter Schehl)

New residents: 2 (Marshal Krouse and Cesar Gonzales)

Total population: 90 (39 boys, 51 girls) (+4 growth)

Babies: 2
Toddlers: 4
Children: 17
Teens: 16
College: 5
Adults: 37
Elders: 9


Round 9 ROS
1. Bonus for a job well done: Add d100x10 ($600)
2. Teen Rebellion- Have a teen play plenty of pranks and give them a drastic makeover. Have them pick a fight with a sibling or parent. Sneak out past curfew at least once.
3. “White Wedding”- For 2 sims, they’ve gone and done it now, 2 unmarried sims of Going Steady relationship level or lower are now expecting and her family is insistent that he do right by her. They have to get married before the baby comes.
4. Pneumonia
5. Adult Education: Adult Sims must go to college. Deduct from funds for tuition.
6. Can I keep him – Sim Kid brings home a new puppy/kitten
7. Field Trip: All the students are going to visit a community lot or work place.

Notes: The White wedding was very serendipitous, excited for another wedding! Really excited for some of that teen crowd to join the college kids, seven of them are juniors right now, so very soon! No planned deaths for this round, so hopefully everyone can manage to come out alive. Round 10 will begin a wave of deaths though unfortunately, will lose 6 sims in the span of 4 years, so enjoy the quiet. I’m pretty excited about the Adult Education too! I don’t know that they will change careers, but maybe go to learn more about their chosen profession.

Thank you to everyone that has read and those that take time to comment, means the world to me! Can’t believe we are about to embark on round 9! This June will be 5 years of blogging Millwood, and that is all thanks to you guys for encouragement and inspiration over the years. So thank you to each and everyone of you!

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6 thoughts on “Round 8 Summary; Round 9 ROS

  1. Wow! I’m glad you’re happy about the White Wedding one – I guess it had the potential to be something you weren’t so thrilled about! Pneumonia is a bit scary though. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that in my game.

    And you have ROS I don’t have! Once I get around to doing ROS again, I’ll have to add them in. 🙂

    1. The White wedding could have been, but I’m totally thrilled! You’ll see why when it comes up. I bet you will be excited with the couple too. 🙂 Pneumonia is really hard to cure… and I think it says no soup and quick fixes for 3 days, which I didn’t put on the post. I hope they don’t die from it.

      I didn’t realize you weren’t doing ROS, just figured we weren’t on any houses with them. Borrow away! Most of mine already are!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Some interesting ROS you have next round!
    I’m really looking forward to see most of them, but the white wedding and the teen rebelion are the ones I’m morst interested in seeing.

    You some things I don’t have in my ROS, or didn’t think about at all, I might have to have another look at my ROS file 🙂

    1. I need to find some hair to fit the teen rebellion, I think it needs to get some wild color added to the crazy hairstyle. Probably need some new teen clothes too, my clothes are my pretty skint. I cannot wait until the wedding one!

      I totally understand not knowing if you already have something in your ROS file, I honestly don’t remember the white wedding, or teen rebellion being there until they popped up. I have over 100 scenarios, and only a few do I recall.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

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