spring birthdays 2024

Benjamin and Grace’s third daughter, Tillie celebrates her fourth birthday. Of all the Andersen girls, Tillie is the most kind and gentle-spirited, even Isla gets along with her.

Jared Schehl joins the elder ranks with his wife Delaney. Senior years should have brought them relief from bills, child-rearing, and had more relaxation in the cards. None of these things are on the immediate horizon for Jared, he still has to provide for nine year-old Lizzie, and Lauren just eloped.

Suddenly he’s very proud of his first born twins, Meg despite her weird horror infatuation, and even Peter and his upcoming wedding. If they’d stopped at them, then retirement might be an actual option, the younger girls bring pure exhaustion and stress at the moment, and though he’d never wish to not have them, he certainly can wish they’d bring more peace into his life, and make wiser decisions in regards to Lauren.

He’s not going to tell Delaney, but he’s passing on to Peter that while he still has plenty of time in his life, he definitely should not consider having children in his fifties.

Notes: Jared is a Family/Knowledge sim, but his adult years were very much focused on the knowledge side. I was really hoping that Lauren’s elopement, and his elder birthday would remind him that he was supposed to be a family guy, and it did! I can’t say the same for Delaney, but Jared is now very supportive of Elise and Peter, and does not want Lauren to get divorced ether. Glad he doesn’t want to retire, because he can’t afford to.

I’m going to be a missing a bit in the community, I’m finishing up some edits on last years nano project. Then I really want to work on a mid-grade novel for this year’s nano, to distract me while I wait for some beta readers. There will be a mini-update on Lauren’s parents finding out the news and how they handled it, it’s all photographed, just need to find the time to write it up.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “spring birthdays 2024”

    1. That is funny about Jared, a few of my sims look similar to people I’ve known as well and I love when that happens! Hope Nano is going well for you! I had a big hiccup with the passing of one of our bunnies, that I’ve derailed with my word/edit count. Thanks for commenting!!

  1. Tillie is so cute! She looks exactly as sweet as she is.

    Ha, I’m glad Lauren’s quickie wedding and his birthday have made Jared realise how good he has it with Peter and Meg! They’re really pretty decent kids and probably won’t give him even a quarter of the drama Lauren and Isaac will!

    1. All of Delaney and Jared’s daughters have been huge brats as kids/teens, lots of tantrums, which had much to do with Jared being the only parent at home every evening while Delaney followed her dream job. But you are right that Peter and Meg really aged up very nicely, and I think Jared finally sees that. I can’t see ether of them giving any drama for their parents, Peter marrying a girl, and doing things in order is far from drama!

      Tillie did turn out really cute, though the girls (excluding Hatty) look really similar, at least their personalities are totally different.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. NaNoWriMo, Yay and Good Luck!! My daughter is writing for NaNoWriMo and getting geared up with her research and outlines since September.

    How cool that Jared now wants to be friends with Elise, and see the wedding. He may see his fears realized with Lauren though; those fears aren’t really just theoretical with her.

    Tillie is so sweet, I love her big brown eyes, and she even gets along with Isla, that’s saying a lot.

    1. Nanowrimo didn’t work traditionally for me, my wip has needed so much work and rewrites, that I’m doing nanowrimo as a rebel, and continuing with my edits. Hope it’s going well for your daughter!

      You are right about his fears with Lauren and divorce, I should lock those and keep them around. Maybe in the future, Elise and Peter will come over for dinner and it won’t be that awkward! Though Elise’s main problems have always been with Delaney, they just don’t have much in common.

      Tillie getting along with Isla does say a lot, and it happened while she was a toddler too. Isla just didn’t antagonize her like she does with Hatty, which totally helped. I like her big brown eyes too, and freckles from her Mom and Grandma Nicole.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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