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bells on christmas day

december 2023
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(London Household Profile)
Myra London (81 years), Cole (60 years), Lucy (58 years), Itzel (15 years), Milo (13 years)
(Alice London – 22 years)

narrated by: Itzel

Mom and Dad threw their annual Christmas party at the beginning of the month, it’s full of stodgy people, most of which are past Mayors, including my Dad. Only the Grimsley family even have actual children, the rest are senior citizens. Alice came home from EU for the event, Mom actually planned it for after her finals so she could spend the holiday season with us.

She’s the only one that is friends with the Grimsley kids, her and Lainey are back to being BFFs, laughing, and telling inside jokes.

Milo tries to make friends with Willa, she’s popular, gorgeous, and totally a brat, what isn’t there to love? But she’s horrible to him, I don’t know if her parents taught her any manners or if it’s just her personality, but she’s pretty much the worst person in my high school. She makes my palms sweat, and stomach squeeze up. Of course, our parents are oblivious, and think we are just the best of friends.

Mom hired a new party planner this year, Eva, and she really was disgruntled with her over every minor detail. She basically wanted her old party planner in the new, cheaper version. I felt bad, she’s my best friend’s Mom, I wished that Mom was kinder to her.

She had her daughter, Paloma help with serving, and Dad felt poorly for how they were being treated, and went out of his way to crack jokes. Ex-Mayor-Lawyer jokes are probably the absolute worst kind of jokers in history, but she smiled and humored him which guarantees a nice fat tip for her.

Regina has retired as Chief of Staff, placing her daughter Morgan in charge, but oddly the new Chief wasn’t invited to the party. Which meant everyone had to deal with Regina and her opinions, she should hang out with Willa some, see how it feels to be treated rudely. I’m sure Bekah is relieved that she won’t have to deal with Regina any more for hospital budget talks.

Holden hates these parties too, and no one can blame him, there are absolutely zero kids, only teens and up. I’d think they’d do better to have him sleepover at a friends for these events, but they always bring him along.

Somehow, Dad got Marta invited, she used to work beneath him helping with his Public Relations. Mom hates her, always thought she was trying to steal Dad away. And well, she may be right. She was all over Tim like a nose to a book, and he’s not even the Mayor!

She tried some suggestive flirting with Tim, who knows how that went down, just the thought of flirting gives me hives. But he was very upset over the interaction.

By this point, everyone had consumed more wine than necessary, and Bekah confronted Marta on it.

And it really just went all high school in the living room. Dad escorted Marta out and sent her on her way, and all the while her parents were there, ignoring the entire situation.

Dad swept Mom off her feet to relax her, and be mushy together. I actually have no complaints about my parents being sweet to one another, I like to imagine that my real parents had been deeply in love.

I spent most of the party just watching the action, reading a book from a corner, and hoping no one came up to me. I don’t do well with these types of situations, I don’t like the awkward adult-teen regurgitated conversations about school and any boyfriends, and my best friend Linnea couldn’t attend, probably because her Mom was the party planner, conflict of interest perhaps.

So when the adults broke into weird dancing, I was out.

No way was I being called to the make-shift dance floor to make a fool out of myself.

So I may have allowed Caleb to kiss me back in 2022, but nothing really accumulated from that, and my heart has been beating for this boy, Seth. He attends a private school, so I don’t actually know him at all, but I’ve seen and heard of him. His parents are wealthy and he lives in the same neighborhood as me, but I still never expected him to walk by.

Naturally, I was petting our reindeer, because this is my life, and it can’t go any other way than pure mortification.

Apparently it was endearing, because he gave me some grief over the reindeer, but moved on quickly to compliments. Plus he actually knew my name, and where I went to school. Which Alice would say was creepy and stalker-ish, but I didn’t have to tell her that part.

Short story of the entire ordeal, was that he liked me, and asked me to go out sometime.

And he touched my hands, twice!

I begged Grandma to let me go on the date, knowing full well that my parents have a strict no dating policy. Alice got her first kiss on Grandma’s watch, or else it probably would have never come to be. She was able to talk Dad into it, on the stipulation that she attends the date.

Seth isn’t exactly the best bowler, which made my anxiety ease up some.

Perhaps I was a bit too relaxed, as I laughed just like I would if it were my brother Milo.

And while I didn’t score high, I didn’t fall on my face, but Seth acted like I was a rather lousy bowler. Maybe I’m being sensitive, and perhaps I deserve the hard time, but it just didn’t feel like a good time of joking around. It felt akin to patronizing.

Then he wandered off to talk with the upperclass students, and I could feel them staring at me straight on. My Grandma would chide me and say that I was borrowing trouble or in this case gossip, but I didn’t enjoy the apparent limelight.

Grandma had her back to us, so she missed how Caitlyn came to our lane, and started chatting with Seth like pals. And maybe they are, I didn’t think of Seth as knowing other kids I went to high school with, but clearly that’s not the case!

