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I Thee Wed (Landry – Schehl Wedding)

august 2024
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Elise Landry (27 years), Peter Schehl (25 years)

A rooftop wedding in the dead of August might not have been the wisest decision, but even the threat of heatstroke couldn’t diminish Elise and Peter’s excitement. However, flower-girl Lizzie was not beyond the discomfort of the sun, nor above complaining over it.

Elise enjoyed finer things in life, but she was not illogical over her desires. As much as she would have enjoyed a huge wedding and reception as Peter’s cousin Lorelei had done, Elise wanted a nice house that much more.

So they rented The Red Mill, ironically owned by Lorelei who cut them a deal as part of her wedding gift, and invited only the best relatives in Elise’s opinion, excluding Lauren who was a mandatory invite. Peter couldn’t very well exclude his sister, no matter how much strife she’d caused in the family in the past year.

Elise didn’t want to be petty, but she was quietly miffed over the elopement. It had come too close to her own engagement to not feel like a competition, one that she had been unaware of and subsequently lost. Elise hated losing, she wasn’t an Events Supervisor for Sports Marketing because she liked the underdogs.

Lauren’s rash decision had warmed Delaney and Jared up to the idea of Peter getting married, so she owed Lauren a nod of acknowledgement over that. Her inlaws were not at war with them anymore, and were perfectly calm over the wedding, though Delaney still did not want grandkids anytime before Peter’s thirtieth birthday.

It wasn’t the wedding that Elise might have dreamed of as a child, if she were to dream of such nonsense. She wasn’t sentimental over that sort of thing, and her inlaws acceptance was not high on her list of worries, but it did make her life easier not having opposition.

Peter was a great guy, full of potential, and not too much motivation to be trouble. She pictured them in a nice urban house in South Port, two children, one of each, and Peter being available to raise the kids as she worked. Sports Marketing was not an easy business, and Peter was in Graphic design, dabbing in comic book work. He was not ambitious, a creative soul that thrived on freedom; he would do well with raising kids.

Peter was not disgruntled by her dreams, he just asked that she be more available than his Mom had ever been. He didn’t want their future child to grow up angry like Lauren had, she could keep her career, but she still had to be a Mom too.

They weren’t a couple from a romance novel, they had plans that were made together and individual ones. Elise would keep her identity, though she was taking Peter’s name since he was the only Schehl son to continue the line, but she would keep her career. Elise was certain they had the right recipe for success, and Peter was the guy she wanted to spend her life with too, so they both felt highly optimistic for the union.

At least, Elise had the sense to hold the reception in the party hall instead of out on the roof, baking in the sun. They also hadn’t skimped on the meal, catering in lobster for the main course.

The cake had been decadent, and Peter had kept his promise to not cream her face. Elise would not find humor in that humiliation.

The cake was Lizzie’s favorite part of the reception, sneaking her piece and heading to the main floor restaurant.

They worked hard to be gracious and share themselves with their guests, even though it required great restraint. Peter enjoyed catching up with his cousin Dean, but he really would rather be next to his wife.

Whenever they had the opportunity, they found themselves wrapped together and kissing as if they’d been apart a great deal of time.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, even his parents and Aunt and Uncle as well. There was merriment, enjoyable food, and an entertaining DJ.

Elise was filled to the brim with happiness. She had expected Lauren to cause drama and strife, or people to not want to dance and be social. Even Peter had surprised her by being a great dancer, she hadn’t expected that.

She did notice Meg rolling her eyes at Isaac’s attempt at dancing, but she was quietly disdainful and therefore Elise could join in with a new found sisterly camaraderie. She imagined they were both sharing the same thought, “What a douche.”

Lizzie was the only kid, but Dean made sure to entertain his cousin. Elise couldn’t help but wonder if Lauren would have the first grandbaby and feeling that it should be her and Peter to have that honor. They were still living in his small apartment that got cockroaches from time to time; it was no place to have a baby. They made a plan to buy a house the next year, and maybe then they could have a baby.

Elise just wasn’t confident that Lauren wouldn’t jump the gun, and procreate before her. She really didn’t want to lose this competition, it seemed to matter more who had the first grandchild over who was married first. Besides, Elise was confident that her wedding was far superior, and at least people had been invited to hers.

Everyone was happy to celebrate the couple, and they were very pleased with how their wedding day had turned out.

In the meantime, Elise could only hope that Lauren waited to have a baby until she’d graduated and gained employment. And the newly married couple would begin working towards setting up a house of their own at the soonest, wisest opportunity.

Notes: These two are only one inch apart in height, therefore I love to take photos of them kissing. Elise is fortune, but she rolled the want for a honeymoon/vacation and a baby as did Peter. I won’t let them until they get out of Peter’s tiny one bedroom apartment, but I’m not making them wait until 30 like Delaney would prefer.

