spring birthdays 2023

march 2023

Finn and Nicole‘s youngest, Lily-Mae celebrates her eleventh birthday this spring. She was famous for having been born at her Mom’s bridal boutique Zoe-Gen, and soon she’ll be old enough to work the registers there herself. She’s not interested in ten-seconds of fame though, she wants to headline the paper as Mayor.

Ella Carver also celebrates her eleventh birthday, all her life she desired a party with a cake, and now that she has it, she just wishes for her Mom instead. She never knew that for a time she had been her Mom’s little bright light, and has many questions about why this happened to her.

Hatty Andersen turns one this spring, the youngest of Benjamin and Grace’s girl brood. Everyone is certain that she takes after her Dad in appearance, at least more so than her older sisters. She’s very outgoing, but so far hasn’t shown an appetite for mischief; she’s more interested in charming those around her.

Cole London celebrates his sixtieth birthday, with no intention of retiring from his law firm until his son Milo can take over. His wife can’t stop remarking how much he looks like his mother now that he’s gone gray.

Kenzie Goss has no plans of retiring from Social Services, she’s invested with the outcome of Ella Carver, and wants to be available to help this younger generation. But she’s not as diehard as her cousin Cole, and plans to retire once she gets her son Dean through college.

Kenzie’s twin sister, Delaney Schehl loves her job in the culinary field, but would retire this instant if she could afford it. She has a daughter in college, and eight-year old Lizzie at home still. Many years of work are ahead for her, unless they miraculously win the lottery.

Emma and Chris have not come to grips with twins, she’s offered to put one up for adoption, but Chris is hopeful she’s only jesting. She’s offered the terrible twin to her sister Grace, she’s certain there will be one, at least until the potty training years are finished, but no one is taking the bait.

By comparison, Nadia and Luca are estatic. While Nadia might look larger than an elephant, she doesn’t look bigger than her friend Emma. With Luca doting and attentive, she feels like royalty, a much better experience than her pregnancy with Kai. Kai’s excitement is catching too, and they are all anxious to meet the new baby come June.

Notes: Lily-Mae turned out cute, much like her sisters, but a bit different. She was named after a newborn at a country church we attended some years back, I thought she might grow up to be rather simple, but no, she wants to be a Mayor, and matched the career perfectly.

Ella matched for pleasure and romance, I went with the first for the time being. I already think she’s at a disadvantage to be promiscuous with her upbringing, and didn’t want to force that on her with her primary aspiration. She turned out so pretty, hair in the eyes drives me crazy, but it fits her perfectly.

I adore Hatty with her big chubby cheeks, and her Dad’s nose, she’s the most unique Andersen girl yet. I also thought that Cole looked like he belonged next to those sailboats, he could be in a catalog for preppy middle-aged men.

It looks like Kenzie and Cole have the same mouths. Growing up, these cousins were together all the time, their Moms were twins, and constantly together. It all fell apart when Milla died in the fire though.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “spring birthdays 2023

  1. Squee, babies! I’m making up for Emma’s lack of excitement, lol, though I can’t blame her. She looks huge and uncomfortable! I love using that dress for mums of twins, because the belly is so massive!

    Lily-Mae and Ella both turned out so pretty. Especially Ella, wow! I’m not sure how I was expecting her to turn out but she’s surprised me. And Hatty, my God, I just want to pinch those chubby cheeks. She is such a cutie!

    Three new elders too! I think I’ll have two next birthdays, which I’m looking forward too. I always feel so accomplished when my sims get to elder!

    1. I love that dress for twins too! If you ever see any recolors of it, let me know would you? I really need some H&M recolors, because that’s all Emma wore for the entire third trimester. And it is perfect for twins, so fun how huge it is. Nadia gets a larger belly, just because she’s overweight, so she was tricky to dress too, most aren’t fat/preg morph, and I didn’t want her in a “twins” outfit.

      I was really surprised with Ella too! I adore her, she’s so pretty, and I didn’t expect her to look bad, but not nearly as pretty. Lily-Mae is pretty too, and Hatty’s chubby cheeks are the end of me! I’d pinch them too!

      I totally agree with elders, I felt SO accomplished! My elders lately are my first baby boom I had in this neighborhood, it feels fantastic!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Ella looks amazing! I have to agree with you, the hair in the eyes fits her really well! I really can’t wait to see more of her!
    Lily-Mae looks stunning as well!

    I love it that Emma isn’t the maternal type, and even suggested giving one up for adoption, but I’m glad no body is taking the bait. I’m sure she’ll do great, once she gets used to the idea.
    I still think it’s too bad you won’t get a red-haired child from Luca and Nadia, but I’m sure there kids will be cute anyway.

    Your elders all look great as well! The background with the sailboats really suits Cole 🙂

    1. I don’t know that Emma will do great, I’m a little concerned that she will be horribly overwhelmed, and Grace is pretty busy with the salon and four daughters to be a live-in helper that Emma might need. All of her friends, Nadia and Erin are both really busy with their own lives/babies/single mother lives too. So we will see how she holds up. I think she will be really happy when potty training is done that is for sure.

      The sailboats are Cole’s neighbors, and I loved them as a backdrop, totally perfect. He really aged up nicely. Thanks on Ella and Lily-Mae, the hair in the eyes does drive me nuts, glad you agree that it fits her!

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  3. I don’t know how I missed this post!! It is full of terrific age-ups and back story.

    Hatty does look like such a charmer! And as the youngest will know all the ins and outs of getting her way, I bet!
    So hilarious, Emma offering the bad twin to Grace; Chris looks like he’s getting a real kick out of Emma’s pregnancy though!
    Ella is very striking, and soulful looking; I’m glad she has a chance at maybe not getting too caught up in looking for a “dad” figure.

    1. So true on Hatty knowing how to get her way, being the youngest comes with that great privilege! I’ve played Emma’s house a bit and so far no bad twin, I imagine that Emma is grateful for that!

      I agree that Ella looks quite soulful, I’ve always thought she had that look about her after her childhood birthday. I do hope she doesn’t start searching for a Dad figure too.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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