Louie, Traver Family

time will tell

january 2023
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Erin Louie (30 years), Bethany Louie (26 years), Logan (6 years), Mallory (3 years)

narrated by: Erin

Living with my sister has brought new dilemmas forward that I never had to deal with when I was with Colin. I don’t think one problem is better or worse than another, just different. For instance, Bethany doesn’t have friends, not girl ones at any rate. I try to include her when mine are around, but it’s always a disaster.

Lorelei has sworn my sister off, she had allowed her to go to the bar with them, and Bethany just left with another guy without a word.

Nadia is more patient than Lorelei, though all of my friends are strong-dominant women. I started inviting Nadia over more when Bethany was home. The house seemed like a better place to make friends than a bar, but Bethany just irritates Nadia to no end. She’s always sprouting out her opinions on things she has no knowledge of, her latest was getting pregnant out of wedlock. My favorite was when she told Nadia that she looked huge already at four months pregnant, and that she’d never put on that much weight, especially for kids.

Nadia told me over lunch preparations that she didn’t want to spend anymore time with my sister, and hoped I wasn’t offended. Of course I wasn’t, Bethany’s only ever been popular amongst guys, and has always been hard for even me to handle. It was always compounded by the fact that my parents gave her anything and everything, from trips overseas to her college education. I went to state school, on my own dime.

I’m glad that none of my friends would ditch me because my sister is a brat. Logan and Kai are best buddies, and I’m hoping that her baby in June is a girl, I’d just love for Mallory to have a friend to play with.

The boys do fine tolerating Mallory for a while, then they are out in the cold to rough house, and shout more loudly, and escape Mallory’s grabby hands.

It pains me somedays, how much Mallory looks like her Dad. He was angry my entire pregnancy, and then lost it in the delivery room when they announced she was a girl. She doesn’t have her Dad’s temper though, Logan does, so it seems their appearances are opposite of their personalities in who they take after. I wonder sometimes, if Logan’s temper comes from Colin neglecting him as an infant.

Bethany insisted we go out for my thirtieth birthday, which I’d planned on ignoring the passing of. I had goals in life, and while I have the kids, and my own house, I don’t have a husband, and that’s a huge piece of the puzzle. It’s lonely, and more work doing it solo. But I agreed to go out, thinking I might just find someone to dance with, and knowing I’d never meet a future husband if I didn’t leave my house other than work.

I got Mallory ready for bed to make it easier on the babysitter, then myself. I was anxious and nearly sick over the plans, though it wasn’t my first time going out since we split, it was my first time at thirty.

Right when we arrived at the Cellar, Bethany instantly pulled away to start prowling the floor. I really believe that she could have any man she desired, and she feels it too. That usually means she rejects quite a few guys, most are good looking, and out of my league.

I never think I can get a gorgeous male model type of guy, but when the green hoodie reject sat by me for a drink, I thought perhaps he was interested. It turned out that he wanted to know what my sister saw in the guy she was dancing with, and if I could get her to dance with him instead. Which in Bethany’s world, means sleep together, and if she was interested in him, that dream might have came true, but she’d already made up her mind, and she never changed it.

Green hoodie and a blond guy started fighting over Bethany, neither paying attention that she’d moved on to some college kid that was editor of the campus paper. It seems twenty-something guys are 110% hormones.

Naturally, the two started fighting physically. Why not? Colin was my first and only boyfriend, I tricked him, he dumped me, and other than an obligatory date with a Pacelli, I’ve been single without a single cat call. So sure, it makes sense that my sister comes to South Port, and has every single guy to pick from.

I just wanted a guy to dance with, Colin didn’t enjoy it, and the last time we did was when I told him I was pregnant with Logan; it didn’t go well, nor did we ever visit FM Rock again. I thought this dancing guy was semi-interested however, so I started dancing towards him, like grooving along with him. Bethany does this all the time, and with a great approval rating.

He shoved me away from him with the palm of his hand, like I was an ugly, homeless dog that reeked, and had forgotten my place in life.

Sometimes I regret telling Colin that I’d planned for Mallory, that I duped him. Because at thirty, it feels like I won’t ever find someone to tolerate me, let alone have a family with, and to think I always wanted five kids. Fat chance.

