Browning, Traver Family

everything seems perfect

august 2023
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(Browning Household Profile)
Luca Browning (28 years), Nadia (27 years), Kai (7 years), Mavis (2 months)

narrated by: Nadia

Mavis joined our family, and it feels like she’s always been apart of it. Everything is different from when Kai was a baby, I raised him alone without his Dad coming by much, and now I have Luca who helps out above and beyond. She is such a happy gem, just like Kai had been, which I take full credit for, and Luca is happy to oblige me. I’ve been told he was rather melancholy and soulful as a child, and so far that is not Mavis.

I couldn’t have asked for a better step Dad for Kai, I’d always been afraid of commitment. I didn’t want to put my heart on the line and find out they were terrible towards Kai, or bad chemistry between the two of them. I’ve never had to worry about that with Luca though, he’s naturally great with kids.

Kai and him have started a new tradition of making breakfast on Saturday mornings, it will change once I’m off maternity leave though as weekends are the best for tips at the pancake house.

Kai is very used to playing solo, I’m curious how he will do once Mavis is crawling around the house and wanting to play with his toys too. I think he will handle it better than Erin’s son Logan who is impatient with Mallory, Logan has his Dad’s temper though. It’s odd to think that now I’m their Aunt too, I know Erin wanted us to be sister-in-laws, and it just didn’t happen that way.

We had to buy a new house when Mavis was born, my old one was really only large enough for me and Kai, but made do for Luca and his art supplies. Sadly the new house doesn’t have it’s own space for him to claim, so he’s stuck in our bedroom to paint. Despite not having everything we wanted, it is nicely sized for the kids. With my waitress job, and Luca trying to make it as an artist, and doing photography on the side, it’s probably the best we could hope for, and it’s not fully decorated.

Kai doesn’t complain about not having the latest movie posters or toys though. I don’t know if it’s because I was a single Mom raising him or if it was always his personality, but he’s very grateful and doesn’t whine over materialistic things. He’s still a kid though, and doesn’t always pick up after himself.

On our wedding night, Luca decided we needed a family vacation, and so he set out to rent us a cabin up in the Cascade Mountains. Me and Kai have never gone on vacation, so we were both pretty pumped.

I didn’t know what to expect, he said we could relax and I thought we’d been doing that already at home with Mavis. But he was right, this was much more relaxing. We didn’t even have cell service, so his brother Colin couldn’t call a zillion times about nonsense and try to bully him to go to the bar at midnight on a Tuesday.

Kai isn’t big on television, but there wasn’t even one there to fall back on. It did have a nice sized library though of books, and he found several that he could sound out the words on. We both realized that reading is a sort of his thing, which he gets from me too.

There was a board game there; we played it constantly.

He told us he wants it for Christmas, which there really isn’t room for. If it was a game that we could just plop on the dining room table, that’d be one thing, but it needs it’s own devoted space.

Being out on our own, really allowed us time to devote to each other. At home, Kai has all his toys and friends to entertain him during the day, that he hasn’t really spent much time with Mavis. But out here, they’ve both realized that they get a kick out of each other. She’s just starting to laugh, and once Kai accomplished that, he’s been her personal jester.

Luca took Kai out fishing, leaving me and Mavis to have some girl time. It mostly involved me lounging in my pajamas, while she napped. But I wasn’t complaining.

He even caught a fish, which we won’t be eating, because he got upset at the idea of actually killing it.

Most days, Luca and Kai went out adventuring, not always the entire day but enough parts of it that Kai wasn’t bored at the cabin. My favorite stories were of the log rolling, in which Kai lost every time.

Luca said he even tried to lose to him, but Kai fell off nearly instantly, sometimes before even getting into position. I don’t know if it was Kai’s favorite thing to do, but he was a good sport over it all.

I went out for a massage one afternoon, which was a real treat. It about the only tourist thing I wanted to do besides a hike, which we did without any major event.

At the cabin, Kai got in a habit of chasing down butterflies, watching them for a few minutes then releasing them. His biological Dad was not a sensitive soul, and though it’s crazy, sometimes it feels like this was how Luca might have been as a child. He says he wasn’t of course, because Colin would have beat the tar out of him, which I can picture just as easily.

