time cannot erase

november 2022
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Lauren Schehl (20 years), Alice London (20 years), Rosabella Steinman (20 years), Brooklyn Lange (20 years), Julia Millett (19 years)

narrated by: Julia

It’s my second year at Eastborough, and it’s just starting to feel like I belong here. My Freshmen year was difficult, I missed my family, and felt guilty for not missing them enough, especially Nolan. I’m trying to really throw myself into the college experience this year, I’m still studying to be a journalist. It’s always been my goal, but I sort of lost my desire after Nolan was born. I’ve gotten it back though, and my dorm mate Brooklyn has been part of the reason.

She keeps me motivated, and includes me in her activities, so I can’t just spend my life worrying that I don’t feel something enough. And then I have my sister Hadley, she doesn’t worry about my academics, because she’s doing terrible with her Biology major, and she’s got to get into medical school next year.

She doesn’t think she will get into medical school, and is falling apart with anxiety. I’m glad that my chosen career is easier to get into, if anything I can write the horoscope section. As a sophomore, I got to apply for the school paper, and actually got accepted. This alone will help me get my foot in the door when I graduate.

Xander is the editor, and while he chose me to be on the paper, he is pretty stoic towards me. I don’t know if it is just his personality, or if he’s always like this.

At first I was nervous coming into the newsroom and having a desk. I didn’t know where to start, or how to professionally write an article other than my high school class, and last years classes. But now it’s my favorite place to be on campus. I come in early, and make a pot of coffee for those that follow.

Next to my desk is a rather cute guy, Cabot. He’s a junior, and even though his face looks like a moon, much akin to Reese Witherspoon on the side, I still find him adorable.

He seems friendly, introduced himself to me when I was first started on the paper, even gave me tips for pleasing the editor.

Last year I only had Alice and Brooklyn for friends, but now it seems like I’m branching out. I feel like I can finally exhale, and everything won’t implode on me.

One night, after working especially late, Cabot asked me out for dinner. I have never been on an actual, honest to goodness date, ever. It might seem silly, but it really was a memorable moment for me, just being asked.

I don’t know the protocol with this though, does one simply say, ‘hey I’m from a small town, I have a kid in preschool back home, but don’t worry, he’s more like a brother to me?’ I decided to not tell him anything about Nolan, or my ex Isaac. It seemed too dramatic for a first date.

But I think that if I have to tell him someday, that he won’t be too freaked out over it, he doesn’t seem like a jerk. And I always should have known that Isaac was, after all he was dumped by Hadley, then suddenly liked me? Not likely.

The entire evening was pretty dreamy, but now I’m scared about the paper, and what if it meant nothing to him, or we do date then break up. I hope that I’m not being naive as my Mom always says I am. I don’t want to talk to them about Cabot though, so maybe that’s a sign that it is?

Brooklyn is on the paper too, though she’s planning to be a teacher and doesn’t need the experience. She happened to see me and Cabot leave together and demanded details while we studied at the Quad.

I tested out the story on them, and they squealed in all the proper places. I never had that ether. Makes me think it’s not such a bad idea to date a nice guy.

I still had no intention of telling my parents about him though, there didn’t seem to be any reason. I also didn’t think it would ever come up, but Mom and Dad came out to campus to take me and Hadley for dinner, and there he was, waiting to be seated. They were busy with Hadley, who was working up the nerve to tell them she may flunk her senior year, so I went to give Cabot a warning to ignore me.

Of course Dad saw us talking, and was instantly on red alert. I think they plan to boss me around the rest of my life, I’m surprised they even let me attend university.

Dad introduced himself, while Mom shot daggers at the side of his head. They hate him already, and they don’t even know him. It’s so unfair. We’ve only kissed, once!

When Cabot walked past for his tea time reservation, Dad took his turn at a stabbing glare. I know Hadley isn’t dating anyone right now, but no one freaked out when she first dated Isaac, or when she went with Chad. I never want to live in small Millwood again, if only I could get rid of my parents and their small-town mind.

