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prince alfred aquarium

Bekah Grimsley was elected mayor in 2020 with the promise of adding the first museum to the South Port metro area, and she delivered. With the help of City Planner, Violet-Adele they were able to just make the deadline before elections. Violet-Adele was heavily inspired by the Littly Hollywick Aquarium.

Main floor entrance and ticket counter, looking towards the gift shop.

The gift shop doesn’t promise to offer anything new, just that it will cost more and there are bragging rights that it came from the aquarium.

There is also a cafe located on the main floor specializing in pricey cheeseburgers and fish sandwiches.

Main floor aquarium, seating area, restrooms, and elevator are all located behind the counter.

Second floor offers more aquariums, exhibits, and an Explorer’s area for children.

The third floor houses a few more aquariums as well as diving equipment.

Mostly it is for the in-house marine biologists, Avery Fink and Lainey Grimsley to do their research and teach the patrons about marine life with tours and field trips.

Notes: I didn’t really want to build an aquarium, but I also didn’t want to download one with loads of CC that I couldn’t easily organize, or was too large for the spot on my map, so this was my go at it. I do wish that I had some of the signage that was used in Chickadeelee’s aquarium, but overall am happy with it!

Thanks for reading! Mayor voting is coming up on Wednesday!

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20 thoughts on “prince alfred aquarium”

  1. Maisie, it looks incredible! That is so cool that you found a tunnel aquarium for sims 2!

    All the deco makes it feel just like a real aquarium, like the old subs. The round large porthole aquarium windows in the cafe are amazing and look perfect there.

    I notice that there is also an ATM for pricey food and helping obtain bragging rights!

    The work area for Lainey and Avery looks great.

    1. Yes the ATM is necessary so all little children can get the pricey burger and stuffed animal, parents can’t say they’ve run out of cash! I was happy with the CC I found for it, just wish I had some more signage, I had to make some of it myself, but still had a few things I would have wanted but didn’t have the ability to do. The cafe is one of my favorite areas, and I like Lainey and Avery’s area too, excited to play them working!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. Aww thanks Synergy, I adore your decorating that you share on tumblr too! Lot views are one of my favorite things about this game! Thank you so much for commenting!

  2. Whoa, this is seriously amazing! I am completely blown away, really. The glass tunnel is such a cool addition and I love that rock pool and the awesome marine decor everywhere. You did such a great job, Maisie!

    1. Thank you Carla! I was excited when I found the glass tunnel, I actually need to raise the roof for that one, but never got around to it. By the third floor, I was ready to be done!

    1. Thank you Ashland! I had wanted an aquarium for a very long time, always drooled over Carla’s when she used it. Now that I have oceanography sims, it seemed high time I got one for my neighborhood. You’ll have to see about getting one for yours too!

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