grown up life

march 2023
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Oliver McCarthy (26 years), Isaiah Gavigan (26 years)

narrated by: Oliver

I thought that Isaiah would have broken up with Maeve while I was overseas teaching for the summer, but she’s still here. It’s more serious then I thought, feels like Maeve is a worm, digging her ways into him. He does seem happy though, so I don’t begrudge him. She’s at the apartment constantly, and for whatever reason, his kid brother Isaac keeps coming around. Naturally he brings his girlfriend Lauren. Overall, it feels like high school again.

I was friends with Hadley and Julia a bit by default, she was rather obsessed with me for a spell, which made talking difficult for her. But my loyalties lie with the Millett family, and knowing what Lauren and Isaac did to Julia while she was pregnant, makes it hard for me to be around them. I was student teacher for some of it, and there still wasn’t much I could do to help the situation.

Lauren is rude toward Maeve, so I know I’m not alone in wishing they’d stay at campus. She looks anxious as heck when she’s forced to interact with Lauren. Anyone else might just ignore Lauren, but as crazy as Maeve is, she is incredibly nice, and she wouldn’t think of being rude.

In the process of all this downtime, Isaiah managed to get fired from his chosen field in Natural Science. Called in to work, and popped in late too many times, and they cut their ties.

I head off to work, and he’s in his pajamas, eating potato chip crumbs for breakfast. He’s going through a mid-twenties crisis, and doesn’t know what to do for his life now.

His parents call him like a well-planned tag team. Never fails, that every evening there is a talk of some sort. They seem to have a schedule of what the conversation will be, sometimes it’s encouraging, and he will rebound in time, or a blessing in disguise. Other times, they ream him for being irresponsible, and he’s gotta get back on track yesterday.

I don’t think my parents would care much if I got fired or quit, they’d just want the best for me. I definitely prefer my parents imagined reaction over the Gavigans real one.

Maeve has taken to doing Isaiah’s portion of chores around the apartment, which she’s here so often, she might as well chip in. Besides as neat as we are for two roommates, we tend to forget aout the inside of the toilet bowl.

Isaiah does get out of the apartment to take Carl for his walks and to burn off his energy. German Shepards need more room than a city apartment can offer, so he cuts into Isaiah’s time for wallowing.

I can always tell when he’s had a particularly hard day full of self-pity, because Carl gets into mischief, namely the garbage can. It could be worse, he could use the restroom indoors, but the garbage is pretty sick too.

To escape the apartment, I started hanging out at Eastborough University, I’d tell friends that I just liked the atmosphere. But in reality, I couldn’t stop thinking about Brooklyn. She’d told me to do my summer overseas teaching kids, and to basically dump Meg, and her face kept popping into my mind ever since. I knew she was Paige’s younger sister, but I was never friends with Paige, nor familiar enough to show up at her duplex and ask about her sister.

In my lurking behavior, I ran into Julia one time at a coffee spot.

We ended up catching up, she’s seeing a guy named Cabot, and sounds like she’s doing well.

It was unfortunate to hear that Hadley had flunked her senior year and had to try again next fall. We were both surprised by this development, it felt nice to catch up with Millwood friends, been eight years since I lived there, and everyone’s grown up since then.

When I wasn’t hanging out at the coffee shop on Saturday mornings, I was hitting up Duffy’s bar in the evenings, the place we originally met. I force Isaiah to join me, Maeve comes sometimes but not often. Isaiah had been busy meeting Maeve when I first met Brooklyn, so he didn’t know what she looked like. He came more for company, then to help me spot her.

Oddly, it was him that noticed Brooklyn when she finally made an appearance at Duffy’s.

I flagged her over, and Isaiah excused himself to the bar. It was all quite transparent, and I’m sure she knew my intent.

She was impressed that I’d taken her advice, and I had to tell her that I’d gone to my big sister Grace too. I didn’t put that much stock in stranger’s opinions.

Instead of monopolizing the conversation, I found out more about Brooklyn, like the fact that she was studying to be an elementary teacher. I told her that I could get her introduced to Lucy London, as she was my boss. Though I realized afterward that EU would set her up as they had for me.

When I asked her out for dinner later in the week, she agreed, which was a giant relief. I’ve never pursued a girl, Paloma had been my friend, and while I’d initiated, I knew she was interested. And Meg had loved me all through high school, much like Julia. This was new territory, with a girl I didn’t know since kindergarten.

I took her to the new asian restaurant on campus for some dessert, and she was very stern about what could be placed in her food. I thought instantly, that she would make a great teacher, rather bossy and definitely confident.

We both grew up in Millwood, but she’s never been in my circle of friends. It was interesting to share memories of neighbors, and to realize our paths never crossed.

