brick wall

november 2023
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Colin Traver (28 years), Logan (6 years), Mallory (3 years)

narrated by: Colin

I have been able to avoid having the kids at my apartment since the split, but Erin put a knife in that with one of her manipulating ways where she comes out the victim. Slayground Games is coming out with a new game for the holiday season and has a launch party. Something we would have gotten a sitter for if we were still in a relationship. That is a perk that I do miss, having a toddler with a dirty diaper is not.

Logan is used to coming by enough that he just hopped on the computer, he’s not so much a gamer, as all my toys are baby ones according to him. I haven’t bought anything kid-related ever, Erin did all of that before, so he’s probably right. Erin coddled Mallory like she might be afraid of her own Dad, or the home she lived in as a baby.

Mallory was pretty happy with the baby toys, and having the kids wasn’t that complicated. She’s potty-trained too, so there wasn’t even a dirty diaper to contend with. I did wish I was at the launch party to see the new game, I wish I had it in my hands already and was a beta tester like I always was in the past.

The kids aren’t best friends by any means though, and that is going to get annoying fast. Me and Luca bickered, and wrestled, but we were still buddies. I even got a long with Aidan and Caitlyn, just not my actual parents. So this is new territory.

Big kids, boys actually, are just easier to deal with. Logan can entertain himself with video games, even the old newspaper can become a plane for him. With Mallory, it’s all ‘don’t stick your finger in the outlet’ with a side of ‘don’t eat the cockroach poison’ for good measure.

All in all, the evening didn’t kill any of us, but it’s not my intent to have them over every weekend. The arrangement of every other Saturday at a public place works better for all of us I think.

Working with Chris has been awesome. No one thought it would work, Luca didn’t want to go in on the business with us, his wifey Nadia even encouraged him to stay clear. She acted as if this was a doomed mission, but people need their cars repaired, and for whatever reason, Chris is great at it, and people in this part of town tend to like him.

The only customer he’s had a problem with is an old apartment neighbor, no matter what he offered she was not satisfied. In the end he just apologized that he couldn’t please her, and told her she might be happier taking her business elsewhere.

Business has taken off so well this summer, that he hired Zoey Schehl, possibly a distant relative of my uncle Jared. She actually can fix cars, but mostly answers the phones, sets up appointments, and orders parts. We didn’t need a third mechanic, but she would be capable if we ever did.

I’ve basically told her I was not interested. Erin has turned me off of women with getting herself pregnant on purpose, without my permission. It was bad enough with Logan, and that was accidental. Zoey walks around with her legs out, and all I think is that one day, she wants kids, and I am done with that boat.

Of course that was before the month I had. It started with an ex-fling pulling into the garage with a flat tire. Avery Fink, we hooked up at one helluva party, the one where Chris proposed to Emma, and Luca threw up, wait, he always threw up, kid could never hold down his liquor. She never returned my phone calls, apparently moved away but there she was in the lot.

She seemed a bit too giddy for a lady with a flat tire, told me how she had moved away but was back in town to work at the Aquarium when it opened. She was surprised I had two kids, and I was pretty happy with the reunion, no hard feelings it had seemed. Until out popped a kid, little girl with a gaming system, and looking remarkably like Mallory.

When Erin told me she was pregnant with Logan, I had been horribly mean, and I loved her. Finding out a one night stand started me on the path of fatherhood at the age of 18, and only finding out now at twenty-eight that I had a nine year old daughter, was too much for my sensibilities.

Chris came out to investigate, and hit it off with The Kid immediately, making sure she was cool with the loud voices coming from us. I swear the kid had no clue, she was wholly absorbed in her video game.

I’m just sure that her car got a flat as soon as I got a decent job away from the gas station, and now I’m sure she wants child support and how about every other weekend at my fucking two bedroom apartment.

She swore that she’d have pushed her car anywhere else if she had known I was here, and that they were happy not ever having a relationship with me. She threw in that she bought a nice house and got her degree, she did not need me for anything.

