repeat offender

june 2024
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(Holmes Household Profile)
Chris Holmes (36 years), Emma (33 years), Chaz (9 years), Evan (1 year), Dax (1 year)

narrated by: Emma

The twins turned one, and it had been the most difficult year of my life. I celebrated with Chris, the husband I hadn’t been intimate with more than a handful of times since the twins arrived, and spent evenings with even less. But then, I realized that the one year mark didn’t really change anything. Suddenly the twins were climbing out of beds, and I was waking up to find Evan sleeping on my bedroom floor.

And I snapped. My sister tried fixing me with a new hair style and talking me into some piercings I’ve always wanted. It was sweet of her to meet me at the salon late at night, especially with her long drive from Millwood.

I absolutely love my hair too, but it didn’t change anything. Evan was still going to climb out of bed, and Dax was still going to be grumping about everything under the sun, and neither were going to let me sleep a whole night long.

That saying about old habits dying hard seems to be true for me. I wound up at FMRock, and kissing the drummer between sets. It was absolutely stupid, and while I didn’t feel exactly guilty, I did feel that it was a waste of time.

I didn’t tell a single person about it, and when I drove back home I could see Chris walking down the stairs toward the kitchen. It was impossible to guess which twin was awake, but likely it was both of them. I felt strange looking in on him, knowing the kids were all upset, likely even Chaz had awoken from their cries, and that Chris was handling it without me.

Chris didn’t mention my disappearance when he woke up, just got to work on the bugs that seemed to have creeped in with the summer weather. Strangely, I felt disappointed like he didn’t care if I went around smooching other guys as long as I came home. I knew that wasn’t true, but his lack of communication over it really rattled my mood.

I’ve cut my hours a bit for summertime since Chaz is home from school too. It would just cost too much in childcare for me to hire a sitter. But it means that I barely get a second to myself, and I am not Mom material, let alone the type that stays home and sings nursery rhymes.

Evan is pure sweetness when she isn’t climbing everything in sight. I’d think by her sweet demeanor that she was actually my sister’s baby.

I can’t even keep the house clean, which I absolutely do not want to do, but feel obligated over. Evan follows me around, throwing tantrums because she wants even more attention. She loves to give kisses and hugs, and is really sweet. But toilets have to be cleaned before they stink up the hallway, and she doesn’t understand.

Insult to my injuries is that Chris is always wanting to get frisky. He’s humored by my extra weight from the twins that I haven’t lost, that I absolutely detest, and that I have zero time to work on.

He should catch on that pinching my fat butt does not turn me on, but he doesn’t, and then gets bent out of shape when I flip out on him. If he had an ounce of fat on him, I know he wouldn’t want me constantly pinching it, making sure he knew that I noticed it!

Colin has been coming by after the kids are in bed to play games. It’s like if Chris can’t pinch my fat, then he wants to behave like our early years. I do not want to go back to that, the constant gaming, fighting, and overall depressed beginnings.

I go to bed alone, and somewhere around one in the morning, the twins are awake. Evan soils herself, and hates the dirtiness of it. I suppose I’ll appreciate that once she’s toilet trained, but for now I just want to sleep.

Dax wakes up from Evan, and between the two of them, Chaz wakes up from the next room. He comes in whining about how tired he is, and I just want to snap at him to get in bed, or rant about how tired I am! But I don’t, because he’s always been such an easy kid for me, and it seems cruel that he’s losing sleep over the twins night time behavior.

By the time both twins are consoled and back to bed, Chaz is wide awake and starving. He’s not even a teenager yet and he’s constantly famished. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with the grocery bill if his appetite continues to grow.

I usually make him some french toast sticks real quick on the stove, and eat some with him. Grace says I should stop feeding him in the middle of the night, but I enjoy the quiet time with him. I miss the kid, I’m constantly running from one toddler to the next that he’s often left abandoned to entertain himself.

I remember when my Mom kept having kids, and how put out I was over it. I don’t want Chaz to feel that towards me.

I barely fall asleep and it’s six am and the twins want breakfast. They are impatient, loud, and mini terrors in the morning. I start every day feeling like I have a hangover without the enjoyment of getting drunk.

Grace intervened, and insisted I leave the kids with Chris and come out for dinner. We ended up running into Erin at the diner, and invited her to join us.

Adam was our server though he insisted he’s actually the cook. He was hilarious, and totally had us all holding our stomachs from laughter.

It was nice to just get out of the house, and Erin is not super Mom like Grace, and was wonderful to empathize with. She gets it, maybe even more so because Colin is a total deadbeat Dad and she’s a single Mom.

Grace’s solution actually worked, I felt rejuvenated going back home to the twins, and even didn’t regret throwing the twins a “Sort-A-Birthday Party” with some of my relatives. Grandma and Grandpa came and brought the twins some toys to play with.

Grandma even played with Mavis who she has no relation with. My grandparents are that awesome.

It was a full house just inviting Grace with her family and Luca with his, that we decided to blacklist everyone else. I’m sure my parents will find out and be totally wounded over it, but that is life. Plus there is not enough room for anymore people.

