what am i waiting for

october 2023
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Peter Schehl (24 years), Elise Landry (26 years)

narrated by: Peter

Mom and Dad came by my place last fall, they were really adamant that I slow things down with Elise. I’ve been with Elise since I was pretty much eighteen, in that we started flirting then and she called things off with Isaiah Gavigan. Technically, which my parents always are much to my frustration, we officially started when I was twenty.

I get that it’s not tortoise speed, which my parents are always on the track of, but I don’t personally want to have my first kid when I’m nearing forty, or my last when I’m in my fifties. They say there is plenty of time, but I don’t see plenty of reasons to wait. Dad acts like he’s totally cool with Elise, but I haven’t forgotten that she freaked out on him when they first met, she was just majorly stressing over finals.

I really love her though. She is in sports marketing, and is invested in the games. She’s totally adorable on my sofa, squealing and booing like a pro. While I’m usually called away by my Mom, asking about job updates, and making sure I haven’t proposed yet.

Thing is, selling artwork at local businesses doesn’t really cut it. As much as I hate to admit that my parents are ever correct, I do think a more stable job is important. So I went down to the court house to find a job, and ran into my ex-girlfriend Paige’s Mom. She didn’t seem to recognize or perhaps remember me, so that awkwardness was nicely avoided.

I checked out the job board, but there’s hardly anything that calls for an artist, and I really don’t want to pigeonhole myself into a career that I hate.

I decided to ask my cousin Zeke, it had been my Mom’s idea which I was disgruntled over, but not enough to blow an opportunity. At first he seemed disinclined to lend me a hand, likely afraid that I would tarnish his work reputation.

He got a job in Graphic Design last February, and that would be my second dream job, my paintings being first. The more I answered his questions and showed my qualifications though, the more positive he seemed to the idea.

I ended up leaving his workplace with a job in hand, I’d be working in the Print Shop, rather lowly but with plenty of room for advancement. I couldn’t wait to share my great news with Elise. Soon, I would be getting paychecks and no longer living off my parents’ money.

We headed downtown to celebrate and get something to eat from the food truck, when my Dad waltzed in. Sometimes it seems like South Port is a small town like Millwood.

He was thrilled about my first grown up job; he could barely refrain himself from beaming. This could possibly be his proudest moment for me ever, it was that big of a deal to him.

He was so thrilled that he invited us for dinner at Pacelli’s, which I’m sure he regretted after he walked away. It ended up pouring right after, and we got stuck waiting it out under the cover of train station, but even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits.

Dinner wasn’t the worst experience of my life, which dinner with my parents with Elise often is. A few times I caught my parents giving one another a look, a secret conversation that looked like, “Whoa, how did we get here with these two?” Here being the dinner table without an easy escape.

But Elise was in a wonderful mood, she wasn’t even slightly snarky, just totally happy about my job that she didn’t rub anyone the wrong way. I can’t expect them to always love her as I do, but I hope they see how happy I am with her.

Dad even gave her a hug when we called it a night, though Mom didn’t, she did say good-bye. I’ve decided that Mom is rather cold towards Elise because she wants me to slow down on this relationship path, and truly believes that her acceptance matters at the end of the day.

She’s mistaken. I’m not incapable of hearing reason in regards to getting a steady income, or not being a burden to the person I love, but I can’t just wait until I hit my mid-thirties, just because they say I should. I need reasons to persuade me, and all I see are excuses from them.

She makes me happy, and judging by the fact that she didn’t dump me after she graduated college, I seem to make her happy too. And not dumping me after graduating is worth mega points in my book, Paige did it to me, twice.

While she does make more money than me, and really cares about having money, she isn’t obsessed with me personally making it. Which is good, because I probably won’t, and I’m alright with that.

We are young, but we are educated with real careers, and love one another; what more is there to wait for?

I told her the wedding is up to her, on the when, but that I really am looking forward to calling her my wife. She isn’t one to wait around on making a schedule, especially with her high-stress career, so she anticipates having a date before the year is out, but the actual wedding can’t be held during any major sporting event or play-off.

And she only agrees to live in this apartment for a maximum of two years, and then we better have the funds to buy a house or a better apartment. That seems reasonable to me too.

I didn’t rush to tell my parents, but I did meet my twin sister Meg at Planet Java. She guessed immediately, saying she felt that something big was happening for me lately.

She’s thrilled for me, even though she has bad memories of Elise when they were dormmates, and Elise would freak out on her without provocation. She gets that Elise might not be her favorite person in the world, but that she is mine.

I hope Mom and Dad take the news as well as Meg, but I highly doubt it.

I think we decided to wait a bit to share the news, to just enjoy the moment with ourselves without family interjecting. Or at least that is what I decided, and Elise only cares that they know once she picks a date.

Notes: These two crazy kids had the marriage want, and even though they only have one bolt, I let them act on it. He’s family/knowledge and she’s fortune, it’s a good thing she makes good money because until this update, his parents have literally been paying all his bills for his apartment. She wants to marry a rich sim, but she also wants to marry Peter specifically, so that’s a good sign!

