McCarthy Family

planting seedlings

october 2024
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(McCarthy Household Profile)
Finn McCarthy (51 years), Nicole (51 years), Lily-Mae (12 years)

narrated by: Lily-Mae

I’ve spent my entire life cramped with too many siblings and not enough bedrooms, finally when everyone has moved out, Mom and Dad decide to expand. Now the house is huge, and I don’t know what to do with all the space. It’s weird having a second floor bedroom too, right down the hall from Mom and Dad. I’m not sure I’m a fan of that.

Elias is moving back home after university to farm the land with Dad, and so he has a huge room that is just waiting for him. Mom intended to keep it empty but then she started putting furniture in. Dad is still babysitting my nieces, and now the grandkids have a room to nap in during the day or for sleepovers.

Grace’s kids love spending time here even more than before. I don’t blame them, I wish it was like this when I was younger.

They even installed an outdoor light so Dad could work later in the fields if necessary, but it really allows the kids to play outside longer without worries of tripping over farm equipment.

As much as I love my nieces, dinner time is a fiasco. I don’t know if my older brothers and sisters were this wild at this age, I wasn’t born back then, but Mom has more patience than me.

They do weird things like when Tillie drank bubble solution, which seems obvious that it’d be gross.

Isla enjoys tormenting her sisters, then getting angry when she’s reprimanded. Mom clicks her tongue as she storms off and remarks that Emma was that way too. I wouldn’t know, they were in their twenties when I was born.

It’s hardwork to get everyone to even sit down and eat, despite whining about being hungry ten minutes before. I think it’s great that my parents can raise all of these kids, but I think two would suit me much better.

They recently stayed super late so that Grace and Benjamin could go on a date downtown. I was relieved when they finally came to pick up the girls, there is just so much more noise at dinner with four little girls than there is when it’s just me and my parents.

I do adore the girls though, and we do have a fun time. I’m just at an age where I’m expected to help with keeping an eye on them, and changing diapers or giving Hatty a bath.

Mom is always a mess when they leave, I came upstairs one day to find her crying in my room to Dad about how empty the house was now. She even asked Dad if they could have another baby, which floored me. Seven kids seems plenty to me, and the quiet is sort of nice, no more bickering with the twins and Zilla.

Dad squashed her baby request, but encouraged her that one day Elias would move back, eventually marry and have a slew of kids too. That momentarily brightened her mood, but everyone knows that it will be many years before Elias brings home a baby. I don’t think Mom hopes that, but the rest of us logical folks do.

Dad managed to get a crop planted this summer, so we are busy harvesting the crops. There is an abundance that we aren’t entirely certain how to handle. Eventually Dad wants to set up a shop, but he doesn’t want it on the property and isn’t in a position to take on more debt.

One business is enough for our family at the moment. Mom still has her own personal garden for our family fridge, and she’s struggled to keep it in good health this year.

Mostly she has been occupied with training me the ropes at Zoe-Gen Bridal. It started out as a chore, but I’m actually enjoying it all very much. She asked my sister, Emma to come down and play as different customers so I could learn how to sell.

Neither of Mom’s employees are happy with this development. They seemed fine with me working the registers, probably because I did so very poorly. Mom had expected a young person like myself to catch on quickly, but that was not the case.

Bethany Louie is constantly glaring at me, I’ve caught her in the act, and have had customers inquire about it. It’s quite disturbing to a customer, but usually works in my favor to close the sell. Mom does pay a small bonus on commission too, and I’ve heard Marta and Bethany gripe that I was cutting into their income, but I swear that I barely sell anything at all.

They are both in splendid moods when Mom has me working on stock. I would have thought it’d be an easier job, but I hate fussing with all the numbers and instock percentages. I’d rather be on the floor working with customers and helping them find the perfect dress for their occasion.

I think they both have unreasonable expectations, obviously my Mom is going to teach me her business if I’m willing. On top of that, sometimes it’s their own tactics that cause them a sale and has everything to do with them, and not me.

