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chaos theory

february 2024
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(Andersen Household Profile)
Benjamin Andersen (37 years), Grace (34 years), Ainsley (8 years), Isla (7 years), Tillie (3 3/4 years), Hatty (2 years)

narrated by: Benjamin

It’s been snowing like crazy, which leaves the girls feeling very pent up. Mostly it just means they are cranky, but in the case of Isla, it equals pestering behavior. If she isn’t jumping on the sofa, or antagonizing Ainsley, she is picking on Hatty.

Unlike Tillie, who is very gentle-spirited, Hatty is quite vocal when she’s been wronged. I don’t know why Isla seems to relish getting into trouble, we pay her large amounts of attention; she has never ignored or over-looked.

Strong words don’t even effect Isla, I say them and begin to console Hatty and she’s already gone on to the next activity, completely oblivious of everything that just happened. Grace reminds me to just focus on the fact that Isla and Ainsley are behaving more like friends these days than not, which is a huge positive, I just wish it’d trickle down to Hatty too.

We can’t keep going away to the mountains to get her to bond with each family member, it’s asking a bit much of our wallet and time.

Grace’s salon has been going fantastic with customers, but has been bumpy with the new hires. She’s spending about two hours of her time on the phone dealing with questions from her staff on her days off. It’s usually when Isla decides to really act up.

On my day off, I decided we had to burn some energy so we bundled up for the outdoors. Usually this mean the girls are crying to go back inside ten minutes later, but I offered hot chocolate at the end if they could tough it out, and spend the afternoon outside with me.

Isla destroyed Ainsley’s snowman in a fit, then stormed inside to make her own hot cocoa.

It ended the entire plan for the afternoon, and Ainsley was very upset over it all, then I got called into the station a few hours early after one of the guys got ill.

I hate leaving Grace when the girls are such a handful, especially when she’s had the day off work. We would have never thought but work is actually a welcome break somedays.

She did an early bedtime that particular night, then sat around in the living room texting me and feeling bored having the house quiet and to herself. Outside of a certain amount of health risk, she really dislikes the long twenty-four hour shifts that my career demands.

Her old dog, Murphy started growling at the window that night, and Grace panicked. I told her to call her Dad who is just outside of Millwood in the country, that he’d be happy to help check out the house while I was at work.

Her Dad and Elias checked it out and didn’t even see footsteps other than our own from the afternoon.

Grace doesn’t want to acknowledge that Murphy is getting up there in age, and is likely a bit senile without mentioning his lack of senses. Even with the sweep, Grace still felt insecure being home with the girls, especially with Ainsley and Isla sharing a room on the main floor by themselves. So her Dad volunteered for Elias to spend the night.

He’s a good kid, graduates high school in a few months. His parents aren’t planning to help with any tuition, which they didn’t with any of the other kids ether. He’s hoping to get some scholarships or he doesn’t think it will be worth the expense. I know zilch about farming and whether it’s sound thinking or not.

Eventually Elias opened up to Grace about some happenings with his twin, Julius being involved with some shady guys, and how he was to blame for the robbery that lost Mom and Dad their mini van.

Once Julius paid off his debt, and had their parents robbed, apparently he didn’t just cut ties, and Elias can see that he’s still involved with selling stolen goods. Looks like they have him pawn the stolen items, and rub off serial numbers to hopefully keep from getting caught. Emma had always been a bit wild, but never in a criminal way, other than underage drinking.

Grace told him that he absolutely had to tell their parents, especially with the people knowing where they lived, and already breaking into the house. He had to in order to keep the family safe, and get Julius help. But he was very adamant that he could not, would not rat his brother out.

I’m not sure why he was so against the idea, if Julius had something on him, or if he was just spineless. Irregardless, if Grace doesn’t approach them, then it’s my duty to do that. Not that firemen are generally known for being involved with crime, but he’s my kid brother-in-law.

In the mean time, I talked Grace into getting a second dog, we aren’t really a two-dog family, but Murphy is on his way out, and I think the bonding will be harder after he’s gone. Oliver’s girlfriend’s Mom breeds large dogs, and live out in Millwood next door to George and Mandy.