Everyone agreed that the nights were our favorites, the blazing campfire, and chilled mountain air surrounding us. It was nice to just settle down outdoors to talk, and listen to the animals out in the woods.

Kai’s goal was to make the perfect marshmallow, which he never was successful at. He always held it too low to the flame, and without a beat, it always caught on fire. He enjoyed blowing out the flame the first few times, but it quickly lost its novelty.

Naturally, Luca made the perfect marshmallow in the eyes of Kai, and he made a point to really enjoy eating it before he helped Kai make one.

The boys stayed out longer than myself or Mavis were able, I liked peeking at them through the window and seeing them conversing. I wondered what they talked about, it seemed like a Wonder Years moment, but was probably more like, “Iron Man is a cool super hero” instead.

Ether way, I never would have dreamed of Kai having such a strong relationship with a father figure, it seems too good to be true sometimes.

I’m pretty lucky too, though he’s a bit crazy and thinks we should try for Irish Twins. Considering he is a twin and there’s a chance of that coming along, I definitely do not. We’d likely have three babies under one, no thanks.

Luca even took nightwatch the entire vacation, since he didn’t have to be up for work the next morning. I hope that she learns to sleep through the night by the time my maternity leave is done with, or we will be exhausted parents. It’ll be bad enough with Kai starting back at school next month, and me needing to get him ready for the day.

On our last day of vacation, we went down to the park as a family for a picnic, and some swing time. Made me wish I could freeze this particular moment, and time in our lives, and naturally, move to the mountains and escape family, drama, and obligations.

I’m so glad that Mavis came along as a surprise, I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to try for her, traumatized by all the what-ifs that plagued my mind. But she’s here, and everything seems perfect.

While I’m not interested in Irish Twins, I’m not opposed of another baby down the road, maybe after Luca or myself is more settled into a career with a steady income.

Notes: These two both want large families, I’m not really interested in them breeding to have 5-6 kids, but I will allow them another one. Nadia is allowed birth control, which failed for them with Mavis in the car, and they did TFB, but with her InTeen birth control, nothing happened. Luca has the baby want already, but Nadia does not, so I’ll wait until she rolls it probably.

Luca is in the Artist career and is currently a wedding photographer, and she works at the Shortstack Pancake House. I think Nadia was fine to make good money being a waitress (and she does make great money, I believe it is around 1k a day mark!). But I can see her wanting to pursue a different career path, I don’t know what yet. I don’t see her as a stay-at-home mom at all though, so definitely something, possibly business ownership.

I really adore Mavis with her black hair, bright eyes, pale skin and freckles, totally adorable. I just wish she didn’t get Luca’s nose… Darn.

Thanks for reading!!
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10 thoughts on “everything seems perfect”

  1. Very nice, love the new dynamics of the family.

    Maybe the can buy the game and keep it in their inventories until it’s time to play, then replace the dining room table with it.

    1. That is a great idea to plop it in the inventory, I will consider that, it’s cheaper than adding a basement to their already built house anyway! I don’t know why I didn’t add one when I built it! I really like the dynamics of their family too, thank you for commenting Starr!

  2. It is so sweet seeing everyone so happy in this “honeymoon-babymoon” time, after all the quick, big changes they’ve just gone through and the difficult families and hard times they’ve had.
    Maybe Erin and Nadia could be honorary sister-in-laws – it seems like Nadia is down-to-earth and may be a good friend to Erin. Or are they already friends? Kai is so sweet, I’m so glad he has Luca and Nadia now.

    It was so fun hearing Nadia enjoying her first real vacation. It gave her a bit of a realization that life can be more than she had hoped; it will be interesting to see what new career she moves into eventually, if she does.

    Irish twins—irish triplets more likely! I don’t see Nadia “breeding like rabbits,” either, from what you’ve portrayed.

    By the way, I just have to say, your blog is such an inspiration to me–each picture is just right, and the narrative, setting, and characters are so engaging. I really appreciate all you put into each post.

