worship me

november 2022
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Isaac Gavigan (22 years), Hadley Millett (21 years), Lainey Grimsley (21 years), Chad Sumner (20 years)

narrated by: Lainey

Alice text that she witnessed Isaac making out with Lauren, his ex-girlfriend. I confronted Isaac, who said it was all lies and that Alice was jealous of our relationship. It didn’t seem like something she’d do, but then we weren’t exactly talking. I kept my eye on Isaac, it seemed when we went to Duffy’s campus bar, Lauren was always around. If Isaac saw me come in the back room, he’d shove Lauren away.

It seemed fishy, ether she really couldn’t get a hint, or he was playing me. It started messing with my head, so I asked him again, and he was livid. He accused me of being a nag, and killing our relationship.

He was mean and hateful, and more like the guy that Alice and Julia had painted him to be. I wondered if I had known him at all, or if it had all been a farce.

It didn’t completely sink in until I walked into Duffy’s on a Friday night and they had claimed the back corner for a for public display of affection. I wanted to hide in the bathroom the entire time until they left, but just hid in a booth where they couldn’t see me.

After they left, I got a beer, and had a crazy-lady meltdown. The guy next to me had probably thought I was a normal girl before hand. Leave it to me to make any situation awkward.

He didn’t seem to mind, which probably meant that he thought I was an easy target. I was not going to be fooled by that, I would spend my evening drinking my feelings away.

Unfortunately, he was patient, and spent the evening by my side, dancing, and even kissing me. I wouldn’t say he wanted to get me drunk, but he didn’t step in to stop my actions.

The fog seemed to wear off in my dorm room, and while I pushed him away at first, I did end up sleeping with him. I wasn’t drunk at the time, I wanted to move forward from Isaac, and not have him be my only.

Everything is a mess, I feel foolish to believe a boy over my best friend, we played together when we were toddlers! And knowing that my parents would be thrilled with this news, and how ridiculous I must have looked to them over Christmas, declaring my love like a buffoon.

Everywhere I go, there is Lauren and Isaac, kissing, goosing, and giggling, likely about me. Minor Hall has never seemed so small, and I don’t know how Hadley handled it all these years.

Surprisingly, it has opened an opportunity for me and Hadley to become friends, a common enemy and all. She used to make me cry and bully me when I was in middle school, but she’s mellowed over the years, and I’ve grown into myself.

She freaking hates Isaac still, but now she just ignores him. She doesn’t want him to know that he has any power over her, and has given me advice on how to pull off the devil-may-care attitude. It also means that I have someone to hang out with and talk to in the dorm, so I’m not just alone all the time, and looking pathetic.

I did call Alice, and we made up. I’ve been a jerk to her so many times over the years, and she always accepts me back. I hope I don’t take her for granted again, or get so caught up with a boy that I lose track of myself and who my friends are.

I’m helping her with her studies, she changed majors at the end of her junior year, instead of drama she is studying psychology. She has years of work to make up if she wants to graduate on time.

I’m assuming Alice mentioned that we were hanging out to her parents, because lo, my Mom shows up on campus asking me out for coffee. I didn’t know she knew, otherwise I would have feigned sickness.

Naturally, she said she was so sorry for my heartache, and that I would find someone better. She also mentioned that I had plenty of time to worry about boys. I think parents get a booklet on what to say in these situations, it all sounds trite. I know that they are doing the happy dance, my parents hated him just because he got Julia pregnant. Which now that we aren’t together, I’d say his response to that pregnancy is a pretty giant character flaw.

I hate that I could have been so naive, and girl-in-love over him. What was I thinking? I’m taking Hadley’s advice on ignoring Isaac wholly, and putting my spare time into my studies.

Other than helping Alice, I’m also helping Hadley. I think I should have signed up to be a professional tutor, gotten some extra spending money. Unlike Alice, Hadley doesn’t stand a chance to graduate at the end of the school year. She’s fallen majorly behind in some medical concepts that are imperative to her senior year.