Elise is into sports and is a Sports Marketing Agent, I take her as being very competitive, and with her baby roll want, I took it that she wanted to have the first grandchild before Lauren. I don’t know if Lauren is playing the same competitive game, but I think she’d be aware that her elopement sort of cut in line on who was supposed to get married first.

Wedding photos:
The complete Schehl family portrait, lucky for Elise it was on her wedding day, in a few years I really think this family will be filling up with the next generation.

I like the view of Prince Alfred’s Sound in the background, it’s only viewable on high places so it usually looks like empty space in photographs.

Wedding party, Peter and Oliver haven’t stayed in touch after Oliver dumped his twin sister Meg, so he had no friends for his bestman. He had been friends with Isaiah Gavigan, but he used to date Elise at EU.

Thought this one was cute, he’s always framing Elise like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. He’s pretty happy to be married.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “I Thee Wed (Landry – Schehl Wedding)”

  1. Lovely, lovely! I’ve always envied you and Carla’s posing at weddings. I’m too impatient for that lol.

    I wouldn’t take bets on Lauren waiting to have kids, or even Issac stepping up to the task for that matter. They seem pretty impulsive.

    1. I’m really torn with Lauren, she’s actually allowed birth control so she’s on that, but she keeps trying for baby… right now I’m planning to wait until they graduate or get kicked out of college, whichever happens, but I may just roll the die too. They are super impulsive and I think a child for Lauren right now would be a total disaster but I think the marriage was too!

      The posing isn’t too horrible to get done, and they are always nice to put up in photos, but I do need to be in the mood for it! Thanks for commenting LC!

  2. Between Elise’s competitiveness and pride, and his adoration and desire for a perfect family,and their passion for each other (always wanting to sneak in a kiss) they seem like a pretty workable pair. I was surprised there was no real Lauren drama, besides the drama in Elise’s head, feeling so competitive. It was a lovely wedding; the rooftop view and the beautiful cake. It seems like it won’t be too long till Elise will be pregnant, if they get close to what they want, and have a baby in a couple of years.

    1. You know Shannon, I think you are right that they will be a good pair. They weren’t planned by me at all, one bolters that they are, but they do seem to work well together. Lauren really behaved herself, most of the family had terrible conversations with Isaac whenever he wasn’t doing that horrendous dancing on the floor!

      I am excited for Elise and Peter to get a house and have a baby, I just hope financially they can swing it this next round when I get back around to them. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. They’re such an interesting couple. I feel like they could work out pretty well, if their traits don’t become a problem later down the line, especially if kids come into the picture. Elise did look quite beautiful. It’s interesting to see her POV and how competitive and detail-oriented she is.

    Thankfully everything went well. I want to believe that the drama will stay dormant for a little while longer.

    1. When Elise was a teen, she dated Isaiah and tried getting Oliver to cheat on Paloma with her, I always figured her for a competitive sort of girl back then, and then her sport-themed career just nailed it in for me. It was fun to write from her POV, she’s just been a side character for a very long time, and now I can play her more.

      I do hope they work out well, they seem pretty happy with one another, and I think Peter would do well with a kid or two. Thanks for commenting Choco!

  4. Aw, this was such a beautiful wedding! I like these two together and now that we’ve heard about things from Elise’s perspective (which was fun), I think they balance each other out really well too. I can see Peter working from home, doing his graphic design there, once Elise pops out a kid.

    But wow, Elise really is competitive, lol! If Lauren does jump the gun and produce the first grandchild, I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess it won’t be a planned pregnancy. I can’t see Isaac and Lauren planning to have a baby, at least not at this point. They don’t seem like the kind of people who would plan much of anything, actually.

    So were they at Red Mill for the whole wedding, ceremony and reception? Such a cool looking place! I’m going to be taking notes for when I remodel some of the EA-only restaurants I have in my game. đŸ™‚

    1. I can see Peter doing that too, and his hours are much less strenuous than hers are and will be. She should technically be traveling for her sort of position and I will likely add that in as she promotes too. It’s good she didn’t marry a really ambitious man.

      Lauren keeps TFB! She’s on birth control so it hasn’t happened. I don’t know when I should take her off, I’m thinking of just rolling a die to see, otherwise I’m thinking after she graduates or gets kicked out. And you are right about them not being the type to plan anything, they are very impulsive, and I have no idea what Isaac’s motivation is with her. He seems to really love her though, still hasn’t cheated on her.

      Yes, the entire ceremony and reception were at the Red Mill. I redid it sometime ago now, though it doesn’t seem that long ago! And it’s worked even better as a venue for hosting events. Lorelei has brought it a long way than it used to be when I first built that lot for Eric to own.

      I posted a tour on tumblr that you may have missed: part i // part ii

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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