In college, Meg always had Peter’s girlfriend as a dormmate, Paige first who didn’t like Meg, and then Elise who would be talking perfectly calm, then blow up out of nowhere. Peter dates emotional women who are inclined towards spurts of rage. And always blond too. He definitely has a type!

It’s going to be a summer wedding, I imagine that is the slowest time for sports with no play-offs happening, and I don’t see her dawdling, she’s very efficient, and now that it’s decided there is no reason to delay.

Peter’s apartment tour up on tumblr here. This used to be Marshal’s apartment before he married Lorelei, I like this little unit.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “what am i waiting for

  1. A wedding! Yay, I bet that wedding will be super organized and I’m glad that he’s mature enough to realize that he doesn’t share the same goals as his parents.

    1. Yes, super-organized for sure! I can’t imagine Elise being super emotional about the entire ordeal ether, very pragmatic. I haven’t even started looking into it yet though, so much other drama drawing my attention. Hopefully it comes together nicely for them. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. I have to admit I was cheering for the crazy kids, especially once Peter got the job. Not surprising for a family sim, and kind of romantic that Elise does want to marry him as poor as he is. I like Elise’s assertion that they get out of the apartment in two years or less; I hope that doesn’t come back to bite them later. There’s lots of potential issues to work through once they tie the knot and start having to slog through personalities and values, but maybe they’ll work it out! It seems like Peter has a strong desire to please her–like working out back in college when she was hinting at getting in shape. This will be fun to follow the wedding planning and event. And of course, see his parents’ reaction when they tell them!

    1. It is rather romantic that Elise does want to marry his poor bum, you are right. I didn’t really think of it that way, I don’t think it’s the best match, but they are pretty happy for one another, so why not! And Peter getting a job made me more supportive of it too. I see Elise as being a person who can accept starting at the front door, and working her way up in life, and being very goal-oriented to get there, and a new home would be very important for her. She would not want to settle in a crappy apartment forever, but she can make-do while she must. Peter is a golden-retriever, very happy to please her girls, which is probably why the mean/crazy blond girls always fall for him.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Aw! Hooray for these two, I definitely hope it works out. Things can be difficult if your family is hellbent against it… but they should be able to persevere!

    At least he had a stable career path now and can finally really dig in and hopefully get where he wants to be. I’m sure Elise will keep him on task, lol!

    1. Yes! I totally don’t see Elise accepting second-best when it comes to their life together, and she is a hard worker (loves work actually), so she doesn’t mind putting the effort towards her goals. It was nice that Peter rolled a want for a job this time around, he’s been a pretty big slacker and that’s not even his aspiration. His parents do like Elise, so I think they’ll come around to the entire thing, unfortunate none of the parents have the want for a kid to get married, but Jared joins elderhood shortly so maybe he will get it then.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

  4. I’m loving the background scenery from this update! It’s so cool to be able to see deco & buildings from the windows. They are young but I think 24 is a reasonable age to get engaged, especially since they’ve been together for awhile. Great update!

    1. I really like the view from their roof too, I’m glad they went up there to play with the firepit so I could check it out. I agree, 24 is a reasonable age, it wasn’t immediately after college, and now they both have jobs, I’m not sure what else they need to check off before going to matrimony. Thanks for comment Ashland!

  5. Aw, the guy knows what he wants! And I think it’s sweet that Elise has the specific want to marry Peter as well – I don’t like that Marry a Rich Sim want, lol!

    I’d forgotten that Meg and Elise were roomies at one stage. Hopefully now that they’re not living together, they can be a bit more civil to each other, at the very least. Looks like Jared might be coming around on Elise as well, at least based on the hug? Hopefully he can get Delaney on board too.

    Argh, I can’t wait to see this wedding! And seriously, your train station is so cool!

    1. I don’t care for that rich sim want ether, seeing that she only has eyes for Peter I decided to interpret that she wants him to make some money. I don’t think he will be a rich sim when they tie the knot at all, but maybe he can work towards being one? Perhaps she loves his raw material, and wants to meld him into a money-making man. Though a business type might have suited that goal better seeing that he’s 110% artistic in frame of mind and work-desires.

      Meg and Elise are doing much better, thank goodness. Elise has mellowed out and doesn’t flip a switch like she did at university ether, maybe it was just the stress and the young hormones at play. Jared is the softer one of the two parents for sure, and he does like Elise much more than Delaney does.

      Thanks Carla for the compliment and the comment! I have zero ideas for the wedding, been so sidetracked with other side stories that I haven’t even begun to think about it. Soon hopefully!

  6. Aww, I’m happy for them. And four years is plenty of time; heck, I didn’t wait that long myself! I hope Delaney can come around too, at least for Peter’s sake. I’m glad he got a job too; living off the parents will only take you so far.

    1. I didn’t want four years ether, and agree that is a good chunk of time. I think Delaney will do better once it’s all said and done, hopefully a few family meals can get them agreeing on a topic of conversation so they can stop freaking out on one another. Ironically it’s always about sports (Elise is sports marketing), and it’s like Delaney is saying, “No you are wrong Elise, it’s like this about that sport…” and Elise just can’t take a chef telling her about her sports career! And yes finally, not living off the parents, his poor parents are not financially well off after paying for 3 kids to go through university, and one still at home.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

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