The entire date was a bust, Grandma tried cheering me up on the way home, by telling me that she didn’t find Grandpa until college didn’t really make me feel better. I didn’t expect Seth to be “the one” but I had hoped for a better time, and to not feel insecure during the entire date. When we came home, Mom was still in her pajamas, mopping the floor of all things.

She tried playing off the afternoon pajamas as a lazy day, but Mom does not have pajama days. When she started coughing, then Grandma took charge. I don’t know how much Mom likes having Grandma in the house, but I do appreciate an extra adult to keep my parents in line.

Grandma started making homemade chicken noodle soup immediately, and called Dad at the office to bring home produce for Citrus Juice.

The next morning Mom drank some juice, humoring Grandma because she’s not really a believer in the benefits of fruit. And all seemed to be going okay for her, she ended up sleeping for nearly 48 hours straight minus soup and juice breaks.

But she still ended up in the hospital late Monday night. She was burning up, delirious, and having difficulty breathing. Dad rushed her to the hospital, too impatient to wait for an ambulance to cross the bridge, with Grandma taking us separately. Dad went back to a different waiting area outside of the X-ray room where they found Mom had pneumonia, meanwhile we all melted down in the main waiting area. All of us terrified that we’d never see Mom again, and not knowing how to cope with the mere notion.

It’s hard for all of us, but having lost both of my birth parents to illness, it was traumatic in a different way. Grandma consoled me to feel more optimistic, but still allowed me to feel my anxiety over the ordeal. I appreciate her accepting me and my fears without shaming me over them, not that anyone else in the family does, but it’s a fear that they would. Deep down, I was terrified that my siblings would tell me to quit the theatrics, that obviously they cared more about Mom because she wasn’t really my Mom. They’ve never even hinted anything like that, but it didn’t make the fear disappear.

Dad got to spend the night with Mom, while we weren’t allowed to see her. I’ve never seen Dad so wrecked before, it made everyone including Grandma more frightened. Waiting, and waiting to see if your Mom lives through pneumonia is a nightmare without reprieve.

Dr. Morgan Russo-Traver explained that the next twenty-four hours were critical for Mom’s outcome, we called the Grimsley’s and they took care of the pets at the house and brought Dad toiletries.

We spent a lot of time in the cafeteria, staring at our food, and sighing in disbelief. Even Alice couldn’t find any words to try and comfort us, lost in her own fears. Suddenly the bad date with Seth wasn’t such a big deal anymore, it all seemed beyond trivial.

The second day, Mom woke up and seemed to be improving, but still lethargic. We were allowed to visit for a very brief period of time so she could regain her strength, but all the news seemed positive. Mom looked like she had been afraid for her own life, which made us all feel uneasy, it would have been worse if the Doctor hadn’t just told us that she was expecting a full recovery.

We all went back home after seeing Mom, and started taking care of things on our own, leaving Dad with Mom. By the end of the week she was out of bed, and working on strengthening her muscles and stretching her legs.

I know that we are all relieved that she will be home soon, and healthy enough to go back to teaching after Christmas break, but I think it all hurt Dad even more than us. I’ve never seen him cry or even appear mildly weak on an emotional level, but he was raw and open with Mom and even us kids.

I know that no one can live forever, but I really hope that I don’t lose anymore parents until I’m a senior citizen. I’d like my parents to live long just like Grandma, eighty-one years old and still going strong.

Notes: Lucy was my pneumonia ROS, and I thought for sure she was a goner! I am SO glad that she wasn’t, I have been traumatized by the idea of her dying, leaving poor Itzel without a mother, again! Lucy never seeing her children grow up and marry, it all seemed terrible. I am greatly relieved she was able to survive the pneumonia.

Itzel’s date was only okay, and he kept leaving their game of bowling to talk with the upperclass kids. Itzel is extremely shy, and I would think losing both parents as a toddler would bring some fears and anxieties, so I see her being a wallflower so to speak, and brimming with anxiety over things. Losing a parent is a big nightmare, and to have had it come true makes the world open for disasters to happen so to speak.

Christmas drama: Marta had kissed Finn McCarthy way back when, and did try some moves on Cole when he was Mayor, and now flirting with Tim. She’s fortune, and the daughter of a past mayor, so I see her liking that power, and maybe wanting to be the wife of a Mayor, not necessarily Mayor herself. And yes, she’s the one who currently went on a date with Cesar. I let Bekah throw her drink in Marta’s face because they were already drinking wine! How often does that happen?! I don’t know if it will have any affect on her relationship with Cesar, it has only been a date so there’s not a ton of commitment there.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “bells on christmas day”

    1. Thanks! I would have a hard time playing without it! I didn’t realize you started a new blog for TS4, adding it to my feed! I’ll catch up over there before the weekend, excited to see what you have going on!