Naturally, Bethany noticed when I was missing, and came over to the table. I could fall on the dance floor and lay dying and she wouldn’t notice, but I come to a table to sulk and she’s there pronto. She didn’t get why I was moping, and told me I had to put myself out there, just jump in, and guys would accept me.

I absolutely did not tell her about the face-palm incident. I just told her I’d try, and that satisfied her to get back to the guy waiting across the room.

When we left, she seemed to be favoring one guy, he gave her his number, which is insanity. Most guys ask for numbers, never wanting to give out their own cellphones. I thought for sure that Bethany would be calling him up later that night to meet at his place.

But at two in the morning, when I woke up feeling queazy and hungry from the liquor, it’s a completely different guy that has her on the counter. I’ve told her a million times, do not do that at the house, and if she had to, only in her bedroom. But apparently that is too boring for my vixen sister.

The next weekend was Colin’s visitation. He never takes Mallory overnight, and only rarely Logan; we usually meet up at a park for his time, and then part our separate ways. Now that it’s winter, we had been cramped and struggling to find a warm place to meet, and luck would have it that the Wild Congo would open, an indoor playground.

The kids were instantly in paradise, though Colin was overwhelmed at first and preferred to sit in a booth.

There is even a toddler area, with Mallory’s favorite rideables, so she was thrilled. Everytime we pass the park near our house, she cries to go ride, and now she can even when it’s snowy.

Since we separated, I try to stay out of Colin’s way. I don’t tell him when he’s being a jerk, or a lousy Dad. I don’t know that it was ever my place, being more of a Mom-role, but it’s definitely not now. No matter how much he changes, he still is the same hot-tempered man I first fell in love with; it’s just not as attractive in my thirties with two kids though.

I see another guy with his twin daughters, and I think, that is the kind of afternoon I want, the kind of man. They all seem to be taken though, and prowling for guys at kid playground is bad form.

He did initiate playing with Mallory though, wanted to teach her some rhyme his Mom had taught him. I imagined it was about drinking, marrying for money, and spending above your means, or maybe a side of ‘be a lousy Mother, and forget you ever had kids’. But I kept the comment to myself.

Mallory wasn’t interested at all, more fascinated by Logan, and chewing her hand.

Logan ran off to play with Isla Andersen, a girl from his class. I thought I had years before girls were prying their way into his life.

Logan wasn’t interested in playing with his Dad once Isla arrived, so Colin tried to win him back by jumping in a weird ride. Both Isla and Logan were very impressed, laughing, and cheering; it left me feeling hollow inside, like I didn’t belong with them.

At least I still had Mallory, who had gotten scared from a toy robot. In a few years though I wonder if Colin will have become a fun parent, and I’m just the overworked, under-appreciated one.

Colin was supposed to take Logan, but at the end of the night, weaseled out of it. Said something came up, and I wonder if he’s seeing someone else. Perhaps he just doesn’t like an overtired kid ether.

I was livid, and jealous, which only made me more angry. I told him he had to tell Logan he was bailing, he couldn’t just be the fun guy, and leave it to me to crush our kid’s heart. As soon as I put my foot down, he shut down, completely uninterested, wholly blank. I knew that this would be the only portion of the day he’d remember later on.

We all left at the same time, Colin taking off ahead of us, and telling Logan he’d see him in two weeks. Logan had been confused, and it was up to me to fill him in yet again.

Despite all of that, I missed him, or the idea of him; I can’t tell which. I don’t know if the split was the worst mistake of my grown up life, or the best. I wish the answer would hurry up and reveal itself to me, because I’m sick of not knowing how to feel.

Notes: Colin and Erin, both are still one another’s “One” but they aren’t even friends. Colin did roll the want to teach Mallory a nursery rhyme, and I was impressed with that, but he also threw a fit when Logan beat him at rock, paper, scissors. Temper, temper.

I thought Zeke and the twins looked very peaceful, playing a game together, but Zeke is a total hothead, just mellowed in age. Perhaps Colin will too. Neither roll any type of want for one another though, but man, I thought Erin might get back out there, but that did not happen at all, poor girl.

