fine romance

february 2023
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Paloma Creelman (25 years), (Adam Brindley – 26 years)

narrated by: Paloma

I had turned Adam down countless times, it had been loneliness that got me to accept his offer of interest, and a few beers. I can’t believe I was so hung up that Oliver’s Aunt Hazel was his boss. Oliver’s Dad hardly talks to his sister, let alone Oliver himself. I’ve never seen any of the family there but his other Aunt Violet-Adele, and she doesn’t know me.

We’ve been dating two years as of last month, and it’s a world of difference from high school dating. For one, he sleeps over constantly. Then spends all day over, fixing my television, while I prepare food, and we feed each other in our pjs.

We can’t get enough of each other, he about dies of boredom when my Mom calls to check in on me.

We barely leave the apartment, or bother getting dressed, and going to work is nearly torture. We can at least ride together, as we work down on Main Street, the cute, storefront, tourist section.

It just feels right, we both love the culinary arts, and dream of owning our own business. He reads me cookbooks, while I taste test my newest cheesecake creation for Planet Java, and it just seems like he shouldn’t ever leave to his apartment.

That thought led me to inviting him to move in. I live with a boy now. He was pretty happy to move in, if he’d had houseplants, they’d all be dead, because he was practically here constantly. Why pay landlords for an empty apartment? It’s all quite logical, and romantic, all rolled into one decision.

I don’t get to blow off my friends though, despite sometimes wanting to, in favor of staying home with Adam. I made friends with Meme Popper at Planet Java, she’s one of the local musicians Ginny hires, and we hit it off. Now she’s marrying my chef partner, Daniel, and I’m in her wedding.

I’m the only one that is not related to her or married into her family, it’s quite an honor. Her teenage sister Jill is more fascinated by video games though than trying on dresses, and her sister-in-law Catherine just had her third baby, and feels too self-conscious yet to model dresses. Naturally, I was the one that got the task.

She went with a really pretty blue dress for her spring wedding. It’s all coming up quickly, and I still don’t feel like I know the other bridesmaids. After the hellacious checkout line, I thought I should get to know them better.

I’d had suspicions that Catherine didn’t care for me, and when I invited her to get some lunch, she totally blew me off. I don’t know what I did to offend her, but thought that was a jerk move on her part.

Meme forced her to come, and told me that Catherine is just very shy, and to not be upset by it. I get being shy, but there are times that it’s just not an excuse. I did let it go though, believing what Meme said.

Without hesitation, I picked Hazel’s diner, where Adam was currently working. I can only go so long without seeing him, and I’d reached my limit. It’s lucky for us that Hazel thinks we are so darn adorable, that we get away with a few quick kisses.

Meme is dynamic, and easy to get along with, that the lunch went smoothly. Plus she knows her bridesmaids well, that helps, but she did include me in the conversation flawlessly.

I felt by the end of the lunch, that I would be able to share some conversation with Jill and Catherine at the wedding. It was all I really wanted, it’d be lonely getting dolled up, and having no one to share the moment with.

Catherine really did seem genuinely nice, and possibly just shy in the beginning. She also talked about her three kids, and seemed very much in love with her husband Henry. I didn’t tell her that Henry had liked me back when we were in junior high, and that they had gotten in a big fight over me.

For Valentine’s Day, Adam wanted to take me out. I don’t know why he thought we were at that stage in our relationship, as soon as we got to the art gallery, he started kissing on my neck, and whispering in my ear.

On our way back to our apartment, we ran into my Mother. Another sign that we should have never ventured out on Valentine’s Day, and she told me that my step-Dad was wandering around in the flower shop. She wouldn’t let us leave until I promised her dinner later in the week. Two years, and live-in boyfriend status does warrant a parental introduction, I suppose.

My family is crazy, I warned him this, but I still think he was surprised when Linnea started rattling off that our family was cursed, and hey, here’s the list of all the relatives who died tragically.

I had to drag her out of the room, leaving Adam at the mercy of Mom and Gideon. But I knew they weren’t about to spout off theories on super illness, curses, and ghosts of my dead aunt, who allegedly killed my father on his wedding night.

Once I bribed Linnea with a gift card to the craft store, she agreed to put a lid on all that crazy talk. Though she told me that it’s not crazy if it’s all true.

When I came back in, Gideon was grilling him about career, and college education. Just because Gideon is the head of a science team at Eastborough University, doesn’t mean everyone wants to go there. Besides, they rejected my application, so fat chance on that for me anyway. Mom kept trying to guide the conversation in a different area, but Gideon wasn’t picking up on her obvious clues.