It was a great evening, probably the best date I’ve been on, and it had all to do with the company. I haven’t felt infatuated like this ever, not to discount past relationship because there had been emotions. It’s just different with someone that I’m just getting the privilege of knowing.

Somehow we ended up back at my apartment, seeing she was roommates with Julia back at EU, and spending the night there would have been wildly inappropriate.

We made plans for the following weekend; it all seems to be going in a very positive direction.

Even Isaiah was able to land a job with the help of his Dad doing road construction, well he holds up the signs that say slow, and stop. He works before the sun comes up, and is falling asleep in his coffee mug in the morning. He’s not happy with this new development, but it’s all that’s available so he’s making due.

Notes: Isaiah had a rough session, first he died (and I would have saved it but then Oliver died coming home from work… er..?) so I didn’t save, but in the process he did get fired. I’ve gotten some help at N99 on what to do with Isaiah, and have a few ideas for him. He’s going to be floating for the time being though.

Both boys had a cold… who dies from a cold? And they didn’t have bad motives ether, I’m actually worried about my pneumonia ROS… I really hope there are no casualties.

When I came into the household, Oliver’s want field was filled with Brooklyn’s face, so we had to track her down on a community lot, since I don’t think they would have exchanged numbers at their original meeting. They had a couple fantastic dates, and seem pretty happy.

Shocking to me, I found out that Oliver had some ACR woohoo with a college dormie, and not that long ago ether, because she was on his first page of memories. She’s on the right in this photo of Isaiah, her name is Yuki, but he didn’t have any wants for her at all so I didn’t pursue it.

Look at this old photo of them as teens, back when they were friends, and Julia was the tagalong little sister, who crushed hard for Oliver. All before break ups, and baby drama. Really had no clue what was in store for these guys back then.

standing: Paloma, Oliver, Hadley; Sitting: Lauren, Julia, and Isaiah.

Thanks for reading!!

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12 thoughts on “grown up life

  1. Isaiah is totally having a quarter-life crisis, poor thing! I think his parents might be a little more understanding if not for the reason he got fired. 😉 I’m with his mum and dad on that front, I think. I still kind of feel bad for him being stuck doing construction though, which he’s clearly not enjoying.

    At least things are going well with Maeve, I guess? Maybe Isaiah doesn’t mind the craziness. 😉 She didn’t seem so crazy in this update though, so maybe she’s settled down a little too, now that she’s been with Isaiah for a while.

    I am so glad Oliver asked Brooklyn out and that she said yes. This could turn into his first proper adult relationship, I think. She seems like a really good match for Oliver. He’s obviously infatuated with her. I love seeing those kind of wants pop up with my sims. When they’re single anyway!

    By the way, I love your uni bar so much! Makes me miss my old one!

    1. Yeah getting fired after they paid his way through college… not cool! Construction is not fun, I’ve made it a very draining job, he comes home just shy of stinky, exhausted, and starved. Working 5-5 days too. I will likely look for him to have another job after the Siew’s update, I really want to do a career lot with Quint and Isaiah working together, Quint’s never had a coworker before.

      Maeve’s wants are 100% filled with babies, engagement, wedding, wedding party… Isaiah is just moving in that direction too. Originally Isaiah wanted to marry Elise (who is with Peter now), back when they were new in college, so he’s a bit crazy himself. Ironically, Elise never rolled a marriage want for Isaiah, though they have higher chemistry than Elise and Peter.

      Brooklyn is adorable, and I love that Oliver was so infatuated, totally agree that they are awesome wants when they aren’t already married/paired off! And hey, they would give me a chance for a redhead… so there’s that too. They are blond/red, and brown/blond. All the more I give my stamp of approval… but she wants to be a teacher, and he works at the elementary. You work the school circuit, very realistic that two teachers dating would work in the same school? In high school there were two eighth grade teachers that were married, but these two aren’t, and I feel like Lucy would see it as possible drama, which would mean she’d have to work the high school, think she can pull it off? I’m undecided.

      I really like ATS’ irish pub set, sad that you don’t have your bar, I didn’t realize you didn’t. I mean I know you are low on community lots, but I forget because your houses/hood look really nice from what we can see, and your updates are always so full that I don’t notice. Looking forward to your community lot tours, guessing there will be one shortly with the n99 challenge coming up.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. Hmmm, it’s never come up at any school I’ve worked at but I don’t think Oliver and Brooklyn dating would be an issue. It would be if he was her superior, because that could be a conflict of interest. But as just two teachers on relatively equal footing, I can’t see what the problem would be, as long as they keep all their romancing at home. 😉

        I guess it’s similar in most other lines of work as well – no dating the boss but co-workers are okay.