Chris came by to calm me down, told me to act professional, and control my temper especially outside of the garage. The Kid was probably all messed up after Chris’ intervention, then Avery went over to make sure I’d feel extra horrible for being rude. It’s not like she just found out that she’d become a Dad at nineteen! That’s nearly a decade of my mini-spawn wandering around town, attending school, and I don’t know anything about it.

The Kid came over to introduce herself to me, Avery made sure she knew that I was her Biological Dad, but that it didn’t ‘mean anything’ if she didn’t want it too. She forgot to mention, that I absolutely did not want it too. Two kids is two more than I ever wanted. Apparently my daughter has the obnoxious name of Eden, like the Garden of…

Chris hooked up her car, dismissed me to the inside, and got rid of her. She left her business card and Chris gave her my number without my permission. He thinks that Eden has a right to know her Father if she should ever choose. It didn’t sit well with me, it’s worse knowing they can call me out of the blue, no matter where I am, and just drop more grenades on me.

Chris was much cooler when all we did was get drunk, and play video games. This mature, adult version that cares about kids, and loves his own is hard to handle.

Then there was Mallory’s third birthday party, I’ve never heard of anyone making a big deal out of a third birthday, but Erin did, of course. She rented tables at the Wild Congo, invited my family, and the kids ran around like the day was actually special. Mallory will not remember this birthday, but it proves that Erin has money to burn with the extravagance of this. I would have skipped it but there was free pizza.

Of course her bitchy sister, Bethany came in all her opinionated glory. If she had never come to visit, I might still be with Erin, oblivious that Mallory was not an accident at all. I wonder if things would have been better, with my job now, we would have made decent money that’s for sure.

My sister Caitlyn, went nuts for Mavis, further proving that girls are born with the innate desire to have babies. I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten herself knocked up, always thought she would, suppose there is still time.

Mallory was oblivious to the party, to the fact that she was older, and that all of these adults were gathered and wandering around this kid-infested chaos for her benefit. She had no clue.

And someone told Erin the news about Eden, she found it all quite humorous. I’m sure it was Luca’s wife Nadia; punk brother never keeps anything from his meddling wife.

Kids had fun, which I guess means it was a success.

I went outside for a smoke, and Luca came out to apologize for telling Nadia, as I suspected. He let me know that me having another daughter affected the rest of them too, that there was a niece out there that he didn’t know was hurtful to him. Caitlyn was upset that she didn’t have the opportunity to babysit her like she did my other kids.

Yeah forgive me for not being hurt over my brother not being a good uncle to a kid I didn’t know exsisted. What a putz.

Dad came out, he didn’t give me grief, he understood that I didn’t know she existed! He even said he might have kids out there of his own that he knew nothing about, no way to be held responsible if no one gave you the chance to know.

Then he told me that I knew now, so I had responsibility.

Because he was such a miserable Dad, I want to take his advice. Deep down, I hate that I got strapped with a family, because I never wanted to be my Father, and Erin forced this onto me. I don’t want to do anything with Eden, that kid is better off without my influence, everyone that has their eyes open can see that.

Perhaps I responded wrong, but the events led to me calling Zoey, and asking for a ride home. I didn’t want to stay to watch Erin blow the candles out for Mallory. What a fraud the entire party was.

I’m not sure what got into Erin, but she got flirty with me when I came back in from my Dad and brother’s tag team of shame and encouragement. Apparently being emotionally distraught was attractive to her. But I’d already called Zoey, and when she showed up Erin lost her cool, like I was cheating on her. I know she went out for her thirtieth birthday looking for guys!

She acts like she is always innocent, that I’m atrocious, but why did she even date me if I’m so awful? She could have kept Logan’s pregnancy from me like Avery did, and ran away. Instead she got pregnant a second time, on purpose, if that isn’t selfish then I don’t know what is.

Maybe it was petty, and not fair to Zoey, but I left Erin yelling, and kissed Zoey for the first time. I may or may not have kissed her in the way that Erin loved the most.