I’m happy that Mom is happy, and that they built themselves a great nuclear family, but it doesn’t feel like home to me. I never lived in this nice house, or had food in the fridge. The only thing that really brightens it all, is Dahlia.

Adam only wants two, while I’m set on four. I’m just glad that he likes kids too, but he feels awkward around babies and toddlers, having zero experience with that age bracket. He really liked Captain though, and pets are the next best thing to babies, which neither of us are ready for, I love my apartment too much, and my slowly expanding bank account to have a baby yet. I’m saving for my own bakery, I want it before I throw myself away for babies, which I plan to do entirely, mostly because I just love babies.

On Mom’s porch swing, I talked Adam into getting a pet, and asking where he wanted to live one day. The porch swing is something I want, and I don’t know if I want to raise a family in the city. Adam pointed out that if I open a bakery in the city, it’d be easier to live near it.

I worry about the future, and start planning, then always he brings me back down, he soothes me. He’s right that we don’t need to decide anything, it’s not like we have even discussed getting married. But it doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it. I have been thinking of weddings since junior high.

We settled on getting a cat though, an old one. It wasn’t just in case the relationship goes south, the cat will die sooner. It was a pet adoption week, and they said that Mr. Cucumber had been there for months, and that depressed me.

We promptly changed his name to Custard, for our love of culinary, and in part for Colonel Custard because Adam thought that’d be funny.

Immediately we left the bedroom stage, and became crazy cat people. Custard is well-trained, mostly, and so it’d been like adopting a twenty year old kid, all the hard work is done.

I thought he wouldn’t play since he was older, but he really loves yarn, chews it, eats it, and attacks it. We can spend hours sitting on the sofa, and watching Custard play.

He only has two problems, first, is that he likes to play with his toys in the middle of the night. Neither of us can sleep through the mouse springing and boinging all night long, so then we are tired in the morning.

Second, is that he loves the countertops. Loves them. He likes to perch up there, pretend he’s the king of our house, and even sleep there. He usually knows better to avoid this behavior if Adam is around, but he’s positive that Custard sleeps on the counter all night long.

He tries researching ways to keep him off the counters, from plastic wrap, to cups filled with bells. Frankly, he sounds a bit crazed. Custard on the counter doesn’t bother me one bit, I think he looks cute perched up there, and I don’t mind washing the counter before cooking.

I did promise him that I’d scoot Custard off, but only if he’d hang out with Meme’s fiancé, Daniel. He agreed, and I got the better end of the bargain. I’m friends with Daniel, but Adam can’t tolerate the guy.

At all.

It was disappointing. I really wanted to have a couple friend, I thought playing Gin Rummy at night would be fun, or seeing a movie together. Meme is such a blast, and Daniel is my friend too, but no matter how Adam tries, he finds Daniel to be exhausting.

I suppose we will have to find some other friends to be our couple friends. Though it would have been nice if he was Daniel’s groomsmen, then I could have spent the entire wedding with him without obligation to a stranger.

Notes: I didn’t realize that Meme and Paloma were such good friends until last round when my daughter was playing Meme, and Paloma kept popping over. They did meet through Planet Java, though they did attend school together. I’ll do a wedding post for Meme this spring, it’s funny that the circle of friends all met while working at Planet Java. Adam didn’t care for Daniel at all, which is a bummer since he was a townie, and therefore has no friends of his own.

Adam and Paloma are totally cute, and once they adopted Custard, they were infatuated with him. I adore them together, Paloma did have an engagement want, but Adam has none. He did like her family though, which is always a good sign.

Thanks for reading!

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18 thoughts on “fine romance

  1. I’ve been waiting for this update since you shared photos of the couple. I’m glad they’re together and Oliver just missed out, I hope they make it in the long term, such a cute couple.

    1. Thanks Starr, I was so ahead back when I shared photos, and now I’m running out of material. It was hard to wait for their update, I was so excited for Paloma and think Adam is adorable. Oliver did miss out, but I don’t think he minds, he seems pretty adjusted and happy with his life. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. I’ll second Starr in having waited for this update for awhile! I love Paloma and it’s great to see that she’s doing better! I like her with Adam though she and him really reminds me an awful lot of one of my friends and her boyfriend (who occasionally drive me up the wall because getting her alone is a pain sometimes!). Still, it looks like they’re doing well and I do hope it continues! Custard is adorable and I love Meme’s new look! It’s also kind of fun how they’ve all met through Planet Java, again it’s something that I can relate to.