      1. Yes, I was actually curious as to where you get it all? I like switching back and forth between 2 and 4.

        Yess, I haven’t updated in a little over a week but I just started a new job and haven’t had time to play.

        1. Hope you are enjoying your new job, makes sense you haven’t had time to play, but man I am really curious what the outcome is with the fire! As for downloads, it’s really all over, all the usual haunts, TSR, MTS, GOS, and Trapping’s crushes is a big place I go to, and lots that are up for download, sometimes I just download the lot, keep the CC I want, and ditch the rest.

  1. Maisie, the picture of Itzel and her grandmother in the waiting room is just perfect, it says a thousand words. I also love the picture of Lucy in the bed with her family around her, concerned.

    I am so glad that she didn’t die from the pneumonia. It is so true that everything else seems so irrelevant once someone’s life is in question.

    Funny how you described the party going all “high school,” especially with it being such a highbrow affair. Itzel reminded me a lot of my Madeleine, not wanting to join in the dancing or get pulled into too much socializing! That was a really sweet part about her meeting Seth by the reindeer. From their date, it seems like maybe Seth is a little too outgoing and not quite sensitive enough for Itzel.

    1. That’s one of my favorite pictures in this update too Shannon, Itzel with Myra. And Lucy in bed, poor girl, I would hate to be in her position and to cause my family distress. I was also quite relieved she pulled through.

      These guys got a few drinks in them, and they were flirting inappropriately, dancing their bums off, and a few were getting the red angry circle, it definitely went a bit high school! Nearly all of these people are good friends though, been rubbing elbows and in charge of everything for decades, so they relax around each other too. Plus, you have to realize they are doing the Slap Dance, which is part of vacation, and most of these people own property in the mountains, so it’s still very prestigious of them to dance it, all the while talking about the stock market and their last trip up the mountains. 😉

      Seth walking by while she was petting the reindeer was way too funny to not include! I think you are right though, he is rather outgoing, and social, and Itzel is not ether of those things. She likes books, and sipping coffee, and giggling with her best friend Linnea. She’s not into crowds or upperclass students that intimidate her.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. Thanks Ajay! I’m relieved she made it too! I would have been very sad for the kids to be raised by their Grandma and Cole. Plus all the elementary students to lose their teacher/principal. Thanks for commenting Ajay!

  2. Oh man, I was biting my nails through all this! I knew the pneumonia was coming, via N99, and I just really wanted Lucy to make it. It’s not something I have any experience with all in the game, so I have no idea how severe it is but I was kind of scared for you, after all those weird deaths you’ve had lately! I’m very glad for everyone that Lucy is going to be okay.

    The Christmas party was so fun to see! Willa is like the quintessential mean girl, isn’t she? I actually feel like if Willa did have a conversation with Regina, it might be Willa to be taken down a peg or two! I can’t see Regina putting up with any of her rubbish!

    Poor Itzel. I wish her date with Seth had gone a little better! Being a shy girl, it would be hard for her to put herself out there and do things like go on dates in the first place. It’ll be even harder now that her first date was not so great! I don’t think it was a disaster but she obviously thinks so, and that’s really what’s important.

    I either didn’t know or had forgotten about Marta’s flirtatiousness in the past! Wow, she could be trouble, lol! It’ll be interesting to see how her relationship with Cesar develops now, if it does at all. Maybe she can blame it all on the wine, lol?

    1. I think pneumonia is the worst type of sickness you can get in the game, cold, flu, pneumonia. That is my understanding of it. I’m very relieved she made it too!

      Willa really is that mean girl, *sigh* she was SO cute too, well still is which only aids in her terribleness. I think Regina could eat Willa alive, they didn’t talk a single time the entire party. Regina isn’t very social, or agreeable so she’s kind of skirted around.

      I wish the date had gone better too, Seth does really like her. And Okay isn’t a terrible rating. Probably could have gotten it up with some kissing but her Grandma was sitting right there, and it didn’t seem like Itzel would just make out with this guy. Maybe he’ll pop back in her life in the next round, but I won’t be moving him up to college with her. So true on it being her first date too!

      Marta has been sidelined for a VERY long time, she just doesn’t move in many circles, she does work at Zoe-Gen now, and helped train Bethany, but she’s behaving rather well that it didn’t seem important to message. Cole always had a soft spot for her, so I couldn’t see not inviting her (plus her Dad is the previous mayor and in attendance), and then she got all flirty with Tim. But she still has wants for Cesar, so I don’t know. They aren’t official by any means, so I don’t think she’d even have to mention it to Cesar.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. I am relieved too, I was super scared with all my giltchy deaths lately that she would be a total goner. Whew! I was making back up plans for teaching, because I absolutely need her in the elementary school, and she would leave such a hole.

      Thank you for commenting Fini!

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