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My Everything (Browning – Traver Wedding)

may 2023
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Luca Traver (28 years), Nadia (27 years), Kai (7 years)

The guests were arriving, the skies were clear with the sound of baby birds nesting far above in the ancient trees. Nadia was no longer concerned about what guests had arrived, and if there would be enough cake for everyone, she could only live in this moment. It felt that they’d worked towards this for years, from Luca first pining for her, and Lorelei had tried being a wingman. Yet it seemed surreal.

She helped Caitlyn apply make up, realizing that she’d never been taught. She hoped that this day would be always be a special moment to her future sister-in-law. Even Colin had stopped griping about walking down the aisle with Erin.

Caitlyn and Kai were paired together, both feeling immense honor in being chosen for the bridal party. Kai had practiced his part not only at the reception but at home when no one was looking. He didn’t remember his biological Dad, he’s only known Luca, and this day it feels like he’s been chosen just as his Mom has been.

Emma had declined the wedding party invitation, she didn’t know if she’d deliver the twins before the big day, or not. She only knew that she had no intention of parading around in a bridesmaid dress when full term. With Chris in the wedding, and Erin, it meant the boys sat with her, something she hadn’t bargained for. Chaz kept quiet as Kai walked past, but Logan started talking loudly, and pointing out his playmate, asking why he was dressed so fancy.

Nadia was pleasantly surprised to see Cara and Chris hit it off so well. He was impressed with her military background, and they were both parents to sons, these two topics supplied them with plenty of conversation possibilities.

It had meant something special to the bride and groom that Cara was in such a pleasant mood. She was colder than ether of them, but the wedding had brought about a certain warmth, that made Nadia less intimidated of her.

Everyone had been concerned over Nadia pairing Colin with Erin to walk down the aisle. It hadn’t been a cruel joke, it was the only way it would work. They were the maid of honor and bestman, neither party were willing to downgrade their honored choice, so the ex-couple had to deal. Nadia was grateful that she couldn’t see their expressions from behind, she’d have to wait until they received their wedding photos to find out how it had truly gone.

She had been terrified of tripping, a common fear surely, but she was quite pregnant and had walked into a door frame just that morning. It seemed her odds of falling on her face were quite higher than the average bride. Her petty fears vanished once she met his eyes, her pace may have been out of sync with the music, but she couldn’t hear anything but her heart leaping.

She did notice that Meredith had come, and this seemed like a great gift from the universe.

Relief flooded her as their hands connected, finally the wedding would begin, this was the moment she’d been dreaming of.

Their hands shook with anticipation as they exchanged rings, both knowing in their marrow that this was their day.

She knew fairy tales weren’t real, but if she were honest with herself, this moment felt akin to one.

Husband and wife, their moment. The future bright and endless, a baby joining their family soon, everything seemed golden.

When the ceremony was over, no one was hungrier than Nadia, except perhaps Emma.

All the adults were occupied, and Kai took the opportunity to skip the main course and jump straight to jello.

There weren’t assigned seats, it was a casual wedding with a few splurged luxuries. Luca had been terrified that this would cause strife, but she had hoped people would have enough good sense to not sit next to their ex-romantic partners.

For the most part it worked well, Ethan avoided his ex-wife as if repelling magnets.

Nadia tried to be polite to her mother-in-law, but found her in a cantankerous mood, edgy and defensive from the simplest of greetings.

No one was certain who started the theatrics, depending on each persons loyalty, the other party was to blame. As Meredith hardly had anyone on her side, the majority agreed it was her that started the strife.

Jake got very protective of his Mother, shouting that Meredith was never his Grandma, and he didn’t care what happened to her.

Nadia knew that Jake would be taken care of by his parents, but was concerned over Caitlyn’s reaction. She was openly devastated, and Meredith showed no sign of caring.

Cara was able to calm Jake down, who burst into tears suddenly as if frightened by his own reaction. He had no recollection of his Grandma, having not seen her since he was three years old, though surely he knew she wasn’t what dreams were made of.

Meredith’s boyfriend, Vince was able to calm Meredith down. It sounded as if she was playing a victim card, and he was consoling her in his own way. Luca was just grateful that Cara had dispersed and missed the entire conversation.

No sooner had things calmed down, then Mallory got upset. Mostly exhausted from the ceremony, and in need of a new diaper. Erin was helping the bride in the restroom, leaving Mallory to reach out to her Dad.

Everyone saw him freak out on her, turn his back, and pretend like nothing had happened. No one said anything to him openly, but it would be a story to be passed on for years to come.

Erin got Mallory settled down for a nap in her stroller, and ignored her ex-boyfriend’s behavior. She had decided to stop trying to make him a better Father, and let him do things his own way. She hoped that in the end, that would mean she wouldn’t have to share custody with him anymore, but she didn’t breath it aloud.

Their first dance helped to bring their focus back to one another, forgetting the crazy family she just married into.