Mom hired Bethany a few years ago, and she’s never really found her place. It’s a small boutique, and it’s awkward how no one really gets along with Bethany. She does her job well enough though that Mom can’t fire her just because she’s not her favorite person in the world. Marta is more aggressive over it all, she’s Mom’s assistant manager and has every intention of buying Zoe-Gen from my Mom.

It irritates Bethany at how uppity Marta can be, so she was beside herself with glee when Marta made a major faux pas. Allegedly, Bethany came into work late having left behind her housekey and found Marta hooking up with a stranger that was not her boyfriend, Cesar.

She immediately told my Mom the next morning, and Mom did not believe her.

She did ask Marta, but she denied the entire thing. Seeing that Bethany doesn’t aspire to steal this business from me, I tend to believe her over Marta, who would have everything to lose.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have said that I wanted to take over the business and keep it in the family and maybe I will change my mind. But I do know that Mom has been teaching me sewing, and I’ve really enjoyed working with her.

As certain as I can be at twelve, I think I’d like to take it over one day, and hire new staff when I do. Thankfully Mom is fully in support of keeping Zoe-Gen in the family.

Notes: Nicole wants yet another baby, good gracious! No lady! No more! Lily-Mae actually matches well for Mayor, but her wants the entire session had to do with sewing projects and earning badges for the shop, she was very eager to learn the business and I would love for her to own it. She’s kind of cemented herself into that role unless something crazy happens between now and then.

Marta ACR’d with that guy, who is the same guy that Emma kissed at FMRock. He’s really making his rounds recently. I don’t think this bodes well for her and Cesar, I really don’t want him to end up with another cheater.

Tillie ended up getting chubby while in the care of her grandparents, I was quite humored by this. I know my parents were always fattening up my kids until one lost it on their kitchen floor from all the sweets.

I shared their new farm tour at N99 and on tumblr, for anyone that missed it here you go: main floor, second floor, & barn.

Thanks for reading!

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14 thoughts on “planting seedlings”

  1. Whoa, what are those cool crops you’re using for this farm?! I’ve never seen them before. Are they functional or did you just pose that picture?

    But onto the actual update! Nicole is crazy pants for wanting yet another baby – wow! I love how even Lily-Mae thinks it’s a bit nuts. I definitely think she’ll have to wait for more grandkids to scratch that baby itch. She’ll probably be glad she did too…eventually.

    I am sad for Cesar about Marta. 😦 She’s obviously not an honest person if she’s sneaking around behind his back. And at work too, FFS! I think Lily-Mae might be a more suitable future owner, assuming she’s still interested when she’s older.

    I love any opportunity to squee over the Anderson girls! They are so cute and such a rambunctious bunch when they’re together! ❤ Out of curiosity, have Grace or Ben rolled the want for another baby? Do you think you'd let them, if they did?

    1. Aren’t the crops great? I got them from PlumbobKeep here. They are totally functional, Nicole has a very full fridge. They aren’t plantable though like the crops in the game, you just put the actual plant down, tend/water and harvest.

      Lily-Mae has an IFS of 2 kids, so a 51 year old with 7 kids and and 7 grandkids, wanting another baby… that’s nuts to her for sure! Oliver is more likely to get her a grandchild next than Elias, though still (hopefully) sometime.

      I was super sad about Cesar too. Marta is rather flirty so it’s not out of her personality, even though she’s not a romance sim. I don’t know who this townie guy is! But he is trying to wreck some couples. I am very excited about Lily-Mae taking over the business, I loved that all of her wants were for sewing and the business.

      The Andersen girls are adorable, I love playing them, and having them at the farm is one reason why I love that Finn watches the girls. Neither have rolled a baby want, Grace’s IFS is 2, and Ben’s is 3, and neither have tried on their own. I don’t know if I’d let them have another if they did. Would have to see!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Maisie, I know it is just a tiny detail, but I loved the tire-tracks going into the barn, and the picture of the kids running in front of the barn in the dark. It brought back memories of collecting fireflies and running around in the dark at both my grandparents’ homes as a child. Which brings me to, I really felt for Lily-Mae, saying she wished the house had been so awesome when she was a kid.

