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summer birthdays 2023

june 2023

Reed and Caroline Welsh’s oldest son, Alex celebrates his eleventh birthday. He had been a surprise that landed a rushed wedding. But they’ve been making the best of it the past few years, and are happy out in Millwood in their new house.

Alex was rather anti-social in grade school, and still prefers reading over spending time with people.

Perla Martinez is heading to Eastborough University in the fall, she hasn’t decided on a career persay, but has decided on a History major. She’s interested in culture and entertainment, and her parents are worried that her major won’t suit her in the real world, but Perla insisted on studying History. She’s been assigned to Miner Hall, and is still dating Julius McCarthy.

Lainey Grimsley graduated with a 3.2 GPA in Biology, hoping to land a job at the aquarium her Mom, Mayor Bekah Grimsley has promised to build for the people. In the mean time she’s living back at home, waiting for Alice to graduate so they can get an apartment together, and working as a housemaid to build a savings; it is not ideal and she hopes to remedy the sucky job quickly.

Hadley Millett finished her senior year with a 4.0 GPA, barely boosting her total GPA to the minimum 3.5 required to be eligible for Medical school. She’s already been assigned her housing for next fall, but is in no hurry for summer to end, planning to spend it at home in Millwood, lounging poolside without a book in sight.

Chad Sumner also graduated university with a 3.7 GPA in Philosophy, he is looking for a place downtown, and filling out applications at local businesses. He blew off his Dad’s wishes for him to be a lawyer, and is rather aimless currently.

Wed in May was Meme Popper and Daniel Blackshire at their new home out in Millwood.

Adam was able to snag a spot in the wedding party, leading to a wonderful evening with Paloma.


The hospital gets a tiny baby boom when Emma and Chris make it to the hospital for the delivery of their twins. Emma’s perpetual sour mood has not waned in this sterile environment.

Chris thinks it’d be more wise to be friendly toward the doctor that has control of medicine, but Emma hasn’t listened to logic for nine months and he keeps his opinion to himself. He tries massaging her where Nurse Caroline instructed, and helping her breath when a contraction comes on, but overall he feels pretty helpless to actually aid in the situation.

Unfortunately for Emma, she has to do everything twice this time around, and she is not kidding when she screams that he is getting the boys snipped. She is done with this procreating business, and she’s vowed to murder him if he ever puts her in this place again.

Arriving first is a black haired boy just like Chaz had been, whom they promptly name Dax.

Emma never imagined herself with kids, let alone three, but if she was forced to face that reality, she imagined she’d have all boys in the same way her sister Grace had all daughters. But number three turns out to be a she, looking at her with the soft, sleepy brown eyes of her Grandfather.

She never intended to have this many kids, but she isn’t wrecked by it, and she takes back her offer to give the bad twin to Grace. She’d rather send Evan off when she starts liking boys instead.

A few days after, Nadia and Luca head to the hospital in the middle of the night, leaving Kai with Lorelei.

Labor wasn’t difficult, they were both besides themselves with anticipation.

Nadia would even say that delivery was no sweat, and her smile didn’t falter. It felt like this little person was already apart of their family, and they couldn’t wait to finally meet.

A bright eyed, freckly baby girl joined their family; Mavis Browning.

They were thrilled at their new addition, and Luca was absolutely smitten, a daughter that took after the love of his life, how could he have been so lucky?

Kai couldn’t be happier with a little sister to play with, he didn’t care what the baby was, he’s been jealous of his friend Logan having a built in playmate, even if Mallory drooled and threw tantrums; he could hardly wait!

Notes: This is my last update until August, just haven’t been able to play often to keep up the pace this summer.

I love the photo of Adam and Paloma, she smiled at him on her own, and looks like she could just melt into him.

Mostly though I love all my new babies! Genetic talk forthcoming!

Dax and Evan both got in between skintones, Dax has Emma’s blue eyes, and Evan/Chaz both have George’s brown eyes. Dax got red recessive, and Evan the blond. I really like the diversity with these two just on their dna chart.

