winter birthdays 2023

december 2023

Gideon and Eva Prince’s daughter, Dahlia celebrates her fourth birthday this winter season. She’s quiet, enjoys reading, and thus far doesn’t have the flare for the dramatics that her eldest sister Paloma showcases.

They were sad to have had a miscarriage after Dahlia’s birth, but with Eva’s fiftieth birthday looming, they feel blessed just to have Dahlia.

Quint and Rebecca’s first born son, Wyatt also celebrates his birthday this winter. He’s mellowed since leaving his toddler years behind, it seems his sense of adventure ended with the toilet and is picking up with books hereafter. Now Rebecca just has Tyson left to clean up after in the bathroom.

The last birthday is Reed and Caroline Welsh’s youngest son, Toby. He takes after his Mother the most, but lucked out and got a more prominent jawline and chin. He isn’t interested in much outside of school, animals, and far off places, and like his big brother Alex, he isn’t very capable of disagreeing casually, which makes him a possible nightmare for his teachers just like Alex had been.

Notes: Dahlia is such a nice mix of her parents, for them to have only one, I couldn’t have picked a better kid. She has her mom’s coloring, mouth, and nose, but her Dad’s face shape and eyes. She’s also a rather mellow child, which I think is fitting for older parents.

I totally forgot about Wyatt getting glasses, I knew the Siew family excited me for their genetic diversity. Both Rebecca and Quint have a genetic weakness for eyesight (Gg), but it won’t rear itself until they are elders, but Wyatt actually rolled GG to get glasses at a young age. While big sister Scarlett had rolled to never have glasses.

Toby is adorable… I really didn’t think that Caroline and Reed could have gorgeous children, but they pulled it off with their last one. He literally only has an interest in animals, school, and travel, the rest are 5 points or less. And he’s only got two points for nice, and one for outgoing, so I see him being a bit grating on the playground. Too bad for his teachers, Alex just started high school, and now they get Toby. Molly is the only nice Welsh kid.

Here is an outdated photo of the family, since they don’t spotlight often. Caroline is a nurse at the hospital, and is seen there frequently. Reed has been put to pasture since he ended his affair with Violet-Adele (yay for him, but bad for the limelight).

No pregnancies right now, but I have thee perfect names for Lorelei and Marshal’s baby, so now I really, really want her to be pregnant… (and have one of each, because I love both names). I even built a house for them. So maybe I’ll check their finances in this upcoming year instead of waiting until next round. We will see!

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2023”

  1. Aw, they are all so, so cute! Toby doesn’t look anything like I’d expect, based on his siblings, but then, I think I thought that about him when he was a toddler too. Wyatt’s glasses are *killing* me, he looks so adorable. ❤ And Dahlia is such a pretty little thing…and hopefully, her teen years will be less fraught than Paloma's, with the lack of drama (so far, lol).

    1. Dahlia and Linnea have similar personalities, so I’m hoping that is a good sign. Paloma has always been a bit of an oddball in her family. And yes Toby looks nothing like his siblings, he took much more from his Mom than the other two, and is the only one to get Reed’s chin/jaw which makes him a nice blend. I’m really happy with Wyatt too, excited to age up little brother Tyson in two years to compare the two brothers.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. I was really excited about him and Cicely getting glasses, now I have TWO kids with them! Doing expanded DNA makes me super geeked out. I’m also looking forward to their personalities, Wyatt was always into mischief as a toddler, but he’s actually got a pretty mellow personality with the points.

      Thanks for commenting Ashland!

  2. The genetics for the eyeglasses adds a super-neat-o aspect to your families and ‘hood. Dahlia does seem so fitting for her older, more mature parents, and I’m glad you are so pleased with how she turned out physically, since she’s the only one. Toby is adorable, but with those narrow interests AND low nice points, I could really see him being pretty loud about his opinions, like you said.

    For a second I thought you were saying Lorelei was already pregnant, but you were just referring to possible future babies–a boy and a girl. Well, we know that Marshal is good and ready, right?

    1. It is a shame that Toby had to have so few interests and low nice points, he is rather adorable. I’m a bit hopeful that he will marry one of my sims, but I can’t really say, he looks like he might repel them! And I totally love the eye glasses!

      No, she isn’t pregnant, she’s still on birth control. Marshal is totally ready, I can just picture him being like, Yes!! About time! C’mon, load the lot Maisie, I’m good and ready! haha I’m hoping to have time this round, but it’s got about 1/4 left to it, and lots going on already that I don’t know if I’ll have the time. If I don’t, then I’ll put them up higher in the next round.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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