Everyone is gearing up for finals, and stressed to the maximum. I’ve even begun to befriend Chad, who I majorly crushed on all through high school, but Hadley nabbed. His parents wanted him to go into law, but he didn’t know what he wanted, so he’s landed in a Philosophy major. It’s not that hard, but he isn’t motivated for it, since he doesn’t even know what he’d do with the major.

We study for hours, then unwind with a computer game. They’re all dated, but it’s still better than sitting in my room alone, or wandering campus. I’m avoiding Duffy’s, I don’t want to run into the blond guy I slept with, or see anymore of Isaac and Lauren then I must.

One afternoon, Chad tried to lean in and kiss me. My freshman year, I would have swooned, declared love, and imagined myself living blissfully ever after.

But not after Isaac. I need time to recover from the heartbreak, and this is my last year at college, and I’m going to focus on my studies. If I work hard enough, I can nab a position in my career, and skip the entry level garbage. Here’s to a brighter future, without Isaac living down the hall. Please, don’t let him move into the same apartment complex as me this summer.

Notes: Chad tried kissing Lainey and Hadley, and Hadley tried kissing Chad, all kisses were rejected. And while Lainey did sleep with Lance (RA of Linden Dorm), she rejected him later on. So I’m letting her just focus on herself, seems like something she’d do. I really was surprised that Isaac had wormed his way into her heart.

Chad and Isaac are both philosophy careers, I don’t have any plans for them. Hadley failed and is on academic probation, so she will not graduate this year with everyone else. This dorm will be completely empty after this year, with only Perla Martinez entering college (possibly). Hadley will be moving into her medical school rental in Eastborough (she better get in!). My medical school (and graduate students) will need to stay on campus for that portion of their education. In USA, medical school is 4 years, then residency, which will take place in South Port under Morgan’s guidance. She will have several papers to write, and skills to gain, I haven’t narrowed them down yet, will look at the skills required in the medicine field to decide. She also needs to get a 3.5 GPA, and three hobby points in science.

And Lainey is going to be an oceanographer, she matches it perfectly. Originally I thought about doing something with psychology, or social service, but I’ve found Alice and Caitlyn that match those careers perfectly, so Lainey can do her true dream now. One day I will have a place for her to work….

Chad – Philosophy- 3.7
Hadley (Probation) Biology – 3.4
Isaac – Philosophy 2.6
Lainey – Biology – 3.2

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “worship me

  1. Wow, glad they’re not together but still heartbroken over her getting hurt. I’m surprised at her sleeping with the RA though you did a good job explaining it, it just didn’t seem like her…but then again, it didn’t seem like her to date Isaac

    1. Lainey has always been quite serious, and reserved, that I think she finally had her teen rebellion, just in college. She’s tried on some different personalities, and decisions, and grown a lot of these past few years. I think she will be stronger for it in the real world, but I was quite surprised she slept with the RA, she’s always been quite prudish, though she wasn’t with Isaac. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Focusing on herself for a while is probably a good idea. I’m glad things ended with him but I’m sorry that it had to happen the way it did, with the evidence of Isaac’s jerkiness slapping Lainey in the face like that. I hope Lainey can remember what a total asshole Isaac is, if ever he comes crawling back.

    AND I am really glad to see her making up with Alice! I hate when boys come between girls – it happens too often!

    I was going to ask you in the last update if you had any criteria for medical school, so I’m glad you’ve given us a rundown here. I probably won’t use it for Tim (he’s already done, technically) but I’ll have to consider it in the future. πŸ™‚

    I’ve never had a sim who matched Oceanography. Victoria is in it but mostly randomly. Edward is also in it but only because it’s his LTW! I’ll be interested to see how Lainey goes with it though, post-graduation. πŸ™‚

    1. I couldn’t believe that Lainey matched it at all, I always felt no one would, because these are odd “Animals, Environment, Weather” but she has those, and the rest of the criteria. I really should make that aquarium…

      I’m wanting to do medical school with focuses, I’ll probably do a post about it once I’ve hammered down the details, but I want it to be catered to what type of doctor each wants to be.

