last one left

january 2024
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Meg Schehl (25 years)

Her sister had called, it wasn’t necessarily alarming to have her on the other end, but it wasn’t the norm.

“How does it feel to be the last Schehl left to get married?” Lauren was giddy, giggling like she was on Isaac’s lap and he was nuzzling her neck. It wasn’t logical, they still had their youngest sister Lizzie back home who was very far from matrimony, and her twin brother Peter was only engaged. But Meg understood what Lauren meant, how did it feel to have your younger sister married before you.

It didn’t feel good.

Issac was twenty-four years old, flunked twice at Eastborough University, and was yet again working towards finishing his senior year. His only saving grace had been not flunking consecutively. Lauren was on track to graduate this May, but instead of focusing on her academics and living the last semester at a dorm, they rented a house.

She invited me over, they were in an honest to goodness house, and she was proud.

All I could notice was the hairy man on the ground, sweating and grunting. Lauren was pretty impressed with his physique too. It feels akin to playing house as children, but I can’t tell her that. She gets touchy about me mentioning the towels for window coverings.

I’m still in my small apartment, between the neighborhoods of Lincoln Park and Northside aka the slummy part of South Port. It’s not very enchanting, and with all of my siblings excluding Lizzie getting married, I suddenly feel like I’ve fallen behind.

I finished one screenplay while at EU, and have been working ever since on this second one. I’ve been slacking, being a photographer for a modeling agency, and just making ends meet. So I took it to the bookstore to really try and pound it out.

When Chad came over to talk, I haven’t seen him in a few years. He told me all about Hadley dumping him. Then about some robberies in my neck of the woods, that have traumatized me in fear. Perhaps I exaggerated, I do write horror screenplays and feel pretty confident in my deadbolt door, but what guy doesn’t appreciate a damsel in distress?

He ended up sitting down to stay awhile, which I took as a very good sign. Unfortunately I am extremely boring, because he spent the entire time checking out other girls. I don’t remember him being such a jerk like this, I guess he just isn’t interested in me in that way.

I’m not in high school anymore, I don’t have to just take rude behavior. Once I noticed Ella sitting on a sofa, I just left Chad sitting there, sputtering on his words.

She’s my upstairs neighbor, and didn’t recognize me at all, even after I introduced myself.

It had snowed a mountain while I’d been busy not actually writing, and offered to take public transit back to the apartment with her.

She wasn’t exactly concerned about the weather, and I felt old like my Mother even suggesting I escort her home because the roads might be icy. But I really didn’t want to hang out with Chad, and she was the only person I felt comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with.

When I got home, there was my Mother with a giant bag of groceries, which were not for me. I’ve turned down her meals and charity enough that she doesn’t even try anymore. But Cesar hadn’t.

He had purchased a few meals at the school fundraiser, then went out of his way to tell Mom just how delicious the food had been. This made feeding his family her personal mission in life. She loves to cook, she should have opened a restaurant of her own instead of slaving for someone else’s fame and glory. Instead, she cooks for anyone that will give her high accolades.

I am sick of bringing them food, they never answer the door. They don’t answer it for Mom, and they sure don’t answer it for me. I can hear them stomping around upstairs, ring the bell, and no answer. They don’t even quiet down to try and hide, they just don’t want to make friends with their neighbors. And I’m cool with that! But Mom is not.

All my protesting is for naught, as she simply drops the bag off on the counter and heads back to Millwood. She’d do better to just send him a gift certificate to a grocery store, then it could just be dropped in the mailbox. I always spend my time, just knocking, waiting, and being ignored.

Except this time, little Marisol came out to greet me. I nearly fell over from paralysis.

She was very chipper, accepted the groceries, and asked if there was anything chocolate inside, which I had no idea. I text Mom later to include chocolate next time if she hadn’t, which thrilled Mom to have a request.

I invited Elise and Lauren out for New Years Eve, and told my brother Peter that he’d have to suck it up and kiss her when she got in. I suggested that he invite Isaac out, get to know his new brother-in-law, but he declined, explaining that he had a pressing painting that needed his attention.

The night started, and the Flamingo seemed full of hot guys, a night of potential. I was with two taken ladies, which meant they could help me land a guy. I didn’t need a ring, but working towards that would be nice.

Elise really cut it up on the dance floor, when we were roommates in university, she would be totally fine then blow up, but never fun. She was a total blast on the dance floor. Whereas Lauren was just looking at the men, despite the ring on her finger.

