summer 2024 birthdays

june 2024

Luca and Nadia Browning’s daughter turns one this summer. Mavis has been a dream come true for Luca, he hated that he missed out on Kai’s baby years. Mavis is very shy, and gets along with her big brother Kai splendidly.

Chris and Emma Holmes experienced a slightly less romanticized first year with their twins, they are chanting that they survived and calling it a success.

Evan was the first born twin, and is a ball of energy and play. She keeps her parents constantly on their toes, and requires constant supervision.

Dax is his sister’s partner in crime, just as busy and active as her, but much more grumpy. If someone is fussing and needing attention, it’s likely to be Dax.

South Port’s baby boom generation is graduating high school this year, they were the reason why the Elementary and later the High School had renovations over the years.

Elias McCarthy graduated with a 45 SAT Score, just five points shy of getting a partial ride. Despite his parents objections, he has decided to join his girlfriend, Rachael at Eastborough. While he intends to be a Farmer upon graduation, he is majoring in Literature.

His twin brother, Julius McCarthy has no intention of continuing the torture called academics. He scored a 31 SAT, which barely qualified him, and scholarships were zilch. He plans to get a place downtown South Port with some guys, and figure things out for himself.

Aidan Traver graduated also with a 31 SAT Score, and has already enlisted in the Armed Services. He leaves for boot camp at the start of June, and hopes that the military will help him find focus for his life. He does not want to end up like his Dad, withering away in a crappy apartment in a shady neighborhood.

His twin sister, Caitlyn Traver only scored a 30 SAT, meeting the very minimum requirement. She was able to weasel the Dannon Local Business Award for working at the Pacelli Resturante during high school, which pays one full year of tuition. Her low score felt like a wake up call, as she is very determined to be a Social Worker like her Aunt Kenzie and does not want to wind up like her parents.

She is very upset that despite her persuasion, her brother Aidan is enlisted. They have never been separated their entire life, and she can’t imagine starting college without her brother at her side.

Rachael Darling graduated with a 60 SAT score and is eligible for a full ride scholarship tied to her continued participation in ballet at Eastborough. She is majoring in Literature/Ballet, and hoping to make a career in figure skating and/or ballet, with the hopes of opening her own dance studio at the end of her competitive career. She has goals and plans, and doesn’t know how much time she will have to spend with her boyfriend Elias, though she is glad he’s attending university.

Lewis Traver graduated with a 36 SAT Score, and decided to major in Mathematics. He isn’t entirely sure on his career path, maybe Graphic Design like his Dad though his dream job would be anything to do with science fiction, he just isn’t sure what that would be.

Last graduate, Zilla McCarthy graduates with a 33 SAT Score, and is majoring in Physics. While her Dad was discredited and shunned from the Natural Science community, Zilla is hoping to make her own strides in the very same field.

Graduating Eastborough University this year is not Lauren Schehl, she flunked the last semester of her senior year and has been placed on academic probation.

Alice London graduated with a 3.2 degree in Psychology, her grades dipped when she had the falling out with best friend Lainey and wasn’t able to lift it back to a 3.5 GPA. She is moving into an apartment with Lainey in South Port, and will start working on her Masters Degree immediately. Her parents are helping to pay her bills until she can land a job in her field, and finish her Masters.

Brooklyn Lange graduated with a 3.5 in Economics, and has already been hired as a High School Science teacher, and possible Home Economics; she hasn’t quite agreed to the latter. She is hoping to find her own apartment in South Port to rent, and to live near to the school to keep her commute time low, plus her boyfriend Oliver McCarthy lives downtown too.

Rosabella Steinman graduated with a 3.5 GPA in Art. She has also been hired at Jefferson High School as a Music and Art teacher. She is renting a duplex out in Millwood and doesn’t mind the commute when it comes with a quiet neighborhood in the town she grew up in.

