blinding disaster

january 2024
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Isaac Gavigan (24 years), Lauren Schehl (22 years)

Everyone has been occupied with Peter and his engagement with Elise that no one was watching Lauren. She came around with her boyfriend, the one with the reputation for getting Julia pregnant despite his denial. The one who cheated multiple times on different girls. He was a fellow Millwood neighbor, with rude parents but not in a socially unacceptable way. They didn’t have trash on their lawn, dress inappropriate, or skip out paying their bills, they just weren’t friendly and was that really a crime?

The Gavigan’s had a college graduate, they had a son in grade school, and their middle child was one that everyone just breezed over. He was a hiccup, a boy that wasn’t on the right path, but parents can’t win them all, can they? And don’t they have to cut them some slack that two-thirds of their children are doing well. They felt they had to, because they wanted the same forgiveness for their own daughter, Lauren.

She was reckless, impulsive, chasing her gut that was always, absolutely always wrong. But what more could they do for her? Telling her she was making mistakes seemed to push her after them.

She was away at university, no one was watching her, no one was asking the truly relevant questions. She was legally an adult, and her parents were hoping for the best for her all the while keeping their eyes squeezed shut.

She always responded to texts in a prompt enough manner that no one was utterly concerned for her well-being. She was a strong C+ student, which is more than anyone ever expected of her, did they really have to hound her when she’d already exceeded their expectations? What harm could she really get into while at university.

They were just too busy. Elise had the ring, there should be no rush for marriage, but the kids weren’t listening to reason. They had to focus all their energies on postponing the wedding. They didn’t want it to end, they thought Elise was a fine girl. Couldn’t they see that they just wanted them to take it slowly, think things through?

Lauren had never been open, or affectionate. She’d hidden candy in her desk drawers despite their being no rules against it, Jared hadn’t ever had time to micromanage that sort of thing when the kids were little, with Delaney working all hours. He was just satisified that they were fed sandwiches, showered, and homework completed.

They didn’t meddle with Lauren, they didn’t even really visit her. It wasn’t that they didn’t care or want to, they just knew that Lauren didn’t want it, and it was easy to postpone it with their work schedules and Lizzie at home. It wasn’t personal that Lauren wasn’t lovey towards them, it was just her personality, she didn’t want gifts, no matter how nice or well-thought the presents were.

Isaac was a phase. They were certain of it, he was not a guy that committed, he was not a threat. Lauren was on birth control, they had made sure of it themselves, even if he denied paternity for Nolan; they were not convinced. They could not believe that the Millett girl had miraculously procreated with herself, all signs pointed to Isaac. But their Lauren was safe.

Besides, they had Lizzie. She was more calm than her older sisters but it didn’t mean she didn’t have a knack for flare or tantrums. She could very loudly object at any given moment, and Christmas happened to be her target. She hated her gifts, thought they were too babyish, she wanted electronics like the big kids had all gotten. How could they worry about Lauren’s heart when she seemed fine, and Lizzie currently wasn’t.

But, since no one was watching, and no one was guiding, it had given Lauren freedom that perhaps she wasn’t quite prepared to handle.

Always leaping, and never questioning hadn’t served Lauren well, but it hadn’t served her poorly ether. Maybe she wasn’t the top student but she didn’t really care about that, maybe her high school friends weren’t there for her anymore, but she was back with Isaac, that was all she needed.

She had no friends, she had her sister Meg, but she wouldn’t approve. Isaac had to call his big brother, Isaiah, they needed someone that knew them to sign the legal documents. Lauren didn’t have time for this nonsense, she hated being in South Port, terrified of running into her parents. They would spoil her plan, that’s why she didn’t tell any of her family.

This didn’t feel wrong. It just didn’t feel orthodox, and while she was never that way, it didn’t stop her parents from wanting that for her, pushing it on her.

Isaiah came, he was anxious about his parent’s disapproval, but forced jovial for the Judge. He would not be able to avoid the conflict but he wouldn’t be the focus of it ether. Lauren didn’t fret even a second about the fallout. If she never went to Millwood again, it would not be sadness that she’d feel. Isaac could easily disown his parents too, she had decided. The lot of them were no use to them now that they had each other, the parents were always pushing and shoving their way like it was the only option.