She didn’t even stick with us for an entire song before she started making rounds.

Suggestively flirting, then shrugging off any rejects, completely nonplussed over it.

I consoled any outrage by realizing that Isaac was likely doing the same this New Years Eve, the newly weds, married just a week, were already scoping out a new lay. Romantic.

I think I suck at finding guys. When one tried flirting with me very strongly, I totally flipped out. I want to be wooed, not assaulted. He was cute too, I don’t know why I react first from the gut without taking time to think it through.

As the night got on, bar fights occurred and the bartender threatened to call the police.

We regrouped for a bit, and a decent guy just came up and started dancing with me. I didn’t act repulsed ether which made me proud, it was much more subtle than trying to make out with my hand as the previous guy had done.

But he left and hooked up with a redhead girl.

Another guy flirted with me, and I thought that was going really well.

Clearly I’m obtuse when it comes to adult men. I don’t know if I’m sending out repulsive signals and just turning men over to other ladies or what.

Lauren found a guy to flirt with, and more in the photobooth later. I’m mildly curious how this marriage of hers is going to roll. What if she came home pregnant with blondie’s baby, would Isaac care? What if he knocked up yet another girl? It seems complicated to me.

Lauren called me frumpy when we ran into each other in the bathroom. Told me to lighten up and enjoy myself, that I needed to look for a minute of fun, not a lifetime commitment. I wasn’t even doing that. I just wanted someone to dance with, and be able to share a conversation with them.

The only highlight of my night was Elise asking if I would be her bridesmaid. They were keeping the wedding small, and she hadn’t decided yet if she was asking Lauren, but since I was Peter’s twin she thought it appropriate. She also hinted that she liked me more, which was good since I saw us becoming good friends.

We nearly had to drag Lauren to the taxi cab when me and Elise were ready to leave. She was ready for her New Years Eve kiss, and I had an empty apartment that needed my warm body to fill.

If I turn thirty, and I’m still just as alone, I have no shame to join a dating site. No shame to do it, but telling my sister about it, I would never. I’m just hoping it does not come to that.

Notes: There was a line to woohoo in the photo booth. Oliver with Brooklyn (Meg’s ex-boyfriend, poor girl), Lauren and Max (the bartender that gets around), Dave and Alicia (Eva/Gideon’s friend), and then Bobbi and Preston (Bobbi is Paloma’s friend). Lots of townie romance, the guy that got beat up by Emma’s old apartment neighbor, also got some love hearts with another townie. I was surprised by all the ACR action.

Meg wanted to fall in love, quit her job, be friends with Cesar, and finish her screenplay. She only managed the latter. Cesar never came to the door, and it was serious hard work to get Marisol to answer the door.

Lauren and Isaac, married one second, and here’s her memories.

Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “last one left”

  1. I feel for Meg, I really do. Granted most of my friends aren’t quite at the getting married stage (but I have a few who’ve gotten to the “have babies” stage, which is almost like marriage in a way) but they’re far more settled than I am. So I feel for Meg in that sense, but on the other hand jumping into something in desperation or without thinking might not end well either.

    And wow! That’s a LOT of action for that poor ol’photobooth, poor thing must be in shock! And it didn’t take long for Lauren to get some action from somewhere other than home either. How they’ll work that out between them will be interesting.

    1. Having babies is beyond marriage! Because they require way more commitment/schedule than a marriage in regards to free time.

      I do hope that Meg can find someone, she got dumped by Oliver some time ago, and I’d like her to at least have a date. I’m not worried about her settling down someday, she’s only 25. And yes, that photobooth was crazy, I could not believe the amount that were cycling through, glad there weren’t any pregnancies that resulted.

      Thanks for commenting Val!

  2. Poor Meg. The right guy will come along, and she doesn’t need to rush it. But I can understand her frustration. However, Lauren is no person to be jealous of.

    1. Haha so true, Lauren is definitely not one to be jealous of, she is a wreck. In the long run, I imagine Meg will find herself in a stable and happy marriage eventually, and I can’t say the same for Lauren, at least not in the forseeable future, but maybe Lauren and Isaac will grow up together and be happy too.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  3. Aww I hope Meg finds what she’s looking for! Lauren had two affairs already! Oh boy. That marriage is not off to a good start in the fidelity area. I loved the New Years Eve night out! It looked so cool.