Notes: Yes, I gave Zilla surgery, but not much. Basically the center of her eyebrows went straight down into a very angry, very low scowl. I simply gave the center a bit of a lift, and I raised her eyebrows a smidge so her eyes weren’t cut into so harshly (they look obnoxious in photo because of the maxis pose). I have also decided that I will continue to play Zilla… I think if she marries a beige type of guy that she will have good looking kids even, and if anyone inherits her giant eyeballs, I can see that on the newborn and I won’t save.

Elias wanted to go to college, and he wanted to major in literature… so I let him. I don’t know how a degree in lit will help with farming. I just felt like a bad guy saying no.

Lewis is a huge nerd, he loves toys, sci-fi, paranormal… He matches perfectly for a paranormal career but other than having Annie be a call person (which I played as a hokey thing), I don’t know what career to put him in. Any ideas? I’ll download a good, realistic one too if anyone has any ideas. He also matches for Graphic Design, I don’t want him in anything comic book/writing related, I have enough of those with Peter and Meg.

Julius reminds me of his Grandpa George, but *where!* did those big lips come from?! Seriously… I’m dumbfounded! Lips don’t get bigger on the men, they get smaller… and no one has lips similar to him at all, he’s an anomaly.

I’m happy with all the toddler birthdays, Mavis was the most surprising for me, but I’ve grown to like her unique look. I was happy to see that Dax and Evan are not clones of Chaz. I felt that Grace and Ben had very similar faced daughters and was afraid of that happening with Emma and Chris.

Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “summer 2024 birthdays

  1. It’ll be fun to see what that new big group of young adults will do with their lives and what kinds of drama they might get into! 😉 Mavis is very unique looking. It’s nice to have some unique Sims around to add some interesting looks into the gene pool!

    1. Very true about the unique looks in genetic, I’m actually a bit excited to see Zilla, I think of her like those GOS genetic challenges, and some of those are really quite lovely. It took a bit for Mavis to grow on me, but I like her now. It is very exciting to have them all break free of their parents and see what they get up to! Thanks for commenting Shana!

  2. I cannot wait to see Mavis when she’s older! I think she’s going to have such a wonderful and expressive face. I love her already! And OMG Dax and Evan but especially Dax! So cute!

    Rawr, I’m liking the facial hair on Elias! And is Caitlyn looking even more like her mum now? It seems like it to me. Was so shocked to see Aidan without his hair! I can’t believe how many new college students you have – it’s going to be so fun to see what they get up to!

    Question: I can’t remember if I’ve asked you but do you have criteria for who is allowed to do their Master’s or is it just whoever finishes their undergrad and wants to? I’m tossing up what to do with my kids. I’ve decided medicine and law will require a higher GPA but I’m undecided on everything else.

    Funny you were so surprised about Julius’s lips, because he actually looks exactly as I expected him to. It was Elias that surprised me more!

    As for Lewis, what about Game Development? I know you have one or two sims working in that already though.

    Man, this made me so jealous that I’m so far away from my January birthdays! I have 16 birthdays, I think, including 6 new teens. Can’t wait!

    1. I’m always surprised by Julius, mostly because as a toddler he was my absolute favorite twin… and he’s just never been what I expected past that stage! Elias does look good in facial hair, and Julius will get some too, I just didn’t have any that fit his personality at the time.

      Aidan without hair was difficult to do, I lost some of my old shaved/fade hairs (and days of looking was futile) so he really got a close clip. I really hope that Mavis has a great expressive face, I really adore her now. Isn’t Dax a mini Chris? The twins are so much more of a handful than Mavis, poor Emma. They are constantly whining for attention, and climbing into the toilet. They even whined to random visitors in their next update, they are very much in need of attention.

      For Masters, I have decided that anything Medical/Law related (including Vet) require a 3.5 GPA. Anything else requires a 3.0 GPA. I figure a B average is good for most things, but I haven’t researched it at all. Now I’m thinking maybe I should. I’d grandfather Alice in though if I change it.

      Game Development I have Erin and Marshal. I try to keep it to two sims total, but I bet he would love that. He’s such a huge sci-fi geek. Maybe I’ll have him eventually own Trout Pointe Lake with it’s comic book store, that might fit him really well actually.

