Gavigan, Schehl


april 2024
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Isaac Gavigan (24 years), Lauren Gavigan (22 years)

She didn’t tell her parents, they’d gotten married nearly four months prior and it just seemed like the opportune time had passed, so she continued to say nothing. She knew that her sister Meg would rat her out, and she might even feel guilty for it, but Lauren was grateful to not share the news.

They didn’t have a honeymoon, and it seemed that reality was biting them hard. Isaac had promised they’d get real curtains for Valentine’s Day but that holiday had passed over, they celebrated with lettuce and no salad dressing. It had zero luster, then came the bills. Living in the dorm was easier with her parents helping to pay the way. This was real life mixed in with college, and it was not pleasurable.

When her parents found out, Lauren knew instantly. She’d been avoiding her parents phone calls and her Mom usually left a generic message but this time it was harsh and she knew she was in trouble. Isaac kept telling her that she couldn’t be discplined; she was an adult, an actual married woman, but it didn’t ease her nerves.

It was awkward, they were disbelieving at first, as if perfect Meg would be such a liar. Lauren didn’t expect them to ask if it was true, she felt bad admitting it was, she didn’t want to talk about any of it.

Isaac hopped on the phone immediately, and her Dad glared at him, knowing all the while that he was avoiding the topic at hand. He probably thought that Isaac was weak, she knew they blamed him for knocking up Julia. Lauren was probably the only other person who knew that he actually had, she was the one that stole him from Julia after all. Previously before the thievery, she had been semi-close friends with Julia, she’d known they’d screwed when Julia’s sister Hadley had been in the dark.

But Isaac was adamant it wasn’t his, and while she figured it was denial, she was happy to play along. She had zero plans to be a step-mom when Julia didn’t even raise the spawn herself.

Her Dad was concerned, that’s how he explained his feelings. He felt that it was all rushed, and that the decision had not been made wisely. He also insinuated that she was pregnant, otherwise why the hurry? And he was hurt that she’d do this important step without including her parents. She knew full well that he would not have given her any blessing if she’d waited to ask them.

He seemed to accept it though in a way that her Mom didn’t. After he’d said his piece he went around the house and looked for broken things he could repair. He did the same thing for her brother Peter, and this act made Lauren feel mushy and weak. It just fueled her anger more towards her Mother; she was an awful parent, why couldn’t she have followed her Dad’s lead?

She didn’t like her Mom, or her words. She was always forcing her children to go at her pace, and never capable of understanding her. Everything was her Mom’s fault, she hadn’t been there when she was growing up, but she always wanted to have the control. Her Mother fully believed that she knew best, and there was no allowance for error.

She realized that this must have been her nightmare, her daughter making a decision on her own. As her Mom tried to shame her for the rash decision, she promised that Lauren had lost all her potential for a stable life. She vowed to not pay a single cent more for her education, further nailing the hammer into Lauren’s future. One day, Lauren would be a better Mother than her own, and she couldn’t wait to show her parents how capable she would be in that role. Her life would not be a failure because she chose to fall in love.

She didn’t actually need her Mom’s approval. While she did sort of need her Mom’s money for college, it wasn’t the end of the world if she had to take out a student loan. She wouldn’t let her Mom control her by holding money over her head, she wouldn’t be like Peter, when he’d allowed their parents to pay for his apartment and furnishings for several years before getting a job.

Lauren Gavigan would not accept handouts, and she didn’t have to tolerate her Mom being rude in her own house ether.

They didn’t call after that, even her Dad gave her space which she hadn’t expected. Meg was suddenly quite busy that she couldn’t even respond to texts on the same day. Only Peter talked to her, and he’d told her that she’d put a wedge in the family.

Isaac wasn’t concerned about her family, or what they thought; it was all dramatic nonsense. He realized pretty quickly that they both had flunked the final semester of their senior year, there would be no way to make up for their horrid midterms. Lauren wasn’t bothered with repeating her senior year, this was her first time being put on academic probation and it didn’t seem so bad. But Lauren hadn’t realized that there would be no scholarship money, and Isaac was looking for summer work or they’d be living on the streets.

Notes: These two are absolutely skint, they flunked their last semester of college!! Last semester!! Ahhh, so close! They couldn’t even afford to pay the $220 odd bucks they owed on bills. They are Annie Carver broke.

This is Isaac’s third freaking time flunking, but it’s never consecutive so he always stays. He’s like a university lifer! Oh and naturally, Lauren tried for a baby… but thankfully she’s allowed birth control, and I have her all over that. If it continues though, eventually I will relent, she’s impulsive and on a fast ride of rash decisions.

I haven’t made Isaac a profile, I’m in denial over this marriage, or the idea of playing Isaac permanently. But I suppose he’d be a good thing to do eventually since he did father Nolan. If they get divorced though I do not plan to continue playing him, unless he schmoozes another one of my girls, good grief! I will say that he has remained faithful to Lauren, he has never cheated on her, while Lauren did go wild just after their wedding on New Years Eve.

Thanks for reading!
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6 thoughts on “overdrawn”

  1. Yeesh, Lauren’s picked herself a real winner, hasn’t she? Flunking three times! I’ve only had my sims flunk twice, always consecutively, so they’ve always been expelled. Isaac’s going to be hanging around campus like a bad smell forever the way he’s going!

    I’m definitely not shocked at Mum and Dad’s reaction here. If Isaac was a good guy or they seemed like a good match, then I’d want them to cut her some slack. But I mean…getting married really was a pretty rash decision!

    1. With Jared’s elder birthday he seems resigned over the marriage, and rolled the fear of a family member getting divorced, seeing she’s the only married kid I pegged it to Lauren. Delaney hasn’t rolled any forgiving type of wants though. She was happy at Peter and Elise’s wedding that I just finished doing though, so it’s all worked out in their favor! Jared and Delaney are really strapped for cash putting three kids through college, being elders, and having Lizzie at home still, so I can’t see them paying for her to continue her education after flunking a semester. It just wouldn’t make financial sense for them, but Lauren isn’t going to like the debt involved.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. I’d let her get pregnant, but I just want to watch the train wreck burn. Although, to Lauren’s credit (wow, never thought I’d say that) that was not a nice move, holding money hostage. Lauren is obviously in the honeymoon stage, so she wouldn’t think of divorcing the scumbag (sorry, Isaac). What’s done is done, and she’ll learn, apparently the hard way.

    1. haha Fini! I want to let her get pregnant too, I want to see what it would look like, and how they would be as parents. I will likely take the birth control off after they graduate/flunk out of college, whichever happens. Their house is just a small college rental with one bedroom, and I’m too lazy to move them around, or squeeze a baby in. But that’s my stance for now, I might change my mind! I’m super curious if Lauren and Isaac will make their own happy ending, or if it will wind up in divorce, and then who will they end up with. Lauren is still so young that she hasn’t even begun to date, and not counting hook-ups, she’s done those!

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

  3. Maisie, whatever happens with this, it is riveting! I love the way you wrote it, with her defiantly wanting to show her mom what a better mom she will be, it really sets the stage/ helps write in her trying for baby in this situation she’s gotten herself into.

Thanks for commenting!

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