winter birthdays 2022-2023

december 2022

Nadia and Luca are excited about their upcoming addition though it wasn’t planned. Luca didn’t expect to start parenthood before marriage, but he’s been a stand-in Dad for Kai since he was a toddler, and he is thrilled for the newest addition. Kai cannot wait to be a big brother, he doesn’t care if he has a sister or brother, he just wants someone to play with.

Emma and Chris have an ultrasound with Dr. Morgan, she felt Emma was measuring larger than usual for twelve weeks pregnant. To their surprise, they are expecting twins. Good thing they still have several months to get used to the idea of two newborns to care for. Emma is not impressed that Chris hadn’t gotten his vasectomy before all of this.

Rebecca and Quint’s youngest son celebrates his first birthday this winter. Tyson is the only Siew kid who inherited his Mom’s freckles. His big brother, Wyatt is thrilled to have a companion to play with toilet water with.

Matias and Isabella Martinez’s youngest son, Diego also celebrates his first birthday this winter season. He is nearly a spitting image of his older sister Perla when she was that age.

Notes: I am absolutely smitten with Tyson! What a cutie! I was thrilled when he rolled the freckles dna, he’s just too cute! Diego is definitely wonky looking right now, but he’s very much like his big sister Perla when he’s a teenager, so no worries.

The other day, I was seriously thinking how disappointing it was that I hadn’t had twins in a while (Marisol and Manuel are both 4 now). They seem to run in the family of Finn and Nicole, and the Traver’s. And lo, that same week Emma is pregnant and with twins! She is not who I would pick to have twins, but I’ll take it.

Sadly Nadia and Luca have zero chance of a red head, as Luca only has black hair DNA. Should still be cute though.

I’m very much looking forward to the babies, both are due in June 2023!

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10 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2022-2023”

  1. Kai is just adorable. He’s going to make a great big brother!! I love the looks on both Emma and Chris’ faces – priceless! You can totally tell they were NOT wanting to hear the word “twins” from dr. Morgan. Tyson is adorable! The freckles really add to his cuteness. Diego is also a cutie! I love seeing all the pregnancies and birthdays in your hood.

    1. Isn’t Kai just a doll! He’s like this totally sweet, innocent, doll. I agree, he will make a great big brother, and I really hope they have a girl, because I’ve had a girl name for Nadia for ages, and I really want to use it.

      Twins is like a nightmare word for Emma and Chris… the freckles really do add to Tyson’s look, their boys look like such little rough and tumble boys. I really enjoy birthdays and pregnancies, so I’m glad you enjoy them!

      Thank you for commenting Ashland!

  2. I think I forgot Nadia was pregnant but I’m so excited! How sweet is Kai listening to his mum’s belly? Gorgeous!

    Oh man, of all the people to end up with twins, it’s Emma and Chris! Wow, I am stunned! Just natural twins then, I take it?

    Tyson is so cute with his freckles! Love him! I can tell even without considering Perla that he’ll be fine as a toddler. He has some of the same weirdness that Austin did and that was gone completely by his teen years.

    1. You did forget, because you remarked at N99 I believe about them having a baby one day. But it was just a thrown in surprise from Emma’s update, because they ACR’d in Chris’ newly built car. I do love that photo of Kai with his Mom. I’m really just so happy for that little family.

      It was natural twins, and I was shocked. I kept thinking Grace might have twins at one point, and they would have been better equipped for it. It was why I made them buy a house, though they didn’t know, I knew they couldn’t stay in their two bedroom apartment with three kids.

      Austin is adorable, I think he is cuter than Diego will be, but he will not be stuck with those weird eyes as a teen, lol. I do adore Tyson, it’s funny because I didn’t love Scarlett immediately, but she’s one of my favorite teens, and I really like their boys, I think I like their features better on sons, they look like mess makers, and totally are.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Oh my goodness, Emma and Chris are having twins!!? that is going to be interesting. Tyson is really cute, and the freckles are like icing on the cake. I think Perla’s really cute too and I’m sure he’ll be handsome and distinctive as an adult. And of course, Kai is so sweet. I love that picture, as well as the one of Emma and Chris’ ultrasound.

    1. I know twins!! I’m still in shock and I’ve known a month now! I don’t know what they will do with twins, but I think I need to play them a second time this round just to see! Tyson is totally adorable, and agree, the freckles are icing! Kai is a doll, he’s such a sweet boy just like Luca. I really like that he has such a sensitive guy as a stand in Dad, instead of a guy like Colin… that would have crushed his sensitive spirit.
      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. I love that first shot of Kai hugging is mom’s belly! It’s so sweet!
    Too bad there’s no chance for a red head for Luca and Nadia, but I’m sure the baby will be cute anyway!

    So Emma is having twins, didn’t see that one comming! But neither did she looking at her face. I’m sure they’ll do great, they are already doing a great job with Chaz, so no worries 🙂

    Tyson is adorable, I love all those freckels on his face!
    Diego is wonky looking at the moment, but some sims just need to grow into their faces! I’m sure he’ll end up very cute!

    1. Thanks Tanja, I really like that photo of Kai and his Mom too. I am so bummed about no red head from them… But they could have a freckle skintone with black hair, and that’d be cute too. In my throw away hood, their kids were pretty cute, so I hope it holds true in this one.

      I did not see Emma having twins ether, I’m still adjusting to it.. From one kid to three… I didn’t expect her to have more than Chaz. I think she may regret this decision for the next four years until they are all in school. At least Chaz is older, and helpful.

      Yes, Diego should grow into his looks, and Tyson is adorable, I’m very happy with his genetics. To think I wasn’t a fan of theirs at first, and now I love all their kids.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

    1. Aww, glad you like Tyson, I was gushing too! I kept popping his photo up just to gush some more myself. Totally cute! I’m so happy they completed their family with two sons. I need to remember to frame that photo of Nadia and Kai, that’s a great idea! Thank you!!

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