    1. It was hard for me to wait to share her update! So funny about them reminding you of a friend, beginning of relationships can be intoxicating, I know I’ve been guilty of this all or nothing behavior. I think it’s a bit immature of a behavior, as in, it happens more in younger couples then older ones. Fitting for Paloma, because she is a bit immature, not in Lauren Schehl’s ways, but mentality/emotions. I do like that they all met through Planet Java.

      Thanks for commenting Vil!

  3. I’m happy that Paloma has found some happiness. She’s seemed sad for such a long time that it’s great that she’s created her own little life. She definitely deserves it. I hope things continue looking up for her.

    1. I hope things are looking up for her too, this family always seems to have something tragic occur suddenly or ROS dishes it out. So far though Paloma has only had heartache (due to ROS), but seems very happy with Adam, so a bright side? She does seem happy, she did have a few wants for Oliver, but Adam’s were all stronger, so I ignored them. 😉

      Thanks for commenting Choco!

  4. I’m so happy for these two! They make such a cute couple, and I’m so happy Paloma finally went for what she wanted! I know it’s too soon to dream about babies, let them just focus on thme for now, but they are going to be cute! I’m really hoping they can make it work in the long term.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing them following their dream and opening a business.

    It’s exciting times for Meme, I’m sure she’ll make a lovely bride!

    1. Babies! I know right?! I cannot not think about babies! Sadly no redhead babies, because Paloma is brown/black… boo. But I am sort of hopeful that her Mom’s skintone will pop up in one of the kids. I really hope they make it work long term too, I really want Adam to roll some type of commitment want for engagement/wedding, I’ll take ether.

      The restaurant… I just want to build it right now for them, but I’m holding back until their is at least a ring. In the mean time, Paloma is building a savings.

      I’m excited to see Meme as a bride. She’s like Paloma, and took a long time to get over her ex-Luca. Maybe that’s how they became friends, crying over their past loves.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  5. It is interesting how Paloma was comparing dating in high school and dating as an adult. The early stage of this romance reminds me of a montage in a romantic movie, like in About Time, when they first moved in together and would run to catch the subway together, late while pulling on clothes) Adam and Paloma are so intense, which seems like introverts in love. I love how she said, we barely leave the apartment, or get dressed. When we were newlyweds (in RL) we used to joke about driving the bed to the store so we wouldn’t have to get up and get dressed.

    And then they share the interest in cooking and the dream of having a business, they are just so perfect! It was hilarious, Adam meeting her big, busy family, and Linnea telling him all their skeletons in the closet. When I saw how nice Eva’s living room was, I thought, Eva has finally got a little bit more comfortable life now, so I had to go back and catch up a little on her marriage.
    Paloma looks stunning in the bridesmaids’ dress, and it was really neat seeing your bridal boutique in action. Wouldn’t it be nice if sims could socialize while in the check out line? I hope Adam and Paloma will be able to find a “couple friend.”

    I love Paloma’s apartment, the brick interior/exterior wall, the sofa against the bookcase, the little green chest she has her TV on, there’s so much feel of living in a city apartment made from cutting up old houses.

    I did wonder if their dreams/plans might be interrupted by a surprise pregnancy, that does have a way of happening.

    1. I haven’t seen About Time, I will have to check it out! The only relationship that I was this intense with was my now husband, I totally get where you’re coming from! Introverts in love is really close too, Adam is in the middle, but Paloma has one outgoing point, she is very reserved.

      Eva has had better fortune these past few years, I really like her story too, and how things have unfolded, though it was really hard to lose Abby. I hate all the things she missed out on, like Dahlia and Eva’s second wedding.

      I really hope Paloma and Adam don’t have any surprise pregnancies, yet anyway! I do really want them to have one, but I hope that they get married and go traditionally. I just really want Adam to roll engagement/wedding wants for her, to pick her. And I do want them to open their bakery before a baby too, because otherwise she might put it off until she’s upper thirties or forties, and that’d be a shame.

      Thanks on the compliments on her apartment… another reason to have no babies! It’s a one bedroom place.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  6. They sure make a cute couple! I might be getting ahead of myself but I think they will make cute babies! Custard is adorable. I sure hope Adam gets an engagement want soon so these two can tie the knot. Okay, I’m done being pushy!

    I can’t help but laugh at Adams responses to Daniel. They really don’t mesh well! Maybe with time will come tolerance?