Cutting the cake brought temporary happiness to all, especially the children. Kai really hoped their were leftovers so he could sneak it for breakfast the next morning.

Ethan even gave a toast, welcoming Nadia and Kai to the family, and admitting that he’d already thought of them as his own for years. Nadia knew that things had been difficult with him when Luca was growing up, but she really enjoyed the man she knew, even if he wasn’t the typical Father-in-law.

Meredith left when it got dark, and left the night to dancing. Nadia had arranged for a special mother and son dance, noting that her friends all had sons of their own.

Everyone but Ethan tore it up on the floor, Emma much less than most, leaving Chris to dance with Caitlyn any anyone else that would have him.

Most of the times he kicked it with the kids including Chaz, who thought wedding receptions were pretty much the best thing ever.

The karaoke machine didn’t garner much attention until later in the evening when those not pregnant had a few beers in them. Nadia didn’t have a liquor excuse for her bad singing and lack of care, it was her wedding day, and she was going to live it up.

They sang punchy love songs, and classic rock when the guests wanted a quicker beat.

They handed the singing reins over to Lorelei and Marshal and escaped under the tree for some quiet time. The day was winding to a close, and while they wanted time alone desperately, it was bittersweet to see the day end.

Something about the wedding, made going home seem lackluster, they didn’t exactly want a honeymoon, as they couldn’t imagine leaving Kai behind. But a family vacation would have been nice.

Luca suggested that they sneak up to the Cascade mountains after the baby was born and before school started, a low key weekend at a cabin. He said he would arrange it all and Nadia was happy to accept his offer.

The evening closed as people began dispersing, those with kids left as tantrums began over simple things, and rubbing of the eyes was fierce.

All of his immediate family had made it a point to arrive, and while it hadn’t gone perfectly, it still touched the newlyweds to have their blessing. It also made Nadia happy to know that all the strife didn’t really involve her tiny family.

Wedding portraits:

The wedding party.

The couple.

Nadia, with her baby bump. I thought she looked classically elegant.

The happy family.

Luca and Kai, two cool dudes.

Notes: Ah I loved doing their wedding, I thought that Nadia was beautiful as a bride, and the dress wrapped around her baby bump quite lovely. Other than a bit of drama, it all went perfectly. I loved that Chris just kept dancing the night away, surrounded by kids, he is growing up so wonderfully. In the photo with Caitlyn, it looks like he’s pretending to punch her and she’s rolling with it.

During the dancing, I realized that all of these ladies (Emma, Nadia, and Erin) all have first born sons. I wonder if Lorelei will have a first born son when she finally has a family.

I had decided to not bring Meredith to the wedding, and then she actually showed up on the lot. So I made her selectable to stick around and brought her beau Vince in. Drama ensued, nothing more than slaps and pokes, and upset children. Then I sent her home when it got dark, and she showed back up later on in her casual clothes…. “I’m not done here, how dare you send me home!” Frankly she startled me, standing there like a psychopath.

I don’t know who started the discord if it was Meredith or Cara, both seem pretty likely, all I saw was the end of it with Jake crying (and Cara consoling on her own! I can NEVER get people to console, it always resets), and Caitlyn was bawling too. Mallory had asked Colin for something like food or attention and that was his response, I like that he flipped out on her, then walked away with a smile, like no one noticed his behavior.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the wedding, I’ve been SO excited about it since I rolled the ROS for a shotgun wedding!

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14 thoughts on “My Everything (Browning – Traver Wedding)”

    1. Aww thanks so much Kitty, I really liked how the wedding came together too, and thought Nadia really pulled off being a bride. I’m glad that you enjoy the stories, so kind. Thank you for commenting!

  1. Maisie, the wedding was such a lovely setting, and Nadia was elegant, and beautiful, so fairy-tale like, and then there was all the also usual drama and Meredith acting psycho. The mother-son dance was a brilliant idea.
    I wonder when you have a pregnant bride, do you worry about miscarriages, with it being such a long day? I thought you may actually do a separate session for the portraits, but it is still a long event.
    Caitlyn looked very pretty; Kai was adorable; it is so funny about Logan wondering why he was all dressed up and calling out as he went by.

    I really love the shot of Nadia pausing in the aisle to see Meredith was there; she wanted her to come and mend relationships with everyone so much. The shot of Nadia from the back, in the aisle, taking in the wedding party, was also beautiful.

    It really was a perfect shotgun wedding– a beautiful but low key spot, with a few splurged luxuries, as you said!

    1. When I do community lots I have my PNPC Eric buy the lot, and then proceed to have the party. This way if I have to leave, or it unexpectedly crashes, everything pretty much stays the way it was, and no worries of death or miscarriages ether. Caitlyn really did look lovely for the wedding, other than her meltdown for her Mom and sister Cara fighting, she was in great spirits. Totally agree about Kai, he’s adorable, I think he’ll make a great big brother.

