Goss Family, Krouse

crazed with fever

june 2023
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(Krouse Household Profile)
Marshal Krouse (34 years), Lorelei (30 years)

narrated by: Lorelei

I decided now was the time to remodel The Red Mill; I hadn’t changed a single thing including staff since I took over the restaurant. Marshal wasn’t as interested in this venture, as it required a hefty $25,000 loan from start to finish. He wanted to be buying a new house at this point, and moving towards having a baby, but I’ve put all that on the backburner with my loan.

We were closed all spring, grand opening in June, and I spent the first week of the month hiring and training new employees. I found two gems, and was really pleased with my new hires.

I also promoted Isabella Martinez to assistant manager so I can take more time off, this last part is a peace offering towards Marshal. Isabella was thrilled too since her eldest daughter Perla is starting university this fall and it comes with a pay hike.

The big opening went smoothly, and several friends and family members came out to celebrate with us. Even my cousin Colin came, even matching the dress code.

Now that it’s complete, Marshal is hankering to start house hunting, despite the loan. He’s more emotional with his spending habits then I tend to be, but I can’t just boss him around and tell him he can’t even look into it. So I guess he’s keeping his eyes open for a free house, and he’s determined to drop buckets of money into the loan to get it vaporized.

He feels better with this arrangement, though I still have veto power. I feel pretty confident that a free house isn’t going to fall into his lap, unless a relative unexpectedly dies like when Grandma Milla died in a house fire, anyone in the family could have kept it for free; I was just a teen back then but there had been talk of me inheriting it, before they decided to sell.

It isn’t that I love everything about our house ether, for instance we don’t have a shower, and the bathtub faucet continuously breaks. It’s gotten to the point that we just fix it ourselves, because the plumber couldn’t perform.

We also get roaches, I think they come from our old neighbor Annie Carver, she seemed infested when we had first gone over to introduce ourselves.

But as positive that I am that I would like a baby, as in singular, I’m not sure how ready I am right now. Finances are a huge discomfort for me currently, and if I had my way, it’d be an only child and I’d really like to do it all with a bang complete with an unnecessarily fancy nursery and name brand diapers. Nor do I want to just settle on a house just so we can get to the end point of a baby. It’s all too much focus on babyhood for my comfort level.

We are the only ones left without kids too, Nadia likes to point out the small age gap our kids could have if we got pregnant that very day. She thinks pawning baby Mavis into my arms as soon as I walk in the door, that I will swoon from that baby powder smell, that is also mixed with a souring milk, that I suppose parents are immune from smelling.

It’s dangerous being with our friends, Marshal has baby fever like a forty-year old hen with the hamster wheel repeating “tick, tock, tick, tock.” I’m thirty, we have time. I can’t help but think Marshal is still thinking he might get three out of me, all the more reason to delay!

Luca just chants, “Babies are great, why aren’t you having any?” And Marshal is stuck sputtering, not wanting to blame his wife, but not really having any other reason. He mutters about us needing a bigger house, and paying off our debt, but his heart isn’t in it. He believes that babies only need love, and that it’s enough, and perhaps it’s the most important ingredient, their own bedroom is pretty great too.

And then, as men are apt to do, Luca and Marshal started brainstorming on ways to get there quicker. And lo, Nadia’s old house is still for sale, and it’s literally next door to their new house. I can hear them going over details while we change Mavis’ diaper upstairs, and I groan internally. I don’t want to be offensive to Nadia, but her house is not my style.

It would require massive updates to fit our style, which I know sounds hypocritical since our current house isn’t updated, but we aren’t having a baby in it ether. Plus it’s only two bedrooms, and what if we compromised and had two kids, then we’d have to move again. I don’t voice the latter part ever, I say I want it for a study when we discuss future homes, I know Marshal’s heart would be clamped to it like a dragon to gold at the mere mention from me.

We lay Mavis down, and catch up in the kitchen. Nadia is a pro at parenting a baby, and tries to understand why I want to wait, but she can’t get it. When I get excited about The Red Mill, which for all purposes is my baby, I can tell she doesn’t understand that ether. She’s a waitress at Shortstack Pancake House, of course she isn’t attached to work. But if she did something she loved, instead of just making ends meet, then she might understand.

We leave their house with Marshal practically humming about buying Nadia’s old house. Thank you Luca. We volunteered to help out Chris and Emma with their twins, and I hoped that the babies were in a horrible mood that they would squash all the child-bearing thoughts straight from Marshal.

They weren’t; they were in rather high spirits, which works great since we are there to allow Emma and Chris time to themselves, which was literally spent alone. Chris went out to work on his car, and Emma went to draw a bath. I guess when there are twins involved, free time is gone. It’s dramatically more fast paced here then at Nadia’s.

Chaz seems to like being a big brother, until these two are mobile and are into all his stuff. I think this like I really have any clue, I suppose I was the one in my big brother Zeke’s crap, as Dean was barely walking when I went to university.

