done with you

may 2024
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(Grimsley Household Profile)
Tim Grimsley (48 years), Bekah (47 years), Willa (15 years), Holden (10 years)

narrated by: Willa

Mom has been a porker for years now, and suddenly she decided that getting skinny was her life goal. She couldn’t just exercise in front of the television like any other overweight recluse, she had to drag the entire family to Eastborough to use their campus gym, because it’s the only good one. Dad has been teaching her some exercises that he uses to keep fit for the police force, and shockingly it is actually working on her.

The only thing making the fiasco tolerable is that they let me and Holden each bring a friend, usually Bea and her little brother Monroe. The boys just eat snacks, and search for fallen coins on the ground to get even more treats.

In a few years, I think they’ll be back here working off all that garbage, I can’t wait to gloat over it.

The only sport I do is cheerleading, and Bea isn’t in anything, yet! If I get my way, she will be a cheerleader next fall helping to cheer for the Spartans. Now that my step cousin Rachael is graduating this month, I have a real shot at being cheer captain, and Bea would totally vote me over my actual cousin Lulu. I like both of them just fine, some get hurt over the clarification of relativeness, but it’s just truth, not a diss.

Major positive is that Flint Picasso exercises here, and ever since Riley rejected his affections, I really think I got a shot. Problem is, he needs some persuading. What does that Riley girl have that I don’t? Nothing.

I know the way to his heart, flattery. He’s such a femme sometimes that I don’t know why I like him, just that I do and I need him to return the feelings towards me. He is my high school Mt. Everest. I’m not seeking out a future Mr. Grimsley here, just a date for dances and someone to get the first kiss business out of the way.

I managed to grab a double date with Flint and his twin Jett for Bea. Well, the boys think we are just hanging out, but if they weren’t dunces they could do the math and figure it out.

It all came about because of a teeny thing called blackmail. Flint wiped out on the treadmill trying to be macho, and I would totally tell the world if he had said no. I’m positive that he will start seeing me in a new way as soon as we are hanging out.

I was benefited that we were able to meet at the bowling alley later that weekend, otherwise I’d probably have been grounded. These days I see the inside of my bedroom more than anything else, I blame that twerp Holden for my misfortune.

It would seem that Jett thinks of Bea as one of the guys. This is a major error that might be impossible to remedy, especially because she is obviously hot, and is above that friend-zone nonsense.

They played the arcade games, and she reacted appropriately when he did well which wasn’t often so she did much more consoling. She wants to be an actress, and I think on this performance alone that she has that in the bag. She’s always trying to talk me into the same career path, but I haven’t even given adulthood any acknowledgement. I don’t even plan what I’m doing a week from now, let alone four years from today.

I did manage to get Flint alone, and shocker, but he totally gets me now. Well enough that I could probably boss him around and keep him as my Woodstock pet if I desired.

He even snuck a kiss after we got our pictures taken together, we didn’t do anything romantic, way too soon for that mushiness. But it was nice to get that kiss under my belt, it was clumsy and awkward and I would not want to share that with a real hottie.

I savor the weekend of fun, because I know it was like Haley’s comet for rate of recurring. Weekdays I am stuck babysitting the evil spawn, and making sure he gets his homework done. You’d think with my Mom as my high school principal that she could come home at 1:00 with me, but no, she stays until 5:00, because she just has so much work to do. Blah, blah, blah.

I have legitimate hard work to do, and shocking to my parents, but I am an A+ student and it doesn’t come easy. Holden is a stupid fourth grader and cannot manage his homework. He doesn’t just power through though, no, he whines and stomps and throws a Class A Jerk tantrum. I cannot work in these conditions, nor did I sign up to be babysitter extraordinaire, if Cain really did kill Abel, this might be why.

Mom usually has a sixth sense about me wounding her precious, so when my cell rang, I thought I was dead, but it was just Bea. She wanted to know if I’d done anything crazy, like text Flint about the weekend, or if we’d kissed in the halls. Absolutely not! I do not want commitment from that loser, everyone knows he isn’t going anywhere in life.