    1. You are right, they were very quick and big changes. Nadia and Erin are very close friends, Erin was part of the “family” before Luca even knew Nadia, so it’s extra painful for Erin to have her friend, the new girl usurp her place in the family. But no hard feelings amongst the friends. Honorary sister-in-law is a very sweet title. If I didn’t know that Kai wasn’t Luca’s kid, I would think he was, they are very similar.

      She might move into owning a career, I like to have playables in these business lots I make, and I don’t have that many that are. So I’d like to keep her in the commerce section of town, but get her out of a waitress with flare.

      I nearly wanted to let them try to see if they would have twins! But I didn’t, she has no want yet, and I’d like to space them a smidgen.

      And thank you so much, you are too kind, it’s wonderful to share these stories and characters, and know that they are appreciated too. ❤ Much love back to your and your blog too. When you disappeared originally, I had been very sad, and thought of you and your stories many times and am so happy to have you back in the community.

  3. At least the ski slope nose is less prominent on girls. Small blessings. And there’s a decent chance she won’t pass it on. Bigger blessings. Any girls I ever had that got the nose didn’t pass it on to their children.
    Mavis is a cutie. I’m glad the family melded so well; it’s almost too perfect. But I’m definitely enjoying it.

    1. You are right, the ski slope isn’t as horrible on girls, that is a small blessing. As a teen it wasn’t the worst thing, but I know it grows as an adult. Her not passing it on would be wonderful! I really like Nadia’s nose, so I hope the next gets hers. It is pretty perfect, but they’ve had their share of drama with the dui, Colin, his Dad Ethan, and his Mom Meredith, this is just a nice calm break before the real world comes back in. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting Fini!

  4. Such a sweet family! I am so glad everything worked okay with this little surprise of theirs… she’s certainly settled into the family quite nicely. 🙂 Luca is such a good dad. I’m glad Kai has him in his life!

    Loved reading about the camping! Really makes me miss it myself. Can’t wait until I can take my own little ones camping… much to the chagrin of my husband, ha! 😉

    Aw, c’mon… no Irish twins? Haha!

    1. I’m so happy they got unexpectedly pregnant and then had the shotgun ROS, it really has worked out nicely. Kai and Luca are very close, it’s quite sweet.

      Their camping trip totally had me wanting to camp too. All I’ve wanted is to escape up to the mountains and stay in a cabin, but I did get my get away this summer, so I’m at peace! Camping with little ones is fun, but a ton of work. We did it when our first two were babies and toddlers, and it’s much less hawking when they are bigger, and not as inclined to fall into the firepit! Excited that your baby is coming soon!!! Thanks for commenting Mao!

  5. How do you have Nadia make so much money working at a business?! I don’t think any of my sims earn more than $350 a day and that’s the very maximum!

    Anyway, I love how happy these guys are. Even an accidental baby didn’t really break their stride. Mavis just fit right into their little family. Their trip didn’t make me want to go camping (can’t think of anything that would, lol) but it did make a nice little trip to the mountains an appealing prospect! I hope they stay this happy.

    Kai is such a sweet little boy. I think going without for most of his life, though not something a parent would choose for their kid, can have its advantages too. He obviously appreciates what he does have, which is pretty great to see for such a young one.

    I’m really excited to see what Mavis will looking like when she gets older! Freckles and black hair is going to be so cute. 🙂

    1. For Nadia’s pay, I adjust the pay level with the owner, Eric in this case. You know, below average, average, above average pay, etc. She’s the second tier, not the highest, I leave that one for The Red Mill, and finer establishments. Nadia should be lowered to average, but I haven’t since she became a playable. I have the hack that makes it so they can’t autonomously quit ether, so really crappy jobs, I give them lower pay.

      Mavis really did fit right into their family. Mountain retreat is appealing, and in a cabin it’s even better! No late night restroom dashes. Kai is a really sweet kid, he didn’t even mind Luca stepping into the family back when his biological Dad was still in the game, whereas Zeke would always get angry when Kenzie and Tyler were affectionate.

      I totally agree, freckles, black hair, and bright blue eyes! How can she not be adorable!? Playing wise, I’m six households away from her summer birthday, but blog-wise that probably won’t be until November sometime.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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