      Nadia glancing at Meredith was such a perfect, unplanned moment, I’m glad I captured it. I’m so glad you enjoyed the wedding photos, I went overboard in taking photos, and had a great time playing this session. This is how I wish my low-key, few splurges wedding turned out, but the neighbor at the back of the house (bought a house/did house wedding) bought a HUGE, full size brown, junker bus, and parked it right behind our arch! And refused to move it! Ugh… I hate my wedding pictures, look redneck. So Nadia’s came out much nicer!!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Very nice, not what I envision of a shotgun wedding but it was so perfect. Loved hearing her POV. The drama! O the drama! Now I’m glad Erin isn’t with Colin anymore, such a jerk to his kids, what kind of man is that?

    1. Yeah, not quite the shotgun style, that was more of Reed and Caroline’s wedding, the smalltown church, the less-than-stellar dress, small family party, and walmart cake. But Nadia has no family, and Luca’s family wouldn’t care, so I didn’t have anyone to force them via “shotgun” to get it done on a dime. The drama was a fun bit of chaos that I hadn’t expected, I really like that Cara consoled Jake, because mine never do that action on their own. And yeah, Colin wasn’t looking too great at the party, I’m glad I caught it to take pictures.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! I’m glad Nadia and Luca had a beautiful day, despite Meredith turning up and almost ruining everything. I guess she just couldn’t help herself. :\

    Nadia looked lovely with her big bump – glad you found a dress to fit it. I can imagine that one working for a RL pregnant woman too, as long as you had a really good tailor working on it! Loved the bridesmaid dresses. You were lucky to find one that worked for teens and adults, as that can be difficult sometimes.

    I cringed for Colin and Erin though, as that had to be awkward for both of them, as necessary as it may have been. And poor Mallory. 😦 I had hoped Colin would start showing a little more interest in her but I guess he’s always going to be off and on as a dad to her, at best. Hopefully Erin can make up for that as best she can.

    Seeing the kids together and the boys dancing with their mums was adorable though!

    1. I thought the dress would work well for real life too, it was one reason I really fell for it with Nadia, and I thought the style fit her well too. The bridesmaid dresses actually weren’t, Caitlyn’s is shorter, I just pasted it to a different mesh and adjusted the parts that showed (which I am blanking on the name of). It was easy to do since I had to recolor it anyway to match her color.

      I was very disappointed with Colin too, I didn’t see him interact with her a single time other than to brush her off, which he did several times until Erin came back from the restroom. I felt bad putting Erin and Colin as partners going down the aisle, I felt for Erin who used to have a marriage want back in the day for him, but they were the only ones that made sense for the honor of best men/maid of honor.

      I’m sort of hoping Lorelei has a boy first one day, I think it’s sweet that they all ended up with sons as their first born. The kids were already dancing with their Moms, I just had to pull Emma off the chair for Chaz, so they gave me the idea. Emma was exhausted the entire time, and I cheated her up a few times just so she’d survive.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. What a beautiful wedding! The venue is just beautiful. And of course, Nadia made a beautiful bride ❤

    I guess it wouldn't be a wedding without some sort of drama! It's so funny that Meredith showed up on her own – I guess she really wanted to be there. Colin's behavior is upsetting – not that I'd expect different from him but just, come on! Your little girl wants some attention and you throw a hissy fit? Grow up man!

    1. I was really surprised by Colin, I’m so glad that I was watching to take pictures and see it happen! Meredith showing up was really quite perfect, I like that she made up her own mind, and came back a second time too, so creepy and fun! I was really pleased with how Nadia looked all done up for her wedding, she looked very sophisticated.

      Thanks for commenting!!

  5. What a crazy wedding, but what can I say? It’s the Travers. Any wedding of theirs by all rights should be insane. I’m shocked that Meredith showed. Almost like asking her pulled her like a moth to a flame. Hey, I used that same wedding dress on Marie (while she was pregnant with Julie). It’s an awesome dress for a bride with a bump. As for Colin, well, let’s hope this stage doesn’t last forever. He’s gotten better with Logan, so I want to hope he may improve with time for Mallory.

    1. It is an awesome dress for a bride, it looks like it was loving draped around the baby belly. I hope he improves with Mallory as time goes on too, she has her fourth birthday shortly, so we shall see. So true on the Travers, they haven’t had a wedding in a long time ether! I suppose they just had all this pent up feelings that they were saving to express for this special occasion. It was the first time that Meredith and Ethan have been to an event together since the divorce, and he played it very cool. I wonder if Colin will be like Ethan, a total dead beat until his 50’s. He does really well with Caitlyn and Aidan, though more friends than Dad-material, he still makes an effort.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  6. Yay! What a beautiful wedding. Nadia looked great. So happy for these two. Of course, you can’t have a wedding without dramas, right? LOL! That picture of Meredith looming in the background is definitely a little unsettling…

    1. Meredith totally startled me when she was looming there. What a creepy Mom! Thank you for the comments Mao, I was happy with how the wedding and bride came out, it was a blast to play.

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