When Mom gets home, she’s all mad that I didn’t clean up the breakfast mess, like I had time! Obviously Holden tattled, he held his head and whimpered, like I legitimately hurt him, puh-lease. They should get a nanny, and allow me to just be a high school student, clearly I am not responsible enough to be patient with that joke of a brother, nor clean the entire house up plus maintain my fantastic grades.

Mom did not like that suggestion. Told me to be more like my sister Lainey, well maybe she’s so perfect because she’s adopted, because clearly me and Holden are responsibility duds.

Mom made me wait for Dad to get home so that he could rail into me too, over a noogie and some leftover dishes. Maybe if everyone cleaned their own breakfast dishes, then there wouldn’t even be drama. But I’m not allowed to make suggestions that pertain logic.

When Mom joined back in the conversation I knew it was over for me. Grounded is like her favorite word, she says it to me more than anything else. I could just feel Holden gloating over it too, little punk. He thinks he’s this untouchable gem, but if I’m going to be grounded for a freaking noogie, then next time I really oughta get him good.

Bea wants to me to dream up my future, well right now, all I want is to not live here past my eighteenth birthday! I can’t believe in a few years, stupid Holden will be in high school with me. I wish I could graduate before that nightmare comes to pass.

Mom cuddled down with Holden while Dad got dinner together, I could hear them talking from my dungeon bedroom. I could just picture the big, dumb smile on his face, and I could barely contain my rage at the injustice.

I stayed grounded all month until Mom decided we should all visit Lainey at her new apartment. I like my sister just fine, it’s not like she’s my best friend or anything, she’s actually old. But I don’t detest her nor am I at war with her, despite all that rather lukewarm feeling, I did not want to spend my Sunday at her stupid apartment.

There is nothing to do there. Mom started cleaning her already spotless counters, and Dad was fooling around with her working television, I swear he almost broke it! My parents are certifiably insane!

When I grow up, I hope no one in my family visit me, especially not Holden. Well, maybe Dad can, but not Mom ether. They can stand outside, and look up at my mansion, and feel sad for treating me unfairly, while me and Dad dine on lobster and imported chocolate.

All in all, Mom is not disturbed by my animosity towards our family. Her precious aquarium just opened to the public, and she was able to hire Lainey as a Tank Specialist. She barely makes any money ether. What use is having a Mom as Mayor if she can’t give you a decent living wage? Lainey isn’t even disturbed over it, she’s just grateful to have a job in her field, or some other such PC crap.

And Avery Fink was hired as her boss, and they don’t even like each other. Mom should have known she’d screw this simple process up, she sucks at everything. If she tried to stop war, more people would join in to attack her. It’s just a simple that she sucks, a lot.

Now Mom keeps saying that she has to be at the aquarium every Saturday, I can’t go because I’m grounded, so I don’t even know how awesome it is or isn’t.

I think Mom just likes eating out with her Mayor discount while she has it, the elections are this upcoming fall, and who knows if she will get voted in again or if she’s even running. I don’t care ether way if she runs, makes no difference to me.

Notes: Willa is not friends with her family, only her cousins Lulu and Rachael. She’s a hard girl to get along with, and her parents are very busy trying to provide. I take them as parents that don’t know how to handle her strong personality, and usually ignore it then come down like a hammer over stupid things because it’s just built up. Holden and Jake Grimsley (cousins), are both super whiny kids, both bothering their big sisters, Lulu and Willa.

Willa is a romance, Flint became her focus only because ACR showed him as her one, basically all her wants were generic kiss, go on date, and so forth. She does not roll specific wants for Flint even after completing her goals with him. Flint is also romance, so I believe he is fine with this arrangement.

Jett tried some ACR action with Bea and she rejected him, then he rolled the want to be friends with her. It’s like he tried to pull some fast action like his twin, then realized that Bea deserves more, and is worth the effort. ❀ Jett is a sweetie btw, a Mama’s boy, helping out his single Mom, while his brother admires their womanizer Dad, Matt.

This totally made me laugh, Willa is bored and instead of the bathtub, she plays on the fridge. I don’t see this action enough!

