careless road

july 2024
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(Russo-Traver Household Profile)
Zeke Traver (41 years), Morgan Russo-Traver (40 years), Vivienne (10 years), Cicely (10 years)

narrated by: Morgan

The girls celebrated their tenth birthday last month, and Lewis moved to university around the same time. Hard to believe that I finished with one teenager just for the girls to start that joyous time all too soon. My parents like to think they had it rough raising me, but they lack all realization on what it is like to raise twin girls that are filled with silly bones.

Mom and Dad think it’s adorable, the girls have softened their hard edges in a way that I never had. I have no doubt though that they would not be quite so pleased with their antics if they were raising them personally.

They are incredibly neat children though, I don’t have to get on them to clean up their room, or make their beds. They even brush their teeth without instruction, which is something that Lewis never did.

Things had been easier with Lewis when he was a child, unfortunately most of my marriage he has been a teenager. He’s sensitive in a rage-filled way just like his Dad, and I can only hope in time that he will find a more calm center. I like to hope that if something unfortunate were to happen to me, that the girls wouldn’t be bent on finding a step-Mom evil just because of the title.

But the girls aren’t as serious as Lewis ether, and that trait might help them take things in stride as they grow up. The girls find humor in everything, and are always bouncing off the walls, they like to entertain themselves with old nineties workout videos on rainy days.

Only Cicely can find enjoyment in reading, while Vivienne is still bouncing off the walls and discussing all the latest school ground gossip. Cicely is reading through my medical books; her latest accomplishment was a Couples Counseling book, she finds technical books on medicine to be fascinating, that I hope she will continue the family profession of medicine.

I’m mostly just concerned that Vivienne will want to grow up to be in the circus or something else full of nonsense. She’d do it too, just to be obstinate towards me. She’d probably talk all her friends into joining too, then all the neighbors would passionately hate me instead of being intimidated by me.

I get called into work often, and Zeke was promoted to an Independent Designer which has been great, but it means that he brings his work home which he never did in the past. That leaves the girls to their own devices while he’s occupied, and Lewis isn’t here anymore to lend a hand.

They think I’m unaware that they are sneaking in bags of chips and bottles of sugared juice and then proceeding to eat them obnoxiously in the Family Room, my room that is for relaxing and is not for electronic devices or food.

They are not that neat at eating chips, they get crumbs on the floor. In my weekly adventures in vacuuming under the cushions, I always find more crumbs. I haven’t put a stop to it though, because I’m certain it’d just fuel their mischief more and a few crumbs are nothing compared to the real trouble they could get into.

Besides I’m always being called into work even on Independence Day, that I hate to spend any time at home reprimanding them over trivial things. The girls are used to me bowing out of family fun to help someone in need, but it doesn’t mean we are always happy about it.

Zeke asked his parents to join them downtown at Seaside Square for the celebrations. He doesn’t like being the only adult at these types of situations, mostly because the girls are old enough now to entertain themselves and he’s stuck just keeping an eye on their whereabouts. It was the first year that South Port did an actual festival for the holiday outside of a few fireworks here and there, it was all thanks to Mayor Bekah Grimsley.

Zeke said there was a good turnout with people of all ages and backgrounds, which is saying a lot for Mayor Bekah’s abilities. It’s not easy getting the community to mix it up and come together in celebration.

Cicely was thrilled to see fireworks, we don’t make it a habit of going out on these type of party holidays. I’m usually called in for some type of accident, firecrackers are a big one in particular for July.

But I was able to make it out just in time to watch the show, Cicely was happy I’d come but she was very preoccupied that the show was about to start. I’ll miss when the girls are teenagers, and off shopping with their friends and only wanting money from me.

It was quite a show, and the younger crowd was really invigorated over the entire event. The girls couldn’t stop talking about it after it was over, and wanting for Zeke to buy his own fireworks to let off at home. He suggested maybe for New Years Eve he would do that, and now they are excited about another holiday.

As for the hospital, I made Chief of Staff last fall when my Mom retired. It started a chain of events that I hadn’t seen coming. First, Dr. Marcus Dwyer quit and transferred to another hospital in another state, and left his wife and kids behind. Miriam is still working at Longfellow Elementary, and I recently bumped into her to find that the divorce had been finalized. Everyone knew he was more inclined to the bachelor ways, but I had still been taken by surprise by how it all unfolded.

I’m working on hiring nearly an entirely new staff. It’s just me and Caroline left of the old, and a lot of open slots for new blood.

Hadley is back with us as an intern while she is in med school. She is hoping to do her residency here afterwards, but I can say that Caroline really hopes that doesn’t come to pass.

She is abrasive, she is wanting to work in surgery or emergency services and keep patient coddling to the nurses. It doesn’t quite work out so cut and dry though she has a strong mind for surgery. She would do well to take some courses on how to not piss off everyone around you, but I don’t see that happening anytime in the future.

I’m also hiring Alice for our counselor. She’s working on her masters to be able to offer more services, but her basic will work fine for the time being.