Nadia was in legit labor during the “catch” photo, and she was seriously smiling! She was quite happy about having their baby. Mavis takes after her Mom with the freckle skintone and bright blue eyes, however the one thing I didn’t want her to get… Luca’s nose, she got. At least on a girl it’s not as pronounced as it is for boys. I’d really like to weed out that terribly long Traver nose. However I adore her, and I took a load of pics of Nadia and Luca with Mavis during their hospital stay, I’ll post them to tumblr after this has been live for a few days.

I don’t think I mentioned it in the wedding post, but Luca took Nadia’s last name. I have plenty of Traver’s, and I don’t think he’d miss that association. Plus Nadia would never change her name, she’s rather attached to her identity.

Medical School Blabber:
Hadley just barely made it, she rolled tons of academic wants which saved her, so she gets to head to med school. I’ve decided that Hadley wants to be a surgeon, so she will be working towards the requirement of that field (Surgeon – 4 mechanical, 2 charisma, 4 body, 4 logic, 1 creativity, 5 friends). She will write articles for the skill points. Friends will be her networking in the medical field, likely I will have the current doctors do some teaching to give her the opportunity to impress someone. I will also allow friends that are close to medical field professions to count as well, so if she became best friends with Hazel, then Hazel could recommend her to Morgan.

Surgeons can have 4 years of med school, then 4-5 years for residency. I haven’t decided if I will keep those same lengths or halve them, Hadley is my guinea pig. She currently resides in a house in the university neighborhood (lot tour going up on tumblr), and she’s allowed to be a Medical Technician to help pay for college, which costs $10,000 a year for med school. Year 3 she will start clinical rotations in South Port as well, and get to wear cute scrubs, which I’m very excited about!

I am surprised at Lainey’s low GPA, she’d always been a strong student and Isaac really derailed her. Which is no surprise that he did, considering he’s flunked TWICE! Not consecutively, so he gets to stay, and I think he enjoys the ladies so I don’t imagine him dropping out. Funny guy actually rolled and wrote his term paper, but was missing two skill points so it didn’t do anything.

Hadley – 3.5 GPA (Biology Major)
Lainey – 3.2 GPA (Biology Major)
Chad – 3.7 GPA (Philosophy Major)
Isaac – Academic Probation

Thanks for reading and see y’all in August! Looking forward to seeing all the simmy goodness I’ve missed!

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8 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2023”

  1. All the new age-ups look great! Alex is really handsome.

    Meme and Daniel had a really lovely wedding – love the bridesmaids’ dresses and it was good to see Paloma having such a beautiful day with Adam.

    I was dying to know if Hadley would get into medical school! I’m glad she made it, even if it was only just. I found it interesting to read all your med school requirements, as I haven’t really tightened mine up yet, though I’ve always intended to.

    How proud does Chris look of his daughter there? That’s gorgeous. I thought for sure Emma would have two boys though. It didn’t enter my mind that she’d have a girl, lol.

    And aw, a little sister for Kai and a daughter for Nadia and Luca! ❤ Awesome that she got the freckles too.

    1. I thought Emma would have two boys too, then I thought I’d have to try for a fourth… but she had Evan instead, and I’m super curious what personality Evan will have. I was super happy that Mavis got the freckle skin tone, both of her kids did, and I’ve been dying for that to breed into my playables genetics for years and years! About darn time!

      Meme and Daniel had a very drama filled wedding, lots of slapping, but I didn’t play it so I only know that Paloma’s red-head friend Bobbi was flirting with the cat lady’s new guy… All entertaining, but Paloma and Adam had a lovely time for sure.

      Alex sure did turn out handsome didn’t he? He was an odd turtle looking toddler and child, but as a teen, I could see him getting a girlfriend. I haven’t checked his chemistry yet, it was all very rushed as I had forgotten him and Perla originally. Just too excited about those babies!