This felt right, more right then stealing him from Julia and Lainey. He was hers, it was meant to be.

She didn’t feel bad about this at all, she felt thrilled as if this moment was the exact beginning of the rest of her life.

Notes: It’s been in the cards for Lauren to elope with Isaac, she had the marriage want and I just could not ignore it. She’s a Fortune/Romance for pity sake! Why is she in university rolling for this crap? Because it’s Lauren, always impulsive Lauren. Her parents are going to be livid. I think this will work in Peter and Elise’s favor actually.

True love…. and his wants panel is quite full of those romance wants for multiple sims as well. Maybe they will have an open relationship? Thought I highly doubt Lauren would ever approve of that!

She also got cold feet pretty quickly after proposing as well.

But it’s done. They are living off campus in a small house near Hadley. Both are still in university, both seniors, but only because Isaac has flunked twice! in non-consecutive semesters. Sadly their semesters got reset when I moved them. We will see if they graduate and what happens to them from there.

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “blinding disaster

  1. Is it too cliche-ish to say, they deserve each other??! Well, no matter what, it is going to be interesting, what happens to them, as well as the effect this has on Peter’s parents, concerning him and Elise. So what is a Fortune/Romance sim doing rolling this want!! Your explanation was a good one, she has always been impulsive. And I’m not surprised she didn’t have any friends to come witness her wedding. Maisie, you are great at keeping surprises, that’s for sure!!

    1. Ha yes! They do quite deserve one another don’t they? But in Isaac’s defense he has never cheated on Lauren, which cannot be said for her. Perhaps he really does care for her, just too young to not dump her. He did cheat on Julia with Lauren, and did cheat on Lainey with Lauren… see how she could interpret that to love? And yes! Why is a fortune/romance rolling that want! And in uni no less!

      I intended to do an elopement, but the actual event was *very* impromptu. I was playing Meg (next update), and Lauren called and Meg was freaking out on the phone, and I thought, ohhhh lets do it now!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. They are an interesting match!! I hardly ever see romance sims (primary or secondary) roll engagement wants! I’d have to do it too! The court ceremony was perfect for them!! I can’t wait to find out how the families take it.

    1. I don’t play many romance sims, but of the ones I do have, they haven’t rolled the want. I keep expecting my bartender Max to roll it one day, but he’s still acting like he’s twenty-two, when he’s probably about thirty-two. A court elopment was very suitable for them, totally agree! Thank you for your comment Ashland!

  3. Oh geez. I kind of felt like this update was either going to end with Lauren engaged or pregnant. So I was close – married!

    I just really hope Isaac and Lauren are as right for each other as they think. They’re both in that idealistic stage (or one would hope it was a stage anyway!) where they don’t need anyone other than each other. I’m not confident this is going to work out but who knows?

    I had to laugh about your comment about Peter and Elise though! You’re right, Jared and Delaney didn’t know how good they had it with Peter and Elise! They will be furious. My gosh, I would not want to be Lauren when they find out.

    My Romance sims actually roll marriage wants all the time. I find them far more likely to roll marriage wants than popularity sims! I always think it’s interesting when others don’t have the same experience.

    1. I would agree that popularity sims are not likely to roll marriage wants, and my experience with romance sims is a very small window for me to really say. Violet-Adele is a popularity sim, and she’s very asesxual to me. Max my bartender is in his thirties and is still going strong, at one point I thought he might settle down with Annie, since he seemed to favor her. He’s a pretty guy, I’d like him to pick one of my girls one day!

      I hope it’s the idealistic stage for Lauren too, hard to see what will happen with her and how the marriage will work out. I am excited to see though. Peter and Elise are seriously good kids, college graduates, jobs, nice apartment that yeah Mom and Dad paid for, but he’s making money now, and he proposed, and will have about a year engagement. That’s not bad at all. Curious if Isaac finally graduates and if Lauren will, she does have the want for writing an exam so that boosts her odds.

      Lauren is allowed birth control, so she should be pretty protected against Isaac who is not. If they start TFB, I don’t know what I will do if I’ll take her off or keep her on it… so far they haven’t at all, perhaps it’s just the university setting?

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. Can’t get over how amazing the sets are becoming more and more. Storyline wise…well plenty of drama to keep us entertained! But…but if I could impart wisdom on pixel people in this instance it’ll be; they do to you what they do with you…And Lauren better watch it with a serial cheater. Even if initially, he cheated to be with her.