I hope to gain another nurse to help Caroline with her shifts, and then I think we will be pretty well-rounded though a third physician wouldn’t be horrible by any means. I’m sure that Caitlyn hoped for the same thing when she scheduled an appointment with me.

Honestly, I did too. I have zero desire to be my step son’s girlfriend’s doctor. It’s too much information about a person that I don’t really want to have, and it’s hard to be a professional in these instances. Though this was my first real experience with this awkwardness.

Despite all my intervention over the years, and providing Lewis with birth control, she still wound up pregnant. It was very difficult to control my upset and to just be her doctor in that moment. Zeke was going to lose it, and I hated knowing this even one second without his knowledge. It was all too big and frankly, horrible to keep to myself.

She had brought Rachael with for support. I haven’t seen her in years despite her and Lewis maintaining their friendship. I still picture her as the little girl that would play with Lewis out front of their old duplex. They’d bonded over the loss of a parent back then, and it’s nice that they’ve been able to keep in touch despite all the moving both families have done since then.

Caitlyn was visibly upset over the news, she had just gotten set up in Westfall Hall at EU, and was already thinking how dorm living wasn’t going to work. She quickly began hyperventilating that she might not even be able to finish college and would wind up a loser like her Dad. Mechanically I went through the baby’s measurement, assured her there was only one as she is a twin herself the risk was higher for twins, she seemed to take that as good news. And her due date is in January, I suggested she might want to take a semester off, maybe do summer classes to make up for it after the baby is a bit older.

Rachael seemed to step in with some sunny outlook, about how it was a baby and babies are always a blessing. I’ve never been of that opinion. In my profession, there are many people that should not have children, but do so anyway and it’s no means a blessing for ether party.

She called Lewis to meet her at the hospital, I would have been suspicious, but Caroline had been spying on them for me, and didn’t think he suspected a thing. He took the news well. I don’t know what I expected, he can be moody and the dumbest crap can make him blow up. That said, he’s always been relaxed around his friends in a way that he isn’t with me and Zeke, he’s even wonderful with Vivienne and Cicely.

All I can think is that they are delusional. A baby is not a good thing your freshman year of college, they have set themselves up for failure, and I don’t even know what to hope for with them. I don’t really think they are prepared for marriage, let alone a baby, and I hate that most of this burden falls on Caitlyn.

Being a woman is rough when the baby is stuck in you for nine months, and typically considered your responsibility. I called Zeke as soon as they had gone, I couldn’t wait until I got home though I probably should have because the lapsing of an afternoon wouldn’t change anything. He had Lewis come over, and I stayed out of the entire conversation.

There are certain things I can put my foot down on, and other things that it’s best I keep my nose clean. This was definitely the latter. I know that if I were involved in the argument that Lewis would suddenly turn everything around on me, or use me as a weakness to attack Zeke.

Irregardless, it didn’t go well. Lewis didn’t have any answers of what he wants to do. He doesn’t want to get married, and he doesn’t want to leave the dorm ether. The fact that he can’t raise a baby in a dorm seemed to be a nonissue to him. I don’t know if he’s thinking Caitlyn can do it solo in her own place while he lives it up in the dorm, or if he’s still adjusting to the unexpected news.

All I know is that Zeke went to the basement to get a drink after Lewis left, and that at forty-two he will be a Grandpa, and in someways I will be a Grandma. It’s all a bit much to take in, but I have to get used to it quickly as Caitlyn will be back for another check-up shortly.

Notes: Remember when Bekah came back to camp and found Caitlyn and Lewis leaving the tent… yeah Baby Traver was created at that moment. Grumble. Lewis has birth control, but Caitlyn doesn’t, I didn’t see her Dad being one to supply that sort of thing, and while Lewis doesn’t technically qualify, Morgan does. All of her kids will get birth control, because I think she’s that type of parent to get it done.

I’m most annoyed because they are like second cousins once removed or something… I barely wanted them to date but allowed it, and they reward me with this! I don’t know what is going to happen in regards to their living arrangements, marriage, boyfriend, break up, I have no idea. But Caitlyn is going to school to be a Social Worker, and now she will have first hand experience with the other end of that field.

Lewis and Morgan have been at odds for a long time, she’s very particular and he doesn’t take well to instruction. Most of their conversations go south very quickly. I hope that as he matures he will get past his hangups, because Morgan is very decent to him.

I also did a Russo family portrait, pretty much a cinch since they only had Morgan.

And the reaction of Caitlyn’s pregnancy in picture form.

and my favorite…. makes me laugh every time.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “careless road

  1. I love the pictures of Vivienne and Cicely doing the aerobics, and of course, so funny about them sneaking chips in the family room and their mom knowing about it but letting it go because it is less than other trouble they could be getting into. The festival was neat to see, Seaside Square has such atmosphere anyway, and it is fun imagining your sims gathering there for the fireworks.