The nursery was full of babies and diaper changes too. I don’t know how Luca lucked out to have such an easy toddler, it doesn’t seem fair sometimes that their entire life is like a freaking storybook.

As good as Chaz is, he’s still no angel. Him and his cousin Isla are two buds that are constantly getting into mischief. I hate to leave them without supervision but during a party, I didn’t have any choice. It’s not usually too bad for now, just some pranks or clogged toilets.

I hope that my Evan takes after Tillie who is also very gentle-natured. Though Evan could probably beat up Tillie without even trying. She constantly tumbles around, jabbing eyes and kneeing Chris’ male parts. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a tomboy that saves frogs from jerks, I could be proud of that.

After the party, everything went back to the same old routine, but my attitude felt better. I’m not dreading that summer just started. I’m no saint when it comes to patience, but I feel better equipped to handle the grabby hands and neediness of the twins, for at least a little bit longer.

And Chris did step up to help out even more. It’s been a hard struggle with his business opening in the past two years, it still requires attention much like a baby, and he’s drawn thin with work. He needs to hire a better assistant than Colin, who is not reliable in the least, but he refuses to ditch his buddy. It’s not in the budget to hire a third employee ether, so Chris is stuck picking up Colin’s slack.

I have little time for sentiment when it comes to Colin, but I am glad that Grace has always been patient with me in regards to co-owning Salon Sister’s with her, because in reality I wasn’t very reliable at the start. She stuck it out with me though and it’s worked out nicely to work with my best friend and sister. Perhaps Colin will get his crap together but I am not known for being an optimist.

Notes: Emma was a bit of a mess at the beginning of the play session, then she came back around and seemed fine. She had the want to go on a date with Tim Grimsley and Brooklyn Lange’s Dad… why was she hankering after some upper 40 year olds is beyond me! She is not romance ether, just always behaved as if she were.

Chris is a good Dad, but he’s just a bit of a mess. He was cooking rotten food, and serving it to Chaz. They didn’t get sick oddly enough, but it’s like really Chris?! You didn’t notice the fumes! I think that would drive Emma batty. Colin kept coming over when he should have been work (during his scheduled work hours!) and he stayed until 2 in the morning playing video games. He’s kind of a nuisance to Chris and his twin Luca. I can always count on him showing up without invite. The business kept not making money without Chris going in too, so it’s like Colin really sucks at his job.

When Grace picked up Evan, Isla freaked out! I don’t recall kids being jealous of this type of thing in the Sims?!? It’s totally true in real life.

Thanks for reading!

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12 thoughts on “repeat offender

  1. Yay! I’m finally caught up! I’ve spent the past month or so reading all your back entries. I love your writing style, and I’ve grown attached to many of your Simmies.

    I was worried about Emma in the beginning, but I am glad to see she is coming around. I like her and Chris together, so I worry anytime she slips back into her old ways. What is her aspiration? I think I had always assumed she was Romance.

    Love the picture at the end with Isla. I can relate. I was jealous of my little cousins when my mom showed them affection and attention.

    1. Aww thank you so much for the kind compliments! I’m rather attached to many of my sims too, and it’s nice to see that you enjoy them as well. I added your blog to my feed to check out later!

      I really like Emma and Chris together, and I don’t see her happy with anyone else. He’s really a good guy, even if a bit clueless or overworked with his own auto shop. Her aspiration is popularity/pleasure.

      The jealousy is so true to life, I really liked seeing that in the game. I know I’ve been guilty of that myself as a child too! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. So much fun to see your sims in action, especially these two! I think anyone would struggle with the physically demanding and no-time to yourself (or for romance!) of having twin babies and toddlers, and Emma, as she says, isn’t the kind of mom that wants to stay home all day singing nursery rhymes! Her honesty is so awesome. I especially like how she came to the conclusion it was a total waste of time, going out and kissing the drummer at FM. And to compare the fog of demanding parenting to having a hangover, without the enjoyment of being drunk!

    It was so funny (but wouldn’t be if it was happening to me at the moment!) how Chris thought pinching her extra butt fat would turn her on.

    I love her savoring those moments with Chaz in the middle of the night, making him french toast. It is so nice that Adam could make her and Erin laugh so, and that she has her grandparents’ support.

    Both of them really are good parents– they are conscientious to keep caring for the kids (and like Emma hating to clean but doing it). I’ve had sims that haven’t really wanted to care for their kids at all or autonomously done nothing for them (Colin is like that, right?)

    1. So true on the struggle with twins and no free time. I know I would struggle for sure! And yes, Colin is totally like that, he rejects Mallory when she asks for attention and just walks away from her! He does nothing with his kids autonomously. When Logan was an infant, Erin was at work and I left him in charge of Logan entirely of his own accord. Logan cried in his crib the entire workday, the social and food warning came up about the social worker, and then Erin came home to take care of the stinky, screaming baby.

      Emma and Chris are both good with the kids. Emma isn’t always very patient, but she gets it done. George and Mandy are very close to Emma, her and Bea are probably the grandchildren that they feel the most connected with, and maybe Elias in there too, at least with Mandy.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. I love Emma’s new hair! It fits her really well.