      I am SO relieved that Hadley got in, a 4.0 this last semester gave her the .1 boost that she needed. Can’t wait to start playing her!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. So many birthdays! I was also really curious if Hadley would make it into medical school. The process for becoming a surgeon sounds really great; it is a long road, so either way (full length or half,) seems like its going to feel really long. And our supervisor of counseling is always emphasizing that the path to being a doctor is different now, that students get a medical tech credential to help them pay for med school, so it is really cool Hadley is doing that.

    Good luck to Perla with her history degree; I guess her parents just want her to be able to get a job in the competitive young adult economy, but who knows what doors it will open up?

    The births were great, so different from each other, but in the end Emma looks just as proud of her babies as Nadia of Mavis. It was a mini baby boom!

    Have a great rest of July, Maisie!

    1. Perla matches perfectly for things like model, actress, and anything else with limelights, but she rolls the history degree… they don’t usually roll those wants for me (I really wanted Alice to roll cause she matched for tons of careers, but never did). So I let Perla do it, but I have no clue what her career will be… or if she will like it when she gets it.

      Emma has done really well with the babies, autonomously, and even smiling fondly, though she isn’t in their family photo. I was having issues with interference, and I snapped that sucker as soon as I got her to look. It’s one of those pose boxes that you click to stop instead of resetting, so they don’t look where you want them too. I need to remember how to fix that so it’s more useable for me.

      I didn’t know that about working through medical school! That’s really interesting, I did do research into the process, and I knew that my friends that have done medical training were all able to work at low level medical jobs, but I don’t have any doctor friends (probably because they are just finishing their residencies about my age, and have no friends.) I am leaning towards doing the full-length, I like the idea of her being in her thirties when she starts moving forward in her career, but if I get tired… I might halve it.

      Thanks for commenting!!

  3. I really like Alex, and I’m already secretly hoping he’ll end up with one of your playables, so we can see more of him!
    I’m glad Hadley made it this year! And I’m really looking forward to seeing her handle medical school, and your system! It looks interesting.

    Welcome to all those babies!
    I can really see Luca a dad to a daughter! I’m anxious to see her grow up and see those freckles! I love freckles!
    I know Emma didn’t want any more children, let alone 2, and I’m glad she deciced to not give the bad twin away! I’m sure she’ll do a great job, in her own way!
    I’m with Carla here, it never crossed my mind that Emma would have a girl! But Chris looks so proud of his daughter. I’m sure he’ll be a doting father!

    1. heheh Alex is hoping the same I’m sure, he’s sort of whiny and put-out, I can imagine him sulking if he didn’t at least get a playable girl! I don’t know his chemistry, I’m excited to look into it, and see who he might have possible romances with.

      I’m excited to play Hadley in medical school as well, I want to build up some medical personnel/students around with her, so that she has people to interact with.

      I agree that Luca is going to be perfect for a daughter, they are such a sweet family now with one of each. They are both insane and want 4+ kids though… so I’m sure they aren’t satisfied.

      Emma has done really well with the twins thus far, very autonomously caring, she’s doing so much better with the twins then she did with Chaz. I think she’s a matured woman. I didn’t think she’d have a girl ether, but I’m happy to see how Evan turns out, if she’s girly or tough, athletic or geeky. Can’t wait!

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  4. Those bridesmaids dresses are so pretty! I love the color scheme meme and Daniel went with!

    I adore your birthing photos. Lots of babies 🙂 Emma is too funny – she is ready for those babies to be out! I did enjoy seeing her smile while she held them though.

    1. I really liked the wedding colors for Meme and Daniel’s wedding too, and I didn’t have to recolor anything so I liked it even more!

      Emma is doing great with the twins, I’m proud of her for being affectionate and a good caretaker of them thus far, I’ve played about two days of her household and was happy with how it was being run by them. I think Chaz is a little bored of the twins though… they do take up a lot of his parents’ time!

      Thanks for commenting Ashland!

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