We visited, and let the kids go wild testing out the dogs, only Grace was aware of the ulterior motive here, and was resigned the process. My original hope was that the girls would all agree on one dog, instead they each gravitated towards different ones.

Ainsley was heart-set on a gorgeous dog with similar markings to Murphy, but none of the other girls liked him at all. They were insistent that our family needed a girl dog. No one was thinking, ‘hey Dad is the only guy besides Murphy, maybe we should give him another boy’.

In the end, the girls decided on a Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever, cause that is not a mouthful at all. From henceforth Darby will be known as a retriever. Even Ainsley approved of her, and they named her Darby. She was even great when Tillie was squeezing her airways shut, which Murphy does not tolerate.

The entire exchange went well, Brooklyn’s Mom had us sign a stern contract that we wouldn’t breed Darby, that we would never put her up for adoption and instead return her if it wasn’t a good fit, and that we only feed her premium dog food, only purchased at the local pet store, not any grocery store.

It was a bit overwhelming for us, we’ve been used to just feeding Murphy any old bag of food, and we left out the table scraps the the girls feed him. I’m pretty certain she would have added, ‘no table scraps’ to the contract if she had known.

All in all, Darby has been a good dog, she’s got a much worse bark than bite. She pretended to go after the mailwoman, but turned tail to run as soon as she finished putting the mail in the box.

She is much more playful than Murphy has ever been except maybe his puppy years. None of us are used to the extra energy that Darby brings into the household, but all the girls are absolutely smitten with her, even Isla has a softspot for her, and she’s never been fond of Murphy.

At the end of the month, Oliver had arranged a tour of the firehouse for the first and second grade students, which happens to be Ainsley and Isla’s class. They were mostly interested in the exciting things, and tuned me out when it came to safety at the station as well as fire safety. I’ve been working with Mayor Grimsley to start teaching fire safety again in the schools, but I’m not sure this age-level would really appreciate such knowledge.

Logan and Kai took off to play some rambunctious cops and robbers.

While I got to see Ainsley in action with classmates, and I was rather proud to see her sharing in a secret with Elodie. The young girl has tried on numerous occasions to break in with Ainsley, but they are both extremely shy that it’s never developed much. I think it’s safe to say that they are slowly working towards friendship these days.

The youngest Gavigan boy, Ezra found his way towards some suggestive pictures on the wall, and was pretty excited over the discovery.

All in all, I believe it was a successful field trip, perhaps a future firefighter is amongst them in the crowd, we sure could use some more willing to join the fight.

I got to come home from work, just in time for bath time, probably my favorite parenting duty. The girls have such a fun time in the tub, and it makes the younger girls very tired afterward that it usually means some alone time with Grace. Maybe next year we can go out for Valentine’s Day, because it seems we forgot about it entirely this year.

Notes: Isla did destroy the snowman, then went inside for some cocoa. And she was tormenting Hatty on her own constantly. She left Tillie alone because they’ve managed to become friendly after all these years.

Murphy was barking and growling at nothing… which I thought gave a great opportunity for Finn and Elias to come check out the property, and Elias to spend the night, and finally share what has been happening. Can you believe these twins graduate high school in a few short months?! I’m very excited for my first baby boom to graduate high school, and see where they all go from here. Summer birthday post is mega huge too, cause Mavis, Dax, and Evan are aging up along with college graduates. Seriously huge.

ROS: Field trip for Elementary school, I just did the first/second grade class. I didn’t see a future firefighter in this particular crowd, hoping that someone in grade school will be interested in it, Benjamin can’t do it forever. I likely have a candidate in the teen group.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “chaos theory”

  1. I’m glad Elias talked to someone about what’s been going on, but I’m anxious about what might happen next! I wonder if Grace will tell, or if Benjamin will have to do it?

    Darby is so cute! I hope that getting a new pet might help bring the kids together, but I don’t know. Isla seems to enjoy tormenting everyone else!