  2. Wow, looking back at that picture of them as teens – it’s crazy how much has changed and where they all wound up. Even when we do have ideas of our own while playing it seems like some things just don’t work out how we thought.

    I feel bad for Isaiah losing his job. He seems pretty lost. I hope he finds his way soon! That construction job is really exhausting!

    Oliver and Brooklyn are a cute match! What a plus that they can have redhead babies!! I don’t think the two of them working in the same school would be a conflict of interest. When I was in high school there were a few married couples and I’m sure a slew of more casual couples! No worries!

    1. Funny to think of a bunch of teachers hiking up after school! I’m glad that no one thinks it’d be a big deal!

      Isaiah is going to bounce around a bit in jobs I think, gotta find a new place to land and I won’t be playing him too soon. His construction time could be short-lived, I don’t think he has this type of hard work in him.

      It’s fun to see what I thought might happen and how it really panned out. None of it went the way I thought it might.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I want to say I feel bad for Isaiah for loosing his job, but when you know it’s because he was late or didn’t show up, it seems like it’s his own fault.
    I can say I feel bad for the job he’s in now, but at least he’s working, and earning some money. In the mean time he can still look around for something else, something he might like more.

    I’m so glad Oliver and Brooklyn went on a date! I’m really glad he found some one new, and Brooklyn seems like a nice girl for him. I’m hoping to see more of these 2 🙂

    1. You can still feel bad for Isaiah, I may have had a hand in one or two of the lates/no shows, not all, but a few. Sometimes I change the time backwards, and forget to move it back forward, so they missed work, though technically they had gone to work. I’m a time warper. I think him working in construction has done some good for him and Quint too, it all seems like it was sort of meant to be, and now, hopefully, he will take work more seriously, and not feel so indestructible.

      Brooklyn is totally adorable, she looks just like her Dad, but cuter. I’m glad that they are dating, they both seem to really like one another, and Oliver has finally finished his ROS of biggest wants for sleeping with 3 different sims. So it’s all fair game now what he decides to do. Ironically, his third was the townie Yuki, that I had zero part in. I still don’t know when/where that went down!! And genetically, they could have a blond, red, or brunette kid, and definitely with freckles… so I’m all game for that!

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  4. I like seeing all this age group from Oliver’s point of view now, after having read Julia’s story, and seeing things from her point of view. It is nice that Oliver admits Maeve is nice even if he doesn’t like her “worming” her way into Isaiah’s heart. I was curious if Isaiah’s parent really call him every night in the game? That is kind of funny.

    It is interesting when someone dates a person they’ve never known for the first time…that getting to know you while dating you experience…and I love Oliver’s observation of Brooklyn, that she has the self-confidence to be a good teacher. The picture of Brooklyn with her heel up, saying good night (or coming in?) is really cute, and that pose of Oliver’s is really hot, with his hand against the door frame.

    1. Yes Isaiah’s parents call him every night, one or the other! It’s SO funny. He totally rolls his eyes when he answers, and I’m telling him, “Stop answering, you know who it is!!” They crack me up. Oh yeah, I like that photo too! Very promising for some steaminess!

      I think Brooklyn will make a great teacher, I still haven’t decided where I will put her yet, though I see her with little kids easily enough, I really might need her for high school more. I will look into it more when she is close to graduating. Maeve is really nice, she’s a bit crazy and I think Oliver likes his bro time, but now that he’s seeing Brooklyn, he won’t be such a needy friend. 😉

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  5. Seeing them all as young teens is just insane! How has so much time passed? That feels like forever ago, especially Julia’s baby drama. Wow.

    I really enjoyed reading about Oliver and I like seeing where his life takes him. The whole Brooklyn thing is definitely interesting–dating someone you didn’t grow up knowing is definitely different. Maybe it’s the ‘different’ he needed!

    Poor Isaiah, lol. First he dies, then everything just goes to pot from there. Just when you think it can’t get any worse than death!

    I liked Oliver and Julia chatting. It’s always nice to run into someone you grew up with and to swap stories about the people you knew. I love the few chances I get at that whenever I go home!

    1. I loved that young teen picture of them all, the baby drama was so unforeseen! At that time, Julia only had eyes for Oliver, she crushed hard on him, and he was dating Paloma, which would last an eternity!

      Dating someone who didn’t swoon over him, is probably good for Oliver. Paloma was always his best friend, and Meg was hugely crushing for him, even asked him out and he rejected her back in high school. So it’s good for him to work for it some I think.

      It is nice to run into someone you used to know, and see where you all ended up, as long as you are in a good place! Julia has changed so much over the years, that she’s barely the same person who was in the teen photo, no crushing or swooning for Oliver. She’s very happy with Cabot, and doing well in college too.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

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