    I second Carla on the Crazy-Pants verdict. When do your sims’ fertility tend to decline, anyway, with ACR? She must have been so young when she had Grace, I was thinking, so I checked, and it looks like she was 17? And then having Lily-Mae around the age of 39? And now she wants another?! Family Sims!

    It was so much fun seeing Nicole (but felt sorry for Lily-Mae!) taking care of her grandkids, while Grace & Ben went on a date.

    The new house and barn looks great. I love the stairwell, of all things! And the porch!

    1. Thanks Shannon, I love the tire tracks out at my Mom’s farm, so I had to add it in. The kids running is just what mine do at my grandparents, chasing fireflies and having fun. It was nice having the kids out there to play, they seemed to enjoy themselves. Nice that you have those memories and it was able to bring them back up for you. 🙂

      They really had a lousy house before this, but Lily-Mae will get some good years out of this one before she grows up. The fertility seems to decline steadily each year they age, Nicole has a very low fertility, even if Finn said yes, it wouldn’t be likely. She has a 2% fertility, which means with ACR that she’d have to roll a 0, 1, or 2. Delaney did it at 51 actually I do believe it was. And yes, she got pregnant with Grace as a senior in high school, she lived with George and Mandy to finish the school year out, and then went to university with Finn and Grace, and then Emma pretty much immediately after.

      Lily-Mae is friends with all her nieces, she seems to enjoy it, but isn’t a family sim, so some of the tasks are a bit boring for her. Thank you on the barn and house, I like the stairwell too! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. I’m rather happy Lily-Mae is interested in Zoe-Gen. I was worried it wouldn’t stay in the family since no one was interested. The store would need some new employees though. Marta and Bethany need to go, lol. Nicole does not need any more babies! Isn’t 6 (7?) enough?

    1. Me too! I really didn’t think anyone would want Zoe-Gen, and that perhaps one of Nicole’s grandkids would want it, but it’s super awesome that Lily-Mae has so much interest! Poor Bethany, I don’t know where she would work, nor Marta. 7 is enough babies! Plus her fertility is 2% so she’d have a hard time getting pregnant even if Finn agreed, which he doesn’t! Thanks for commenting Fini!

    1. Thank you Starr! The drama in the store was very unexpected! But I’m not sad to see Cesar and Marta break up, I have to say, she wasn’t good enough for him.

  4. Whew, that bit with Marta came out of no where. I didn’t expect that in the least. That townie is getting mighty popular. Hopefully she can find her footing at Zoe-Gen.

    I can’t believe Nicole is even entertaining the idea of having babies for a second. I would think the grandchildren part would be enough to satisfy her but some people just really love babies I guess.

    1. The part of Marta was definitely unexpected. I had been quite surprised. I would ordinarily leave something like that out, but I’m happy for a reason to break up Marta and Cesar. I am looking forward to Nicole turning to an elder so she can stop pestering me for more babies! Though, I’m certain she will never have enough grandchildren to fulfill her ether. Thankfully for her, she has seven kids to really keep fulfilling that want. Grace and Emma are done, but she has five more kids that still need to get started.

      Thanks for commenting Choco!

  5. Gosh, the kids catching fireflies and playing at the barn reminded me of the good ole’ days as a kid myself. Zoe Gen Bridal looks like a beautiful business and I’m glad to see it stay in the family. I was stunned at Marta’s little fling, nice twist though. Family sims are NUTS! Age never means anything to them when it comes to wanting/having more children.

    1. I am very happy that Zoe Gen can stay in the family, I didn’t expect it to work out that way. Family sims are nuts about those babies, and Nicole is especially guilty of this. Most of mine seem to settle down eventually with their wants, but not her. I adore the barn and the fireflies too, makes me anxious for summer and visiting my parents’ farm. Thank you for commenting Annastesia!

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