    I LOL’ed at Ezra and the pictures on the firehouse wall! 😀

    1. I am totally thrilled to see your comment! And that you are back to posting on your blog! Yay for more Pine Hollow sims!

      I don’t know what will happen with Julius and who will tell, they are graduating so soon that I don’t know how much of a difference it’d make. Their parents are losing their time with the boys, and chances to work on things.

      I saw Darby up for download at MTS and I had to get her, she’s really adorable and the girls all like her.

      Thanks for commenting Shana!

  2. Benjamin is such a great dad, Grace is really lucky. For a minute I thought they may be getting a couple of new dogs, and even have puppies, but Darby is fabulous. I don’t know about her Sims 2 personality, but in real life, retrievers do have so much energy.

    I love the picture of Murphy with hackles up at the mail person. Our doberman in real life died on Mother’s Day this year, at the age of 14. He definitely had some senility in the months before he died and would get startled and growl at things that weren’t there. He was such a good dog, though, actually very gentle.

    It is really interesting to see Isla grow up in such a nurturing family, with such a strong, conflict-prone personality. And I thought it was funny Benjamin noted that they can’t take a vacation every time she needs to bond with somebody! I wonder what her combination of personality points is.

    1. I had a hard time only adopting one dog, but they don’t seem like a three dog family, especially large breed! Darby does have high energy, I made sure of that since it fits the retrievers, I can’t recall what the rest of her personality is, but I know she’s not aggressive ether.

      Sorry for the loss of your dog, it’s horrible to lose a pet and even harder after they’ve been with you for a long period of time.

      I don’t know Isla’s exact personality off the cuff, but I know she is low on nice, 1 or 2, and high in outgoing. Ainsley is incredibly shy, and Tillie is a 9 or 10 in nice (with Ainsley right behind her with 7 or 8). And Hatty I have no clue, she’s just super cute and genetically unique from the other girls!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. I hope Grace will tell her parents about Julius’s issues. She’s a very responsible type, I could see her doing it.

    Talking about getting a new dog makes me think of my Shelly. She was a complete mutt, so I have no idea what her breed was, but she was so sweet. She never growled at all, and barking was at a minimum.

    1. I agree that I could see Grace doing it too, she’s the oldest and responsible as you said. I don’t think she’d feel comfortable to have Benjamin tell ether, since it is her family/sibling in trouble.

      Your Shelly sounds like she was a sweetheart, no growling and barking at a minimum is nice. My Daphne keeps barking at anything and everything, I’m about to jump out of my skin! We are working on it, but it’s like two steps forward, three steps back lately.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  4. Isla must believe any attention is good attention! I’ve taught kids like that and they can be really challenging! I feel like Isla is going to be constantly railing against everyone as she grows up. She just seems quite obstinate in general, you know? Even so, I’m totally jealous of your four girl family!

    The trip to the fire station was adorable. Hope Ezra’s not taking after his big brother, tracking down all the girlie pics the guys have on the walls, lol! Man, you make me miss having a school…though I guess I could still do excursions without a school!

    I really hope Grace or Benjamin can step in with this thing about Julius and Elias. It’s all well and good to not want to rat out your brother but if Julius gets deeper into this, that might be the least of his problems. :\

    1. I could see Isla being a thorn as she grows up, her personality clashes against the rest of the family, she reminds me a bit of Emma, though they have different personalities. Emma isn’t mean like Isla has a tendency to be. I wish that she could do pranks like TS3 kids can! I could totally see her getting into mischief of that kind.

      Oh man, I didn’t even think of Ezra being like his big brother, just imagine if he was an Isaac Jr as a teen, getting a girl pregnant…. Geez. I wonder who he will have chemistry with, and if he will be able to use birth control. Definitely should do excursions! I did a real life firehouse tour the other day with a bunch of kids, and made me think of your Jacob, though none of the guys were that cute.

      I don’t even know what is going to happen with Julius, it kind of just stemmed from an ROS, and then he had an actual interest in crime that was pretty high, and I realized, whoa he fits that career… Bad for the adults that the boys graduate very soon, just not much time left before they grow up.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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