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to the fullest

september 2024
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
George McCarthy (80 years), Mandy (78 years)

narrated by: George

It’s pretty quiet during the week with just me and Mandy. Usually it’s just Sydney freaking out about the mailman to break the silence of the house. We did family photos recently, and I can honestly say that we never imagined our family blossoming in the way it has through the generations. When we had Finn and Hazel, we never envisioned great grandchildren, but have seven now because of Finn’s oldest daughters.

Grace’s girls are constantly calling to chat with me as well, they find me humorous, and I’m sure it would boggle Finn’s mind. We’ve butted heads over the years, and I don’t think ‘funny’ is a word he’d use to describe me.

I believe we are mostly amended though, at minimum we haven’t had any issues in some years. He allowed Lily-Mae to come with us to the downtown theater. We treated Bea and Lily-Mae to an opening night play, and the girls were thrilled. Nicole even sewed the girls special dresses for the occasion.

Mandy had come up with the idea, knowing Bea’s heart for theater. She’s good at that sort of thing, knowing what someone loves and finding a way to make it possible. With health problems in the past, I’m always mindful of a future without me in it, and the legacy I want to leave behind for my family. Mandy really helps to make it more impactful with the genuine ways we can touch our children and grandchildrens’ lives.

The theater production was magical, Bea was enamored more than she was with her first movie theater experience.

She gasped along with the crowd, and Lily-Mae enjoyed herself even though drama isn’t her favorite form of entertainment.

I’m with Lily-Mae on that, theater is not my first choice for an evening, but seeing Bea’s excitement really made it come alive. It’s true that seeing things through the youths eyes can bend the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Bea vowed that she would join the theater group, or at minimum clean the floors just to have a foot in the door. Mandy said she’d help in anyway that she could, but she’s not as influential as she believes herself to be, especially in the art field. If Bea wanted a good position in a marathon then maybe she could help out, or if she was curious what bugs were eating her strawberries, but that’s about the extent of her reach.

At the end of the month, the kids threw an 80th birthday party for me. Thankfully Mandy intervened and hosted the party at our house. As much as I enjoyed renting out The Red Mill in honor of Mandy some years ago, I am more comfortable celebrating at home with my family in casual clothes. I like to see the kids play and get dirty without worry.

It’s nice seeing the great grandchildren and how they get along so well with one another. Finn had separated himself from our family for such a long period of time that the grandkids never grew very close. I believe Bea and Lily-Mae are the first to become friends and it took years of effort by me and Mandy.

We don’t have the interior space for everyone, we usually host outdoors and thankfully the weather is usually cooperative, but it doesn’t mean no one comes inside. When we have the family over, I feel the itch to have a larger home, but Finn is taking care of that with adding on to his farmhouse. I’m not disillusioned to believe he’s adding it to host extended family parties, but I can see Mandy encouraging it.

We want the family to continue to gather even after we are gone, and each generation to get to know their cousins.

Finn will realize one day that rough spots are normal part of life, and to not judge too harshly. We’ve always stood by Emma even if it went against Finn’s wishes, but she seems to be doing well this fall. We stop by her house regularly, and see her highs and lows, but are hopeful that she is landing on more even ground.

The kids even fronted the bill for an actual bartender to serve drinks, and had the food catered in. Violet-Adele enjoyed this part probably more than I would like. She’s 34 years old, and I wouldn’t say that I’ve given up on her, but I’m definitely not worried about her getting married. I don’t think Mandy will ever find that peace though.

But she has lots of great-grandkids now to keep her occupied too. Mandy was never a huge fan of toddlers, but she absolutely loves that age when they aren’t her own children. It always humors me how they have such strong opinions from a little age, they know what they want and are vocal to make it known.

I did find Vi inside playing some dated video games with Oliver’s roommate Isaiah. I wouldn’t say I heard a wedding procession, but she looked a bit enamored with him.

There is romance all over though with Finn’s kids. Elias brought his girlfriend Rachael home with him from university.

We met yet another girlfriend of Oliver’s, Brooklyn. Her parents are actually our neighbors, but we don’t know them well. Her Mom has taken to breeding large breed dogs, and the entire house is rather loud and chaotic.

Mandy is hopeful that Oliver will actually propose this time around, and start a family. She hopes that Oliver will leave the city to move out to Millwood, she adores having Grace’s family so close, and Finn is just down the country road behind our house. If all of our family descended on Millwood, and Violet-Adele settled down, she’d be one happy woman.

For now she has to make-do with what we have, and try to be patient for the things to come.

I really believe that one day all of our children will find someone to share their life with, and if a few don’t have any children, that’s okay too. Heaven knows we have plenty of children to keep everyone occupied.

Notes: So… I accidentally pulled Isaiah Gavigan to the party because he lives with Oliver. And he *really* hit it off with Violet-Adele, they didn’t become like one another ‘ones’ or roll wants of a serious nature, but they made good use out of Mandy and George’s bed. (Who didn’t?! Sheesh!) Violet-Adele just doesn’t roll romantic wants, she’s an ACR kind of girl that gets it on and gets back to work. Isaiah is still dating his crazy girlfriend too.

Mandy still rolls wants to talk with Paloma and Meg, Oliver should probably stop bringing all these girls home to his grandparents, she gets rather attached to them!

Here’s George and Mandy’s legacy.

Evan was cute playing on some old toys, and her twin, Dax kept pestering Benjamin for attention, that he wound up spending most of the party throwing Dax in the air.

Thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “to the fullest”

  1. I love the family picture! What a big family Mandy and George have!

    I loved seeing the family gather for George’s party. When you have that many people on the lot do you control them all? I’ve had bad experiences with letting people roam free, so I’m curious how you do it with so many people.

    1. Their family is so much bigger than I ever anticipated! I do have control of all the sims on the lot (so they don’t leave too early!), but I generally give them free will, because I couldn’t micromanage that many! I usually use InSim to max all their motives, then I dip their social and fun to 25% so they will interact with one another or do something fun like games and dancing. Thanks for commenting!

  2. That is one amazing family picture!! It must have taken a real life hour to pose them all! And what fun for all those cousins to get to hang out together. I’m curious too, as Ashland asked, how you manage such a big party (it sounds like the double bed got some use, lol.).

    And 80 years, congratulations George, especially since he’s had health problems.

    My Peter, in my first Simdale Valley, that had a baby with his professor, Lucy, was like you describe Violet-Adele. Never rolled romantic wants, and only had little Cole due to an ROS knocking someone up.

    1. Oh yeah, I’m sure it actually took me longer than an hour. It was that family that allowed me to realize you could use the EA poses -> standing pose instead of freezing everyone. I had to take this picture twice, because something got bjorked that I don’t quite recall, and it was beyond frustrating. I answered Asha above if you want to take a peek, on how I control the sims.

      I heart George, I’ll be sad when he does go. I’m coming towards many deaths in the next few sim years, and I actually don’t recall if George is in there, I only remember who is first because I’ve just started their “year” in the game, and I’m working on a new round and schedule too.

      You know, that is a good way for Violet-Adele to have a baby! And funny that your Peter didn’t have a choice in the matter. That is literally how Cara had all her babies, the ROS twice, and a teen sneak out for the first, though she’d never actually woohoo’d in the game.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Aw, Bea and Lily-Mae are super lucky to have such kind grandparents! My Sylvia would have loved something like that, only there’s no theatre in Sullivan at the moment! One day…I want to have somewhere for her to perform by the time she goes off to college.

    Such an awesome family gathering for George’s birthday. Their yard must be pretty big! Love George’s hopes for Oliver and Brooklyn. I’ve never seen Oliver as the type to wait too long to get married, so hopefully I’m right and he makes his granddad happy very soon! LOL at Mandy still being hung up on Oliver’s exes – I have some sims like that!

    1. Sylvia would have loved the theater lot for sure, you’ll have to get her one. I got this one from MTS, le theatre I believe is the name. I think it’s maxis only, and I just decorated the entire thing over, still want to make better rooms for Bea when she goes behind the scenes.

      I had to make their yard bigger when they built their outdoor garden patio, originally it was a 2×2 lot, and it might be a 2×4 now. I haven’t seen Oliver as the type to wait ether, I’d expected him and Paloma married eons ago! Now that he has that ROS roll of making out with 3 sims completed, I’m just waiting on some mutual wants, neither have aspirations that have marriage aversions, so it should happen soon!

      I do love that Mandy enjoys all his exes, it’s like she cared about them even though Oliver moved on. Though I’m sure it would be annoying to Oliver, like Paloma, leave her alone Gran!

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Maisie, the first time I commented, I forgot to say, the play was wonderful. That was so nice for Bea. I wondered if you had a certain play in mind, when you staged it?

    1. Thank you Shannon! I I didn’t quite, but I’ve been on a Downton Abbey kick, and Jane Austen, so those general themes were in my mind, and I wanted some parting so the couple-to-be could have a grand reunion to swoon Bea. 🙂

  5. I love the theater scene. It looks so good! I can’t wait to see more of it, especially if Bea wants to act in the future. I love that they had so many of their family members come over for the party. What a legacy they have too! I think Mandy loving Oliver’s exes is because of the possibility of these girls being the one and if Oliver loves them, then she does too. That’s cute, though understandably annoying from a gameplay perspective. I’ll have sims meet once and suddenly they need to stay in touch ALL. THE. TIME.

    1. Thanks Choco! I am really excited to have Bea hang out at the playhouse! I can’t see her not being an actress, she has quite the flare and it matches her personality fully. I think you are so right about Mandy loving the girls because Oliver did, and I love that she keeps in touch with them all too, she’s just a sweet old lady, that can get away with that! I have sims like that too with wanting to stay in touch with sims they meet in passing, like talking in the waiting room with someone they didn’t even sit near! Thanks for commenting Choco!

  6. Wow, what a family! George and Mandy are truly leaving a legacy in the neighborhood. All their kids seem to be fine, and I hope they keep up with each other as well.

  7. This was absolutely AMAZING! I love the theater scenes along with the HUGE family picture. I cannot imagine what you went through to get them in the correct positions, etc. for that picture. I know it would have taken me a day to just get one good picture. How did you have control of more than 8 sims on the lot? Very Impressive!!

    1. Thanks! The theater was a fun lot to play and decorate, I can’t wait to play it with Bea on the stage. Ugh that picture took ages! I did find a trick though, if you put a sim into their pose with a posebox, then select Maxis/EA pose->standing still, they will stay in their custom pose, and then look up at the camera, they also don’t snap out of place by trying to interact with other things. Its a serious time saver!

      As for controlling that amount of sims, I use Insiminator. Thanks for commenting Annastesia!

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