      I really hope that Lainey and Isaac are done, forever. Please! I’m not surprised that Lauren took him back, but I’d be utterly shocked if Lainey ever did, and I don’t think it will happen, not in any foreseeable future. I was really glad for Lainey and Alice to make amends, Lainey isn’t the easiest person to be best friends with, she doesn’t always open up, and she doesn’t take critiquing well at all.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Oh, me too, I look forward to seeing how you develop both the medical school and the oceanography requirements. (Roxie Surfer loved nature, and wanted to be an oceanographer, but then she got pregnant as soon as she got to PSU, decided to marry Gordon Nott, and have several children, so I haven’t had a sim go into it. She went home and helped her family with their farm after graduating). Maybe Isaac will go nowhere with his philosopy degree and philandering ways…. Anyway, I felt so bad for Lainey, and was also so glad she made up with Alice too. The decorations in the dorm rooms were a feast for the eyes!

    1. I’ve only had one sim in Oceanography, and it was when I did a legacy challenge, never for this hood. I think I’ll do a post or at least a notes section on the medical school once I get it written out, right now it’s mostly in my mind without specific details, like X amount of skill points.

      Roxie Surfer is the perfect name for her chosen career, but I’m sure she was happy with her married life and kids too, sometimes that happens. I have no idea what will happen with Isaac, likely he will get a entry floor position, or work at one of my owned businesses.

      I adore decorating dorm rooms.. dorms themselves, not so much.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Poor Lainey, but she has been warned! It’s sad she had to find out this way, but I don’t think she would have learned any other way, since her friends told her enough, and she just continued dating Isaac.
    It’s a good thing she’s not dating at the moment, and focussing on her studies.
    I was glad to see her make up with Alice, I just hope that in the future she’ll take he advice as well!
    I do wonder if Isaac is ever going to change though…

    I don’t think it’s a surprise that I, as well, am very much looking forward to see how you develop your medical school!

    1. The nice thing about Lainey is that she doesn’t make snap judgements, she likes to learn lessons on her own, and see how people are without listening to others. In this case, Isaac really was a dirtbag, and she should have listened. I’m glad they are broken up, Lainey isn’t allowed birth control, and they were very friendly, often, and I was always terrified of a pregnancy!

      I hope that she will trust Alice’s opinions more, she doesn’t have to believe what everyone says, but she needs to not throw away friendships over disagreements. I had really thought Isaac might have changed, he was doing SO good with Lainey, no romantic wants for others, doing his studies… it’s like he tried to do better, then his true colors came out. I don’t know if he will ever change. He might join Max, the blond bartender, in the business of sleeping around.

      I will have to make a post on the medical school. I will try and get the details figured out and form my ideas into something concrete, then I’ll post it!

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  5. So glad to see Lainey free of Isaac, just wish it hadn’t been that way. At leas she’s free of him. Those crazy kids, always trying new hookups. Just focus on your studies! What a bunch of slackers. LOL

    1. Haha, they are a bunch of slackers, and very hormonal! They need some parental supervision I think. There was tons of ACR action, and rejections. But that’s part of college. I am with you, what a relief that Lainey and Isaac are d-o-n-e! I was afraid he’d knock her up, and she’d be stuck with him in her life.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  6. Oh, man! Once a snake, always a snake. It’s a shame she had to figure it out this way but it is also kind of the best way… see it first-hand without any chance of denying it. Now that she’s free of him, hopefully she’ll be better at picking dudes in the future. Speaking of which, seriously bad timing, Chad. Sheesh!

    SO glad she made up with Alice! Those two need to be friends. Hadley needs to get her crap together, too. College is not like high school at all, especially medical school! That shit is hard.

    1. I agree that it was the best way, now she shouldn’t have any doubts, and she has all the truth, no lies and twisted half-truths for her. I do hope she picks better guys, and I couldn’t believe Chad! These guys were a total soap opera!

      I am glad that Alice and Lainey are back to friendship status, Lainey isn’t the easiest person to be best friends with, so I’m glad that Alice has made other friends over the years. And yes, medical school would be insane, I couldn’t believe Hadley dropped the ball like that. She better do good, because I’m thrilled for her to be at the hospital!

      Thanks Mao!

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