Bethany slept with four different people, got pregnant by the neighbor (countertop guy), but my game crashed and I didn’t force it to happen again, and now she has her birth control back up. Bullet dodged! All of Erin’s friends hate Bethany, or are in the negative at least. She really grates on girls’ nerves, but men truly love her.

Thanks for reading!
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14 thoughts on “time will tell”

  1. I just want to hug her. I hope she finds what she’s looking for and I think not being with Colin is a great idea, look at how easily the man breaks the hearts of his children.

    1. At first I thought it was just a hiatus, but I really think they are better suited for others, as in Erin can do better than Colin. Seeing they aren’t rolling wants for one another at all, I think they agree. I’m just sad that every guy there rejected a dance with her, so sad. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Wow on Bethany! She is a nightmare! Bringing random guys home and screwing them on the counter, with her niece and nephew sleeping nearby? I do not blame Erin for being horrified at all! They are so markedly different and I wonder if they have anything at all in common.

    That attraction between Erin and Colin has to be purely physical then and maybe (at least on Erin’s part) a smidge of what might have been. I think she’s still struggling with not being settled with the father of her kids, which was so different from what she’d imagined for herself. I feel bad for her but I do think she’ll eventually be happier if she meets someone else and forgets about Colin in that way. Even if she doesn’t end up marrying the next guy, I think it would be so awesome for her to realise that she can date with kids and that she’s still desirable. She’s probably not going to find the kind of man she needs in a club or a bar though. That’s why Bethany has so much luck there – they’re looking for completely different things!

    1. You raise a good point, Erin shouldn’t look for a family man at a bar. She and Bethany want different things, at least for the time being. In time, Bethany may settle down eventually. I think their common bond is that they are sisters and feel that they should love one another. Erin wasn’t thrilled when Bethany was coming back into her life, and they had to work hard to be friends. I think Erin needs to find a backbone for herself, I blame low esteem for her falling in love with Colin, she deserves better, and her family treats her poorly.

      Yeah I don’t think it’s much past physical, and emotions for what might have been for Erin. Colin rolls nothing specific for Erin, rather cold on his part, but he is rolling for the kids. I don’t think he’ll ever be a winner Dad, but I am very glad that he’s wanting to be involved with them, Ethan didn’t care about his kids until he got divorced ether, but was SO much older.

      I’d really like Erin to date, I was disappointed that she couldn’t get her dancing want fulfilled, it seemed quite small for a birthday wish. She’s a family girl, so be a single Mom is the worst, nevermind that she has a great career and her own house. She doesn’t even need Bethany to afford it, but Bethany is fun to play, and a mooch so I don’t see her leaving. Plus Erin really does need the help with the kids, and Bethany does great with the kids, very interactive.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Wow, you’ve really got me rooting for Erin. I hope she finds someone who appreciates, values, and makes her feel beautiful. She seems like a smart person, just not confident with other people. And then, she seems a little depressed (which is understandable) because she is afraid she’ll be the boring overworked parent in ten years.

    1. I’m afraid she will be the overworked, boring parent too! I think it’s very plausible for her, especially how disastrous her birthday went. I really thought we might get to see her go on a date, or get a nudging of feelings for someone, and it was a disaster. Colin is her highest attraction that she’s found, so she might be settling for someone less “attractive” to her standards when/if she meets someone. I really hope she does.

      Thanks Shannon!

  4. Poor Erin. I want to say she’ll find someone eventually, but it is looking rough on her. But then, at thirty, you don’t want to find somebody in a bar.

    1. I hope she does find someone, I was surprised how it went. But if she doesn’t, that works too. Though I don’t think she’d be too happy about it. I can see her giving the dating a few attempts, then just throwing herself into her kids, and being devastated when they grow up. I’m going to let it just play out, and see what happens.

      Thanks for commenting Fini

  5. I feel for poor Erin. I feel as though she’ll look up one day being completely alone and sad and feeling, as she said, unappreciated. I do wonder if she’ll ever put her foot down and just not bother with Colin’s visitations because he’s so quick to bail and takes little to no interest in the kids. I have a feeling that if he rarely or never saw the kids again he wouldn’t be all that fazed by it. I could be wrong but that’s the vibe he’s giving out. I really want Erin to find someone who will want her and her kids. My heart hurts for Mallory already even if she’s not completely aware of Colin’s dislike for her (or maybe she is?).

