Jefferson High School

ring the bell

april 2024
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Principal: Bekah Grimsley, Teachers: Brooklyn Lange, and Rosabella Steinman
Student Enrollment

narrated by: Bekah Grimsley

Spring fever has hit the halls like a brick, I have to admit that I’m suffering from it as well. It’s just been a long year of hormones, relationships, crushes, and rejection. I am looking forward to summer break, though regretfully I will spend it with Willa and her tantrums.

Part of my job is to prepare the senior class for life after graduation, and give some direction if it’s needed. It is not my expertise, I’m looking forward to Alice getting her Master’s Degree so I can hire her each spring as a student counselor for each senior class.

Lewis was accepted into Eastborough but is uncertain on a career path or major. The educator in me says that any education is a good thing, but it’s hard to encourage the debt when one isn’t confident in what they want to pursue.

Another part of the spring is allowing local military recruits the chance to spiel their propaganda on the youth. I’m not opposed to the military, but some of the speeches feel smarmy to me.

Aidan was interested though, it has been years since any students have enlisted that I had been taken by surprise. I think Matt Picasso had been as well.

Aidan was quite serious on the matter of enlistment. I hadn’t had the opportunity to counsel Aidan yet, so I hadn’t known that he was struggling with indecision. I think it might be good for Aidan, he has never been the most academic. Over the years, I had reached out to his Father to see about getting Aidan extra help for his grades, but I had always been met with indifference. I suppose when you are his age and still work at a gas station, there isn’t much in the way of academic motivation.

I don’t believe his twin sister, Caitlyn is happy about this news. She’s already been set on Social Work for a few years now and has her college acceptance, and I know she’s been working on Aidan to join her at Eastborough. It will be a big year of adjustments for them all, and I hope some will keep in touch over the years, or possibly come back to teach.

For the rest of my student body, times are a bit less daunting without a graduation to consider. They are all checked out and ready for summer, even Simon has been tardy lately, and he’s straight A’s.

Regretfully I had give Simon detention for it. I still feel a bit guilty when I discipline a genuinely good student, but if I let it slip, then I set us both up for failure. I have to remind myself of that fact when Simon slinks in all resigned.

He’s been hitting it off with a few of the ninth grade boys, they don’t seem to mind him being a grade lower. It has really helped boost his esteem. I don’t like to see students taking on high school solo, so I was happy to see Simon pair up, now I hope that Ella can find a friend soon.

Then there are students that are super chatty with their friends, my daughter being one of them. I made the error of putting Bea and Willa together at the back of the room. They’ve become fast friends this year, and I can’t get them to stop giggling. Next year they won’t be in the same classes though so I don’t have the heart to separate them.

In past years, I have been severely understaffed, but had two student teachers this year that are graduating university in May. Brooklyn Lange, and Rosabella Steinman, and I offered them both employment for next fall.

I’ve had Brooklyn teaching science classes, and it is not her first choice, but she does well with it. I believe I’ll let her take over the dreaded home economics next year too if she is up for it. She was aiming more for early education, but Longfellow Elementary is booked solid currently and has no openings in the foreseeable future.

She’s worried that the students seem bored in her class, but it’s physics and not everyone’s passion. I think she does well with the curriculum, and she had science education at EU, so it’s not completely out of her area of expertise.

Rosabella is now teaching the music and art classes, which is her passion so a perfect fit. It was definitely necessary for me to have a professional teaching the students music especially with the Woodfolk teens now attending or soon enough. I don’t want them to pull their kids for a private school that offers more in the realm of arts.

It’s nice to have other teachers to chat with during a quick lunch break. We all get along splendidly, and I’m very grateful for that cherry on top. Naturally we barely get breaks during the day though, so it’s usually us meeting in there after the students have left, and eating an overdue lunch.

The students need constant supervision, they are getting into mischief just moments after being dismissed to the halls, though none of it is dangerous or concerning. Ironically, it is not usually my contemptuous daughter that causes trouble at school, she’s pretty typical teenager in the academic setting.

This year is our largest graduating class in my career, and it was brought up by the education board that the students should have an option for a senior class trip. I wanted to squash the idea. It is hard enough working until five o’clock every day and leaving Holden in Willa’s care until I can get home. A weekend trip with me supervising all the seniors did not sound feasible and the exact opposite of enjoyable.

Unfortunately for me, the students were thrilled with the idea. They even sold the minimum required in a fundraiser to pay for the adventure. Thankfully, I was able to persuade Rosabella and Brooklyn into joining me for support and supervision.

Brooklyn volunteered to stick with the kids that wanted to hike and explore the nearby woods.

While Rosabella watched those that wanted to wander the beach, and I happily stayed back at camp to watch the tents. Unfortunately when I returned from a potty break, I realized that Caitlyn and Lewis had sneaked into a tent together. Now I have the dilemma of telling their parents, and Lewis’ step Mom, Morgan intimidates me even though I’m older than her.