    1. If you are getting ahead of yourself, then so am I! When he ACR flirted with her way back when, I was like, yes please! Have babies! I like Custard too, he’s like our tuxedo kitty. I hope that Adam gets the want too, Paloma would have gotten married right out of high school if Oliver had asked, she’s felt ready for marriage for a very long time, so I think she’s as impatient as the rest of us.

      I was so surprised that Adam was so rude to poor Daniel… Daniel is a pretty nice guy, he’s been friends with Paloma for a long time since they work in the kitchen together at Planet Java. I had hoped they had chemistry, because I like his last name quite a bit, but they don’t. Maybe they need to watch a game, and just idly talk through it, and find some common ground. I’m sure Meme and Paloma won’t let the boys get off the hook that easily!

      Thanks for commenting Ashland!

  7. This update was adorable. Paloma and Adam sound like me and my husband. I hope they tie the knot too. Linny was funny, telling him all about the “Creelman Curse” and all the dead relatives.

    1. Paloma needed a bit of embarrassment with her family, and Linnea kept making her mad, so why not her little sis to bring the embarrassment. I think they are super adorable too and reminded me of my relationship before kids came along. I hope Adam rolls the engagement want. Thanks for commenting Fini!

  8. Aw, Paloma and Adam are so in love! I think I wanted this for Paloma more than any of your other sims, because she was so hung up on Oliver for so long. I guess I’ve always had a huge soft spot for her. I knew there was someone else out there for her and Adam seems so lovely! And he has the family’s approval now, which is always a good thing.

    I totally loved this update, seeing Paloma and Adam so happily adjusting to living together. Very sweet and it made me smile. And now they have their practice baby too, lol. Custard is so cute. I’d probably let him sleep on the counter too. 😉

    Looking forward to see Meme’s wedding! Is that the one you did the venue for or is that for yet another wedding that we don’t know about?!

    And incidentally, Paloma’s apartment (well, Paloma and Adam’s apartment now) is amazing!

    1. I’ve wanted this for Paloma too, that ROS really tore her world apart, and she’s had a tough time recovering. Similarly, Meme Popper was the same when Luca suddenly dumped her, so it’s been a lot of new loves for two girls that really were stuck on their past. I don’t know if Paloma and Oliver could ever be friends again, I’d be so afraid that just a grocery store bump in would reset her to her old wants.

      I couldn’t believe that Eva had never met Adam! When they bumped into her outside the flower shop, I was really surprised, and thought that Paloma couldn’t get away with that now, not with Eva seeing she had a guy! But Eva is pretty relaxed, it was Gideon that had more of a problem with it, but he relented in the end and got a few relationship points.

      Practice baby, so perfect! They are so adorable together, I just loved watching them harmoniously live together. Meme’s wedding is not the one I’ve been setting up, Meme is getting married at your park, my daughter loves it, as do I! I’ll post photos of Meme’s wedding in the summer birthday thread, haven’t had the time to play it yet, well take posed photos, that is all I get to do.

      I should probably add a few guy touches to Paloma’s apartment, I didn’t do any changes since he moved in with her. I don’t know that I will, if he rolls the want to get engaged, they’ll do that, and I imagine Paloma will want a baby… so it might not be worth my effort. But we will see when I come back to them next round.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  9. YAY! Paloma is finally, finally at a happy spot, which is wonderful. I’ve been waiting and crossing my fingers and toes for her, lol. About time! They seem like a really sweet match up and I loved all the kitty pictures. I’m a sucker for kitty pictures.

    I really hope Adam can keep Paloma grounded and not let her planning run away with her. Over-planning can be the death of a relationship! Just relax and enjoy it a little.

    I adore her friend Meme and not just because of that hair color (which resembles the red I’d been rocking!) Sucks that they can’t be ‘couple friends.’ Husband and I are still trying to find couple friends. There’s always something that just makes it impossible. 😦

    Not even gonna lie, I am super looking forward to these two getting hitched!

    1. I am a sucker for kitties too, especially tuxedo ones, and stripe ones, and orange ones too… I just love kitties! I’m with you, I was so happy that Paloma was finally happy! I hope that their relationship lasts, especially since he lives there now too. It’d be a shame to kick him out.

      Meme is adorable, I totally wish I could steal her from my daughter. She always has vibrant hair colors, and is a ton of fun. Couple friends are super hard to find, it gets even trickier when kids are involved too, another group you have to please, and then parenting compatibility comes into play. If Rufus hits Sunshine… what do they do? Very political. 🙂

      I really hope these two get married too! I’m really looking forward to Adam, hopefully! rolling the engagement/wedding want!!

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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