    Pss, I hear the Siews have a very handsome, strapping young lad who shares the same name as the equally handsome though not-so-young lad in real life…Hehehe. At least I’m going to pretend you name him after me. Don’t burst my imagination bubble.

    1. You know, it is quite possible that little Wyatt Siew got his name on my original name list because of you! I pick up names from all over the place, and can’t always recall where I found them. 🙂

      I will be curious to see if Lauren is as special as she thinks she is in regards to Isaac and his cheating ways. I suppose in an odd way, it could be considered highly romantic that he cheated on two different girls to be with her… but logically, that isn’t very smart at all! I don’t think Lauren is boasting smarts though.

      Thanks for commenting Wyatt!!!

  5. I was sure Lauren was pregnant until you dropped the ring pic. I’m only mildly relieved. I didn’t realize that Isaac has been faithful to Lauren so far. I’m rather shocked. As much as I dislike the both of them, maybe they can keep their drama to themselves from now on. Hey, a girl can dream…

    1. Funny that marriage is a slight relief over a baby, I’m a bit nervous that as soon as they graduate (if they do), that they will start TFB. I have Lauren on birth control, but usually I take sims off if they are autonomously trying, but not always, like I’ve made Lorelei and Marshal wait because I thought Lorelei would like a house that the baby wasn’t in the unfinished basement. Lauren is much more impulsive, but then I don’t see her as being gaga for babies ether, and her ideal career is modeling, so I’m interested in having her try for that, and a baby is a nightmare in that career. I might just roll for it if they start TFB!

      Maybe they will live their life happily cheating on one another, or Isaac not cheating and only Lauren, and be content with their drama.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  6. Wow, I didn’t see this coming. Maybe the pregnancy part or a really nasty breakup but not this. Talk about reckless. We’ll see how isolated she feels once this is out in the open. It’s sad that she doesn’t have friends anymore and this will only further sever ties with people, if she’s to make any, period.

    You mentioned an open relationship and, honestly, it seems the best case scenario concerning them. At the very least doesn’t Lauren wonder if he might cheat on her one day or does she really believe that she’s the one? Has it never crossed her mind once? I could understand if she started this off as something fun but not as a ticket to marriage. This reminds me of a real life situation where these two seem like they like and want a steady, relationship but want the freedom to “have fun” with whoever and whenever the opportunity arises.

    I cannot wait for everyone to hear about this messiness.

    1. Lauren wouldn’t be thinking about Isaac cheating on her, because he never has, she sees her self as special and the one he loves the most. He hasn’t cheated on her, which is more than she can say in their ten second marriage. It is too bad that her actions have lost all her friends, she used to be tight with Alice and Julia, not Lainey so much, but that was a larger age difference. I’m hoping to hope back in for a mini Lauren/Isaac update shortly, I can’t imagine Lauren sharing the news with her parents in a timely fashion, other than Meg which comes up in the next update.

      Yes on the having fun, the old ‘can’t have your cake and eat it too’ would seem to apply, unless they are totally cool with the open relationships. I’ll need to check their jealousy levels and see what they say.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  7. Well I certainly didn’t see this one coming! Still, you wrote it out in a way that makes it very realistic for them to have made the decision to do that, a bit foolishly and rushed perhaps, but I can see their motivations. I can’t honestly say that it seems like the best reasons for getting married and whether or not it’ll last is another question entirely. Depends on how they handle the hurdles in front of them I suppose.

    I am rather scared though that they’ll wind up with a baby before they’re out of that honeymoon-phase of theirs which seems rather idealistic at the moment with little room for reflecting on the parts of life that don’t fit into their ideal dream right now. Can’t wait to see how it turns out for them and how her parents will take it!

    1. I really hope they do not wind up with a baby at all… I’m afraid for that myself. I’m glad that it worked for their wedding, foolish and naive are two words that ring true for Lauren. She’s a whirlwind of energy and bad choices, and she has had it hard for Isaac since high school. If she’d found the time to actually date a decent guy, then maybe she’d have let this one go, but she’s had her eyes only on him in any serious type of regard. ACR is another matter…

      Thanks for commenting Val!

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