To end the month, my Aunt Delaney hosted Thanksgiving. I didn’t bring the kids, Erin hadn’t called me since I left Mallory’s birthday party, and I wasn’t itching to call her ether. The kids in the family were disappointed, but they made do.

My cousin Meg looks like she’s succumbing to the baby fever too.

Peter announced his engagement to Elise and pretty much his parents said nothing. Elise looked stressed as hell over it. I don’t get the stick up my aunt and uncle’s bum, at least they aren’t pregnant or have kids out there that they don’t know about. They are pretty freaking perfect, going through the socially-acceptable steps.

I spent most of my time outdoors, hanging out with my cos Lorelei and husband Marshal. They should thank me that they are even dating, it’s only because I thought Erin had the hots for her boss, that she hooked them up on a blind date.

Lauren even brought home her schmucky boyfriend, Isaac Gavigan, and no one seemed to care about his foggy parentage towards Nolan Millett. They just cared that precious Peter was engaged at twenty-four. I see why my Dad didn’t come around them much when I was a kid, I couldn’t fit in less if I tried. Poor Dad has put an effort towards it since turning gray, and he still wound up with the dog trying to bite him.

They all seem perfectly happy, I know this is the life that Erin wanted, who knows why she ever thought she could get there with me.

I already know Aunt Kenzie is going to reach out to Avery and Eden, being a social worker means that her heart bleeds for children with a lousy parent. I’m surprised she’s still alive with my poor kids out in the world, disadvantaged. At least Erin is a good Mom, no one could say she wasn’t, and Avery looked well-to do, she wouldn’t date a guy like me these days that’s for sure.

As for Eden, I’ll just wait until they give me a call, all the while hoping that they never do.

Notes: I’m back east at my sister’s wedding so comments will be likely be late. But man am I SUPER excited about this update!

Colin got a new aspiration, previously he was knowledge/pleasure, and the first part never fit him. He matches for romance and pleasure though, so romance is his new primary.

But I’m sure the Eden-baby-Bomb is where curiosity lies. So rewinding back, I did not know that Avery got pregnant. She lived on a lot of PNPC’s that I have since deleted, at one time I went to fix up their lot, and lo, she was pregnant. This was a few years after, he was with Erin, and so I had to fast forward Eden to be her correct age, which is 9, born May 2014. Eden started showing up on the school in this update, bottom right corner, and is in fourth grade currently.

Avery will work at the Aquarium once I get around to building/remodeling one. And that’s why I allowed Colin to find out he had a near-teen (oh man!) daughter. Lainey and Avery will be working together, so Avery/Eden won’t be disappearing. Her story is that she got pregnant, left South Port, then only came back to get her oceanography degree, and came back for the rumors of the aquarium. I really want her to marry one of my sims, but there isn’t really anyone that’s on her radar.

Photos of the girls:

and Eden, who likely will look very much like Mallory once she has her fourth birthday.

She had her baby SO long ago, I lived in Indiana back then, two states ago! And Eden was named after a bratty girl that lived on our street, and I had to keep sending away cause she was a mean to my littlest kids. This was a link to Avery and Eden’s house I decorated before we moved here.

And for the irate customer, when Emma and Chris moved into their last apartment, they made enemies with two of the tenants, the one on the left was originally wearing a tiara. In this photo they were queued up to fight with Emma and Chris, but absolutely LOVED Chaz.

One on the left before her makeover…

So they really are not friends, though that’s not the one that came into the shop, they are still enemies. And I can’t imagine that Chris likes paying more for anything especially after buying a new house and furnishing it! Humored me that she was in the shop, throwing a fit, probably misses tormenting Chris since he bought his own house and left the apartment complex behind.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “brick wall

  1. Wow, wow, wow! I didn’t remember seeing Eden in the school update but even if I had, I don’t think I would have imagined that she would be Colin’s daughter. Unbelievable but somehow, it seems to fit Colin.