    Also, I really want Erin to put her foot down in regard to Bethany. How disrespectful and reckless. Bringing home random men when there are children nearby is such a recipe for disaster. I know she might be helpful with the kids but it’s another unnecessary headache for Erin to deal with. If she stays around, I hope she gets her act together soon. I am surprised at how much men love her in your game and the women just don’t. How realistic.I don’t think I have ever had that happen before, where one sim is so desirable to their preferred sex.

    1. The problem with Colin is that ever since they broke up, he has started rolling very specific wants for his children. He wanted to teach Mallory a nursery rhyme, talk with Logan, etc. He even rolled the want to read that Parenting book/skill. I really don’t think Erin would get away from taking the kids from him, and the older they get, the more I see him wanting them around. I think Colin is warming up to Mallory too, since he’s rolling specific wants towards her, not as many as Logan, but she’s there! Colin hates his Dad, mostly for being such a horrible Dad, that I think Colin would never walk away.

      Bethany is so much fun to play, I hope Erin doesn’t put her foot down too soon! Cause she’s not technically a playable, and her antics are fun. I do know what you mean though, and for Erin’s personal growth, she needs to assert herself more. It is very realistic that girls aren’t liking Bethany but the boys are, that’s usually how it goes. I do wonder if Erin and Bethany will both find someone to settle down with, and if so, who!

      Thanks for commenting Choco!

  6. Bethany seems like a really interesting character to play! But maybe she’s not living at the right place at the moment to act on all her wants! Bringing boys home, is one thing, but having fun with them in the kitchen when your niece of nephew can walk in, is a completely different thing though.
    But I wouldn’t mind seeing more of here, although I get that she’s driving Erin a little bit crazy 🙂

    And poor Erin! I think she’s looking at dating the wrong way. Her plans didn’t work out well, and I think she feels bad about not being with her kids’ father. Now she seems to be looking for some one to take that spot. She should just try to have fun, and who knows what might happen.

    I have to say that I thought it was nice, seeing Colin spend some time with his kids, even with Mallory, he might warm up to the idea of having a daughter. But then he bailed at the end, and I felt sorry for Logan.

    1. I’m glad that you find Bethany interesting, she really is quite fun to play. I don’t see Erin kicking her out anytime soon ether, she’s still learning to find her backbone in regards to Colin, and family is much harder to stand up against.

      I felt bad for Erin, I really wanted her to find a romantic interest, she’s such a sad family girl right now. So true that she should just have fun, and let what happens, happen. Lorelei wasn’t looking for Marshal when that got together, and Emma met Chris through Benjamin when Grace was dating him, none of her friends have met their guy at a bar. Luca met Nadia when she waitressed them after their bar adventures, but that’s the extent of bar = relationship.

      It was nice seeing Colin play and roll wants for Mallory, I think he’ll always be a bit of a jerk Dad, but it might still be enough for the kids. His wants show that he does care, but he’s so darn closed off, and explosive.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  7. I am strangely saddened that Bethany dodged the knocked up bullet, lol! It seems like karma. Ah well, I’m sure something will eventually happen to smack her back down to reality with the rest of us peasants. 😉 It can’t all be rainbows and sunshine for everyone!

    Poor Erin! She is NOT having a good time of it at all. I am really crossing my fingers for her. I hope someone better comes along, because Colin really just isn’t it. I did laugh at that picture of her walking in on her sister and the guy, though. So hilarious.

    I do like the dynamic between the two sisters and watching their completely different lives unfold. It’s hard to fathom sometimes that they ARE sisters, given how different they seem!

    1. I know, I really debated forcing the pregnancy back, but man, I hated her hooking up with Jay, he’s a PNPC, lives next door with his sister Farrah, and it just seemed too fast for her to ruin this sister dynamic. He literally walked over to introduce himself, and bam, knocked up… that just seemed crazy fast. I think it would have been Erin raising the baby, and I saw it as an end to Bethany really even living there, I can’t see her taking responsibility. So when it crashed, I didn’t force it back. But if it happens again, I will.

      They are super different, far enough apart in age that they weren’t raised the same really. It’s like this in my family and my childhood best friend too, she’s actually raising her sisters kids.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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