I was very sad that Bekah rolled the want to get fit, I really liked the extra weight on her, and evilly, I am hoping she will gain it back.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “done with you

  1. It took awhile but I am finally caught up on updates.

    Willa has such a strong personality and I wonder how much trouble she would cause if she was not watching her little brother. She is gorgeous and Holden is a real cutie.

    1. Happy to see you Monique! ❀ That is a very good point about Willa causing trouble without her brother, I hadn't considered that since it's never been an option. Totally agree that Willa is gorgeous! I've always thought she was adorable, but as a teen she is really quite pretty. I am excited to see Holden as a teenager too, I forsee even more noogies on that day!

      Thanks for commenting Monique!

  2. Blackmailing boys and calling her mum a porker! Oh man, I cannot imagine what Willa is going to be like as she gets older, lol! Gosh, she is hilarious though. I still had to feel sorry for Flint, the way she talks about him with Bea, poor guy! But I guess if he’s Romance, he won’t be sobbing about it for too long. πŸ˜‰

    Bea rejected Jett? Aw. Maybe she was nervous or just not ready. I’m glad he’s a sweetie. Bea deserves a nice guy.

    The aquarium looks awesome! I’m sure even Willa will grudgingly agree if she ever stays ungrounded long enough to see it. πŸ˜‰

    1. Bea does deserve a nice guy, and her rejecting him was pretty cute and surprising since he’s her “one” for who knows why!? I wonder how it decides that for teens that don’t do any romantic interactions. I still need to take pictures for an aquarium tour, forgot all about it. I can imagine Willa being at the aquarium to check out hot guys.

      I love writing Willa, so I’m glad you enjoyed reading her; she is much more dynamic than her parents are at this stage in their life. I can see Willa keeping her own last name when she gets married unless she married Milo London… she’d totally take the London last name in a heart beat, though she is not nice to Milo. Flint plans on military, I can’t see Willa falling for a military guy at all, not for the long run. She wants to live it up, not be stuck in military housing with barely any pay.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Ha, Carla, I didn’t know which was worse and/or less true, calling her mom a porker or an overweight recluse! And I agree with you Maisie, I thought the weight looked good on Bekah. So funny that Willa anticipates Bea and Monroe having to work off that weight from snacking in a few years! And basically your Willa’s monologue had me in constant stitches! Describing Flint as her high school Mount Everest, (but not a real hottie) ha! Willa is really outspoken, but the attitude is not that unusual at all for a 15 year old girl– blaming “that twerp” evil spawn/ “I cannot work in these conditions,” for seeing the inside of her bedroom walls more than anything else these days– of course it isn’t her fault!! And the world may revolve around you, Willa, but there is NO way a high school principal is going to be able to leave the school grounds at 1:00 everyday! 5:00 is a miracle! I love Willa’s description of her certifiable parents cleaning the clean counters and breaking the working TV at Lainey’s. And oh, the picture of Bekah and Lainey watching Willa swing on the fridge door is perfect. (I love that animation) And I am sure that Bekah’s main motivation for being mayor is to get that discount, lol.

    1. Willa is a ton of fun to play, she always makes such great facial animations, and does random things like the fridge animation that I just adore her. I am sure she will eventually grow up, live in a boring apartment, and have to deal with Godiva chocolate bars for imported chocolate. Though I can see her wanting to marry for money one day, I could actually see her marrying an older guy for his savings, but I don’t have anyone like that in my hood for her.

      I think Holden would annoy me as a little brother too, but really, what are little brothers for if not to annoy and pester the big sister?

      Too funny with you having a 15 year old at home. My eldest turns 14 this month, and there seems to have been a switch in the past month that is a bit more moody than her old, usual self… yay for hormones and teen angst.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Willa is a hoot! Her monologue is hilarious; I heard a tiny bit of my Nikki in her, though she’s nowhere near Willa’s level. So Holden really is the annoying little snot she says he is. I keep forgetting about him, since she easily steals the show. LOL at wanting Bekah to gain the weight back! I want most of my sims that started out unfit to gain the weight back, but they all want to get fit and stay there. Boo.

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