    He might be right that Eden is better off not knowing him, at least for now, but I hope he opens up a little, if she makes the choice to want to get to know him down the track. I’m kind of with Luca on that one, that kids have a right to know their parents. And their siblings, if there are any.

    Gosh, Colin is like the epitome of the angry young man, isn’t he? He seems really happy with his work but he doesn’t seem very happy with anything else. I wonder what it would take for him. Maybe the new aspiration will help? I didn’t realise he was Knowledge before; Romance does seem like a better choice for him.

    1. Eden looks SO much like Colin that I thought for sure she’d be recognized, but I totally get not noticing. I think that Eden is probably for the best without his influence, too late for the other two, but Eden is growing up in a nice home, with a Mom that got a degree and will be in a good job shortly, higher standards in her life right now. She does have the right to know Logan and Mallory though and the rest of the clan for sure. I can see Luca being a great uncle to her if Avery allows it.

      I think you are right that he is only happy with his work, which is brand new for him. Previously he was angrily working as a gas station attendant (slacker field, and NEVER got promoted!).

      Yes knowledge didn’t fit. Back when he turned teen, I just rolled for it for randomness, though I never kept romance, haha. I think Pleasure/Romance is perfect for him, he’s self-centered, lazy, and enjoys the ladies just not the relationship, and definitely no children fall-out.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Poor Colin, and I never thought I’d say that. But this update really shone a window on him and helped me understand his personality a bit better. He might be right that Eden might be better off without him in her life, but that’s for her to decide, not him. It seems he’s very slowly growing up, but it seems to be two steps forward, one step back. I hope he continues to progress… and that Zoey realizes that kiss was only to make Erin mad. No reason to get her involved with him over a misunderstanding.

    1. His Dad grew up so slowly, that I really thought he would always be a lousy Dad, so maybe later in life Colin will really be better at it. You are right that it does seem like one step forward, two back. Having a near teen daughter would upset most people, especially never being told. Not that he would have been happy nor dealt with it back then. I actually think my lack of knowledge of the pregnancy, built a better story for Avery, more fitting of her personality.

      Poor Zoey (and Chris! Work relationship drama looming!) because yeah, Zoey is definitely not Colin’s “one” she’s not really on his radar, just a few romantic wants and then he was finished with her.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  3. Oh boy! Another kid for Colin – who would have thought! He is not happy about that! Maybe he will use his wits and protect himself in the future! (Is he allowed bc?)

    Of all sims I’ve played or read about Colin is probably my least favorite! You write him so well though. There are plenty of people IRL who feel like he does. It’s unfortunate that he’s so against kids – especially his own! He really does fit the romance/pleasure aspiration! I doubt he will ever want relationships with any of his kids but at least he realizes edens life is better without him. Eden and Mallory’s resemblance is uncanny! Can’t believe I didn’t notice her in the school updates! I wonder if the kids will ever meet each other!

    1. He isn’t allowed birth control, he’s too darn lazy. It really sucks, I’m considering permanent measures for him, because I do allow that, I usually roll for it. But I’m not sure that he would actually do it.. I just don’t want anymore spawn from him!

      I can see him not being a favorite, he’s pretty unsympathetic, could only be less so if he went around kicking wounded dogs I suppose. Eden and Mallory do look really similar, and I cannot wait for Mallory’s birthday to compare! I’ve only peeked at Mallory as a teen, and was pleased but don’t know any other stage. You know, Eden and Logan might actually know one another from the school playground, their pretty far apart in age so maybe not. I will have to look now!

      Thanks for commenting Ashland!

  4. Knock me over with a feather. Colin is unbelievable—but your writing of him is very believable, Maisie. I just mean, wow. He is so self-centered where Mallory and Logan are concerned (not to mention Erin, but they are his kids!). Chris is a real contrast to him, having matured and had the Copernican Revolution 
    His cynicism about Zoey is pretty raw. His reaction of anger and bewilderment was really well written. But I love the comment about mini-spawn, so funny, also the way he referred to Eden as “The Kid.” (which was sad as well as funny).
    Colin’s perspective on Erin’s “extravagance” in throwing a birthday party for Mallory was also interesting. Poor Zoey, she’s really gotten into something more than she can imagine at this point to be involved with Colin.

