fall birthdays 2024

september 2024

Charlie and Cara’s son, Jake celebrates his birthday this fall. He isn’t outgoing like his big sisters, and is perfectly content to read books and surround himself with geeky gadgets.

Erin and Colin’s daughter, Mallory turns four this fall. She’s very active, and doesn’t shy away from people. She has lots of questions about her absent Dad, and Erin is hopeful the two kids will become friends now that Mallory is no longer a toddler.

Caitlyn is five months pregnant, and getting settled into her first semester at EU. She told her Dad and twin brother the news, Aidan felt upset that he was in boot camp and couldn’t lend a hand, while their Dad was more excited about his recent promotion to a record store clerk.

Caitlyn only survives her classes with the help of coffee, which she’s told is bad for the baby’s health. She tries to force a smile, everyone around her is happily enjoying their freshman year, staying out late, and she’s crawling into bed as soon as the sun sets.

She got placed in Westfall Hall with her entire graduating class, she should have been enjoying herself with all her closest friends too and she pities herself being left out. Even Lewis is living it up in the dorm. When she talks of finding an apartment off campus, he quickly changes the subject and Caitlyn is growing concerned that he won’t move in with her and the baby in the second semester.

Zilla tries to lend advice, but it’s all quite grown up and out of her area of expertise. Besides, they have never been close, and Zilla knows Caitlyn is only talking to her now over it because Rachael has been best friends with Lewis since childhood, and perhaps she’d take his side.

Somedays, she wants to just quit school and go home to live with her Dad. There is room now that Aidan is gone, she could share her old bedroom with the baby, and get a job at a local shop. She wanted to be a social worker, but some days it all feels too big and unobtainable.

If she wasn’t doing so well academically, she might be more inclined. She’s pretty confident that her ‘boyfriend’ wouldn’t miss her much at all, and she’s not sure how to process that.

Notes: College and pregnancy has taken its toll on Caitlyn, she had a pregnancy scare, and it’s very hard to keep her motives up. She is rolling a lot of wants for Lewis, but it is not returned at all. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with these two and the baby. They are a one bolt relationship, and Caitlyn was the one that initiated it all. I’ve always known she had stronger feelings for Lewis, but he still would roll wants and ACR with her, but he is doing nothing of that in college. He’s stuck to that darn karaoke machine like a junky!

Caitlyn shared the news with her Dad, and he immediately started talking about music. He had just got promoted to record store clerk! About time buddy!

I was happy with Mallory’s age up, and happy with the genetic diversity between her and Logan. Mallory has the same profile as Caitlyn with the swoopy nose. And Jake looks how I expected, he’s a knowledge sim which matched him pretty perfectly.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2024

  1. Aw, Caitlyn! You can do this! I am really, really pulling for her here, with or without Lewis. She can’t control what he does but she can try to prepare herself for the possibility that he’s not going to be of too much help to her. :\ I hope he steps up but if he doesn’t, she needs to be ready for that. Poor thing.

    Mallory is really cute! Have you aged her to teen to have a sneak peek? I’m quite curious! Jake is a total sweetheart. Can’t wait to see how he’s coping with his teen years. 🙂

    1. Caitlyn has a 4.0 thus far, she’s really killing it with the academic rolls, and thankfully she birthed the baby in the game. I was concerned when she got that close call warning, always seems that the game/hack is happy to have a miscarriage after that pops up.

      Originally I aged Mallory up when she was born, I always pop newborns to teen real quick then quit without saving. I remember thinking she was cute, but I can’t recall anything specific. I really like her as a child, this might be her cutest stage! I don’t know!

      I’m looking forward to playing Jake too, but man he was such fun as a child, he constantly picked on Lulu and they were always at ends. I’m guessing lots of noogies are in store!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. A geek, yay, I like Josh already, I always have way too many knowledge sims in my ‘hood
    I hope Mallory’s dad is able to treat her with more dignity now that she’s a child instead of a toddler. That picture of Mallory with Logan is great; I’m glad she has a big brother.

    Poor Caitlyn, pregnancy is exhausting (especially for Sims it seems) and she is missing out on a lot of fun during her freshman year. She looks a lot like a more tan Kristen Stewart to me. My heart really goes out to her, that she feels like her dreams are too big and unobtainable now. How frustrating that Lewis is currently apparently rolling wants for the karaoke machine like crazy!

    1. My adult generation is full of family/knowledge sims. To help me with that, I am assigning aspirations based on their childhood rolls like I’ve done for a long time now, but then I added a chart that I believe Pru shared at N99 to make sure I’m getting sims that are pleasure/romance, because children don’t roll wants that would necessarily scream that to me.

      I am looking forward to playing Erin/Colin and see how he does with her as a child. He was a better Dad to Logan from toddler aged on, but he didn’t live with Mallory except as infant so there was a lot less opportunity too.

      You know, I can sort of see your K.Stew reference. Caitlyn is rolling such great academic wants, it’s pretty much killing her, but she’s getting straight A’s the first semester. Baby will be here for the second, so I’m not sure if she’ll keep the rolls up.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. I’m hoping that Colin can be a little less frustrating now that Mallory’s a child. He warmed up to Logan after he grew up some and I’m prying it’s the case with her too.

    Poor Caitlyn. Even without help with the baby, I’m sure she can do it. And she’s still keeping her grades up, despite all the issues. At least Aidan actually cares. Ethan will never change. *shakes head*

    1. I’m hoping so too Fini! He really shouldn’t have kids. I am hopeful that Caitlyn can get it done, she’s very academically minded during her first semester at university, and I hope she continues to at least put the effort forward to graduate. Aidan is a good twin for her, they’re best friends, and I can only see that strengthening as they grow up. He isn’t like their big brother Colin, but he’s also not as sappy and romantic as Luca. Thanks for commenting Fini!

  4. Wow! It sounds like Lewis isn’t ready to become a father yet. Caitlyn may have to do this all on her own if he doesn’t straighten up. She’s smart though and will figure it all out and seems to already have some alternative plans if school doesn’t work out for her at the moment. Some of the 1 bolt relationships are hard to keep together even with ACR.

    1. I think you are right on Lewis, fatherhood is very far from his mind. He finally got out from under his step-mom’s control (who I like quite much, but he finds rather disagreeable), and now he has this giant responsibility. Caitlyn is pretty smart and so far, doing rather well with her education, so she might be able to get what she wants. The 1-bolt relationships are hard! I really don’t encourage them, but they kept ACR’ing and so I allowed it, and now a baby! Sheesh. Thanks for commenting Annastesia!

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