Rosabella told me they might have just been talking and nothing more, Caitlyn has been super upset with her brother leaving for boot camp shortly. I’d like to believe that, but most of these teens have been intimate, and it’d be foolish of me to not think that it had happened at camp. She suggested I just write an open letter to all parents that mischief may have happened.

I just hope that all the parents know what their teens are up to, because otherwise things will get awkward real quick. I couldn’t dwell on it too much, I had to keep vigilance that it didn’t happen again. With two very amorous couples in my midst, it was a full-time job.

Otherwise the trip went well, most of them are prepared for their future, and weren’t wound up with anxiety over it. I’ve known these kids for seven years, and it will be a bit sad to walk the halls next fall without them there.

I think good things are coming for most of them, I’ve only been left with Julius to be concerned over. I’d caught him skipping class and smoking outside the school, and the entire trip he was withdrawn.

Overall, I am glad that they voted for the senior class trip over the typical prom, while I don’t think I would want to do this every year, I wouldn’t mind celebrating in some way.

Next year we are only gaining two new students to fill in the shoes of these dynamic seven. I will look forward to a slightly smaller student body, and along with the rest of the students, I am excited for summer break.

Notes: Rosabella and Brooklyn are two new teachers, for now anyway. It’s just been Bekah and the random guy that is in the photo. I can’t remember his name, he’s a filler sim. Aidan is joining the military, he’s been rather confused lately with having a crush on Erin, not doing that well academically, and having a dead beat Dad. I can see him not wanting to end up like his Dad, which honestly he is at risk because they have a very similar personality.

Poor Flint Picasso (that Willa loves), he tried kissing Riley Gray and was totally rejected. Ouch. ACR wise they actually like each other, and Flint does not like Willa that way, but apparently Riley isn’t keen on smooching too quickly. I really thought there would be more new teen romance.

Thanks for reading!
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6 thoughts on “ring the bell”

  1. The senior trip was a fun adventure, although I can definitely understand the point of view of Bekah,not crazy about supervising kids overnight like that. And her having to do the career counseling, and worrying about Lewis taking on debt for college without a career plan. And what to do about letting parents know that their kids may have been messing around during the trip, ouch. Not a position I’d want to be in, as an educator and someone who has to communicate with parents on a nearly daily basis. By the way, how do you manage detention? I was wondering if Simon’s mood really was impacted by it, as far as gameplay. This was such a fun post, to see your kids growing up and Bekah managing the school.

    1. I just made Simon stick around and keep working on his gradework. I wouldn’t envy Bekah’s position, and agree about communicating with parents. I’ve been doing daycare on and off for more than a decade, ouch. And parents are the least fun part of it all.I wouldn’t envy Bekah’s place to share that something may have happened! Give me grade school kids at a museum any day over high schoolers with boy/girlfriends! I’m excited for Alice to get her masters, then she can be a school counselor part-time for these type of things. I’d like to have her really help give them direction, paired with the career criteria thing that Starr started and many of us have added to. Thanks for commenting Shannon! I hope you get to play and have some updates soon, miss seeing your blog in my feed.

  2. That’s insane to even think about, much less do! I applaud your bravery to organize a senior trip. I’m trying to just put school updates in the rotation.

    1. I’ve been wanting to do something fun for this big baby boomer group, and I’d recently done a dance so this seemed like a good idea. It was hard keeping tabs on everyone though, and there was definitely more sneaking happening than poor Bekah even knew about. ACR and teens are not a good combo for a senior trip it would seem! Thanks for commenting Fini!

  3. Oh, high school updates are so much fun! I definitely want a high school to be my next big project for Sullivan 2.0. Probably after Christmas.

    Anyway! The senior trip was fun but being a teacher myself, I can definitely understand her point-of-view on the matter. Those kinds of things are not fun for teachers at all. Not being a regular class teacher, my attendance is optional, thank goodness! Caitlyn and Lewis sneaking into that tent…pretty sure they weren’t just talking but there’s no proof one way or the other either. So an open letter was probably a good plan.

    The military could be awesome for Aidan. I’ve never seen him as the academic sort and this could be a great opportunity for him to get some direction, discipline and focus. I love the idea of Caitlyn doing social work too! I could see her maybe working with at-risk youth or something.

    1. Oooh! A high school for Sullivan, yes please!! I miss seeing your all kids interact together, and sneak kisses. I tried to get some kiss action and stinking Riley was not cooperative! Nice that your attendance is optional, I wouldn’t mind so much with grade school kids, they are my favorite age group to hang out with, less complicated or less hormones, whichever.

      Aidan isn’t academic at all, I was really afraid he’d end up like his Dad, and I wanted more for him. I was very pleased when military ranked in his top list, it wasn’t a perfect match but nearly. It will also help him out in his career path after that he matched even better with. I’m excited for Caitlyn to do social work, I hope it pans out for her. Her Aunt Kenzie would love to train her, especially as she intends to retire sooner than her sister Delaney. I imagine when Dean is out of the house, she will retire give or take a few years, so she really needs Caitlyn to be prepared to take over.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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