    I love seeing your families – they are all so diverse! Emma seemed to be struggling with her current situation in the beginning and obviously acted out because of being stressed out. I’m glad she started to come around towards the end! I forget that not *every* sim loves being a parent! Although in my perfect sim universe they do. At least Emma is trying her best!! I laughed out loud at Emma’s comment about Chris grabbing her extra meat. Too funny and realistic!

    Great read!

    1. I liked Emma’s new hair too! I know when I feel especially down or lost in the chaos of life, a new hair color/cut makes me feel refreshed. I’m glad that Emma came around too, I really like her with Chris. And thank you on the compliment to the diverse families, family with all their intricacies is one thing I love to delve into. I have several that fail at parenting, but most are at least acceptable with a few that really go nuts over it. lol on “extra meat” yeah if I were Emma, I’d flip out too!

      Thank you Ashland! 🙂

  4. I’m glad Emma was able to regroup. I was worried about her there for a moment. I think her feelings are probably way more common than not but it’s just taboo to talk about it out loud. Thankfully she’s got Erin so she can let off some steam. Hopefully things will settle sooner rather than later so she doesn’t continue feel overwhelmed. I also love her new look.

    I wish Chris wasn’t entirely clueless about how a woman tends to feel after giving birth and not feeling great, especially with extra weight. I guess I can understand if he wants her to feel as though he still loves the way she looks no matter what. Maybe he doesn’t have enough female friends or men in his life to tell him to be careful in that regard.

    1. Very true Choco that it is taboo to speak of those type of feelings. Erin is a great person to talk with because as much as she loves motherhood, she’s not blindly bopping along in it.

      I can imagine Chris thinking her extra booty looks quite nice. He wouldn’t be the first guy to enjoy a bit of a booty. And that is true about him wanting her to feel attractive and loved even with weight. He doesn’t have any female friends that aren’t already Emma’s friends, and he spends most of his time with the guys. Luca is intuned, but he sees Colin more just because he shirks his duties, and he is not one to take advice from!

      Thanks for commenting Choco!

  5. I was actually worried about Emma at the beginning of this but I’m glad a night out with Grace and Erin seemed to set her straight again! She has a lot to deal with and none of it is stuff she really asked for, so it’s understandable that she would feel totally overwhelmed! I have to say that Emma’s new look is great for her too.

    Was Emma’s kiss with the drummer ACR? Have we seen that drummer before?

    I love that Luca the sim acts exactly as you’d expect Luca the character to act. Totally inconsiderate of anyone else, dropping by whenever he feels like. Yikes!

    I’ve never seen a reaction like Isla’s in my game either! I guess it’s possible she could be crying over something else but it does really look like she’s upset about her mother picking up another kid!

    1. Thanks on Emma’s new look! It was fun finding something to help her come back rejuvenated. The kiss was ACR, I thought she might be interested in Max the bartender since she has had several flings with him, but she went for the drummer. He’s just a townie actually, but he makes out with another one of my sims ACR very soon! He’s rather good looking, so I’ve always been hopeful that someone would pick him up, but he’s rarely around on community lots. I need to check his aspiration, I’m curious if he’s romance.

      Yes Colin is totally inconsiderate in the game. Always pestering everyone, he did when they lived in the apartment below Emma and Chris too. It’s a little pathetic because all of his friends and family are moving on with their own families and settling down, and he’s trying to act like he’s 21 again.

      She had a picture of her Mom with the word “upset” I believe beneath it. It reminds me of Zeke now that I think of it. When his Mom started dating Tyler, everytime they were affectionate, Zeke would get the “upset” with his Mom’s face icon, he’d cry, and run off. He hated Tyler and had the angry red toward him until after they were married. Once they married, he didn’t freak out on the affection. I haven’t had that happen in the game since, but I don’t have many sims in that predicament ether. Caitlyn and her baby would be if she split with Lewis and dated someone else.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  6. I was worried when I saw Emma at the club; she tends to not handle stress well. But I’m proud of her. She managed to pull herself together without doing any damage. Those kids look like they’ll be the death of her, but she only needs to survive until they start school. And now I’m sure she will. Chris just needs to cut the dead weight.

    1. She doesn’t handle stress well Fini, I’m glad that she did snap out of it though without doing any permanent damage. All those kids! I know! I planned for them to just have Chaz, I was going to let Chris get permanent birth control. I rolled for it, since people tend to delay that sort of thing, and they literally got pregnant the year before he was eligible for the permanent bc. So true on the school, I think she’s one that will be totally in love with kids at school!

      I had the hack in that when you visit a community lot, you don’t come back immediately, so Chris was gone at the auto mechanic shop all the time. He wasn’t making money unless he went in, then she was stuck with the kids all alone for an entire day, into the night sometimes, and then she’d be zonked out when he came home relatively refreshed as the game had it. I wish that Colin could make money when Chris didn’t go in. I need to hire a new manager I think, but I don’t think Chris would fire him.

      Thanks for commenting Fini!

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