    I really like Meg’s outfit in the beginning! Where is it from?

    1. I am not certain on Meg’s outfit, I believe it’s from TSR, I will see if I can track it down for you. I was a bit surprised at how quickly Lauren moved around the dance floor and flirted her way with the men. I hadn’t expected that to happen quite so quickly. I hope Meg can find someone to at least date, it’s fun to have that, and I was disappointed for her when none of it worked out.

      Thanks for commenting Ashland!

  4. Lauren gets touchy about anything, it seems, not just pointing out towels on the windows. Isaac’s body hair is a nice touch, him all sweaty on the floor is not my idea of sexy though, lol.

    I have to say, even though Meg doesn’t feel that it is, the shots of her “slummy” apartment are so charming. Of course, reality often doesn’t live up to small pictures of moments.

    I loved how Meg left Chad when Ella came in, realizing she didn’t have to put up with that, and him sputtering on his words. So funny how she felt like her mom offering to walk Ella home due to the weather! Is there something going on with your apartment lot, because it is hard to get neighbors (or is it just the one family) to come to the door? I know I’ve been so frustrated with that in the past…Julia’s family lived in a brownstone lot I had made in Strangetown’s downtown, and I loved the lot and wanted people to be able to socialize with their neighbors, but it seemed unless they were the 2-3 who incessantly hung out at the house, I couldn’t see them because they wouldn’t answer the door/were never available.

    The girls’ night out was super fun! That’s a nice picture of Meg on the prowl; I really felt for her when the one guy went and started kissing someone else immediately after she flirted with him, poor girl. But I wouldn’t take Lauren’s advice on anything, I think! Elise is a hoot, and whoa, Lauren is just unbelievable!! Her marriage is riveting, competing with the most sordid TV drama, I think!

    1. The Gavigan boys all have tons of body hair, their Mom is dominant in hair, and it showed up more obviously for her sons. I’m not certain if her youngest Ezra does, I can’t recall. Isaac is not my idea of sexy ether.

      I really like Meg’s apartment, I’ll be sad when she has to move out. I was disappointed that Chad was checking out girls too, they have decent chemistry, but his eyes kept wandering and he was doing those heart-farts, fanning his face too. It’s only Cesar and his household that don’t come to the door, I have another playable character (daughter’s) that is directly across the hall from Meg and she’s constantly very social, to the point that she’s kind of creepy.

      I would not take Lauren’s advice ether! That girl is nuts, but right now, I can’t see her with anyone else but Isaac, they are a good match. I think Meg has her ACR set up to higher standards, because she did freak out when a few guys made moves on her, but I won’t change it, I think it makes sense that a girl like her wants a bit of conversation before full out flirts and butt-grabbing attacks.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  5. Aw, I can identify with Meg but I really think she should be proud of what she’s achieved. The money she made for her screenplay is nothing to sneeze at and she’s not hanging towels up to use as curtains either. 😉 That’s got to count for something. Good on Meg for walking out on Chad too – try being a little subtle at least, dude!

    It was nice to see Meg out on the town with Lauren and Elise. I’m glad she and Elise are becoming closer – they probably have more in common than Meg and Lauren do, from the looks of it!

    She’ll find someone one day and I think it’ll be a hell of a lot less disastrous than her sister’s marriage too! Two affairs after one week? Is the ink even dry on their marriage certificate, lol? Have to wonder what Isaac was up to. Nothing good is my guess!

    1. Haha! Totally laughed about the towels for curtains, Meg does have a very nice apartment with nice furnishings, and unlike her twin, Peter, she didn’t use her parents’ money ether. She does pretty well with her screenplays, maybe she’ll get up there like her uncle Tyler with his mega sellers.

      It’s too bad that Chad had to be so obnoxious with his attraction, they have decent chemistry and it might have been a fun date. I think you are right that Meg and Elise have more in common than Meg and Lauren, I can see the girls being good friends as time goes on, and Elise makes herself part of the family. They didn’t hate each other in college ether, Elise was just a bit of a freak out when conversations didn’t mix, which fits with Delaney, and that’s why they are having a really rough go.

      True that on Meg finding someone and it being less of a disaster, unless she picks a loser, which hopefully she won’t! Isaac and what he is up to, I can’t wait to get to that. I think I have all the photos taken for that update, and i do for the Woodfolk one too.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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