    1. Ahh, yes! Chris has grown up SO much, I always thought he had an edge of acceptance/maturity about him that aged nicely with parenthood then marriage.

      Colin has been burned a bit, I think he accepted Logan better out of resignation, but Erin really broke the trust with Mallory. I think it would take a special person to woo Colin and soften his heart. His Dad, Ethan didn’t step up to be a better Dad until Meredith divorced him and he was on his own with Caitlyn and Aidan. I don’t know if it will be in the cards for Colin though, every time he does something good like working with Chris, he just becomes more awful in his personal life. He would have been *very* happy to stay living in the apartment with Luca, neighbors to Emma and Chris when all they did was drink, play video games, and have no children involved. But years have past, and he is the only one clinging to that old stage.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  5. OMG! I did NOT expect Colin to have yet ANOTHER kid. Of all the people to keep breeding, why him? These poor kids, lol. He’s such a terrible candidate for fatherhood. I don’t say that to be awful, I just mean it honestly. It’s clear he’d rather be doing ANYTHING else and he pretty much says it, point blank. Makes me frustrated at people like Erin who try to force others into something they’re not and the kids suffer for it, sigh.

    These two kind of drive me nuts in general, though. Which makes for a fun read! Poor Eden being known as “The Kid.” I hope she didn’t have grand ideas for a fuzzy reunion with her biological dad!

    I love all the differing family dynamics and views you have going on in your hood. Through one person’s eyes, everything looks amazing… but switch POVs and that shifts quite quickly! Very true to life.

    1. Goodness, isn’t Colin like the worst guy to have more kids? When I realized she was pregnant, I nearly just deleted it, but I couldn’t. Too much drama to ignore! But man, of all my guys he is the worst father out there. And yes Erin infuriates me because he’s always been very plain-spoken about everything including kids, that Logan was forgivable since it was an actual accident, but Mallory was not the case. Erin with her giant want of 5 kids, fat chance lady.

      I need to play Avery and Eden more, get a better grasp for her personality, but I do adore that she has the gaming hobby just like good old Dad.

      I’m so glad that you like the differing POV’s, it is one of my favorite things about people in general and stories. I’m constantly blown away by things I hear people say and do, that are just so opposite of how I took a situation, especially when people do not use logic, because I am *very* logic oriented, and so any extreme emotional response to a non-situation always interests me.

      Thanks for commenting Mao!

  6. So I was just catching up on your posts but I had to stop and comment before getting to the latest one. Congratulations on writing him because I had to actually stop because he was getting me so mad. I think he’s stuck in a perma-frat boy mentality. It’s like he thrives on being miserable. However, as much as I feel for Erin this post made me angry at her too. I wish she could have a look into his mind so she would have known just how much Colin didn’t want any of this and how dead set against it he is. I mean, he told her and she seemed to believe that all he needed was a bit of nudging. And now look.Everyone is miserable for it. I am interested to see if his attitude will change when all of those kids get older but I honestly believe that if they all left him alone and disappeared tomorrow, he really wouldn’t care. It seems he’d actually prefer it.

    1. I am curious too how his attitude will be as the kids get older as well, and him too! He’s getting close to thirty, and I wonder if he will shape up. His Dad Ethan didn’t really step up until he was divorced and I believe he was in his 50’s when he became a better Dad. By that age though, Colin’s kids will all be grown, and way too late. Mallory turns child soon, and Eden will turn teen soon, so maybe one of those will matter to him.

      As for Erin, she frustrates me sometimes too, I see her as thinking love is enough, and she absolutely loved the guy. She grew and matured in their relationship, and with her rose-colored glasses, assumed that he would too. Ahh totally flattered that I wrote him well enough to make you stop reading, thank you, and thank you for commenting! ❤

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