      I’m looking forward to your birthday post! It’s going to be huge! Thanks for commenting!

      1. LOL, you’ve got a while to wait! But there are plenty of mini-birthday posts in between, plus stories of course, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a drag!

        That was sort of what I was thinking with the post-graduate studies. I think I’d decided on 3.5 for med and law school (and yeah, it should be the same for vet school too, so Annabel might have to get moving!) but wasn’t sure about the other degrees. It makes sense that you’d have to be at least a moderately decent student to even try though, so I think I might follow your lead and go with a 3.0. I don’t want to think too much about it, because that way might lie madness, lol!

        1. A drag? Sullivan? Never! It’s always you and your sims/stories that pull me back in after a break, never a drag! I’m quite content right now with Hope’s baby coming and the recent arrival of Zoe. 🙂

          I hear ya on the madness, there is a thin line! Plus the more complicated I make things, the less I remember to do them. I haven’t done taxes since I cleaned my hood, I imagine Mayor Bekah is really happy with this, but it’s something I haven’t wanted to sit down and go through yet, always something bigger, especially since break is over so soon, I want to just get a nice queue set up.

          1. That’s so nice of you to say, Maisie! Your updates are some of my very favourites too.

            I haven’t done taxes or ROS since I redid my hood. I just have so much else to do that it seemed like such a chore! I’ll get back into it one day but I’m not stressing too much about it. Baby steps. 😉

  3. Even though I’ve read all your previous posts, I haven’t commented, and I’m sorry about that, I’m just going to jump back in here.

    So many birthdays! Mavis sure does have a unique look, but I like her, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her grow up!
    I’m actually looking forward to seeing all of this “new” sims in their next update, I’m sure there will be some very interesting things!

    Just like Carla, your post makes me long for my next January birthdaypost! There are some agings I’m really looking forward to, but since I just posted my February-post, I’ll have to be very patient 🙂

    1. Nice to see you again Tanja! 🙂 I’m excited about all the new young adults and adults too, finally breaking out on their own, and getting to see what choices they make. Yes you do have some time if you just posted February! Hopefully you get some good time to play and that it doesn’t take you too long. This birthday post really fueled me to keep playing, I was very excited to see Mavis age up.

      Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  4. Mavis is so cute with her freckles and long hair! And I think Dax and Evan are going to terrorize much of Millwood over the next couple of decades!
    Best wishes to all the grads, but especially good luck to Julius as he strikes out on his own, and Aiden and Caitlyn. I have a soft spot for them, with their horrible mom, and feel for them being separated. But lots of people have made something of themselves through the military route. I love the picture of Caitlyn and Aiden together.
    I am excited to see Rachel’s career develop, those are such fun animations to play (ice skating and ballet), and I loved having a ballet studio business.
    Also very excited to see Zilla is going on, and think she will have great kids! It will be really cool to have that link to the alien weirdness of Sims 2.
    If anyone would be grandfathered in for lower grades, it seems like Alice London would swing that, with her parents’ power and influence.
    Poor Brooklyn, not officially agreed to the Home Ec thing yet, it seems to work that way with getting a first teaching job though. She is particularly awesome looking, by the way!

    1. I have a soft spot for Aidan and Caitlyn too Shannon. I didn’t like splitting them up, but military matched him well, and he was definitely not going to university so it was time. I liked that picture of them together too, thank you! 🙂

      So true that those are good animations for ice skating and ballet, and I’m very excited about a ballet studio. I’ve been waiting real life years to get her to this point! How did you play your ballet business? I haven’t looked into it yet, I’m thinking I’d put one of those admission ticket stands on the lot, thats what I have at the Trout Pointe Lake lot, but I don’t technically “play” it, it’s owned by a pnpc.

      Very true that Alice could get in with her parents’ power and influence! I think Brooklyn might just have to deal with the Home Ec position, she is more qualified than Bekah, her husband Tim does most of the cooking, and she can only sew a washcloth, and poorly. I really adore Brooklyn’s look too!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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