Hadley kept the conversation on me the entire evening, never confessing that she might have to repeat her senior year. Real nice sis.

I love my sister, but I hate her too. She’s so chummy with Dad, a total Daddy’s girl, and she’s such a bitch sometimes. I don’t get how I became the bad egg in the family for eternity from one mistake. It’s not like anyone complains about Nolan now that he’s here.

When we left the restaurant, Dad tried giving me some speech about how I need to focus on just me, and learn who I am, and follow my sister’s lead. The entire thing was too much to handle, sure I want to be my sister, a bully who is flunking school. I guess flunking is better then teen pregnancy.

I didn’t throw Hadley under the bus, because I have to live near her, and I’m not really mad at her. I’m mad at my parents for not seeing that I’m in college now, that I’m trying to make wise choices, and that one day, I will date again, because I’m not a nun.

Later, I vented to Brooklyn, but found she was having her own issues. She saw Lauren making out with infamous Isaac down in the lobby.

I told her she has to tell Alice, and let her decide how to handle the situation. None of us are friends with Lainey, I think she hated me for getting pregnant, and Brooklyn just didn’t have much in common with her.

Alice wasn’t happy to hear the news. She had a falling out with Lainey over this exact thing, and feels that she should tell her friend. But we all know that Lainey could take it as a lie, and accuse Alice of pettiness or worse, jealousy.

She decided she would text it to her, and we all knew it was a cowardly way to do it, none of us were going to shame her over it though. I figure, she didn’t have to tell Lainey at all, so texting is better than nothing. Of course, Lainey didn’t text back. I can’t wait until Isaac graduates, and I’m completely done with him.

Notes: Isaac failed his senior year, so he’s still on campus. And him and Lauren kissing was a total shock to me!! It was 100% acr. If I hadn’t looked downstairs at that moment, I would have missed it entirely and never realized. Lauren did have wants for Isaac when she showed up at her parents house, I think she was mulling over taking action for her feelings or worrying how her ex-friends might feel if she did. As usual, boys win out.

Cabot totally has a Reese Witherspoon profile, but Julia really likes him, and seemingly vice versa. He’s a college townie, I just grabbed random ones to work the newspaper, and they happened to have some chemistry.

For Julia, I see her as a young girl, with a romantic heart. I think she fits well in a small town, because they tend to get married quickly, and start a family. I think Julia would have liked that, if she could have had a dream. But getting pregnant at 15 really screwed that up, and small town mentality has made it bitter for her. I see her as naive, even when she tries to not be, and if this was TS3, she’d be a hopeless romantic. She doesn’t sense bad motives like Isaac, or generally think bad of others. So her parents being concerned about her dating college boys, is slightly warranted, but they go about it the wrong way.

And I totally LOL’d at Grant glaring at Cabot as he walked past the table! That was hilarious, and totally unexpected! I didn’t put Cabot on the lot, he was just there, wanting to get some tea.

Alice – 3.0
Brooklyn – 3.3
Julia – 2.9
Lauren – 2.7
Rosabella – 3.3

Julia’s previous update/ Alice & Lauren’s previous update/Alice’s next update/Lauren’s next update

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15 thoughts on “time cannot erase

  1. I am so happy to see Julia enjoying college more. She has had a really rough about 4 years. It is so hard seeing her feeling that she can’t please her parents and with Isaac being so cruel (I just read the updates on her since she found out she was expecting Nolan). It would be fine with me if Isaac flunks out of college and is miserable for a while. Hadley was not being very supportive either, at the restaurant! Anyway, maybe this college paper job will help Julia find some success and happiness. Great update! (BTW, I was impressed with the college paper office and its funny you said you sort of threw it together. It looks great!)

    1. Her freshman year I was terrified she’d flunk out! I’m glad she is enjoying it and applying herself more too. I really like Julia’s story, so I’m happy that you read it and caught up. I have a few that have really come together that I’m pleased with, and hers is one. I would be fine with Isaac flunking out, but he doesn’t. Darn right.