Dax stayed happy, but Evan lost her cool on me, and I hoped that Emma would save me. I’ve always been a great Aunt, but to toddlers on up. The baby stage is overwhelming and too finicky, dropping a baby is seriously frowned upon, but toddlers, they drop themselves. “Oh that cut on Junior’s head? Yeah just jumped off the sofa.” Totally believable.

And was I ever happy when she came down, found the issue and solved it for me. I’d like to adopt a child I think, cause diapers are probably the worst thing.

We were able to visit with them for a bit, Dax and Evan are pretty relaxed babies for what we can tell. We were both surprised to see how well Emma was doing with them too, we weren’t exactly friends when Chaz was born, but she was very absent during it from the stories I’ve been told. Feel bad that we were all watching her to see how she’d do, as if we expected her to fail, but at least she isn’t.

They weren’t the best company though, as Emma dozed off during the conversation, and Chris could barely maintain a thought, let alone hold a conversation. Chaz also seemed rather bored with staying home so often, but newborn twins on errands seemed daunting, so I don’t fault Emma for sticking close to home.

That night, I found Marshal had moved the laptop to the table and was searching for ways to make quick money, one ad said that writing articles could bring in a decent chunk of change, there were ads for investors, but Marshal isn’t savvy in that. He also looked for houses in our neighborhood, Annie Carver’s house is still vacant, he mentioned when I came down for some water. He’s clearly lost his mind, and become hormonally crazy.

My nieces Vivienne and Cicely had their ninth birthday party near the end of the month. It’s been decided that they will host all family parties since their house is practically a mansion.

I’m in shock that these guys are all growing up so quickly, Lewis towers over me, and he was just the kid that I babysat and creamed in video games. Now he probably would beat me, and he babysits the twins, no longer needing a sitter himself. I’m in shock that he’s starting his senior year this fall, and can’t imagine him being old enough to head to college, and I’m still ignoring the fact that he has a girlfriend.

Despite being nine now, Vivienne is afraid of the diving board. Zeke said that she hadn’t been able to overcome her fear yet despite having all of last summer with the pool too.

Step in Marshal, the greatest Uncle ever! He belly flops straight in the pool, laughing all the while, and showing that it’s not a big deal at all.

While Vivienne used the ladder, she did get in the pool and Marshal helped her back float.

Later they played Marco Polo, and Cicely snuck out of the pool, what a stinker.

All in all it was a wonderful summer day, and there was no family drama. The adults spent most of their time talking and eating, while the teens stuck to themselves. I remember that stage fondly, now I’m expected to be social.

But I’m still much younger than all of them, and have this eternal kid-sister vibe from Zeke, that I was able to sneak some tanning time in for a bit.

Another reason why we should wait for a baby, because I still like being immature, and doing my own thing.

Notes: Marshal has had a baby want for as long as I can recall, and Lorelei actually rolled the want… but I really needed to fix up The Red Mill, I booted it for the first time since I reinstalled, and it was in horrible shape, missing tons of CC. It was absolutely necessary, and with a giant loan, it just means no baby quite yet. Marshal however is very excited about a baby, he was a pro with the newborns, and with Vivienne and Cicely like always. Looking forward to these two eventually having a baby.

I’m curious to see if they will try for a second baby, most of my sims stop at the lower IFS number in the relationship, but Grace went to 4 kids, which is Benjamin’s number, hers is 3. I really can’t imagine Lorelei wanting only 1 but having 3, but 2 wouldn’t be bad.

Red Mill tour on tumblr.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “crazed with fever”

  1. Oh, it was REALLY fun hearing Lorelei’s perspective (and snarky comments) in this post; it is a great title, Marshal does seem hormonally crazed. I’m glad she was able to find a couple really good employees; that always seems to be a major challenge. Colin was hilarious walking in, as if to say, “I’m here, the party can start.” I believe wholeheartedly with Marshal, in babies just need love, but it doesn’t sound like Lorelei is ready quite yet for the specific kind of love (being able to put one’s own needs on the backburner) that they need; it is good that she really understands what she wants (the designer nursery) and to be out of debt before getting a house. I hope she has someone she can talk to about her “baby,” the Red Mill. I saw your babymoon visiting pictures on Tumblr; that one of Chris, Emma, Lorelei and Marshal is so evocative of sitting around during that phase, recovering from childbirth, just watching the babies and waiting for them to need something. The party was really fun, I love Marshal bellyflopping into the pool and Lorelei still acting like a teen and sunbathing.

    1. I really like writing Lorelei, so I’m glad you enjoyed reading her. She’s got a bit of this spoiled princess mentality, she keeps it under wrap for those that don’t know her well, but she can be rather pouty and stompy when she can get away with it.

      I was relieved that there were some good options for hires! I’m having a difficult time keeping my businesses staffed because I don’t make my playables work them, and I don’t have very many townies. Colin’s pose was totally his own, I just was lucky enough to grab the photo, and I totally agree that is exactly how he looks! So Colin!

      Marshal only bellyflops… and he’s quite happy about it too. He’s goofy, no wonder kids love him! Thank you for the compliments on the babymoon photos, it really brought back that period of my life as well when I recreated those moments, it’s such a special, and all too fleeting moment.

      Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. I’ve always loved Lorelei and I LOVE her thoughts on kids and the future. Heh. I also tend to agree with her that while kids need love they also need some stuff only money can buy. 🙂 I’m looking forward to see what the future has in store for these two!

    1. Yes, Lorelei is not the one to sing, “All we need is love” she wants that, but she also wants stability, and a bit of the finer things. She doesn’t mind working towards it, but she wants it nonetheless. She’s never been a wishy-washy girl. I’m looking forward to their future too, but I have no ideas on what to do for their eventual new house… total mind block on it, so it worked in my favor that The Red Mill needed a remodel.

      Thanks for commenting River!

  3. Aw, that’s exciting that Lorelei actually rolled a baby want though! I can see her still wanting to focus on The Red Mill for a bit, even knowing she wants a baby. It doesn’t sound like it would be the most practical decision for them right now. Lorelei has a good head on her shoulders about all this, while Marshal is obviously the more dreamy one. Which I find adorable, I have to add. He’ll be a great dad one day. I’m looking forward to the time when kids are a more realistic option for them. I bet they’d make cute babies!

    Good to see Emma is coping better than expected with twins! What a huge task – for anyone, really. The picture of Emma asleep on the couch and Chris pretty close to zonking out himself is priceless…and probably quite true to life for parents of twins, I imagine!

    1. I really, really hope they can make cute babies, and when she rolled that want I was seriously thrilled… then I loaded The Red Mill, and just knew that it wouldn’t work for Lorelei to do all those things in the same year. She’s focused, and Marshal is definitely the dreamer, he’s too cute. ❤ I agree that he will make a great Dad eventually, he's always hanging out with Vivienne and Cicely and ignoring the adults at family gatherings.

      I was so proud of Emma! She's been autonomously helping the twins, and smiling, she seems happy… wha?!! The picture of Emma and Chris zoning on the sofa is my one of my favorite photos I've taken in the game, such a nice moment captured of them, and everyone is happy and calm in it.

      Thank you for commenting Carla!

  4. I loved reading from Lorelei’s pov, with her snarky comments!
    I did feel a little bit sad for Marshal though, he really wants that baby, and is doing everything he can to get it soon, but Lorelei isn’t on board. I agree with her that a baby needs more than love though.
    Marshal is a great uncle, and I’m sure he’ll be an amazing dad one day!

    I loved them visiting their friends. that shot of Emma and Chris on the couch seems so true to life.
    I’m so glad seeing Emma doing so well with her babies.

    1. Marshal will be such a lovely Dad when they finally get there, he’s adorable. I do feel a bit bad for him about his crazy baby wants, but he did know that Lorelei was a single-child person, and wasn’t in a hurry. He is a great uncle, I love that he rolls wants for Vivienne and Cicely, and they are all best friends. I really hope next round brings a baby for them!

      I was so happy to see how well Emma has done with the twins, she’s more at peace with herself these past few years, that I think she fell right into place with them.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  5. I love when Lorelei narrates. It’s always fun to read her perspective. I can definitely see her only having one! I mean, I wouldn’t be sad if they had two, but still. 😉 I’m sure Marshal could eventually wear her down and who knows what will happen when she actually has her own!

    Marshal doing all the typical ‘girl things’ as far as house hunting and baby fevering was cracking me up. I love their relationship dynamic!

    The scenes with them hanging at Emma and Chris’ house were great, too. I really miss the ability to reasonably do those sorts of things. Ah, TS2, you may be free now… but you were still the best.

    1. Are you going to go back to TS2? I really like them all lounging on the sofa too, reminds me of that peaceful time after all my babies were born, and visiting with friends. I miss that. Our house was similar to Emma’s too, it’s based on houses in our old hood. And the lighting is really similar because we had a front porch too that blocked direct sunlight.

      Marshal was a mess for a baby, I sort of hope that they only have one baby… but then I think of all the genetics, and I want them to have two! I have no idea what kind of house to put them in ether… that’s another reason they can’t have a baby yet, because their current house wouldn’t do.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

  6. Lorelei sounds like me, focused on the finances and in no rush to have a child. Marshal reminds me of my husband. I completely understand where she’s coming from; she’s passionate about soemthing that isn’t having kids and she’s at that weird stage where she’s expected by everyone to be a certain way and do a certain thing and going against the grain. I’m sure it will work out eventually, but as long as Lorelei stays this snarky, I’ll be happy to ride it out.

    1. You are so right Fini, about her being at that stage where everyone expects pregnancy and baby showers. Lorelei hasn’t ever been a girly-girl, or one to play house so to speak. I’m curious how she will be as a Mom, especially if she has only one. I’ve already got names picked out for them, well a ton of names that I’ll have to whittle down. So funny that Marshal reminds you of your husband, my husband is not at all, each kid after the first was ether a surprise or a begging by me. Like for baby number two, he thought he couldn’t love it as much as our first born… Which wasn’t true, but I had to talk that out of him, and then our son was born and he was a monster baby that cried, ended up in NICU… he was probably saying “ahhh I told you we couldn’t do it perfectly two times in a row!” lol

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

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