    I do remember when Bekah came back and found Caityln and Lewis sneaking out of the tent, oh, what a mess they’ve gotten into. Lewis, for a serious sim, does seem to be struggling with grasping reality: living in the dorm! and picturing toys when Caitlyn told him about the baby. Maybe he will come to more realistic terms with it eventually, (before the baby’s birth).

    Poor Morgan, trying to manage this dual relationship with Caitlyn. Also, it sounds like a lot of logistical detail, to hire a new staff at the hospital, but kind of fun too. Unsurprisingly, Hadley doesn’t sound like much of a team player, but I’ve heard a lot of doctors act that way. At any rate, Morgan’s got so much going on right now! It was really smart of her to let Zeke handle the discussion with Lewis. I wonder if Zeke thinks at all about how things have sort of come full circle, with him having been trying so hard as a young man to be responsible but having Lewis so early and all the tragedy with his mother, Brynn, and now in spite of being on birth control, Caitlyn getting pregnant so young.

    1. The way Cicely was relishing those chips was totally cracking me up. Thanks about Seaside Square, I made it with the hope of hosting events there, so I’m glad that I finally remembered to do it.

      Yeah, I had to write in the tent scene since I found out she conceived right then. ugh. Lewis and his Dad too, are both just rather hot-headed. Gameplay wise, I’m getting ready to pop her third trimester belly soonish, and Lewis is seriously addicted to the karaoke machine, and dorm life. I’m mildly disappointed, and even surprised.

      I do feel bad for Morgan, I really need someone else to be a doctor, like a male doctor. My hospital is entirely female! That’s not realistic, but I won’t just force someone into that field unless I go with a pnpc then I don’t care about their wants.

      Zeke was 23 when he had Lewis though, he was actually in a good position. He married Brynn, they left their studio apartment for a nice two bedroom downtown, and then she proceeded to cheat on him all the time. They divorced, and she died, it was supposed to be by ROS but she actually died on her own accord after birthing Dean. So Zeke was older, he had a lot of issues but it was related to Brynn, he was angry about her (thought bubbles) even after she died. I think Zeke would have handled a surprise pregnancy better than Lewis seems to be, but he may come around. I don’t think he’d be a deadbeat Dad, but I don’t know if he is inclined to stay with Caitlyn… I’m letting their wants and actions decide for me.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Conceived in a tent – there’s a story!

    I am especially bummed for Caitlyn in all this. I have really high hopes for her being able to rise above what her parents were able to provide for their kids, because she just seems to want to do that so much. I just hope she can still do it and that Lewis will be able to support her in that. He seems a little clueless right now.

    Don’t worry about the cousins thing – seriously, most of my sims are cousins at this point! As long as the game doesn’t consider them related, it’s cool with me. I would have no one for my sims to pair up with if I stressed too much about that.

    And argh, the twins are so big now! Teens next update, right? I can see Vivienne and Morgan clashing quite a bit as she gets older. She’s a bit more of a free spirit while I can see Cicely being more willing to toe the line.

    1. I know! I’m so bummed for Caitlyn! I went over all her options the other day to see what she might be inclined to do, inregards to keeping the baby, staying in college vs living at home, or adoption. I really think she’d make a go of it all though, so we are pushing forward. I’m disappointed with Lewis, when he found the news, he was seriously excited as you can see in the pictures, but since moving to university he is pretty neutral towards Caitlyn.

      You do make me feel better about the cousin thing, I do wish they didn’t share the same last name. I’ve come pretty full circle on my earlier feelings over it though, and just making the best of it. My concern right now is that this baby will have the most unfortunate Traver facial features, because they are represented in both parents. I can only hope that the baby gets Brynn’s features with Meredith’s.

      Yes, teens the next update for the twins. I am bummed, they are such fun girls. I agree that Vivienne might have a harder time with Morgan than Cicely. They are pretty similiar with personalities, a few points here and there but overall complete silly goofballs. But Cicely is constantly rolling for Couples Counseling, and Anger Management books. Vivienne rolls lots of socials, so I think we are probably seeing a future popularity and knowledge sim.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. I was hoping that Caitlyn and Lewis would avoid this. I had hopes for them. Maybe things will turn around. It’s still early and they can still weigh their options.

    I also have a lot of sims who are cousins. I may just conveniently ignore it or it will give me an excuse to make new sims to avoid the nature of it.

    I’m super interested to see how the twins turn out when they’re teens and adults. I’m always wondering if they’re going to give their mother quite the headache.

    1. Good to know that I’m really not alone with mating cousins! I am super excited to see the twins age up to teens! It’s so hard to wait, but I do so adore them as children.

      I really didn’t want this for Caitlyn and Lewis ether. Especially since I didn’t have high hopes for them lasting, most of my high school sweethearts don’t and they are only one bolt. Caitlyn initiated the entire thing with ACR or they would have never dated. Now there is a permanent tie between them. I am curious how their story will expand though and what will happen with them and their baby. Thanks for commenting Choco!

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