      Hadley is not the most supportive, she likes to give Julia a hard time, but doesn’t allow anyone else to… sort of “I can mess with my sister, but no one else can.” And Hadley doesn’t fail at things, so I imagine a lot of trauma in coming out to her parents that are paying her education, that she flunked her senior year.

      Thanks on the campus paper, I really did throw it together, I wanted to get her involved in it since it’s her major, and have TONS of unfinished lots on campus now, since I ditched all their CC. So I just threw it onto one of those.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I can see Isaac becoming like Wooderson in Dazed and Confused (Matthew McConaughey’s character), only for college instead of high school. He’s years out of school but he hangs around for the girls anyway and is a total creeper. What a mess Isaac is leaving behind him everywhere he goes! If he ever wants to straighten himself out, he’s going to have a hell of a reputation to contend with. Yeesh. Bad taste, Lauren!

    But aw, I was glad to see Julia meet someone else, even if it hasn’t developed into anything yet. It’s a good idea to take it slow anyway. It would be nice if her parents would give Cabot a chance but at the same time, I can totally understand why they’re nervous for her.

    I can’t believe Hadley is flunking! Do you have a system for figuring out who goes to medical school or do they get to go as long as they graduate or…? It kind of killed me a little bit to hear Grant talking Hadley up like that, little does he know. Julia is doing pretty great for herself.

    1. Oh yes!!! So funny! I think you are right on that Isaac could be like Wooderson, and if he keeps it up with Lauren, then he really will be hanging around campus too. Such a schmuck. I was impressed by him staying true to Lainey so long, but now I wonder if I just missed him fooling around, because I nearly missed him this time. I hadn’t even invited him to their dorm, he was just there, doing his own thing. Lauren is so emotionally driven, and impulsive… I’m afraid she’s going to wreck her life.

      Cabot is adorable, and I think he’s a family sim even, so her parents don’t have to worry too much. I only know he is NOT a romance sim! I can see why her parents don’t like him though, they just want their daughter to get her education, learn who she is and apply herself to bettering her education and own person, instead of worry about boys. But Julia has to live a little too.

      Grant has always had a blind eye toward Hadley, along with Norma. Leah has always been softer towards Julia, but primarily favored Simon, mostly because Norma doesn’t like Simon. Leah would have benefited from not living with her inlaws her entire adult life, but they’re all getting older now, too late to move out, not that Grant would hear of it. Mama’s boy that one!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Cabot is really cute!! I hope Julia goes on another date with him. I think they would make a cute couple. Hopefully her parents will lighten up a little. She’s in college now and is bound to date – she can’t be a hermit just because she made some mistakes as a teen.

    I really likes the newspaper office. It looks great. Do you have any other “clubs” or the like for students to join? I’ve been toying around with the idea as a way to get students to meet other people. I was thinking a college newspaper or magazine, maybe a sports team, music/band, etc. I’d be interested in hearing your ideas!

    1. I think they’d make a cute couple too. I’m hoping when I pop in with Julia later on that she has some wants for him, to keep things going. I think her parents will lighten up once she’s regained their trust. Having a boyfriend, and keeping her grades up, will ease their worries… though with Hadley flunking, that might make them more apprehensive. They are paying these college bills after all.

      For campus, I want to have a club for each major, book club for english students, and I want something similar for my high school kids. I loved being in clubs, and it helps my kids get to know one another better. So far I have the Astronomy Club for high schoolers, and the Campus Paper for college, but I’m dealing with a lot of philsophy majors right now, and have no clue what club they’d be in! I hope to have it more set up by the time I get to colleges again.

      Thanks for commenting Ashland!

  4. I was wondering how much of the restaurant scene was staged and how much of it was true reaction. Julia needn’t worry; if Hadley does fail, Grant and Leah will definitely find out! Cabot seems like a nice guy. I’m rooting for her.

    1. I was seriously thrilled that Grant glared at Cabot, and that he snap-judged him. I also loved that when Grant tried giving Julia a pep talk, that she got mad and walked off. Makes me think the “good girl who parent-pleases” might be stepping into herself more.

      Yes, her parents will definitely know that Hadley flunked her senior year, they have to pay the bill. I just hope she can get her GPA up to do medical school… otherwise I don’t know what I will do with her. And Cabot does seem nice, I really like him, he was totally unplanned too. I like when that happens.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  5. Ugh, Issac. What a slime! I hope Lainey takes the girls’ news as anything but pettiness or jealousy. It’s hard to say since she seems so smitten.

    I can’t believe lucky-in-life Hadley is flunking school. I can’t wait to see what happens to her and what her parents say when it all out in the open. It’s kind of mean but at least it will take the pressure off of Julia for a bit and she might be able to breathe for a second.

    I have to agree about Cabot being gorgeous. I love his face. A default replacement? I’m toying around with some I’ve seen so I’m always on the lookout. They always make for interesting looking sims, even if they are just townies.

    1. Lucky-in-life Hadley… such a perfect description. I couldn’t believe it ether. It should take some pressure off of Julia, but I think they will be even more concerned about her grades than they are currently. But Hadley will be sharing that burden with her, at least for one more year.

      Cabot is a default face replacement, I downloaded all of Izza’s beautiful people set, and then picked through for which ones I wanted. – http://sims-by-izza.livejournal.com/80564.html I like having interesting sims in the background, especially since my current generations don’t have enough of the opposite sex to pair off. My current high school students and from now on, should be okay for mostly marrying my sims, which I’m excited about!

      Thanks for commenting Choco!

  6. I’m so happy Julia found some one new, even though it’s not serious at the moment. I think it’s good she’s taking things slow for now. I get her parent’s feelings, but it would be nice if they cut her some slack.
    Poor Julia at that diner, hearing all those good things about Hadley, knowing she’s flunking! And Hadley keeping her mouth shut wasn’t the nicest thing to do!
    Isaac sure it getting around, it semes. I hope he and Lauren are just a one-time-thing…

    1. Agree, that it’s good she is taking it slow. Only a kiss, and a date, it’s all very sweet. Lauren and Isaac dated while Julia was pregnant, then he dumped her for Lainey, so it’s been a bit of a love triangle for a few years now. But I don’t think Lainey will go back to that guy, so Lauren is free to have him, as long as he is still interested. I feel bad for Lauren, she’s just so emotional and impulsive, she lost all of her friends over Isaac in high school, and now she’s back with him… worried about her.

      Hadley doesn’t want to let anyone know that she has weakness, and flunking out of school is a weakness and failure. It will come out, but I think her parents will be even more invested in their daughters’ school grades. Which Julia may not appreciate ether.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  7. Aw, I hate that Julia’s family is still giving her a hard time. Sure, it wasn’t the best situation and it could have been avoided, but that doesn’t mean she should be Public Enemy #1 forever! “Finding herself” is going to be impossible if her parents to continue to remind her of her past mistakes, sigh.

    Hopefully Julia will still find some room to breathe and grow. Hadley certainly isn’t helping, but then again, I didn’t really expect her to. Throwing your sibling under the bus to avoid your own confrontations seems pretty par-for-course when it comes to that dynamic, lol.

    1. Love “public enemy #1” totally made me laugh. I think that her parents are about to find a new focus to stress over, with Hadley’s academic probation. Though I do think they’ll be more interested in Julia’s grades from it, it won’t be a spotlight anymore.

      Hadley, help… only if someone else is attacking her sister. They aren’t the closest sisters in my game, but they do care for each other. Hadley has matured in age, so I’m sure that will continue, but flunking out when parents are flipping the bill would take some courage to confess, especially when you’ve got the praise.

      I think if Hadley makes it to be a doctor, that Morgan will really whip her into shape! I’m looking forward to her residency, so she better not flunk!

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

  8. Okay, I get Julia’s parents but still lighten up. She made one mistake, let her figure out life for her own. She’s going to screw up a bit more before she gets things sorted out. But it was hilarious to watch both of them glaring at Cabot. His a nice looking sim, I love his hair and sideburns. I’m rooting for them to work out. And I want Issac to get ran over by a bus. In a perfect sim world that would happen!

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